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[INCEST/Anal/Fellatio] By Libidinal © [An eager niece gets a lesson in fellatio.] Something was bothering me and I knew just whom I should see to talk about it, my Aunt Jane. Aunt Jane is married to my Uncle Dave, one of my mother's five brothers. Dave's probably around forty, but his wife is abo

[By Susie] I am a nineteen year old blonde girl with a great figure, and a love of sex. I had my first sex at fifteen and quite a few lovers since, however a few months ago I got together with one of the reps that calls on the company I work for; his name is Ben. After several meetings we had s

[OLDER MAN/Younger Woman] [By Curvy Cougar] © [Checking on Casey was only part of Matt's job.] My friendship with my best buddy Adam goes back to high school; we had done almost everything together since then. I had even played matchmaker when I had hooked up his now ex-wife at a club when my

[INCEST/Taboo][By Lost Boy] © [Warren brings Precious home; she hits it off with everyone.] Emergency Exit: Quickening led me to the nearest exit of the Maze. She wished me the best of luck and I thanked her for everything. Precious had taken on a rather mundane appearance and I agreed a low p

[INCEST/Taboo] [By ADom] © [Felecia helps her father-in-law through a difficult time.] It had been a year since my father-in-law's wife passed away. Ed, who is retired, was not handling the loss well. It had been years since Ed lived by himself. He was lonely and depressed. It was winter and my

[INCEST/Taboo] [By JulyBear7] © [Chapter 5 - Twin brother and sister discover love while saving dad's business.] Author's Note: The twins begin to marshal their forces in their bid to reclaim their father's business. Along the way, they uncover some interesting news about their parent. Includes b

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Curvy Cougar] © [Daughter in law unexpectedly makes it come true.] Unbeknownst to me at the time my son and his wife first moved in with me, my daughter-in-law and I already had something in common - an insatiable appetite for sex. I had plenty of room in my spacious house s

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [Brother and sister discover new feelings for each other.] This story is a work of fiction. The characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [Father is given a unique birthday present...] He felt her long fingernails tickle along the shaft of his cock as he worked it in and out of her pussy. "Now, Darling, now," she murmured, humping herself up at his slowly pistoning prick. "You can fuck me

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BarondeSade] © [Mary Ann gets to live out her fantasy.] "Are you sure you really want to do this?" Adele asked, laying the sheer, white nylons out on the bed. "Yes, Mother, I want to do it. I've wanted to do it for a long, long time, but I could never get up the courage," M

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ] © [Racquel's next goal is seducing her stepfather.] Few women in the world were as determined as Racquel when it comes to getting what she wanted. She wanted to date the most popular boy in school, so she stole him away from the (then) most popular girl. She wanted to b

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ] © [Sexy Aunt Roxanne has plans of her own this evening.] Darcy was sitting at the bar, nursing her Daiquiri. She had already refused four offers to buy her another drink while she waited for her date to arrive. Truth be told, Darcy wasn't really much of a drinker. She h

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [A son spends Thanksgiving and Christmas with Mom and Sister] Fortunately the gifts weren't breakable or they would have been crushed between us as we stood, our bodies thrusting against one another. "God, Cassy, I thought you were going to squeeze me f

[LESBIAN] [By Walterio] © [Mother and daughter both slip further into debauchery.] - Ruth Makes Up With Susan - On Saturday morning Susan lay in the bed of her dorm room and her roommate across the room studied Susan's naked form. Ruth moved over to Susan's bed and got between her roommate's l

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [A night of frustration leads to fulfillment...] My name is Kathy Aarons. I live alone with my son, Danny in Greenwich, Illinois. I'm thirty-eight and I work for Greenwich Realty. I consider myself quite good looking and I never have any trouble finding a

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Author, GeorgieH] © [Matt shocks his mother about his lack of experience.] We give birth to them, watch them grow, laugh with them, rage at their messiness, moan at their awful tastes in music, clothes and friends, celebrate their successes at school, weep at their portrayal of

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Author, GeorgieH] © [It's the next day and Matt learns it's really happening.] In theory the days that followed that first night of fun - by which I mean my introduction to the weird wired world of incestuous fucking - should have been full of guilt and self-recriminations.

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Author, GeorgieH] © [They take the fun to a hotel - but then there's a phone call.] It took a while for my Matthew to accept that his aunt's dark threats were both empty and meaningless. There was no way my sister would carry out any revenge on us, let alone make our actions pu

[INCEST/Taboo] [By MicheleNylons] © [Brother's nylon and panty fetish entices his older sister.] Author's Note: This is the second installment of the saga 'A Sister's Tail' which is part of my Family Sex Saga series. This story will hopefully stand up well enough on its own, but it is put in a be

[INCEST/Taboo] [By MicheleNylons] © [Mellie allows grandpa to take her cherry but it costs him.] Author's Note: This is the third installment of the saga 'A Sister's Tail' which is part of my Family Sex Saga series. This story will hopefully stand up well enough on its own, but it is put in a bet

[INCEST/Taboo/Older Woman Story] [By BarondeSade] © [A stepmother and stepson find a way to overcome loneliness.] Gently lowering Tina down into the crib, Barbara covered her and stood watching as the baby lay sleeping. She hoped that the baby would sleep all afternoon and give her a break. Turn

[INCEST/Taboo/Older Woman Story] [By BarondeSade] © [A stepmother and stepson find a way to overcome loneliness.] "We can worry about that later, not now." "Okay," he mumbled. "Okay, then," she smiled, "are you ready for our nuptials?" "Nuptials? Don't they have something to do with wed

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BarondeSade] © [Part 2 - Boy and his mom alone on a stormy night.] He was finger-fucking his mother's sweet, little pussy, he giddily thought as he slowly worked his fingers in and out of the gooey hole. The sweetest damned pussy in the whole, wide world. His mother's hot, tigh

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ] © [All the members of the Merritt family are very close.] As many of you are likely aware, it takes all kinds of people to make the world go around. There are good people, helpful people, evil people and selfish people. In this crazy world of ours, there are also som

[INCEST] [By JosephBarnosky©] Robert wakes up to the sound of morning birds outside his window and a hard cock, throbbing beneath the covers. He looks over to his daughter Meagan, whom he had one the most wonderful nights with on her eighteenth birthday. With her mother out of town he was finally

[OLDER WOMAN/Younger Man Story] [By BarondeSade] © [Injured virgin visits sexy school nurse.] Chapter One - Taking One for the Team - Jerry was starting down to fix himself a midnight snack when he heard his parents arguing down in their bedroom. Curious, he tiptoed down and stood outside the

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [Jerry's mother finds out about Connie.] Chapter Three - Secret Desires - Letting himself out, Jerry trotted around the corner to his car. Hopping inside, he cranked it up and sped back to his house. It was strange, he thought to himself, parking his ca

[GROUP SEX/Older Woman/Taboo] [By Walterio] © [High school teacher seduces her students.] - Introducing Abigail Peters - The year was 1957 and Abigail Peters was in her 14th year of teaching high school English. Abigail was a very successful and accomplished teacher who took pride in her work.

[OLDER WOMAN/Anal/Taboo] [By Walterio] © [Abigail wraps up another year with her students.] - An Evening With Jimmy - Tuesday was Jimmy's day to spend the evening with his teacher. Abigail liked Jimmy's shyness and he wasn't as comfortable in her presence without his two buddies being there. T

[INCEST/Taboo/Lesbian] By ImStillFun © [A girl learns to love her dad's new girlfriend.] It started during my first spring break from college. I was 18 and decided to spend the week at my dad's new home on the lake. I was happy I was going home to see my dad but not thrilled about going to the ne

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Kara begins her weekend alone with Daddy.] Author's Note: I had originally intended that After Bedtime be a standalone story, but after (literally) years of requests I decided that I could continue the story by doing a few chapters about the weekend that is all

[FIRST TIME SEX] [By Enamored Writer] © [His first time - oddly enough, in a lingerie store.] Looking back, and not all that far back, the summer after I graduated high school should have been one of the best of my life. Why you may ask? I had a job most eighteen-year-old guys would have done jus

[OLDER MAN/Younger Woman/Taboo] [By Bad_Kitty22] © [School senior gets her forbidden wish with hunky English teacher.] 'Mmm, yeah right there..' She moaned in the dark. 'Oh, Mister Cane..' the series of images flashing through her mind would have gotten her a jail sentence in Catholic school term

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [Alana returns from college to visit.] Howard smiled to himself. God, I'm acting like a kid on my first date, he thought as he put the bottle of Chardonnay on the table. I hope that Alana likes it. She's been away at college for six whole months now. I won

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [Part 2 - Alana returns from college to visit.] Leaning together, their lips touched as Howard's hands crept down her back to her soft, full ass. Cupping the supple, round cheeks, he pulled his daughter against his steel-hard maleness. As their tongues twi

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [Widowed mother welcomes son back home.] Evelyn couldn't remember ever being so sad and all alone. Why had Anthony been taken from her she morosely wondered as tears coursed down her cheeks, streaking her mascara and makeup? It wasn't fair. She had no one.

[INCEST/Taboo] [By CallMeJack] © [Time stopped.] We went back into the cabin and upstairs. I went to the bathroom and started a shower. Just as I entered the shower, Dania walked in with a towel in her hand. "Let's save water and shower with a friend" she said with a grin. "Sure, come on in

[LESBIAN/Incest] [By BrettJ] © [In Hawaii, Keylani and Alani get "Lei'd".] Keylani stormed through the door of the small apartment she shared with her sister, Alana, slamming the door. Alana looked up from the magazine she was reading and watched her sister pace all around the room. "What's up, s

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ and MithraGoddess] © [Heather & Bryan continue their affair - with a new partner!] Heather's sweet little ass bounced up and down on her brother's cock as she outlined her plan to him. For the past week, they had been fucking non-stop, barely stopping to eat. She wasn't

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ] © [The women in Mike's life all share his bed.] When Mike Cooper married his wife Janis, he got a ready-made family. He'd only been in town a few months, taking over the "Times Past" Bookstore his grandfather had left him, when Janis walked in the store. She was stun

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ] © [Mike's naughty daughter Jessie brings him a yummy surprise...] Mike Cooper actually found himself whistling as he walked home from a busy day at the book store. He knew the reason why, his gorgeous Jessica had promised him a special surprise. Jessica's surprises alwa

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ] © [Jessica shares her Stripper daughter & lover's passions.] Jessica Morgan had followed her daughter in the Harem Nightclub. She wasn't too thrilled about her daughter lying to her about where she was employed, and she was bound and determined to get to the bottom of a

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ] © [Jessica and Joanne go shopping for special costumes] Arm in arm, Jessica and Joanne, her daughter, walked into the Costume Shop their friend Kiko had recommended. They needed special costumes -- this weekend was going to be special and they needed just the right look

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Shelly K as told to BrettJ] © [Shelly bonds with Kirsten, her stepmother.] Hi. I've never talked about this to anyone before, but I have to now. If folks around here knew about this, they would likely think I'm crazy or perverted or something, but truth is, I've never been happ

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Walterio] © [Mother, Best Man, Son & Daughter-in-law honeymoon in Jamaica.] - The Wedding and Trip to Jamaica - The next few days leading up to the wedding were busy and brought the four us even closer if that were possible. We would tend to the wedding preparations during t

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Walterio] © [Chapter 15, Part 2 - Families, students, & faculty get more intimate.] "Well done!" Biff said as if she had just won something, and then he said, "Come on let's get cleaned up." Biff led Helen into the shower and as he had done with other women he washed their b

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Walterio] © [A Wild Weekend!] That Saturday the sex gods must have sprinkled horniness dust on the southern California town because the sexual activity was extreme. It started Saturday morning at Marla's house and seemed to permeate throughout the town the rest of the day and n

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Walterio] © [Helen, the Mathews family, and other sexual couplings.] - Sunday Afternoon Before School Starts at Moanarch Academy - Marla's Hourse - Biff had left for Miko's house and he would be spending time with her before they both went to the restaurant. Boris, Ivan a

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Walterio] © [An active week with families, faculty and students.] - Families Wrap Up The Weekend And An Active Week Ahead - - Sunday Morning At Marla's Home - Jerry woke up in his mother's bed and fucked her pussy the first thing. Then he fucked her ass and dumped his

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Walterio] © [Chapter 10, Part 2 - Families, friends, teachers and students.] Biff removed his finger and lined up his massive cock with Sandy's asshole. He pushed in steadily with his well oiled cock and spread Sandy's sphincter. Sandy knew that the time would come this day and

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Walterio] © [Chapter 12, Part 2 - Parents, students and families.] "Do you like this Marilyn? Do you like being licked and finger fucked," whispered Zack as her head thrashed from side to side and her hips arched up even higher. "Yes, yes, it's fantastic," she gasped. "Go

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Walterio] © [Three orgies help wrap up the football season.] - The Remainder Of The Football Season - The Monarch Academy football team completed the rest of their games undefeated and finished the season with an 8-1 record. Along the way Queen of Peace had upset St. Peter's

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Walterio] © [Three orgies help wrap up the football season.] Marilyn tensed when she felt Barbara gently insert a second finger into her asshole. Slowly Marilyn stretched and adjusted until the pressure turned to pleasure. Marilyn inserted a second finger into Joyce emulating e

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [Andria's father gives his daughter, loving.] Andria stood naked in front of the mirror studying herself. At 5'4, her big, C-sized breasts looked huge on her. Looking back at the pretty girl staring back at her, she saw that the girl had large, green eyes

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [Andria's father gives his daughter, loving.] "Do you want me to do it some more, Daddy," she grunted out, straining back against his insistent hand. "Yes . . ." Jack hissed, still trying to get her mouth back around his twitching cock. "Do you want

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By Kimbelina] © [Sex research finds a practical application.] I set down my cup of tea with a sigh as I logged in to the computer and opened both e-mail accounts - mine, and my adviser's, which I checked for him each morning. Another day, another pile of work. But wait - was th

[INCEST/Taboo/Bisexual] By ImStillFun © [Woman seduces her son and friends.] Author's Note: This story was written as a request from a fan. It contains some themes I don't usually deal with, BiMale and Race. They are there because this is her fantasy and if she has it I assume others do. I am

[ANAL] [By silkstockingslover] © [MILF is seduced and Dominated by her son’s girlfriend and...] It had been a long day. A long frustrating day. I showed houses all day and didn't even get a bite of a sale. My feet were sore and I was cranky as I got home. I was walking up the stairs t

[Incest] [By Julie20] © [My second Career.] Alycia introduced me to Laodamia's at the start of my second year at college. Looking back I think she had been subtly preparing the ground in those intimate girly chats about sex and how far I would go and what were my secret kinks. I suspect that Alyc

[By Viona] Sandra Swarts was accompanied by her two teenaged daughters, Elizabeth and Tanya Pong, offspring of her first marriage; a marriage that left her, at the age of twenty-one years, sexually dissatisfied. She mentally prepared for the weekend as she drove to her mothers party to be held a

[INCEST/Taboo] [By JosephBarnosky] © [His first time sex is with his aunt.] Our talk during our walk got me hot and bothered. I couldn't believe it when she told me she had an interest in me beyond me just being her favorite nephew. She wanted to fuck me. Of course she put it more eloquently than

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [He convinces his aunt she needs to return the favor.] It was one of those hot, Texas afternoons. No, let's make it one of those muggy, to-hot-to-move, Saturday afternoons. Martin was home alone as it was too damn hot to go outside. He had thought of runni

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [Mom returns home early.] "It's too damned hot for anybody to be wanting to eat, so why don't you take off. I can handle it by myself for the rest of the night," Joe told Molly, looking around at the almost empty bar and grill. There was only one couple

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [Martin gets shared!] As Martin's cock continued to spew out its virulent load of thick, potent semen into his mother's pussy, his brain was reeling with the sheer enormity of what was happening . . . and what had happened. His mother had just fucked hi

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Alex de Kok] © [Nephew Matt gives young aunt a place to stay.] This is a work of fiction, written for enjoyment and amusement; hopefully yours as well as mine. Comment and constructive criticism welcomed. * * * * * Matt's my nephew; my sister Alice's boy. Alice is the old

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Alex de Kok] © [Ellen & Matt explore their new relationship.] I enjoyed the shower, with Matt carefully washing me and me just as carefully washing him. Of course, his prick was standing proudly to attention by the time I'd finished washing it and I couldn't just let it go to w

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Alex de Kok] © [Ellen gets a job, and Matt brings Kathy to visit.] Sunday was as empty as I had suspected it would be, with Matt gone on his trip into the desert. I enjoyed the company of the two dogs, and they listened attentively when I spoke to them, but they still weren't g

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ] © [Things heat up when twin cousins Cassie & Kat arrive.] For some young men, hearing that they would have to move in with their aunt might have seemed like a death sentence. For young Daniel Talbot, it had been nothing of the kind. In fact, it was almost the polar oppo

[INCEST/Taboo] [By MicheleNylons] © [Auntie delivers more discipline and then rewards him.] After I had finished my homework I came downstairs for dinner. It felt strange sitting at the table dressed in only in my apron and my cocquette. Aunty Jean was still dressed in her mauve satin blouse and

[INCEST/Taboo] [By silkstockingslover] © [Son slyly fucks Mom multiple times with Dad in the car.] You don't really know how much stuff you have collected in your life until you move. With our last son going to college, we did two moves in one. We were moving to a condo only a few miles away,

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Walterio] © [18 year old seduced by stepmother and then step-aunt.] Author's Note: Even though this isn't incest, it is taboo, which is why I chose this category. GOOD MORNING I was lying in bed on a Tuesday morning thinking about the past four weeks in my life. College s

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Walterio] © [The great sex continues with his stepmom and step-aunt.] MORE SUN, FUN AND SEX Julia and Bessie went out to the pool deck and set up in the lounge chairs. I watched as they took off their sarongs and spread the towels out on the lounges. The two women were built

[INCEST FAMILY Story] [By Maya Amritpal Kaur] Thirsty Cunt Productions in conjunction with The University of Erotica Department of Incest

[INCEST FAMILY Story] [By Maya Amritpal Kaur] Thirsty Cunt Productions in conjunction with The University of Erotica Department of Incest

[INCEST FAMILY Story] [By Maya Amritpal Kaur] Thirsty Cunt Productions in conjunction with The University of Erotica Department of Incest

[INCEST FAMILY Story] [By Maya Amritpal Kaur] Thirsty Cunt Productions in conjunction with The University of Erotica Department of Incest

[INCEST FAMILY Story] [By Maya Amritpal Kaur] Thirsty Cunt Productions in conjunction with The University of Erotica Department of Incest

[INCEST FAMILY Story] [By Maya Amritpal Kaur] Thirsty Cunt Productions in conjunction with The University of Erotica Department of Incest

[INCEST FAMILY Story] [By Maya Amritpal Kaur] Thirsty Cunt Productions in conjunction with The University of Erotica Department of Incest

[INCEST FAMILY Story] [By Maya Amritpal Kaur] Thirsty Cunt Productions in conjunction with The University of Erotica Department of Incest

[INCEST/Taboo] By ImStillFun © [A mother discovers her son and friends want her.] Catherine had just got home from work. She was tired. It had been a brutal week at work and she was looking forward to the weekend. The house was empty. She lived with her 18 year old son Chuck. He was probably out

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ] © [Sabrina's Mom takes her on a wild shopping excursion.] Sabrina awoke early the next morning, put on her robe and went downstairs to the kitchen. She found her mother there, dressed and having her morning coffee. Caroline gave her daughter a big smile, and she just lo

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By abroadsword] © [Michael finds celibacy is the last thing for a trainee 'father'.] Becoming Father Michael is a complete fantasy, and any resemblance to anyone, or any location or convent is completely unintentional. ====================================== "Have you t

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By abroadsword] © [Michael finds celibacy is the last thing for a trainee 'father'.] Becoming Father Michael is a complete fantasy and any resemblance to anyone, or any location or convent is completely unintentional. ===================================== It was a wond

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By silkstockingslover] © [A virgin older brother makes his 18-year-old sister his slut.] 1. PROLOGUE: HOME FOR CHRISTMAS My sister was a pain in the ass. She always had been and probably always would have been if she hadn't become my personal slut. For my whole life, I ha

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By silkstockingslover] © [Brother fucks sister again and 2 of her cheerleader friends.] Note: Although not necessary, reading part one (Best Present Ever: Bitch Sister) will explain how Mathew goes from being a nerdy virgin to a dominant Master over his gorgeous, stuck-up ch

INTERRACIAL/Group Story] [By Maya Amritpal Kaur] Thirsty Cunt Productions in conjunction with The University of Erotica Interracial Department

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By Mag58] © 'Knock, knock, knock'. "Yes?" I called out as I lay in bed casually stroking my cock, like I did most mornings. "Frank. I'm making breakfast," My youngest son Robert's wife asked, "Do you want some?" "I'd love some!" I replied and rubbed even faster, "

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By Mag58] © I didn't hear anything from my eldest daughter in law until I received a text on the Monday night that read 'you naughty naughty man – be around at 8 to discuss your problem'. I immediately sent a text to my other daughter in law, Marie who replied by tellin

INCEST/Taboo][By Lost Boy] © [Brother wakes in bed with sister after night of drunken sex.] I woke up the day after my nineteenth birthday with my sister's lips wrapped around my cock and she was giving me one hell of a late birthday gift. Her head was bobbing up and down with fierce determinatio

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [Boy finally gets his reward...] Chapter Three - JAKE'S REWARD - Warm, bubbly water streamed down her beautiful body and back into the tub as she grabbed his hand to steady herself. Then holding onto to him for support, she hurriedly stepped out of the

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [He gives Mom going away gift before leaving.] Chapter Four – LEAVING HOME A week passed and Jake's father had returned from the cattle drive. Jake's mother was doing such a good job of acting and hiding their illicit affair, Sam hadn't a clue about what

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [Jake and Missy get to be friends.] Chapter Five – BEHAVE YOURSELVES Throwing his bedroll on his saddle and securing his War bag on top of it, he headed out for the Carlsons'... Reining up in front of their house, he was greeted by the two women who w

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By silkstockingslover] © [Shy nerd becomes a submissive slut for black cock and pussy.] Warning: Although the story is in the non-consent/reluctant category because of the blackmail, the story is really an interracial fantasy of a white girl who submits completely both b

[INCEST/Taboo] [By silkstockingslover] © [Pretty tennis player blackmailed into lesbian submission.] Beating Kelly, my arch-enemy, in the semi-finals was the greatest moment in my tennis career. After losing the first set 7-5, I bounced back to win the second set 6-4. The third set was the most g

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Curvy Cougar] © [Tyler catches Anna in the act... and offers a proposition.] Tyler arrived home at two-thirty in the afternoon feeling horny. His parents and older half-sister weren't due home for another three hours, making it the perfect time for getting his rocks off viewing

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ] © [Blair's long-awaited reunion with Daddy is an erotic one.] Due to the interference of her overpowering mother, Blair Harper had not seen her father since she was 5 years of age. Millie would never tell her daughter the reason why she had left Adam Milligan, but whene

[INTERRACIAL/Incest/Taboo] [By ADom] © [The stepchildren of an interracial couple fuck & plan to seduce them.] Eric Robinson wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. He finished his first year of medical school and just wasn’t sure he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. He decided to take the s

[INCEST/Taboo] [By JulyBear7] © [He got the widow, her daughter and his step-daughter in bed.] Author's Note: This is more of a romance than a stroke story. It takes a while for the characters to 'hook up,' but there's romantic sex, spanking, first time sex, foreplay, post play, and incest-in-spi

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [Mother gets a boob job to spite divorced husband. ] It had been eighteen months since Timmy had been home. A lot had happened while he was away in the oil fields of Saudi Arabia raking in the money. His mom, Lorraine had written and told Timmy that she and

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ] © [The Conclusion - Bliss' kinky plan gets Uncle B and the entire family together.] I just want to take the time to thank all of you who have enjoyed this story and been so patient while waiting for this final chapter. I grew to really enjoy these characters and wanted

"Where are we headed," Angie asked, as Petra slipped her car into and pulled smoothly into traffic? "It's a surprise," Petra said with a gleam in her eye, "you'll find out when we get there!!! "We're no going to the stables again today," Angie rejoined, "it's too damn cold out side for riding a hors

[By badboy21] One day in my latter teen years, mom came home early from a meeting. I was in the bathroom masturbating... fantasizing about my mother. I begin to moan "oh mommy... oh mommy". When I exploded it was the biggest load ever. I was so horny for my mom all the time. As I exited the bathr

[TABOO] [By Curvy Cougar] © [Autumn's new stepfather puts her in a compromising position.] When I was eight, my father was killed in an industrial accident. My mother grieved for him for a very long time, and I too missed my dad coming in from work and picking me up in his arms. For the next t

[TABOO] [By Curvy Cougar] © [His trysts with stepdaughter continues...] AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is the continuation of "Brian's Stepdaughter, Brian's Slut," now being told from his side. ------------------ I've been having a sexual affair with my stepdaughter, Autumn, for over a year now. No

[By Qwyit1] I was 28, recently divorced, home alone on a Friday evening, when the phone rang. It was my 24 year old, younger sister. She wanted to know if I was doing anything special that evening. When I said no, she informed me her husband had gone on a week long hunting trip in Wyoming, and she

My name is Paula and the story you are about to read is completely true, with a name change or two. I'm a mostly happily married woman, late twenties, with blue eyes and dark hair. I am studying for my PhD at a large Midwestern university in the USA. I've been married a couple years, and had a

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Micaela Reynolds as told to BrettJ] © [Ted consummates his desire for sister Sandy.] I am very happy to say that I live my life the way I want, with the love and desire of my family surrounding me. I can have sex whenever I like, there's always a willing partner. If Debra isn't

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Markelly] © [She’s a black belt and you’re a geek.] The countdown to end of term was on. I had a few papers to hand in, but nothing I couldn't get finished in an hour or two. The door banged open, and my roommate bounced in, full of his usual enthusiasm, and the rest of the guy

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Markelly] © "This is mine, and so are the contents." I stifled a laugh. The look on her face telling me it may not be a good idea to hold out on her. Even when I went to play with her tits, she swiped my hands away, saying, "You don't get to play with any of your toys until

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ] © [Sandy gets to know his niece Colleen much, MUCH better.] Horace Greeley said it best in the 1800's but it still applies today. "Go west, young man." When I turned twenty, that is exactly what I did. I packed up my bags and got the hell out of Wisconsin and made my wa

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By MawrGorshin] © [Leroy, Belle, and Carl fuck Camilla; Troy sees her pee.] Leroy woke up at about a quarter to eight in the morning, to the sweet sensations of Camilla's tongue, lips, and hand on his hardening cock. "Starting the day off with a little fun?" he asked, looking d

[EXHIBITIONIST/Voyeur] [By MawrGorshin] © [Camilla lap-dances the priest again; Candice fucks Agape.] "Father Josiah," Camilla said in pretend reproach to the plain-clothed priest as he, having just come in Club Ritz on Saturday night, walked over to her. "Why aren't you wearing your priest outfi

[By Tryer] I am John, and I became a widower when my wife died five years ago, very unexpectedly, from a wasp sting in our garden. My sister, Joan, was widowed three years ago. She and her husband lived and worked in France. He was killed by a hit and run motorist when they were walking in the

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ] © [Candy takes her Daddy on an exotic, erotic vacation.] "Well, this bites!" Candy Hardison said as she snapped her cell phone shut. Laurel came out of the kitchen where she had been baking to see what had upset her eldest daughter so much. "What's got your feathers

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ] © [On their vacation, Candy & Daddy meet another naughty couple.] Tom Hardison was enjoying the azure beauty of the water and the warm sand under his feet. He looked further down the beach to see his vacation companion talking with a few young couples. A lesser man migh

[LESBIAN/Incest/Taboo] [By BrettJ] © [Cousin Monika finds a special new love.] Monika Hollingsworth decided to risk it and let her Corvette go full out on the country back roads. She was looking forward to getting home and seeing both of her parents again. Most kids her age didn't get along with

GROUP/Taboo Story] [By Mag58] © "God I need a cigarette!" I gasped as I collapsed, exhausted, at the top of the small mountain my team had just hiked up in the Lake District. "You're supposed to be setting us a good example." Khalid laughed as he flopped down next to me quickly followed by h

[INCEST/Taboo] [By silkstockingslover] © [An 18-year-old makes her Mom her submissive.] Catching Up! A crash course reminder of what happened previously in the Catching Mommy series: Part 1: A Shocking Secret: An 18-year-old English girl transplanted to Boston, Victoria, stays home sick one da

[By Jake] I was sure, at that moment, I was alone. We were traveling, my wife and I. Staying with my mother-in-law, for the Christmas holidays. They had all gone shopping while I stayed behind to unpack and take a shower. Now, I should explain. I'm a guy. And it's rare that I take a show

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By shoeslayer] © I won't soon forget the night with my lover Ella, no longer my granny but a mature woman in her early seventies who knows exactly what is going on in life and loved life itself. Ella knew what was going through my mind or what was left of it as I lay in

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [Boy and mother caught in a snow storm.] The snowflakes hitting the window of Susan's car were growing larger and wetter by the minute. Damn it, she thought to herself, if we had only started a couple of hours earlier we would've made it home and wouldn'

[By Simon] Hi, I'm Simon, and my wife is Julia. She is 42, nice body large firm breasts, and she is my second wife. I am her second husband. She has a son and a daughter by her first marriage Harry and Rosie. Harry is 16, and Rosie 14. I have suspected for some time that she was overly at

[GROUP SEX] [By Frederick Carol] © [Kathy takes up modeling.] - Chapter 5, Thursday - There are many ways of being awakened, a lot of them pleasant. Few, however, as good as having your gorgeous girlfriend licking you to a full erection. Kathy's long, dark hair obscured her face but I could fe

[By Shawn Williams] My wife Erin and I have been married for 2 years and have always had a very active sex life. Although it has never gotten too crazy, she enjoys getting fucked on a regular basis. She is 26, 5'7", 120 lbs, with small boobs a great ass. I'm 32 and looks wise I'm far from anything

[By Shawn Williams] For any those that have read my previous story (Chicago Sister-in-Law), you know last year I fucked my wife Erin's younger sister (Meredith) and her roommate. They all had fun with my 10" cock and with each other. In the past year, Meredith graduated from college, found a job, a

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ] © [Swinging, lesbian sex, incest - Daniel sees & enjoys it all.] Looking back at it now, I suppose all this delicious insanity started when my wife's best friend from grade school moved in with us. Lana had only been married for 3 months when she caught him cheating on

[INCEST/Taboo][By Lost Boy] © [Steve has some quality time with Mom and Sister.] Temper... Temper...: I will be the first to admit I have a bit of temper. Now I have learned to keep it in check, especially at school. But when something gets under my skin, like my sister using my phone on our m

[INCEST/Taboo][By Lost Boy] © [Chapter 06, Part 2] "Going to cum," I warned her. "My mouth, shoot it down my fucking throat," she said in a harsh whisper. I continued to thrust inside of her even as my cock swelled and stretched her even more. "My god you are pushing my limits mister," she

[INCEST/Taboo Fantasy] [By BarondeSade] © [Carole and Arnie are invited to perform at Cockerball XXI.] COCKBALL III The roar of the crowd outside was almost as loud as the roaring inside Arnie's head as he slowly eased his emptied penis out of his mother's hot, tight ass. "You did it—You di

[INCEST/Taboo Fantasy] [By BarondeSade] © 'Me, too— "Carole giggled, tilting her hips and pulling her electrified clit up off his cock. Then, she began to work her cunt up and down his cock, painting it with her hot juices, but making sure not to touch him with her charged clit. "Oh—oh—oh—"

[TABOO/Erotic Coupling] [By BrettJ] © [Colleen & her cousin's boyfriend have a wild time.] Colleen had always wanted to own a pair of stiletto heels. Her parents had told her only sluts wore them. Colleen, in her mind, aspired to be a slut. Sluts got all the sex they wanted and didn't have to go

[INCEST/Taboo] By HeyAll © [A desperate Mother seeks help from her willing son.] "That's it Anne... just like that... I'm close to cumming," Bobby said as he was getting his cock sucked in the living room. He then watched her licking the cum off his cock as she looked at him, smiling. It was a

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Author, GeorgieH] © [A mother needs a talk with her son, and finds words aren't enough.] They say it's good to talk, right? Well that's what I thought too. My only question now is do I still believe that? I'm in a quandary. I've always placed good, open, honest communicat

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [Stepmom sets out to fulfill a fantasy with stepson.] My name is Renee. Renee Adkins and I have a confession to make. But first let me explain a few things. I'm thirty-one and my husband, Jim is forty-six. We've been married for five years and Jim has a son

[Taboo] [By TulsaLiza] © [A woman continues her cock worshipping.] I loved sitting in Father Richard's big church office. I could feel the sexual tension the moment I stepped through the threshold. I took my usual seat in one of the big wing-back chairs that faced his massive oak desk. He was sit

[INCEST/Taboo] [By JosephBarnosky] © [Kim confesses about the past year to Father Tony.] "How long has it been since your last confession?" Father Tony asks from the other side of the confession booth. "A whole year, I'm afraid to say," Kim replies, folding her hands across her lap. "I guess I

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jenny has to live with her Uncle Max.] I grew up with my Grandma, because my parents passed away when I was a baby, so you'd think I would have gotten to know my Uncle Max pretty well, but the truth is I didn't see much of him until I was 19 and Grandma was in

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Uncle Max's idea of an appropriate punishment for spying.] The next morning when I came down for breakfast, part of my usual routine now, Uncle Max was in the kitchen but the woman was nowhere to be seen. "Good morning, Jenny," he said, flipping pancakes. Fo

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Shopping leads to another embarrassing scene with her Uncle.] I had never been so relieved in my life to get out of the house and meet up with my friend Dana. I was utterly shaken, not just by my Uncle punishing me for spying on his interaction with his date la

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Drunken party loosens niece's inhibitions once she's home.] When we came home from visiting Grandma I was fuming. I had no idea that my Grandmother was so old school when it came to a young, single woman living alone; apparently the bad seed of the family is be

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jenny's plan to pop her cherry backfires.] Author's Note: This is a reader request story. Also, I have received several requests for a chapter where Jenny tries to separate herself from her Uncle either by moving out, getting a boyfriend or just doing something

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Uncle Max teaches Jenny a lesson about respecting privacy.] Author's Note - For anyone hoping for a continuation of the story, sorry but you're going to be disappointed! This is going to be a re-tread of events, but from Max's point of view. I had a reader requ

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Uncle Max gets a stand-in, Jenny, but finds it's not the same.] Life went pretty much back to normal after Jenny's drunken masturbation in front of me. I couldn't decide whether or not I was relieved. Yeah, we were treading close to some lines that I never t

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ] © [A visiting niece & nephew are entertained by Aunt & Uncle.] Mark Corbin waited in bed for his wife Lissa to return to bed, his patience was wearing thin. He and Lissa had been in the midst of one of their most incendiary fucks, as had been their custom over the past

[By Mohan_gspot] I won’t forget it till my last breath. This story happened way back in 2001 when I had just matured. Had just finished my class X exams and had summer vacations. I had to attend one of my relative’s wedding in a village. I only looked forward to meeting my cousins, uncles, aunts,

[TABOO/Older Woman/Younger Man] [By komrad1156] © [My romance with my high school English teacher.] Author's Note: The first erotic story I ever wrote was about an affair I had with my high school English teacher. When I wrote it, I was involved with someone who had a huge BDSM fantasy and I let

[INCEST/Taboo] [By komrad1156] © [A bashful niece is slowly seduced.] Note to readers: I won't share her name, but someone who enjoys my stories sent me an email expressing her appreciation for the way they slowly build with sexual tension. She said they were 'juicy and delectable' and that women

[By Demongay] My story is based on a true incident. Laxmi sat on her dad’s lap. Her head was on his shoulder and she was crying. At 18 and a first year BA student in Ramabai college, she’d had a series of disasters in her love life and her latest boyfriend had just broken up with her. Dipak

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [Dad gets to use her backdoor.] (Part Four -- A Surprise at the Backdoor) Ralph slowly opened his eyes. He started to stretch but found that if he did he would wake the two sleeping women. After a few moments, he carefully extricated his arms from the do

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [Daughter catches dad doing a no-no!] (Chapter One – Daddy Does Debbie) Cassandra was on her third beer as she sat tanning herself out by the pool. Her mother, Denise, was visiting her sister, Aunt Ellen, up in Foreston. Her brother, Edward, was out on a

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Nasty_Dan] © [Rebellious daughter makes daddy understand.] Even though I love my daughter more than I can begin to express, I finally had to admit that she was a slut. There was simply no other way to look at it. It was the truth. Somehow Tammy had gotten out of control and I c

[GAY/Taboo] [By MacSwain612] © [Best friends make plans with their dads.] Andy and I have been best friends for years. We are both 25 and living about three miles apart. Andy attends the local university and I work as a legal clerk. We get together about twice a week and spend the evening sucking

[OLDER WOMAN/Lesbian] [By Walterio] © [Chapter 3, Part 2 - So much for Claire's relaxing time at the beach.] "I'm going to eat your pussy now," Troy declared. Claire got on back on her bed and spread her legs. Her hands went down to her pussy and she stroked her quim and opened it for Troy to

[OLDER WOMAN/Younger Man] [By Walterio] © [A tragic ending to Claire's debachery.] - It was late Tuesday afternoon and Claire was in the shower. She had just survived another foursome with Troy, and his friends Ken and Bob. They had come over after school to move the furniture back and they had d

[INCEST/Taboo] [By HeyAll] © [She finds that teasing her father has it's advantages.] My daughter Lisa has been having a certain 'effect' on me lately- and not in a way that I'm proud of either. It started two years ago when she came to live with me after the divorce because I lived closer to

[INCEST/Taboo] [By ADom] © [College bound daughter seduces her father.] “Damnit Dee, that’s the last time you’re going to sneak out.” "Oh Dad don’t have a heart attract. I just went out with my friends and besides I’m 18 and going away to college soon.” “I don’t care, you’re grounded.” “Shit, Da

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © "So," Wanda started out, "why did you do that last night? And don't start crying again, because that's not going to work?" "I don't know, Mom. I don't know why I did it . . . just stupid I guess," he muttered. "Yes," Wanda agreed. "I think what you d

[By Tryer] This started some years ago when I was 15 years old and my sister, Vera, was 16. Our parents had gone shopping with, I thought, my sister, so I reckoned the house was empty. About a year before I had discovered the pleasure of masturbation as I now know it, but then I called it "tossi

[DOMINATION & Submission] By HeyAll © [Entering the occult leads to a sexual odyssey.] Part 1 of 3: Richard Burrwell When the phone awoke Sara at 7:02 am on a Saturday morning, she had no idea that one of the most difficult days of her life was about to begin. She didn't bother to check the

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Catmoore] © [An aunt and her nephew's accounts of how they first had sex.] Fuck it; look where your hand is. Your fucking hand is on my leg. YOUR FUCKING HAND IS ON MY FUCKING LEG AND MOVING UP, was screaming in my mind! I was acutely aware of its movement. But was it delibe

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Catmoore] © [An aunt and her nephew's accounts of how they first had sex.] "Yes, go and have a shower, in my bathroom, wrap a towel round you and come back here," I said rather authoritatively. I needed to buy some time, get some space organize my thoughts. Seeing your awkwa

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Catmoore] © [An aunt and her nephew's views on having sex the first time.] You smiled and with your eyes twinkling you lay down beside me on your back. You reached out and took my hand in yours. "Yes Matt you can touch my tits now," you said quietly. "Firstly Matt, gently fe

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Catmoore] © [How an aunt and a nephew recall their first sex.] I got up from the bed probably rather more quickly than was ideal, especially after such a momentous experience for you. I shrugged into the shorty, mid thigh, white silk robe that I had earlier hung on the back of

[XXX NOVEL] By nikoalessandro © [Sequel to Cocaine Trash] 1 'Do you Darren Speck take this beautiful fuckin' fine-ass piece of cherrypie to be your beautiful fuckin' lawful wedded wife, booooooy,' said the geezer of a priest, doing some hip thing with his fingers at the end. 'Booooy!' he repea

[INCEST/Taboo] [By HeyAll] © [Medical dilemma requires mom to examine son.] Laura was in a state of panic. Absolute horror. To make matters worse, this had all been her fault. She was the one who had rented a tiny two-bedroom vacation home in a small European town, during her son's winter break

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ] © [Jack's favor for his wife brings him ALMOST as much joy.] For the very first time in their 16-year relationship, Jack Hall was looking at his wife as if she had gone insane. Indeed, maybe she had. What she had just asked of him was not the type of request a woman wou

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ] © [Sexy exotic Raylin helps Jamie with Keith's "education".] "Do it!" I snarled through clenched teeth and pushed the ebony beauty's head deeper into my pussy. "Eat me out, you fuckable little slut and don't stop until you've made me cum!" I instructed my petite young l

[OLDER MAN/Younger Woman] [By Curvy Cougar] © [Because you never know who she'll turn to, or when.] I'm a man in his early forties with one son attending college. I always considered myself an average guy; I'm a shade under six feet tall with brown eyes and hair some call "salt and pepper" as a r

[VOYEURISM/Taboo/Cheating Story] [By Mag58]© As I turned the key in my apartment door my heart sank as I heard Western pop music coming from my teenage daughter Noreen’s room. I sighed as I hung my coat in the cloakroom. I had hoped to spend an hour in peace and quiet, checking my e-mails

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ] © [Elissa helps her cousin Jessy lift her father's - spirits.] Elissa and Jessy were huddled close together on the couch, watching their favorite movie, "Notting Hill". Both of the girls had huge crushes on Hugh Grant, they'd also just watched "Love Actually" and "Four

[INCEST] [By Frozenhero] © [Mother and son now start having sex.] Karen trotted out of the photography studio, her heels clicking on the concrete sidewalk. She had just finished modeling a new line for the spring catalogue but the shoot ran long and she was running late. It was her son Dylan's la

[INCEST/Taboo] [By ADom] © [Grandpa recalls a weekend of hot sex.] To: Eva@c------.com From: Granpa@h-----.com Even though you’re in your last year of college, I still miss you when you are away. Sometimes I take a pair of panties out of your drawer, wrap them around my cock and slid the s

[INCEST/Taboo Story][By Lost Boy] © [Lightening strikes father and daughter.] I heard the sound of a car door slamming and my daughter's voice raised in anger. The fact that I could hear her over the rolling thunder was a testament to how upset she was. I counted to ten before the door flew open

[INCEST/Taboo Story][By Lost Boy] © [Dad goes on date that Dennis will never forget.] I slid into the leather seat of Dennis' car. I looked at the interior and was flooded with memories of owning one very similar to this when it was a new model and not a classic. I closed the door and looked over

[INCEST/Taboo Story][By Lost Boy] © [Morning sex leads to new friendship.] I awoke with my feet in the air and a nice thick cock sliding in and out of me. The thrusting increased in depth and speed once he was aware that I was awake. When he hit bottom I couldn't help but grunt. "Uhhh…" I beca

[INCEST/Taboo Story][By Lost Boy] © [Daughter dishes up a redhead for dad.] All characters are 18 years or older and any advice or criticism is freely accepted. * I looked down at the sultry red head and her hand wrapped around my long thick cock and her hand looked so tiny! The head and a

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Walterio] © [Teen makes it with his step mom and her mother.] Authors Note: I was intrigued by this reader's request for a teen to have sex with both his young step-mother and step-grandmother. Therefore I submitted this story with that theme. ***** PRELUDE Sheila wa

[INCEST/Taboo Story][By Lost Boy] © [Jon makes a new friend, and oh what trouble follows.] Erika lay sprawled on top of me her lovely young body covered in a light layer of sweat and her legs quivering from another strong orgasm. I gave her ass a little swat and she just moaned. "Round five,"

[INCEST/Taboo Story][By Lost Boy] © [Chapter 06, Part 2 - Liz stays the night and joins the fun.] I did not sit in the chair as I examined the desk noticing that it too was in pristine condition and the papers that had littered its surface were gone. When I opened the drawers looking for all thos

[INCEST/Taboo Story][By Lost Boy] © [Chapter 10, Part 2 - Mom shows up at work and takes some of Jon's stress away.] "Your Majesty, if I might ask what happened in Japan?" "As you may or may not know the Order is divided into two halves. The Silver Twilight or those who rule and then there is

[INCEST/Taboo Story][By Lost Boy] © [Jon is betrayed and he takes it out on the Twins and Mom.] Less tech more sex!! Less Tech more sex!!! I am going to focus more on storyline and less on gadgets. It's time for a family reunion Lost Boy style, I hope you enjoy. Also here is a quick rund

[INCEST/Taboo Story][By Lost Boy] © [Jon has some fun in the dungeon with Mom.] Author's Note: Sorry about any confusion in the previous chapter. All the feedback was very spot on, and I thank you all. This is how a writer gets better I believe. I hope you enjoy this chapter. This has flash backs

[INCEST/Taboo Story][By Lost Boy] © [Chapter 15, Part 2 - Jon and the girls play in public.] "I am sorry for the interruption but I have news from headquarters. First of all Nick Shaw is buying the next round for the whole pub. Second the new product line has been approved and London is going to

[INCEST/Taboo Story][By Lost Boy] © [The girls take charge of Jon.] The Orient Express: Private Car: Last Stop Berlin: The door had barely closed when I was manhandled. The next thing I know my back hit the floor with a deep thud. I was staring up at the elegantly decorated ceiling of th

[EXHIBITIONIST/Voyeur] [By BenLong] © [Another button of shyness undone.] Gloria lay on top of me, breathing hard, another sob held back. I just held her, stroking her hair, stroking her back. Gradually her breathing returned to normal; she sat up and rolled off, saying she needed to clean up. Sh

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By JosephBarnosky] © [Jasmine asks me for a little extra credit.] I am grading papers when I look up to see Jasmine standing at the doorway of the classroom. I don't know how long she had been standing there, but it is pretty obvious she wants to see me. I wave her in and she s

[INCEST/Taboo] [By silkstockingslover] © [Brother takes sister’s virginity during family road trip.] The most common sentence used towards me has always been, 'Phillip you are just not living up to your potential.' At first, in high school, I purposely tried to confirm those words by getting f

[INCEST/Taboo] By m_storyman_x © [Meeting the cousins at Powel Lake.] To say the last two days have blown my mind would be the understatement of the year. I wasn't a virgin by any stretch of the imagination, but I also wasn't what I would call Uber experienced. I'd had sex with my current girlfri

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [Father finds out his daughter's deep, dark secret.] [Chapter Two - Death of Innocence] Harris sat at his desk, his mind wandering and finally settling on his oldest daughter, Tamantha. As of late, he couldn't seem to get her out of his mind. She had jus

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By StoryTeller07] © [Gina thought it was her husband.] Gina was visiting her daughter, with husband in tow. They were staying at the house her daughter shared with fellow university students. It had been her idea as a means of checking up on Dianne. Her husband, Dean, of

[INCEST/Taboo] [By HeyAll] © [Novelist mom uses her son for inspiration.] Laura stood on the small dock overlooking the lake. She was standing next to a real estate agent, deciding whether to buy the property or not. The house was large and spacious. The area was quiet and serene. It was Laur

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [CINDERELLA] Once upon a time, there lived near the capital city of a large kingdom a very worthy gentleman and his beautiful and amiable young wife. Now the worthy old gentlemen had a penis the likes of which brought tears of joy to many a woman's eyes. An

[By MtyMo] Saturday, two weeks ago, they were up here seeing to their old man and cooking, washing and cleaning (even though I didn't need them too). They were pushing me to find a new wife to come and take care of me. Finally, on Sunday morning as they were getting ready to leave and still pushi

[INCEST/Taboo] [By ADom] © [Loving daughter gives Dad a BJ for Father's Day.] Author's Note: This story is written with permission of the Dad who lives it. ***** I, Tony, confess.... I'm a forty-year-old dad of average build who has been trying to get in my daughter's pants ever since she

[INCEST/Taboo/Pregnant] [By JulyBear7] © [Pregnant Tiffany gets horny; Kirk gets mom pregnant.] Author's Note: Kirk learns his history,; Tiffany joins his household; he rescues a co-ed from a rogue telepath. Fun stuff. Comments welcome. Hope you enjoy. Jb7 ***** Kirk stood at the window, lo

[INCEST/Taboo/Pregnant] [By JulyBear7] © [Kirk's father impregnates daughter and granddaughter.] Author's Note: Kirk asks Tiffany's mom to save his job; Kirk's dad, Lorenz, shares his history and how he fathered daughter, granddaughter and great granddaughter. Some violence and bizarre animalisti

[INCEST/Taboo] [By JulyBear7] © [Kirk and his friends take on the invaders.] Kirk had not been back to the farm in nearly two and a half years, not since they had dropped the old sergeant in the quicksand. He had been on the move constantly, recruiting and organizing small units to harass the ali

[INCEST/Taboo] [By JulyBear7] © [Kirk and his friends take on the invaders.] "Admiral Gorp-5; Commander Kmar-2, I'm pleased you decided to meet with me. With your assistance, we can avoid, or at least decrease, the carnage tomorrow. "I am here to offer you the opportunity to surrender and retu

[INCEST/Taboo/Lesbian] [By BrettJ] © [Jo wants a sexy birthday present; Julie gives it to her.] - December 14 Can't believe tomorrow is my birthday. This is just so cool beyond belief that I had to start my new, Adult Diary. Hi Diary, it's Jo. I'm sure hoping to have some cool stuff to put in

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