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[From: SeeShow] - This is a letter from a very real husband, who gets the business, thanks to his wife... I own a small construction firm. We specialize in re-modeling and lately business has not been very good. As a matter of fact I was on the verge of giving up and having to declare bankrupt

[From: SeeShow] - ...as told by the `stripper wife' - My husband is 6'2" and built of solid muscle. On the other hand I am only 5' 4" and definitely on the soft and curvy side. Naturally he can physically dominate me, but just as importantly, he is able to dominate me in every other way as wel

[From: SeeShow] - I don't want to get ahead of my story so, I'll start by telling you a little about my wife and I, and our relationship. My wife, is 5' 5" tall and weighs about 130 pounds. She has beautiful long auburn hair, large breasts and a well trimmed pussy. She is 36 years old. I am a few

[From: SeeShow] - Part 2 - The Adult Book Store - As I indicated in Part 1 of this story, I am submissive to my wife, but she enjoys being dominated by men while I am forced to watch. She really gets off on public humiliation, such as being forced to expose herself or perform sex acts in semi

[From: SeeShow] - PART 3 - The X-rated Movie House - One of the most humiliating incidents involving my wife and her boss occurred at a movie house. This took place just a few weeks ago just off Federal Highway in Pompano. Lisa had come home from work and was treating me better than she normal
- The Black Limo -
Viewed :3301

[From: SeeShow] - Hi SeeShow, My wife & I recently had an incredible experience that we thought you might enjoy reading about, and if you'd like, you can upload this story on to your Wife Watch Collection on RateXpics. Maybe it will encourage other couples to act out their fantasies, as I have

[From: SeeShow] - Written about my wife on our 10th anniversary - Although when I first married her, Laura was shy and sexually naive, she has come a 'long way, baby'. My wife, through my encouragement, has become a flagrantly exhibitionistic sexual imp. She thrives on showing off her fine bod

[From: SeeShow] - My wife and I have a very open relationship. Perhaps I should explain that it's, open on my part. Although my wife, Vanessa, told me shortly after our marriage that while she intended to continue to see other men, she also indicated that I could only see other women if I satisfi

[From: SeeShow] - "A Neglected Wife/Mother Shares her Milk Jugs"... I had a golden opportunity to become a foreign exchange student in Germany last year and spent my entire senior year in Stuttgart, Germany. I had taken German in school and became adept enough at the language to obtain a job a
A Triple Play
Viewed :2845

[From: SeeShow] - He Talks his Buddy into Fucking His Wife in their Home! - My wife is a beautiful woman, with long auburn hair and nice firm tits. She's kind of shy except in bed, when all her inhibitions go out the window. I never thought I'd ever share my wife willingly with an other man,

[From: SeeShow] - I want to tell you about my first experience as a result of Swinger's website... I scanned the questionnaires and left messages with like minded people in my general area. I received a response from a husband in a neighboring city that wanted to watch his wife with another man.

[From: SeeShow] - This was like a dream come true. I was squeezing his sexy wife's firm dancer legs as my tool explored her now juicy pussy. I watched as my shaft worked its way into and out of her pleasure palace. I looked down at his sexy wife through her feet as I pulled her bucking legs up ag

[From: SeeShow] - Do you like to see your wives Dominated? My Catholic background had taught me that sex was bad and that if I ever indulged myself in it, then I should feel guilty. Whenever I felt myself getting close to a man and developing a relationship, I pushed him away, afraid that I'd
Anal Attraction
Viewed :2717

[From: SeeShow] - True story of a STUD with a willing housewife, while husband watches! Let me relay the details of my sexual adventures with a conservative wife, and her indulgent husband. I'll start off by saying that I met them thru a swingers magazine that also has a website. We talked on

[From: SeeShow] - My wife has encouraged me to pass this along to you in the hopes that it will get read by a lot of people. My wife doesn't want any of the names or places changed. She is hoping that some people will actually recognize who we are from the story! She has told me to write it with

[From: SeeShow] - I was so excited that my wife was returning after her long absence in Chicago. Only trouble was that she had induced a promise from me to become her subservient love slave. What else could I say. I knew she had me by the balls; trouble is she knew it too! I picked her up at the
Betrayed Hubby
Viewed :2942

[From: SeeShow] - Jim, It was almost eleven years ago I married a twenty-one-year old girl shortly after she had graduated from college. She was (and still is) a beautiful girl, with a body that easily qualified for a centerfold layout. Lee Anne was a virgin when we became engaged, but we soon

[From: SeeShow] - This is a story from a very naughty lady... Jim, it's good to have a friend like you on this website. I feel that I can almost use you as a "father confessor" and tell you of all my recent naughty behavior. I need to tell someone all the "bad" things I have done. Certainly my

[From: SeeShow] - This is a continuing story from a very naughty lady who just admitted her affair to her husband... Jim, I know it's been a while since I last communicated with you about my sexual adventures with my black lover Nate. But it's been a busy time for me with the holidays and all.
Blackmailed Hubby
Viewed :3195

[From: SeeShow] - Dick and I have only been married for two years, but our marriage has been in trouble since shortly after the honeymoon. I waited until I was thirty two to get married, to make sure I had the right man. But it turns out my wait was in vain. I admit that I was probably spoiled b

[From: SeeShow] - My wife shows me, and the whole bar, what she really wants... It all began late Friday night. I'd had to work overtime every day that week and I definitely was not keeping my oversexed wife satisfied. I figured my wife Bonnie would be mad at me. We hadn't had a minute alone t

[From: SeeShow] - My wife's adventures continue and she CUMs alive... After awhile I had to excuse myself and go to the bathroom to cool down. I don't know if I was hot in an angry sense because of my wife's provocative actions with these strangers, or whether I was hot sexually thinking about

[From: SeeShow] - My Wife's Forced Seduction Turns Out to be Pleasurable to Watch... My wife, Brenda, has a sister, Tammi, several years her junior, that has always been on the wild side. My prim and proper wife was usually aghast at the latest information concerning her little sister's sexual

[From: SeeShow] - Steve sat astride her waist and held her arms over her head, clamping both her wrists together with one big powerful hand. He used his other hand to prevent her head from turning away as he showered her face with kisses and alternately licked and sucked her lips. He was taking h

[From: SeeShow] - The next morning I was sure she would say something about what happened, but not a word was mentioned. There was a certain tension in the air between Brenda and Steve, and though Steve was boldly attentive to her, she accepted his attention with almost a grim resignation. All of
CEO's Wife - Part 1
Viewed :1686

[From: SeeShow] - My wife and I have been married for six years now (a third marriage for her, but my first). I got married late in life to a women nine years younger than me. Linda is now 36 but still has the incredible look of a gal in her twenties. I was too busy in my younger years climbing t
CEO's Wife - Part 2
Viewed :1580

[From: SeeShow] - Having just witnessed my wife with the owner of my company at his pool party in Ceder Falls, IA, I was dazed to say the least. Seeing your wife's first infidelity is a hell of a shock to the system. But I was as shocked at my own reaction to the situation as anything. I would ha
Closet Hubby
Viewed :2958

[From: SeeShow] - My wife and I live Appleton, MN and had been married for several years before I got up the nerve to tell her my voyeuristic fantasy, and then it was another month before I convinced her to act on it. Our sex life, which was always good, as gotten even better. For those of you wh
Cum Into Our Van
Viewed :2429

[From: SeeShow] - Patrice and I have a little game we play on the weekends. We've been at it for years and it just keeps getting better and better. We drive to Hammond, Indiana in our van and wait until the night shift at the La Salle Steel Company lets out. Then we drive around until we find a m

[From: SeeShow] - "Dave's Wife, Carol Becomes a Complete Slut to Her Boss"... My husband and I were married at a very early age against the advice of our parents. I was only 18 and Dave was 19. We had been dating while attending Francis Lewis High School in Queens, NY, and now that we were bot

[From: SeeShow] - In the next year, I indeed did become Jack's slut-slave. He had me wear extremely sexy cloths to work. That was OK though, because the only female in our office was myself, Jack and five other guys that worked for Jack and obviously all of them were glad to see me in my sexy dre

[From: SeeShow] - My name is Carol and I'm married to a real wimp of a man called Dave. I hope you have had a chance to read Part 1 & 2 that as posted to the RateXpics.com library, so I don't need to repeat any of the details. I'll just explain that my husband was a real disappointment to me in t

[From: SeeShow] - I love to masturbate. I've never admitted that to anyone before. I'm writing this E-mail and sending it off to you, Jim, only on the basis that I can remain anonymous. I guess that tells you how embarrassed I am about being a masturbator. The truth is that our society is not ver

[From: SeeShow] - I know that my husband loves to masturbate. He has been doing it behind my back for years, the little sneak. I guess he's always been to embarrassed to tell me about it. He still makes love to me several times a week, but I know that he sneaks off to his basement workshop to pla

[From: SeeShow] - Sometimes it's tough for an older man to keep up with a younger woman.- I'm twenty-two years old and a little more than one-half my husband's age. James swept me off my feet when I was only eighteen years old. I went for his mature looks and smooth lines. Our courtship was f
Exhibitionist Wife
Viewed :2971

[From: SeeShow] - My wife and I have known one another now for about eight years and our life together is getting more exciting all the time, especially in the sex department. Both of us have interesting well paying professional careers that provide us all the money we need to pursue the good thi
From Lady to Slut
Viewed :2378

[From: SeeShow] - For the past four years, I've been married to a beautiful woman, who is ten years younger than myself. Jo has the kind of face and figure men dream about. She is now twenty-three years old, stands five feet five inches and weighs about a hundred fifteen pounds. Her measurements
Getting All Dolled Up
Viewed :2411

[From: SeeShow] - She uses his perversions to her advantage... Jim, You have my permission to upload the following description of our lifestyle to the RateXpics.com library if you'd like. Here is my story... My husband is thirty-two and I'm three years younger. We have been married for abo

[From: SeeShow] - I received this story from a friend. It has been edited and names changed. I enjoy playing golf and have been playing with the same foursome every Saturday for about three years now. It's an easy going bunch of guys with the possible exception of Dave, who is somewhat arrogan

[From: SeeShow] - My wife and I headed out on Friday evening to the cocktail party at the Greenbrier Country Club, here in Lexington, Kentucky; the club we have been member at for many years. It is an event to welcome in new members that had joined in the last year. It was a typically staid affai

[From: SeeShow] - Try as I might, Dave wouldn't let me out of the bet we had made; the foolish bet I had made that he wouldn't be able to seduce my wife into giving him sex. It looked now to me that he just might be able to do it, and I wanted to end the bet before he actually did get my wife in

[From: SeeShow] - So here I was licking out another man's cum from my wife's cunt because I let my ass overload my mouth and had bet my golfing buddy, Dave, that he couldn't get into my wife's panties. After what must have been thirty minutes of furious efforts, Donna had climaxed twice and her p

[From: SeeShow] - As I drove home that Saturday the final words of my golfing buddy were where still ringing in my ears. "I'll tell you what Bob, if you don't feel that I've given you absolute proof of your wife's infidelity with me, then you don't owe me anything, but if you do then not only wil

[From: SeeShow] - PART 6 - "The Anniversary" As I previously explained in the last part of my story, I had essentially lost my wife sexually to Dave. I don't know why she bothered to maintain the charade but, she was spending three to four nights a week "out with the girls " and coming home wi

[From: SeeShow] - Part 7 - "The Party" Our anniversary celebration hadn't started exactly the way I had wanted it to, with my wife coming home and depositing a wad of her lover's cum into my mouth as she french kissed me. It was a sure signal that while she was willing to continue our relation

[From: SeeShow] - Part 8 - "The Boss" Naturally, the incident at the Greenbrier Golf & Country Club left me devastated. I had a hard time over the next several days comprehending what had really transpired; how I had allowed things to get so out of hand for me. I'm afraid for the first time in

[From: SeeShow] - Part 9 - "The Final Bet" It had been over a month since Donna and Dave had arranged the humiliating "anniversary party" at the Greenbrier Golf and Country Club here in Lexington, KY, for me, and several weeks since my boss had staked his sexual claim to my wife. I had to go t
Viewed :2606

[From: SeeShow] - Things recently got so bad sexually between my wife and I that I went to a doctor. What had gotten bad was that I was having a difficult time getting and holding a complete erection. Even when I entered my wife it would generally shrink to a half hard state. The doctor told me t

[From: SeeShow] - I'm an amateur photographer, living in Kansas City, Kansas, with a beautiful sexy wife. To add excitement to our sexual activities we've taken many hard-core photos at home after the kids were in bed or away at school (I have a job that allows me a lot of free afternoons). S
He Knows His Place
Viewed :2538

[From: SeeShow] - Mark Arranges His Wife's First Infidelity, So He Can Watch and Join In... The thought of my wife being sexed by an other man has always been exciting to me. Lately I have been telling my wife about my desires to watch her have sex with another man. At first when I brought thi
He's Just Too Nice!
Viewed :1620

[From: SeeShow] - My husband is a really sweet man who can't do enough for me, and all my friends seem to envy me. They complain that their husbands are always at a bar behaving really selfishly, whereas Sam is always helping out around the house. He's a considerate lover, too. But that's part of

Claire is a total slut-whore for black cock. She is 24, with long blonde hair, perfect firm 34C tits, long legs and a great ass. I am 26 and we both met in college where I knew she had a reputation as a slut, especially for black men. I had been dating her off and on for about 1 year when I finally

[From: SeeShow] - When They are Apart, She Keeps her Legs Apart... My job has required me to be out of town more and more these days. My wife of ten years doesn't seem to mind my absence all that much, but as for myself - you can have it. I don't care for the restaurant food and the flight del

[From: SeeShow] - Well, my husband really did it this time! Although we've rehearsed his and my fantasy many times, I never really felt that he would actually go through with it. Last night after playing a few sexual humiliation games, my husband tied me to the bed very securely, and then left

[From: SeeShow] - Although my wife is almost 30, she is very beautiful, young-looking blond. Her name is Linda. I suppose that all women go through a phase when entering into their 30th birthday and my wife was no exception. We were married when she was 26 (a second marriage for her and my first)

[From: SeeShow] - He finds out his wife is willing to do just about anything to get the house refurbished! - I left work a little early, and got home quickly. I went into the front door and the stairs. I was going to surprise my beloved Candy. Home early from work and straight into my home imp

[From: SeeShow] - Lisa and I had been married for over six years when I got a great opportunity for a combined vacation/business trip for my company here in Tampa, Florida. All I was required to do was pay for her airline ticket and the company was picking up all my expenses, and hers as well. My
House Husband
Viewed :2574

[From: SeeShow] - A wimpy husband gets to watch and to serve his wife... My fondest memories of my dad was of a man that would do anything to please my mom. Unfortunately dad died at an early age. But I knew I was going to marry a man that would do everything to please me. I met Ralph in colle

[From: SeeShow] - When she opened the door, there they were, three black men, all of them our garbage collectors. Without fanfare they all came into our house and began unzipping there pants, and taking out there cocks. They were already semi-hard and looking forward to getting some white pussy a
I Bet My Wife on It
Viewed :2686

[From: SeeShow] - Laura should have been a teenager in the 60's, instead of the late seventies, because she reminds me of one of those, pot-smoking, `let's make love not war', rebellious chicks, that I saw as a youngster while growing up in the city. She married me, in spite of her parents protes
I'm His Dessert
Viewed :1490

[From: SeeShow] - This is a true story from a lady who enjoys RateXpics.com. She wants me to call it "I'm His Desert" - The last time my husband and I made love, he had me masturbate while he watched, and asked if I ever fantasized about making love to another guy. "Yes I have and it reall

Story Notes from SeeShow: I received the following from a submissive couple while online. They have both become my Online slut-slaves through some maneuvers that I pulled on his wife. She gave me a good deal of information about their personal life and I was able to start blackmailing her into becom

[From: SeeShow] - Hi Jim, I wanted to tell you about last Friday night. First, in case someone that does not know us is reading this, let me introduce ourselves. We are John and Judy, a fairly attractive married bi Cpl. I like to show off... I am 5'7", 125lb, 34C-22-33, Long blond hair, blue e

[From: SeeShow] - Swinging with other couples doesn't make any sense for my wife and me. We tried it in Florida at two swing clubs; one in Ft. Lauderdale called Trapeze, and the other in Tampa called Eyz Wide Shut. It's not that we are prudes or anything. Far from it! The truth is that Donna has

[From: SeeShow] - My wife and I have been married for eight years, but our sex life has just recently changed. Let me tell you all about it and share with you our newly discovered sexual adventures. It all started several months ago when my wife and I took a mini vacation at Cane Creek State P
Laura's Lover
Viewed :1574

[From: SeeShow] - Husband enjoys serving his wife, and her lover... I am very devoted to Laura, and love to serve her in any way she wants. My wife and I are in our early forties, and live in the Boston area, home of the new Leonard P Zakim-Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge. Actually, we live sout

[From: SeeShow] - Pussy whipped husband getting E-mail from his wife! This is the first in a series of e-mails that my wife recently wrote to me while I was on an extended business trip. In the way of background, my wife was very naive sexually when we married and never had sex with anyone bes

[From: SeeShow] - Dear Cuckold, Hi sweety; Do you like your new name? Based on your very favorable response to me about my very first extra-marital affair and especially based on your response to how much you liked it when I humbled you, I have decided to treat you even more harshly in this

[From: SeeShow] - Hiya Cuckold Husband, I hope your business trip is going well. I have to tell you, I love living here in Inwood. I don't have much time. Steve just left and the kids will be getting up for school in a few minutes - but first a quick update on our latest escapade! Stev

[From: SeeShow] - Hi Baby! I'm so glad you're home! I'm writing this late Wednesday night and you're already in bed because you go back to work tomorrow, poor baby! I'm going to continue sending you these e-mails about my exploits with Steve even though you're home. It's so hard to talk about

[From: SeeShow] - It's Sunday and I just can't believe the abuse you were willing to take last night (and seemed to enjoy). I admit that I'm really beginning to enjoy humiliating you, especially to Steve. The fact that you were there to take all that I dished out and seemed to be alright with it
Love Those Tits
Viewed :2462

[From: SeeShow] - My wife Jo is a knockout. She's 5'3", has shoulder length brown hair that bounces when she walks, and talks in a throaty, whispering voice that still drives me lust crazy whenever she opens her mouth. But what I love most about her are those wonderful tits! Sometimes, just th

Note From SeeShow: This is the forward and Chapter 1 of an unpublished book from a psychiatric Ph. D. friend of mine. I hope you enjoy it and the other chapters dealing with Jack's 'problem' that follow! - FORWARD Jack came to me some months back to pursue psychiatric help to break his gamblin

Chapter 2 - A Sexy Time at Pete's House - When I awoke the next morning, Pete was gone and Carol was making my breakfast. I felt groggy as if I had to much to drink, even though I had practically no liquor the night before. I was beginning to wonder if I had dreamed it all, or if the previous nig

Chapter 3 - Erotic Movies - The next morning Carol awoke with a ravenous appetite and didn't even bother to mention the previous night's events to me. Again I felt very groggy from the drinks and the drugs that Pete shot into me. The drugs must have had some residual effect because I still felt s

Chapter 4 - Exciting Shopping for Carol - The next morning I woke up with a hangover and a vague remembrance of the previous night's fucking and sucking. When I opened my eyes I saw Carol in a sexy black see-through negligee. "That's not the one you brought with you. Were did you get that?" I

Chapter 5 - The Ladies Changing Room - Pete must have caught on to what was about to happen also because he gave a knowing wink of approval to Carol as they went into the dressing room. Pete and I slipped into the dressing room next door. Fortunately for us the dressing rooms although protected f

Chapter 6 - Lunch at the Club - Carol was obviously a very satisfied tired after coming out of the dressing room, but she was also hungry and suggested that we go to lunch. We had all forgotten about lunch in the heat of Carol's lusty lesbian scene, but better late than never and so we all readil

Chapter 7 - A Cheap Pickup - We drove back to Pete's, or more appropriately I should say that I drove us back to Pete's, since I was still the designated driver. Carol's dress was stained in the front from some of Doc's cum and her own juices that had seeped through her dress, so she changed as s

Chapter 8 - Action at the Sleaze Club - When we got there, Sam kept looking at the clock on the wall, anxious no doubt to go home and beat his meat thinking about the fine piece of ass that had been in his bar earlier that night. Beside Pete and Jack there were only about three or four guys left.

Chapter 9 - Epilog - New Arrangements - The next day we left Pete's without practically saying a word to one another, or Pete as we left. I was confused and just a little more than hurt by what had occurred over the weekend. But I knew (or so I thought at the time) that now that the bet had been
My Slutty Nurse Wife
Viewed :2412

[From: SeeShow] - My wife is a beautiful nurse who loves to display her charms whenever she gets a chance, and I love it! She has a gorgeous set of boobs and oh, does her tiny 23" waist ever accentuate those 36" D tits of hers. Not only does she love to display her lovely body, but she just loves

[From: SeeShow] - He Doesn't know cars, but this husband likes his young neighbor to be racy with his wife! In the six years of our marriage, my wife, Linda and I have gone the route of sensual variations. We've just about done it all and never tire of trying something new. Recently, I told he

[From: SeeShow] - This is a Fem-Dom Story... How did I get myself into this is what I'm asking myself now; but about 3 months ago I was thrilled over my good fortune. Since then, I've found out that while a little of something may be good, a lot more isn't necessarily better. In fact it can be

From: SeeShow] - Jim, I have noticed that you have loaded quite a few stories to RateXpics, dealing with husbands that like to watch their wives fuck other men. I'd like you to edit the following story and load it up for me if you would. Actually my story is in three parts that deals with my

[From: SeeShow] - Jim, After that first time with a black man, my wife craved her black cocked lovers more and more. They say once you go black you'll never go back. And that was the way it was with my sexy (and by now very slutty) wife. Although we still had sex as we had in the past (actu

[From: SeeShow] - Jim, It wasn't but a couple of months later after Susan's gang-bang with Nate and his friends that I experienced what I consider a sexual experience of a lifetime. By now Susan was very much aware that I not only LOVED watching her fuck and suck her black lovers, she was also

[From: SeeShow] - It's kind of amazing how things happen in life... My wife of eighteen years and I have always kicked around the idea of having more than a two-some, but always had trouble finding the third. You see, we live in the small town of Port Henry, New York, just about as far north as y
No-Tell Motel
Viewed :2384

[From: SeeShow] - My wife Amy is 30 something 5'4" 115lbs with dirty blond med length hair, brown eyes and a sexy pouty mouth that I just love. Her body is trim, nipples very responsive and her pussy is very hot wet & tight. Maybe this is the combination that I know I could never live without i
Party Girl
Viewed :2397

[From: SeeShow] - Their lifestyles clash because she's just a "Party Girl"... They say that politics makes "strange bedfellows". Well, I'm here to tell you that it also happens in marriages from time to time. Take my marriage to Tom. He was immediately attracted to me when he spotted me in my

[From: SeeShow] - Donna and I have been married for 4 years, a second marriage for both of us. She is 34 and I am 32. Donna might be classified as a willowy redhead, if it wasn't for the size of her breasts. She is 5 feet 9 inches tall with long tapered legs. Her ample breasts are nicely upturned
Viewed :2482

[From: SeeShow] - My Laura is the type of women that most men only get to dream about, especially if they want to have a wet dream. Imagine a very sexy lady with long blond hair, dove-like white smooth skin, wide brown eyes, a very slender waist that accentuates her large melon like rosy breasts,

[From: SeeShow] - Members of the Poker Club enjoy something new - SEX - We had been meeting together for five years each Thursday night to play poker. We thought that we'd have to continue with only four of us, since one of our members, George, was moving away to a suburb of Chicago, specifica
Viewed :2527

[From: SeeShow] - His Wife Gets It in the End! - One night a couple of months ago I had a couple of friends over the house from work. Laura made us all dinner and we were sitting around having drinks and talking. One of my friends, Dick, took out some pot and rolled a few joints. We all, inclu
Security Guard
Viewed :2409

[From: SeeShow] - Slutty wife with an indulgent hubby! - The following is a true story received from an open minded husband and his sexy wife. They enjoy her sexual escapades. - For some time my husband has been trying to fix me up with an other man to have sex. At first I thought he was jokin

[From: SeeShow] - Even though my wife and I have been married for ten years, she still gets my dick hard when I get a chance to see her in the nude. She's a sexy beauty; the only trouble is, I don't get a chance to see her sexy unclothed body that often. She is very timid about sex and it's norma

Im not sure when it started, but I began having fantasies of being able to watch my wife Karen with other men. The more I thought of what it would be like, the more exciting it became. We live in Boca West, a beautiful Boca Raton country club, in a 3,500 square foot apartment. We're a bit young

[From: SeeShow] - Received from a voyeuristic husband in Anchorage, Alaska... We were laying in bed, having just made love to one another, when my wife asked if my pillow talk of having her make love to another man was real or just something I wanted to keep as a fantasy. I told her it was ver

[From: SeeShow] - This is a story about a husband who truly enjoys watching his wife suck black cocks, almost as much as she does! I think I've already told you about my wife Karen and I going to X-rated theaters in New York's Times Square, so she could find some black cock to suck. I know th
She Needs More Sex!
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[From: SeeShow] - I want to tell you the truth about my new found sex life. Maybe I can best explain by starting with how my evening began last night. My husband was out of town and I was once again in my lover's apartment. Before speaking to me, my wonderful lover, Jim, took a prolonged look
She Takes Control
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[From: SeeShow] - A husband finds out what it's like to change his lifestyle for his wife - When it comes to my present sex life all I have to say is this. Where did it all start, and where will it all end? I guess it's easier to answer the first part of that question than the second part. Abo

[From: SeeShow] - My wife and I, like a lot of young professionals these days waited until we were in our early thirties before getting married. I'm glad I waited because Marie is really something special. We've been married a few years now but she's as excitingly beautiful as the first day I met
Sherrie - Part 1
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[From: SeeShow] - I want to tell you a true story about the only time my wife or I have done anything sexually exciting with another person. Last summer, my wife Sherrie and I went fishing for 3 days on Padre Island, just South of Corpus Christi, Texas. One of the main reasons I bought a boat fiv
Sherrie - Part 2
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[From: SeeShow] - Almost one-year after Part 1... The recent adventures happened only because throughout the last 7 or 8 years, I have encouraged and coaxed Sherrie gradually into events of exhibition where she would display herself to me in semi-public environments like lakes or the beach. Mo
Sherrie - Part 3
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[From: SeeShow] - Two weeks after Part 2... "OK, I'll meet you both for lunch", I said. "Uh.... have you thought of a plan?" Sherrie looked at the ground while she first starting to explain. You see, I know her so well. She was talking and looking at the ground because she couldn't look me in
Sister-In-Law's Rape
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[From: SeeShow] - This is a true story. The names and dates have changed... It happened to my current wife's sister, Jill, in the summer of 2008. Jill was 42 and stunningly attractive. She's 5'6" and weighs about 120 lbs. She's the mother of two grown children and seems to have retained, if not

[From: SeeShow] - My wife, Ann, and I are about 35 years old and have had an open marriage for over 5 years. Ann is a receptionist in a large ad agency. She is well built with red, long hair, and she cuts a striking figure when clients come in. Our open marriage commitment has worked well because
Sports Fanatics
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[From: SeeShow] - My wife has told me to write this letter as a warning to other husbands who have made their wives basketball widows during, what has become known as, March Madness. It concerns my friend Brad, and our wives. We are thirty something and our wives are a couple of really beautif

[From: SeeShow] - My wife, Anna, and I were fortunate enough to find a place to rent on the beach for the entire summer. While I had to work, Her teaching job allowed Anna to be free for the entire summer. She could stay all week and I'd join her each weekend. The only drawback was that it was a

At about 11:30 a.m. Terry and I went out in the backyard to sunbathe. Our patio is fairly secluded. As we lay there I reached over and began rubbing suntan oil on her back. I slipped the straps of her bathing suit off and worked my way down her back. I then moved to her legs and then up to her ass.
The Dancer
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[From: SeeShow] - A Topless Bar Show for Her Husband! I saw a bit on "Current Affair" or "60 Minutes" about Demi Moor at a strip club, researching a part that she is going to play as a stripper and was reminded of a experience Jack and I had in California about 6 months ago. Jack has a college
The Lawyers Wife
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[From: SeeShow] - I met my wife twelve years ago, shortly after the death of my first wife. Although Sandra was twenty-five years my junior, we shared a lot of things in common and we were married after a very short engagement. One of the wonderful things that we shared was an exciting sex life,
The Movies
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[From: SeeShow] - Cindy and I have been married for 8 years, and during those years our sex life has been good. Recently there has been an change in our love life, due to an unusual night we just experienced. That night was a Saturday about 3 weeks ago. I asked my wife if she would like to go
The Pastor
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SeeShows Own True Story about Watching his Sexy Wife Fuck the Pastor... I am so happy to find out that I'm not the only man in the world who loves to share his wife. I don't mean swapping, I mean getting off by seeing her fuck other guys, and having her tell me about her sexual exploits with oth
The Shoe Salesman
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[From: SeeShow] - When my ex-wife, Laura, and I were in our late twenties and had been married for about 6 years our sex life was as good as it gets. I've always been a very sexual person, and Laura had gotten hotter and hotter as the years since I met her had gone by, mostly because of a lot of
The Three of Us
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[From: SeeShow] - My husband Jerry and I have been married for a very happy six years now. We love each other deeply, but we have a great plus in our marriage that most couples do not enjoy. Our relationship took a turn about two years ago and I need to explain what happened and how my husband
The Wrestler
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[From: SeeShow] - "Pussy whipped" husband finds out what it's like to piss off his wife! - It's hard for me to believe what happened last month, but it did. Let me tell you about it. My wife Susan had invited over her young boss to our home for drinks and a better chance to get acquainted with
They Both See It All!
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[From: SeeShow] - My next door neighbor is a big gal, married to a very big guy. So don't ask me why she prefers to get her sex from me, rather than her husband, who's a good ten inches taller than me and about two inches bigger than me in the sex department. I think what Linda likes about me is
Two at a Party
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[From: SeeShow] - Some men might get jealou, but I get a charge out of how men flock around my wife. I've always been very proud of my wife, not only is she beautiful, with a stunning figure, but she is also intelligent and very friendly. I am very appreciative that she chose me to spend her life

[From: SeeShow] - This was received from a Dominant wife, explaining her first gang-bang, and the roll her husband played in it all. - My Husband's big mouth got him into trouble last week. Well, I should explain it was the kind of trouble that I found to be very enjoyable. My husband, Herb, w

[From: SeeShow] - Life is strange to say the least. Take the situation that now exists between my wife and me. Linda and I have been married almost seven years, but our relationship has changed more in the last six months than it did in the first six years. Let me explain how my present predic

[From: SeeShow] - Here is a story about a "Peeking Tom" - Jim; I've found it hard to believe some of the stories I have read in the Wife Watch Collection directory on RateXpics.com, regarding the sexual adventures of some contributors. But now that something terrifically exciting h

[From: SeeShow] - A couple of years ago myself and five of my friends started a poker night each Wednesday. The first few months we rotated going to one another's homes, but because of the objections from the other guy's wives, we started meeting at my house on a regular basis. Unlike the other w

[From: SeeShow] - This is a story from a Dominated Husband... I guess it was inevitable that Tawnya would want to take our sexual relationship to the next step. I didn't know when it would happen but I figured that my wife would exercise further control over me, and she did so last week. Let

[From: SeeShow] - Sometimes words are much stronger than actions. I really cannot enjoy myself sexually, unless my partner talks to me as she screws me. My wife was very sympathetic and she used to tell me how great it felt, and what she was doing, or going to do, as we screwed, but eventually

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