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[INCEST/Taboo] [By FantasyBoy] © [Jason seduces his auntie at the family wedding.] Dee picked up the post off the doormat and was intrigued by the hand written envelope addressed to her and her husband. She opened it and was pleasantly surprised to see it was an invitation to a wedding. One of

[INCEST/Taboo] [By HeyAll] © [After mom comes her busty sister.] This is a spin-off to my other story entitled "Spying on My Mother." It's recommended that you read that story first, but if not, everything is clearly explained for you. Please enjoy. ******* I sat in the back seat of a car w

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Walterio] © [Julian is visited by his aunt and cousin.] - A Visit From His Aunt And Cousin - Julian got word that his Aunt Amelie and her son Pierre would be visiting New York. He had not seen them since he lived in Paris and he was thrilled that they would be staying with h

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Author, GeorgieH] © [It's the next day and Matt learns it's really happening.] In theory the days that followed that first night of fun - by which I mean my introduction to the weird wired world of incestuous fucking - should have been full of guilt and self-recriminations.

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ and MithraGoddess] © [Heather & Bryan continue their affair - with a new partner!] Heather's sweet little ass bounced up and down on her brother's cock as she outlined her plan to him. For the past week, they had been fucking non-stop, barely stopping to eat. She wasn't

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ] © [Alexus, Bryan & Heather get a taste of "Brandi".] Author's Note: It isn't necessary to read "An Empty House and a Full Pussy" or "There Is Baking" before you read this story, but this one does feature some of the same characters. Enjoy either way. * Alexus pace

[INCEST/Taboo] [By JosephBarnosky] © [His first time sex is with his aunt.] Our talk during our walk got me hot and bothered. I couldn't believe it when she told me she had an interest in me beyond me just being her favorite nephew. She wanted to fuck me. Of course she put it more eloquently than

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [He convinces his aunt she needs to return the favor.] It was one of those hot, Texas afternoons. No, let's make it one of those muggy, to-hot-to-move, Saturday afternoons. Martin was home alone as it was too damn hot to go outside. He had thought of runni

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [Mom returns home early.] "It's too damned hot for anybody to be wanting to eat, so why don't you take off. I can handle it by myself for the rest of the night," Joe told Molly, looking around at the almost empty bar and grill. There was only one couple

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [Martin gets shared!] As Martin's cock continued to spew out its virulent load of thick, potent semen into his mother's pussy, his brain was reeling with the sheer enormity of what was happening . . . and what had happened. His mother had just fucked hi

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Alex de Kok] © [Nephew Matt gives young aunt a place to stay.] This is a work of fiction, written for enjoyment and amusement; hopefully yours as well as mine. Comment and constructive criticism welcomed. * * * * * Matt's my nephew; my sister Alice's boy. Alice is the old

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Alex de Kok] © [Ellen & Matt explore their new relationship.] I enjoyed the shower, with Matt carefully washing me and me just as carefully washing him. Of course, his prick was standing proudly to attention by the time I'd finished washing it and I couldn't just let it go to w

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Alex de Kok] © [Ellen gets a job, and Matt brings Kathy to visit.] Sunday was as empty as I had suspected it would be, with Matt gone on his trip into the desert. I enjoyed the company of the two dogs, and they listened attentively when I spoke to them, but they still weren't g

[LOVING WIFE] [By Imhapless] © [A shotgun wedding turns out great.] Author's Note: This story starts out when having kids out of wedlock wasn't common, when there was no Internet, GPS, or iPhones, when sex education was not taught in school, when abortion was normally back-alley, when being "que

[INCEST] By geronimo_appleby © [Mike's aunt came to stay. He loves her ripe body.] 1976 and Mikey's Aunt Janet has come to stay. He's nineteen and horny and has an eye for his aunt body. She notices his attention... ***** I felt the heat in my face as soon as she said it. Humiliation twiste

[GROUP SEX] By MollyCactus © [She insisted on planning my party when I turned 18.] "Really? A birthday party? At our age?" Cynthia asked, sounding exasperated. "Sara, you're finally going to be 18! It's not time for a kiddie party. It's time to go out clubbing! You'll finally be of legal age to p

[EXHIBITIONIST/Voyeur] By MollyCactus © [She arrived, and took charge.] In this otherwise dismal start to summer, Dick finally saw a tiny bit of happiness. His 'Aunt Matilda' was due for a visit. She wasn't really his aunt, of course - she only had one living relative, her niece Sara. But his mom

[INCEST/Taboo] [By FantasyBoy] © [Judy is frustrated until she bumps into her nephew John.] I'm Judy, early 40s and happily married to Tim. Well, when I say happily married what I really mean is, generally happy but sexually frustrated. You see Tim only wants sex once a week and then just straigh

[INCEST/Taboo] [By FantasyBoy] © [Nephew spies on Auntie and is then seduced by her.] I was 18 years old when my aunt and uncle moved next door to us. Auntie Maureen was in her early 40s and about 10 years younger than my uncle Arthur. It was his second marriage, he had a daughter Kerry aged 20 f

[INCEST/Taboo] [By FantasyBoy] © [He meets his uncle and cousin.] Auntie Maureen and I continued to fuck and suck and do more and more kinky things together. I met her daily and even when she had her period I would fuck her in the ass and she would suck me off. She began to mention her daughte

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ] © [Daniel's stay with Aunt Katrina leads to erotic encounters.] Daniel Talbot grabbed his final suitcase from his father. It pained him to see the sad look on Robert's face; his father was a good man who had been dealt a very bad hand. "Dad, are you sure I can't stay

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ] © [Denise and Deborah come to "visit" Aunt Karina and Daniel.] Daniel Talbot was eagerly waiting for the arrival of his sister. Aunt Katrina had given him the day off from his chores, although he had made sure everything around the house was perfect. He wanted his siste

[INCEST/Taboo] [By MicheleNylons] © [Auntie's stockings get a lad into trouble and a spanking.] It was 1959 and I was eighteen years old. My mother and father had died over a year ago in a car crash and after spending six months in a foster home my Aunty Jean had taken me in as her ward. Aunty

[INCEST/Taboo] [By MicheleNylons] © [Aunty takes her nephew to the next level of stocking Dominatrix.] I crawled out the door and, still naked, I made my way down to the laundry to get a mop and bucket. After filling the bucket with warm soapy water I returned upstairs to my bedroom to find that

[INCEST/Taboo] [By MicheleNylons] © [Auntie delivers more discipline and then rewards him.] After I had finished my homework I came downstairs for dinner. It felt strange sitting at the table dressed in only in my apron and my cocquette. Aunty Jean was still dressed in her mauve satin blouse and

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ] © [Eden's Aunt Cherie, her cousin Kristina and Uncle - together.] Due to some nice notes, we're visiting Eden's family again -- this time her Aunt Cherie. I suggest you read "Anniversary Party" and "Eden Gets Hers" for a better understanding of these characters. Enjoy!

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [Sam, Erica, and Melissa move in with Aunt Clarice.] Sam awoke with a start. Something was wrong. There was a soft, warm body lying snuggled up next to him. Who? How? He frantically asked himself. Opening his eyes, he felt a flash of panic when he saw his m

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [Tommy checks out mom's ass, & visits Aunt Sally.] (A comical, erotic XXX story) Whistling a happy tune as he walked along the lane leading up to his house, Tommy stopped and looked up into the sky. Wonder what old Dr. Whoopie is up to now, he asked hims

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ] © [A visiting niece & nephew are entertained by Aunt & Uncle.] Mark Corbin waited in bed for his wife Lissa to return to bed, his patience was wearing thin. He and Lissa had been in the midst of one of their most incendiary fucks, as had been their custom over the past

[MATURE/MILF Story] [By Mag58] © [He's an Aussie 21 year old staying with his Cougar Aunt, reminding her what sex was like when she was younger.] “Hi, Courtney.” My 18 year old nephew called out as he walked into the kitchen while I was baking. “Oh; hi sweetheart. Did you have a goo

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Catmoore] © [An aunt and her nephew's accounts of how they first had sex.] Mum had asked you if I could stay a few days whilst I was attending interviews in London. I was excited by that. Staying with my glamorous, divorced aunty in her super pad right in the center of London's

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Catmoore] © [An aunt and her nephew's accounts of how they first had sex.] Author's Note: This is a series of exchanges written by an aunt and her eighteen year old nephew following them having sex. It looks at that incestuous relationship from both party's perspectives, examin

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Catmoore] © [An aunt and her nephew's accounts of how they first had sex.] Fuck it; look where your hand is. Your fucking hand is on my leg. YOUR FUCKING HAND IS ON MY FUCKING LEG AND MOVING UP, was screaming in my mind! I was acutely aware of its movement. But was it delibe

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Catmoore] © [An aunt and her nephew's accounts of how they first had sex.] Your words rung through my head "Would you take my bra off please?" My fear and being worried had been replaced with excitement; an excitement that had my hands trembling. My sexual experience to date

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Catmoore] © [The views of an aunt and her nephew.] Being taught how to kiss was amazing. I had always thought you just pressed your mouths together and that was it. But no, as you demonstrated, there was a whole range of techniques and tricks. Kissing, I realized was whole fuck

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Catmoore] © [The aunt and the nephew going further and further!] Oh my god, oh my fucking god!" banged through my brain as I watched your face contort in rapturous pleasure. The kind of pleasure I was learning that was unique, the slow build up to an exquisite and massive relea

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Catmoore] © [An aunt and her nephew discuss their first sex.] Even to my untrained youthful eyes I could see you'd become aroused. Your words belied your voice and body; whilst you complained and protested so the movement of your hips and the lack of conviction in your voice to

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By Magmaman] © [Just an "education"..?] Growing up on a huge farm in the middle of nowhere does not lead to much of a social life. Blessed with a Father that was as honest as it was possible to be instilled things in Cary. His Dad was a tall and lean man, hard as nails. H

[FETISH/Corset/Taboo] [By LearningFast] © [Nephew and girdled aunt end their years of yearning.] Auntie Barbara had been married briefly many years ago, when I was a child but her husband had left suddenly with the parting shot to my mother and other members of the family, "She's impossible. No m

[INCEST/Bi-Gay] [By T@nman] © [Aunt Sue tries new 'sports'.] Since Mom and Sue were still sleeping, I decided to shower before Dad and Uncle Bob arrived. I took a long hot shower. As I shaved to maintain the smoothie look, I got a hard-on thinking about how the three of us, Mom, Aunt Sue and I, h

[INCEST/Taboo] [By JulyBear7] © [His uncle asked him to take care of his horny aunt.] Hey Joey, C'mon in. Good to see you. Things around this damn nursing home are so fucking boring, a visit from an IRS agent would be welcome. What's that you say? You heard what? Who told you that? Well, let me t

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Catmoore] © [How a woman, me, is in awe of her 18-year-old nephew.] As the final waves of the self-induced orgasm crashed over me I clicked the mouse and the PC screen went blank. Other than removing my finger from the mouse I didn't move. I remained exactly as I had been as

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Catmoore] © [Getting nearer to full sex with my nephew of 18.] Richard gave me the worryingly, exciting news that evening when he got home from work around nine, his usual time. "Yes it will be over the weekend as well" he'd said after telling me he would leaving for New Yor

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ] © [Naughty Nurse Cheryl, her aunt & cousin practice TLC.] Cheryl Travers took one final look in the mirror before leaving the Nurse's lounge and going to join her fellow nurses for her very first shift. Normally, a girl might be nervous on her first day, but Cheryl knew

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ] © [A lonely Mom discovers family togetherness.] Kimberly Roberts was the proud mother of two sons that she adored with all her heart. In many ways, over the years that she had been raising them as a single mother, they had proved to be her salvation. Their father, wh

[INCEST/Taboo] [By silkstockingslover] © [A mom inadvertently falls in love with her son.] It was a couple of days after my son's eighteenth birthday when I realized I wanted to have sex with him. I know...I know...it is completely wrong, sick and twisted...I told myself the same thing at firs

[INCEST/Aunt-Nephew] By Blind_Justice © [After is breakup, student finds solace with his sexy aunt.] On the day I broke up with my girlfriend, while I was having breakfast alone, I heard her unlock the apartment door. "Welcome home," I called, putting down my tablet. Finding a new place to sta

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By shoeslayer] © [Or what else happened in the "Green mile."] I think every guy in his teen age years has a favorite aunt, I did and my feelings for her were of a sexual nature as well as just loving her for the way she was to me and I really just liked being around her.

[INCEST/Taboo] [By MacSwain612] © [Older woman and her much younger nephew get it on.] My father's aunt Jeanne and I are lovers. She is 72 and I am 18. How we became lovers is an interesting story. She is the only member of my father's family that lives near us. We see her all the time. She

[INCEST/Taboo] [By FantasyBoy] © [Aunt & Uncle teach him amazing things.] My name is Robert. I was 18 years old and went to an all boys secondary school in Kent in England. I was very innocent when it came to the opposite sex. I had only seen photos of naked women in magazines that some of the ol

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Alex de Kok] © [Aunt takes injured nephew to cabin to recuperate.] It was my Aunt Jacqueline's idea to take me with her to the cabin. Just me, not my brother or my sisters. Me and Aunt Jackie. My gorgeous Aunt Jackie, focus of my fantasies. I was mostly stuck in a wheelchair

[INCEST/Taboo] [By JulyBear7] © [Mike finally gets Maggie, plus his aunt and grandmother.] This chapter describes the beginning of Mike and Meg's sojourn at the cabin, and their re-entry back into their regular life, and how they begin to deal with their mutual feelings and to cope with society's

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Catmoore] © [Cat and Matt continue their incestuous affair.] It was almost a year since we had seen each other. Twelve worrying months, fifty two weeks when all the time I was on edge. On my gloomier days I imagined the police knocking on my door and arresting me and in my opti

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Catmoore] © [An aunt and her nephew continue their affair.] If I had been in an emotional turmoil before that family party, I was now in a mental maelstrom. If I had been confused before we talked, now I was totally puzzled. And if I had concerns about my imaginings about young

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Catmoore] © [Things heat up between an aunt and her nephew.] Author's Note: Cat and her nephew get much, much bolder. Can incest between a forty something aunt and an eighteen year old nephew ever be justified? **** I had felt very grown up in the pub. I had felt older t

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Catmoore] © [They go deeper into the taboo world of aunt and nephew sex.] I couldn't sleep. For a start I was now unused to sharing a bed and every time you moved and every small noise you made seemed to keep me more awake. But mostly it was thinking about us and what I was doi

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Catmoore] © [The aunt and the nephew get more comfortable with each other.] I could hardly believe that when we went back to the cottage and I saw the time that it was only eight o'clock. At home with mum and dad in the holidays that was before my getting up time, but here in N

[INCEST/Taboo] [By JulyBear7] © [An intra-family love tale.] Author's Note: An adventure story with mind control, telepathy, rape, retribution, step sibling sex, sister-in-law sex, mother-son and aunt-nephew incest, stepmother sex, a miraculous cure, Ets, murder and an intergalactic war. Enjoy, l

[INCEST/Taboo] [By silkstockingslover] © [Revengeful Mom decides to make her rich sister the family fucktoy.] This is part five (of six) of the Revenge of the Nerds Mind Control story. Here is a summary of the first four parts: BITCH SISTER Brandon was fired from his job due to the failur

[FETISH/Panties] [By FantasyBoy] © [Serena catches Rob wanking while smelling her panties.] I'm 18 years old and I really can look after myself but my mum insisted I went and stayed with some neighbors while she was away for a few days. Mind you I didn't mind as it was with Auntie Serena and U

[INCEST/Taboo] [By FantasyBoy] © [Roger loves aunties sexy red lipstick.] As long as I can remember auntie Serena has just been my mum's younger sister. Now that I am in my late teens and have discovered the allure of girls I have seen auntie Serena in a different light. She had separated from he

[INCEST/Taboo] [By FantasyBoy] © [Roger is punished by his auntie.] I have always been a fairly mild and meek person and would never get involved in any sort of confrontation and for that reason people seem to treat me rather badly. As an 18 year old in his last year at school I had begun to r

[INCEST/Lesbian] [By FantasyBoy] © [I'm seduced by auntie Sheena, uncle Mark and daughter Sarah.] Ever since I can remember I have called the lady who lived next door, auntie. She isn't really my auntie but being bought up I was always told to call her auntie Sheena and her husband uncle Mark. Th

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Tony Ford] © [Aunt just can't help seducing her nephew, he wanted it too!] Ellen left her house and walked the short way up the street to her best friend Traci's home, letting herself in with her key. She knew Traci was away on holiday and wouldn't be there, but Jason didn't kn

[INCEST/Taboo] [By Tony Ford] © [He's up to mischief again this Halloween!] Jayne finished moisturizing her long, exciting legs, so smooth and silky that they almost shone. She turned to the mirror to check out her make-up, her hand slipping almost sub-consciously between her thighs, where she

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