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Letters of 'Extreme' Piercing

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These are letters of 'Extreme Piercing'! Not for the meek!
Caution: None of the piercings and/or modifications should be attempted.


Dear Mr Ward:

My Master just returned from the country club with nine copies of your PFI Quarterly he borrowed from a member who had just received them. We read all copies before we went to bed. They look as if they were written just for our club, the Delta Club. My Master instructed me to write you a long letter which he feels sure your readers would like. I feel sure it will answer many questions they have asked in the magazine.

The letters about Sheryl (PFIQ #6) who had the bolt drilled between her rectum and vagina was of most interest since we thought I was the only woman who had one.

I am a legal love slave of a very successful businessman and his beautiful wife. I am 28, 5'-0", 100lbs., 36D-22-32, long black hair, no pubic hair. When I was fifteen and sixteen I entered four beauty contests and won all of them. I married at sixteen and was divorced at twenty. I was a virgin at my wedding and never had sex with anyone but my husband who became impotent after we made love the sixth time. He was afraid someone would steal his "beauty queen" wife. No sex for three years, six months, and no orgasms.

After my divorce I began to work for a very straight laced, or so I though, businessman and became friends with him and his wife who is a former, state, beauty queen. I was becoming more and more depressed and would not go out. I attempted suicide. My employer and his wife took me to their home to recover as I had no family. Over the next two weeks we talked about everything. They were always very proper, and there was never so much as an off-color joke.

They started talking one day about a very special ceremony that was scheduled for the following Saturday at the country club. They invited me to go and said if I found anything shocking just to let them know and we would leave. They told me nothing else. I felt it strange that they bought me the most beautiful low-cut dress I had ever seen just for the occasion. They insisted that I go braless, and my breasts almost fell out of the dress. At the time I was a 33B cup.

Saturday night arrived. After a thirty minute drive into the country, we arrived at a massive metal gate. My Master gave a code word to a TV camera and the gates opened. We drove down a winding road and came to a beautiful resort building. At first I thought we were at a nudist colony because I could see a number of nude men and women. I was so embarrassed I couldn't speak. We drove to the building entrance and a very handsome young man who was totally nude turned, walked to the car, opened the door, and welcomed us. He was about 30, 6'-2", 180lbs., long blond hair. He had no penis and no balls! I was in a state of shock. I looked around at my Master's wife. She gave me a smile of encouragement. To my amazement she had removed her wrap exposing her beautiful breasts which were connected by two gold chains attached to a gold ring in each nipple.

I was in a daze as the blond eunuch took me by the hand and escorted me into a room filled with people. Everywhere I looked I saw people in all stages of dress and undress. Everyone had some type of body piercing and jewelry except me. I did not even have pierced ears. We were seated at a table only eight or ten feet from the speakers' stand. I felt I was as red as an apple. I was so embarrassed. I then decided that I must be dreaming and would wake up at any time. I looked at my then boss and realized he had a gold ring in his left ear. I couldn't believe it.

I only regained my composure and my senses when my boss' wife said, "Ellen, do you want to stay or shall we go home?"

I wanted to run but finally was able to say, "Let's stay." After about ten minutes the Master of ceremonies stepped up and welcomed everyone. He announced that the club's monthly initiation and body modification ceremonies were officially in session. I discovered that all members had to have certain body piercings and wear certain rings or jewelry.

My boss' wife turned to me and asked, "Darling, why don't you pop your breasts out so everyone can see how beautiful they are?" I looked around the room at the 80 to 100 people and realized I was the only female there who did not have her breasts exposed. I just tugged at the dress and they both popped out. This made me feel somewhat better, but I was still very nervous.

Over-The-Top Pleasure
10,000+ ADULT TOYS!


I could not get over the handsome eunuches that were everywhere. Each had a large ring in his left ear, a ring in each nipple, all had no balls or sac, most had no penis. Some were hairless except for the top of their heads. All were totally nude except for collar or chains around their waists, neck or other areas. The ones with a penis had a large ring about 2" in diameter through the top of the glans.

The ceremony commenced. A local lawyer's young wife was first. She sat on the ceremonial chair, and the chief eunuch prepared, pierced and ringed her right nipple with an official membership ring. Her husband was next. He dropped his pants, his penis was pierced, and an official P.A. membership ring was installed.

A eunuch slave was then brought in. He sat on the edge of the ceremonial table to show that his groin had healed since his penis and balls had been removed. He then bent over the table while his Master, a local chiropractor, branded his left buttock.

Two female and one male slave candidate had a leather and stainless steel chastity belt riveted on. The belt is worn for a period of one year. During this time the slave candidate has no way to touch his or her genitals.

One slave candidate had his chastity belt removed after the year's trial period. He laid down on the table. The head of his penis was pierced and ringed by the chief eunuch. Then his mistress was instructed where and how to clamp the castration pliers which cut the cords to his balls. Surprisingly, there was no blood, only a red line. Within four weeks his balls would dry up and be absorbed into his body leaving no scars.

At this point I asked to be taken home. Once in the car, I begged them to take me home, make love to me, and let me be their slave. We did not leave the house for three days. I had my first orgasm.

The following month I became a slave candidate. The chastity belt was riveted on me for the year of trial. Without genital contact I became able to have breast and anal orgasms. My ears, nasal septum, and nipples were pierced and ringed. Thirteen months later the chastity belt was taken off and my clitoris and inner labia removed at the ceremonies. As soon as I healed a ring was installed which now adorns where my clitoris once was. My naval and outer labia were also pierced and ringed. One year later my Master had my uterus surgically removed so I would not have a period. I have now been a slave for seven years, and words cannot describe my happiness. I go completely nude. The hair on my legs and pubs has been removed by electrolysis.

About three years ago my wonderful Master said he was going to have a hole pierced from the inside of my rectum to the inside of my vagina. The end of the bolt which would be inside my vagina would have a ring attached to it. At first I thought this would be installed surgically then I discovered it would be done at the ceremonies. I was scared to death! I was measured, and a stainless steel bolt 3/8" thick and 2 5/8" long was made just for me. I knew it would kill me to be opened up and receive such a large piercing with no pain killer. But I knew not to object and was willing to die for my wonderful Master and his wife. I was not told when I would be pierced. I knew it would be at the club, and I would die there.

One night about three months later my Master told me to take two enemas and a shower. I did as I was told. When the ceremonies began I was told to bend over the table from the end. My Master's darling wife tied my hands over my head to the far corners of the table. My legs were spread so wide they hurt, then bound to the remaining two table legs. My body was then strapped to the table. I could not move; I had never been tied so firmly. My anus and vagina were completely exposed. I did not make a sound. I knew that my heart would stop beating any moment now, and I would die.

"Get the bolt and piercing tools," my Master said. I said nothing. I was given nothing to deaden the pain. First an instrument was used to expand my anus. The pain was unbearable at first. My rectum was stuffed with cotton and sterilized. Then my wonderful Master marked a spot about 1" inside my rectum and about 1" in from the bottom of my vagina slit. His wife began to bathe my face with a wet cloth.

A craftsman had made three piercing tools which looked like ice picks except that the points have three sides, the edges razor sharp. All at once and without notice I felt as if hot lava was being poured into my rectum and vagina. I blacked out. As soon as I regained consciousness, my Master forced the piercing tool through the front of my vagina. His wife wiped my face and gave me words of encouragement. By the time the bolt was inserted and capped I had only a bad burning/aching between my legs. There was not too much blood. The entire operation had only taken twenty minutes. For two or three days I had some difficulty walking. Healing took about five weeks.

Now that I have healed i have the most wonderful feeling whenever I walk, sit, or do anything. The bolt has a 1 1/2" ring on the end inside my vagina. Since my clitoris was removed I no longer have vaginal orgasms, but when my Master or his wife pull on the ring inside my vagina, I experience total body orgasm. The pain has made my sex life better.

My Master has given me a number of other piercings. I can hardly wait for the next one. I know it will be something different.

Love to you all,
Ellen, slave of Robert

Dear Mr. Ward,

My Master Robert just told me to write and tell you and your readers about an event last night and also how pierced nipples effect the breast development of our female club members. But first my Master is very disturbed to discover from PFIQ that my rectum/slit bolt and ring is not the only "Ultimate" piercing. He said to put Sheryl in PFIQ #6 on notice that he will find a more ultimate piercing for me. I can hardly wait.

Our secret, sexual country club here in the deep south was organized 156 years ago and now has over 500 members. It has many slave girls all of whom have had their clitorises and inner labia removed. They all have pierced ears, nipples, and labia majora. On their left buttock the word "SLAVE" has been branded. Slaves always go nude, weather permitting; other members do not. All female members expose their breasts to show off the beautiful jewelry in their pierced nipples.

After the slave girls' original vaginal scars heal, they are pierced for a "Slit Ring". We were surprised not to see one mentioned in any of the PFIQs we read. This ring was developed by our club over 100 years ago. Could it be we are so secret no one else has one? It was first developed to attach a chain to better control a slave girl, but was discovered to give most of them marvelous orgasms when gently pulled, but most painful when pulled too hard.

My ring is 8 gauge, 2 1/4" in diameter, and was removed to make way for the bolt my Master pierced between my rectum and vagina. Well! My Master's wife - her name is Rita - insisted he install the ring, my ring, in her slit, and that very night! She said she could not sleep after she read the letter I wrote to you and saw how much pleasure it brought me, a lowly slave. Slit rings are usually reserved only for slaves, but Mistress kept insisting and Master finally agreed. I was told to tie her to the table just as she had tied me for my bolt piercing three years earlier. She insisted I tie her even before my Master sterilized the ring and piercing instruments. I tied her face down on the table, hands above her head. Her legs were tied well apart over the opposite end of the table thus fully exposing her anus and slit.

In about a half hour my Master was ready to pierce his wife. Since she has no pubic hair to remove he proceeded to sterilize her inner thighs, slit (which was dripping wet), and anus area. He then marked a point just below the anus and a second point about one inch up the slit from the bottom of the vaginal opening. He was now ready to pierce her. I bathed her face in cold water. She said she was ready and even though she is very sensitive to pain, insisted she wanted to feel the pain just like a slave.

My Master placed the piercing tool on the mark near his wife's anus and drove it in towards her slit. It did not go completely through the first time as it did with me. She screamed (a privilege not allowed slaves) and said, "Don't Stop!" He told me to press a large cork to her slit as he finished piercing the two or three inches of solid flesh. It took much force, but he was finally able to press the tool into the cork. The ring was installed. She screamed and cried but insisted he continue. Today she says that even though she is still sore from the piercing last night, the ring feels good already.

With regard to pierced nipples, our club has found that as long as females wear a ring or other piece of jewelry their breasts firm up and usually increase in size. They also resist sagging. I was a 33B when I joined the club. Three months later, after my nipples were pierced, I was a 34 1/2C and my breasts did not sag as they had before the piercing.

Both my Master and mistress love to suck my breasts after I service them, often an hour or so a day. About 5 years ago they discovered I was producing milk. My breasts had grown to fully support 36D cups. Everyone was shocked, but the doctor said any female could produce milk if sucked every day for a month or so.

Once I started producing milk my breasts had to be sucked twice a day or they hurt. Master and mistress love to nurse me and finally bought a breast pump to measure the volume of milk. Wearing nipple rings I produce 2 to 3 pints a day but drop to 1 1/2 to 2 pints if I do not wear my nipple rings for a week. Let's hear it for nipple rings!

Any excess milk is carefully stored in the fridge for the family or guests. Each morning at 6 a.m. an alarm awakens me. I slip into the kitchen, prepare coffee using my own milk, silently slip into my Master's bedroom, and awaken both him and his wife with kisses over their entire bodies. I then crawl into bed between them, and each nurses a breast dry. Afterwards they are served their coffee, and then my Master goes to his office with a good breakfast, smiling from ear to ear.

My Master's greatest pleasure while entertaining guests is to offer my breasts to them to nurse, then he tells them to watch my nipples as he pulls my rectum/slit bolt-ring. I have heavy orgasms, and each time my breast ejects small streams of milk.

For several years now he only calls me "Sunshine". We would love to know if piercing has brought any of your other readers as much joy as it has us.

Love to you all,
Ellen sunshine
slave of Robert & Rita


Dear Mr. Ward,

My Master believes you and your readers might like to hear about what happened to me last night at the country club. After discovering my rectum/slit bolt was not the one and only ultimate piercing, he has researched the club library nightly.

I had no idea he had decided on the ultimate piercing when he announced he was taking his wife and me to the club for dinner. As the weather was chilly, he gave me a new red and gold silk, floor length cape to wear when going between the car and buildings. I also received a pair of black high heels with Roman straps which bound up to below my knees. Master said there was to be a very special, unannounced program as entertainment, and he wanted "his Sunshine to be the most beautiful ever".

After I helped my mistress dress, she, for the first time ever, insisted on fixing my hair and body jewelry. I never felt happier or more beautiful.

When we arrived at the club I could not believe so many people where there - it was later announced that 214 members were present. Usually on weeknights only forty or so people are there for dinner.

When the eunuches opened the car doors for us at the club entrance and I stepped out, I felt everyone was looking at me. But I decided it was my imagination and attributed it to the fact that I felt so wonderful. Everyone was saying, "Hello, Sunshine," which I felt strange.

Over-The-Top Pleasure
10,000+ ADULT TOYS!


As we stepped inside, a eunuch removed my cape, and my Master gave a gentle tug on the chain, one end of which was hooked to the ring in my rectum/slit bolt and the other end attached to the ring in my neck collar. Except for my high heels, neck collar, wrist collars, and body jewelry I was totally nude. From the rings in my nipples, ears, labia majora, navel, and clitoris scar hung the various chains and jewelry my mistress had installed earlier.

We seated ourselves, ordered our meals, and waited for the special entertainment to begin. It still looked as if everyone was staring at me. I was so anxious for the program to start. Finally the m.c. stepped up and welcomed everyone for the special unannounced program that everyone knew about except the star. The m.c. announced, "Our own beautiful slave girl Ellen will now experience the ultimate piercings before our very eyes. Master will pierce both breasts horizontally at their bases."

The spotlight was turned on me. I felt as if my mind had left my body. I could not move. My Master tugged the chain to my rectum/slit bolt ring a couple of times and said, "Come, Sunshine." I saw my body orgasm and my breasts eject two small squirts of milk. My mind felt nothing. I could not walk. Two slave girls helped me up and assisted me to the stage. I was set in a ceremonial chair. My hands were tied behind the chair; my feet and waist were bound. Several eunuches and slave girls swarmed over me, removing my nipple and neck jewelry. They also bathed my breasts, neck, and face. Using a pair of calipers to measure, they put marks on, at the base of each breast. A towel was placed across my lap and my breasts were bathed with an antiseptic solution.

My Master put on surgical gloves. A eunuch handed him the first piercing needle from the autoclave. I once more froze. It was a foot long with a thick monofilament line attached to one end. I was later told it was a 9 gauge needle sharpened to a three-sided point with razor sharp cutting edges. Master motioned towards my left breast. A slave girl wearing surgical gloves held the breast as he placed the needle which was well coated with Neosporin in position. I closed my eyes as he forced the needle through the base of my breast. It felt like a streak of fire. I did not open my eyes until both piercings were complete. My breasts felt as if they were on fire, but the pain was not as sharp as when the bolt was installed between my rectum and slit. The needles were cut off the nylon lines which were then welded into large trainer loops that hung down to my navel. Everyone gave me a standing ovation as I was unbound and lead out.

This morning I am surprised to find that only the base of my breasts are sore and that I have no fever. The nipples and front of the breasts are not sore in the least. The club physician just finished treating me and pulling the nylon trainers around. He will check me once a day and feels the piercings will not be rejected. He warns that no one should attempt such a piercing unless under the supervision of a physician, and I agree! The doctor believes it will take two to three months to heal. Then I will be more ultimately pierced than Sheryl in PFIQ #6.

My Master loves to blindfold me, attach one chain to the ring in my neck collar and another to my rectum/slit bolt. He then hoists me up until I am about four feet in the air. I have learned to hold my neck and back rigid for up to an hour at a time. My legs hang free from the pelvis. The hoist has a swivel so my Master can spin me around, or, as is often the case at parties, place a refreshment tray on my stomach while I am suspended in midair, blindfolded and with my arms chained to my sides. The bolt in my rectum has a 1 1/2" head and cannot pull out.

My Master is having two 5" 10 gauge stainless steel bars made for my breasts which will have steel and gold bells. Once I have healed he plans to use my breast barbells to suspend me instead of my neck collar. I will let you know as soon as I am healed.

Love you all!
Ellen "Sunshine"
Slave girl of Robert

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