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Erotic & Wild XXX Stories» GoldeniAngel Collection

   This category is a collection of literature from some of the best erotic male and female authors. The authors writings are reviewed prior to being accepted for display on RateXpics. The stories are Erotic and Sensual, sometimes Romantic, and some are beyond XXX when it comes to getting you hot. The Author sub-categories contain stories covering a wide spectrum of sexual interests... Unlike other adult story sites, only the hottest and most erotic authors are selected for the RateXpics library. The goal of this category, and the author-devoted sub categories, is to stimulate your mind, giving you ideas on how to spice up your own sex life.
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Angel is a happily married young woman, no kids so far, and likes tater tots, small fuzzy animals, naming my plants, hiking, reading, writing, sexy time, naked time, shirtless o'clock, anything sparkly or shiny, and weirding people out with her OCD food habits. She believes in Happy Endings. And
A Dream Cum True
Viewed :1446

[FANTASY/Erotic Coupling/Celebrity] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Janie does Mark McGrath.] Janie stood looking at herself in the bathroom mirror, scrutinizing her body to the smallest detail. 5'7", curly brown hair that fell just below her shoulders, careful makeup enhanced her pouty pink lips and greeni

[ANAL/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Girl gets it "in the end".] Her name was Lara, 20 years old and petite at 5'2" with long brown hair that hung in waves to her waist and sparkling hazel eyes. At the moment, those eyes were wide in fright, as her pert china doll mouth trembled around a clothe
A Letter Home
Viewed :1369

[LETTERS/Transcripts] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Boyfriend tells girl what he'll do to her.] My sexy little honey-pot, I'm having a great time in Europe but I miss you like crazy. Honestly, none of the girls here can even compare to your tight body, I miss your long brown curly hair and your simple
A Little Knowledge
Viewed :1873

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Ignorant brother and sister play doctor.] Author's Note: Thank you to the reader who sent me this story idea / request. Just wanted to say that I think home-schooling can be fantastic if done correctly, but for the purposes of this story, it hasn't been and the
A Loving Husband
Viewed :1658

[LOVING WIFE] [By GoldeniAngel] © [He asks his best friend to replace him in the bedroom.] When Paul was struck with a mysterious virus, it was pretty much the end of his world. Sadly for him, he did not live in a time where there was good medical knowledge, the doctor's had no idea what to do fo
A Night in Paris
Viewed :1494

[CELEBRITY/Anal] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Paris Hilton gets extreme with two nasty guys.] Author's Note: this story gets rather extreme... I'm not sure why, I think that maybe I just really don't like Paris Hilton and it started coming out in the story or something... but if you're looking for a nice
A Rough Sorority Rite
Viewed :1446

[LESBIAN/Fetish] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Lacey is a slut for the night to become a sorority sister.] Author's Note: This story is a combination of two reader requests - one for a story in which a darker skinned woman dominates a lighter skinned woman, and one for a story in which a woman uses pussy-

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Daddy visits Kara in the middle of the night.] Kara opened her eyes as her step-father came into her room, smiling in the darkness. "Hello Daddy," she whispered, watching as his cock swelled a little in response. As always he was completely naked. Nineteen n

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Kara begins her weekend alone with Daddy.] Author's Note: I had originally intended that After Bedtime be a standalone story, but after (literally) years of requests I decided that I could continue the story by doing a few chapters about the weekend that is all

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Kara gives Daddy a blowjob while he's on the phone with Mom.] After breakfast Kara and Daddy took a nice long shower where he roused her body to a fever pitch as he ran his soapy hands over her breasts and nipples, thoroughly cleaning the folds of her pussy and

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Daddy takes Kara's virgin asshole.] Author's Note: For a story that I never intended to write a sequel for, this one got a lot of requests over the years for "more!" I'm happy that I did it, but this time I really am done... I hope you've enjoyed getting a litt
After Closing Time
Viewed :1323

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The restaurant's closed, but he has a key!] Author's Note: I think of this as a tease-piece... there's no actual intercourse but I find the content pleasurable all the same and I hope you do too! **** "Come on!" Jane pulled Aidan into the dark restaura
After the Game
Viewed :1514

[INTERRACIAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [After strip-poker game, things get interesting.] After the strip poker game Laura and Darren went upstairs, leaving Josh and Tricia in the basement. Looking up at him through her eyelashes, Tricia thought about how he'd looked naked. She thought it was odd that

[SEX NOVEL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Allison tries to go back to being the person she was.] Author's Note: If you want to read more about Allison's previous adventures (although I do explain it some during this first story) check out the series "Poker Loser" in my bio, it's kind of a prologue to this

[SEX NOVEL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Allison is horny and getting nothing.] After her unfulfilling date with Roger, Allison realized that she had to talk to someone about everything that had happened. Finally, she called the one person that she didn't think would judge her or despise her, her very op

[SEX NOVEL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Allison goes to club with Chad & Diana.] The evening before going to the club was torturous for Allison. Incredibly horny, for whatever reason her parents would just not leave her alone long enough for her to masturbate. They wanted to know all about Roger and how

[SEX NOVEL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Roger & Allison are finally in the bedroom.] Finally, her own place... her own apartment. Allison walked around her new room, very pleased with the way things had turned out in the past few weeks. Her parents hadn't put up very much of a fight with her decision to

[SEX NOVEL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Diana helps Allison out.] Allison was getting increasingly frustrated. "And it wasn't even just the first time!" she told Diana one evening, pacing back and forth in her friend's room while she complained about her sex life with Roger, "EVERY time we have sex -

[SEX NOVEL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Roger and Allison's sex life gets a little better.] Allison was feeling much more cheerful lately... although she and Diana hadn't had sex again since that first time she knew that her friend was there for her if she needed it. Sex with Roger wasn't getting any be

[SEX NOVEL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Allison is in for a wild ride when he returns.] Diana was in stitches listening to Allison bitch about Roger. "What's so wrong with getting it in the ass anyway?" she moaned, flopping on the bed next to her friend. "Got me," said Diana, grinning, "I think it

[SEX NOVEL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Allison has to get some more help from Diana.] Being with Todd for one incredible night and having him leave again had left Allison more despondent than she would have thought possible. She moped and sulked for a few days, never leaving the house as Diana and Chad

[SEX NOVEL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Allison has some time alone on her hands.] Allison pretty much avoided Roger for the rest of the week, telling him that she was very busy and that they'd just have to wait to see each other during their Friday night date. Each time, talking to him on the phone, sh

[SEX NOVEL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Allison and Diana play with a new toy.] That Friday, for the first time Roger invited Allison back to his place, apparently his roommate was gone for the night doing something with his family... she couldn't really think of a polite way to turn him down since he t

[SEX NOVEL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Allison gets an unexpected package.] Hey Princess, Thought that you might be missing some good hard sex, all of that making love stuff can get kinda monotonous... I found these in a shop in Amsterdam and they made me think of you. Have fun with them on your own

[SEX NOVEL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Roger's anger makes him rough.] Allison's heart was pounding, and not just from the aftermath of her orgasm... this was not something she wanted Roger to see... she hadn't prepped him at all really for their eventual break up. "How long have you been there?" he

[SEX NOVEL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Diana and Chad drag Allison out of her slump.] Now that Allison and Roger were no longer together she felt much better about everything... although it did mean that Friday nights were a little more lonely at least she wasn't totally consumed with guilt. And she he

[SEX NOVEL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Allison gets one of the best surprises ever.] Allison arrived home with an armful of groceries, tired but happy that she'd managed to get all her shopping done. Inside the apartment was a trail of rose petals, which she attributed to Chad and Diana (although she c

[SEX NOVEL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Allison watches a new tape with Chad and Diana.] A few days after Todd had left Allison couldn't contain her curiosity any more - especially not with Chad and Diana also pushing her. The horny duo were dying to find out what she had in that box. So, about four day

[SEX NOVEL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Todd reaches out from across the ocean.] Later that week Diana finally got bored with Chad, she said that he was too easy to push around. She'd kinda figured it was over when he'd allowed her to stick her finger in her ass, it was something he'd told her that he'd

[SEX NOVEL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Diana wants Allison to break her promise.] Allison was pretty good that week - even though on Monday Diana invited her to join in with her and Chad again. Her friend seemed understanding that she didn't want to crawl into bed with any new guys, but her refusal to

[SEX NOVEL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Allison is punished for breaking a promise.] Allison woke up on Saturday morning extremely excited, about to bounce out of bed she suddenly realized she couldn't move. Something was holding her wrists and ankles... in fact she was completely spread out... and ther

[SEX NOVEL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [They spend a day outside - with a surprise.] Allison was incredibly happy, Todd was back and things were going great... mostly it was that she was finally completely fulfilled. Horny as she was, he tended to be even hornier, and she loved the way he put demands on

[SEX NOVEL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She never thought anything could be this bad.] A few weeks went by with a new routine. Diana no longer had a stream of men coming in and out of the apartment, instead it was just Roger. Although it was a little weird for both him and Allison at first, neither Todd

[SEX NOVEL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The girls finally get their gangbang.] One of the first things that Roger and Todd did before the gangbang was to empty out the girl's bowels, having them take turns in the bathtub as their asses were filled with warm water. Then they amused themselves by making t

[SEX NOVEL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Todd's bought a new house... with a surprise in it.] When Allison found out that Todd was buying a new house she was thrilled, especially because he'd told her that he was buying from a couple who also had... unusual tastes... and there was a special room in it ju

[SEX NOVEL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Allison gets acquainted with the dungeon.] When Todd and Allison got downstairs, in the basement, in the dungeon, she gasped. The room was filled with sex toys, lined up along the walls, shelves held other toys. Everything was organized, different whips on one par

[SEX NOVEL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Allison is deliberately bad - and pays for it.] Allison loved Todd's new house. She loved the dungeon, she loved the huge bed, the pool, the Jacuzzi, the kitchen... she loved everything about the new house. It took them a week, but they gradually christened every

[SEX NOVEL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The conclusion for Allison and Todd.] Allison was even happier than she'd been before - she was almost disgusted at how happy she was except that well... she was too happy to be! Ever since the night when Todd first said that he loved her, she'd been floating on a

[LESBIAN] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Innocent Amy learns something new.] "Haven't you ever practiced with a friend?" Cynthia asked. "No!" replied Amy, slightly shocked at the idea. Crystal and Judith laughed. "Wow, you really are an innocent," mused Judith, as Amy squirmed in embarrassment. It

[ROMANCE] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Avery flicked her eyes over at her co-worker...] Avery flicked her eyes over at her co-worker Trevor, the two of them were often scheduled together for the late night shift at the 24 hour dry-cleaners since they were both students who took their classes in the after

[ANAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Alex gets curious about his asshole.] Alex was obsessed with anything anal. It wasn't just that he loved asses – although he did, he thought the best possible physical attribute a girl could posses was a firm, round, shapely ass – but he was both curious and aroused

[ANAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Alex buys a toy.] Over the period of a couple weeks, Alex got a little bored with fingering his ass while he jerked off... although it still felt good, it was often lacking that feeling of a painfully pleasurable stretch. If he left his ass alone for a couple of days t

[ANAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [It's more fun with two people.] Alex's ass was sore the next day from his vigorous use of the new dildo, but he relished the slight ache... even that felt good in its own way. He was surprised at how much he was enjoying playing with his own ass... although of course h

[ANAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Alex finally gets inside Jen's ass.] Alex's hands spread Jen's ass cheeks as he licked at her hole, enjoying the slightly musky taste of her anus... she moaned, wiggling her hips a little as she pressed back against his tongue. Sex with Jen was great, but he especially

[ANAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Alex finds the joy in receiving AND giving.] Alex went to the store to hang out with Jen during the last few minutes... she was closing that night and it being a Tuesday at 10pm there wasn't anyone around at all. Slightly bored as she took stock and cashed out her regi
Anal Revenge
Viewed :1473

[ANAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [He gets tape of ex giving another guy her ass cherry.] Walter picked up the box left on his doorstep, slightly confused and very wary. It was from his ex-girlfriend Veronica who had caught him cheating on her at a party last week, blatantly having anal sex with another

[MASTURBATION/Adult Toys] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Annie rides her neighbor's Sybian while he's away.] The summer after my first year at college, I did something remarkably stupid. I have my excuses. I was eighteen years old, still just a kid, what did I know? Not much. My first time was with a gu

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Mark forces Annie on the Sybian while he watches.] About a week after Mark had gotten home, he called me and asked if I could come over. A little zing of apprehension went through me when he did so, but he sounded so normal that I figured he couldn't

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Annie gets another ride... at a higher price.] After Mark watched me ride the Sybian, I spent a lot of time sneaking out of my own house. I just didn't want to run into him, which isn't always easy when you're next door neighbors. But I managed it, mo

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Mark has Annie over for the weekend.] After a few weeks, I was starting to think that Mark had forgotten about me. Which was a relief. Mostly. I mean, I still missed the Sybian. But I was adjusting, getting used to not having multiple orgasms. And my

[GROUP SEX/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Annie rides the Sybian for Mark and his friends.] I woke up pretty late to a knock on my door. It took me a minute to remember where I was and why my muscles felt so sore. I groaned as I made myself sit up, wincing as my sore pussy and botto
Anonymous Gets Hers
Viewed :1727

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Nadia hunts her anonymous stalker.] Author's note: This is a work of COMPLETE fiction, I do not condone rape or forced sexual activity in any way, no one in this is real and none of them should be. This is all from my twisted little brain, and none of
Another Man
Viewed :1632

[INTERRACIAL/Loving Wife] [By GoldeniAngel] © [He asks his wife to take big black cock.] Nervously, Stan waited in his living room, waiting for his coworker Darnell to show up. 35 years old, he was 6' tall, just a little out of shape, thick blonde hair and blue eyes. Upstairs, Stan's wife Maria w
Viewed :1398

[LOVING WIFE] [By GoldeniAngel] © [An unconsummated arranged marriage needs a friend.] Author's Note: I've tried to keep this from following either of the two main story lines found in Loving Wives, mostly because I'm curious as to the reaction. If you're looking for a vampy wife or a wimp husban
Viewed :1602

[INTERRACIAL/Loving Wife] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She writes an erotic letter to her professor.] Author's Note: This story includes some spanking with a ruler, MF sex, anal sex and some oral sex. Enjoy! ----------------- Assignment: This part of Freshman Orientation to University College invol
Bad Daughter
Viewed :3300

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She gets the punishment she deserves.] Chryssa knew she was in trouble as she sped home, knowing that she'd stayed at the party way too late... and not only that but there was alcohol on her breath and cum in her panties. She didn't care anymore, her dad was wa
Viewed :1601

[ANAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She keeps her maidenhead, but gives up her ass.] Bernardo was a Spanish bandit. And right now he was a Spanish bandit in the possession of a very beautiful and rich young noble lady. Even more pleasing, the young noble woman was at the moment on her knees in front of h
Beach Loving
Viewed :1449

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Couple savors passionate sex on the beach.] It was a huge bonfire out on the beach, Nadia and Drake were cuddling and kissing as their friends partied around them. The long time couple were giggling at their friends drunken antics, enjoying the end of the lo
Bedroom Slave
Viewed :1517

[INTERRACIAL/Slavery] [By GoldeniAngel] © [In times of slavery, he's bought by a horny widow.] Miss Abbey walked through the lines of slaves, followed by her own coterie; three large black men wearing nothing but tight trousers. Whispers went down the line about Miss Abbey; it was rumored that sh

[MASTURBATION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Dru finds excitement with a fan.] Dru smiled excitedly as she settled into her computer chair, her life had become so much more interesting ever since her friend Jane had agreed to feature her in the stories that she wrote for an erotic story site on the intern

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Dru delves a little more deeply into her online encounter.] Three days after Dru masturbated herself to orgasm at the behest of a fan, she finally got up the nerve to get back onto her instant messenger. Immediately, Joe IMed her. Drkness300: D

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Dru finally meets her internet friend and finds herself.] Dru walked through Bind feeling like a swan in the middle of a room of crows. Everyone there was in black, black and more black. Well, no that wasn't quite true, every once in awhile she'd cat

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Bridget the maid & Princess Eleanor are captured by bandits.] Bridget loved traveling. She loved the open air, seeing the many rolling fields and forests pass by, and all the small towns and cities that they stayed in. Most of all she loved the days w

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Bridget the maid's first full day with her captors.] Bridget woke up as the body behind her shifted. She went from a peaceful slumber to the hard shock of reality as the arm around her middle tightened, pulling her against the muscular body of the man

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Bridget spends some time with Garrett during the day.] "Come on little maid, time to get up." Garrett's deep voice penetrated Bridget's dreams. She felt exhausted and sore, especially between her legs, her muscles unhappy at the amount of nighttime ex

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Bridget spends the night with Samuel.] After pleasuring Blaine with her mouth, Bridget was relieved to be allowed to sit for dinner. She could feel Samuel's eyes on her, watching and waiting and she shivered a little, knowing that he was just waiting

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Bridget spends a night with Garrett.] The next morning when Garrett rousted her out of bed, Bridget was very relieved that Samuel didn't even stir, unlike Blaine on the previous morning. Her body between her legs was very sore and it was hard for her

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Tension in the camp and Bridget is Patrick's for the night.] Bridget was startled out of sleep at dawn by infuriated roaring. Beside her, Garrett jerked awake, his arms tightening around her almost protectively and she huddled against him for a moment

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Chapter 06, Part 2 -Tension in the camp and Bridget is Patrick's for the night.] "Bloody hell you feel good," he said, surging against her and shoving deeper. His hands and upper body kept her pinned in place as he assaulted her sex like a battering r

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Garrett reveals something of himself... or does he?] A creature of habit, Bridget woke in the morning at her usual time, feeling very sore after her exertions from the day before. Outside she could hear the movements that told her Garrett was up and m

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [How will Bridget fare during a night without Garrett?] Garrett pounded through the forest, heading unerringly towards the nobleman's house, the end of his three yearlong mission. It was like hurtling towards the edge of a waterfall, one that he'd been

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Garrett and Patrick face off.] Later he would realize that a few hours of sleep under a tree, preceded and followed by a horse ride, was scarcely substitute for a full night's sleep. He would also realize that he had been more than physically tired. A

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The Conclusion for those left alive.] AUTHOR'S NOTE: When I first started writing this series, I warned that there would be some romance in it. This is where all of that comes to a head. I've thoroughly enjoyed writing the story of the maid given over

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Chapter 10, Part 2 - The Conclusion for those left alive.] "What is it? What's wrong?" He studied her, his eyes both penetrating and earnest. How truly interested he looked, how concerned. Bridget looked down at her empty plate as if it might ho
Best Friends
Viewed :1346

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [When needing her support, she gives a whole lot.] When Leon came to Wendy about his disastrous first time experience, she knew exactly what she was going to do. They'd been best friends since Elementary school, he'd been her date to Senior Prom, and then the
Biker Party
Viewed :1459

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Kay gets a surprise at a wild party.] Author's Note: This was done at the behest of one of my readers (who in my opinion is a pretty darn good author in his own right) who had a great story idea but couldn't make it come alive the way he wanted to. Th
Birthday Bash
Viewed :1593

[GROUP SEX] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Fantasies come true on special birthday.] For my birthday, my husband Will agreed to fulfill one of my naughtier fantasies. I'd always wanted to be sandwiched between two men, but more than that, I'd wanted a woman involved for me to dominate while everything was
Booty Call
Viewed :1381

[ANAL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [He takes her anal virginity.] "Please don't..." groaned Elizabeth. She was completely naked bent over her own bed, nothing holding her down, while Sven - her parents 22 year old exchange student - inspected her tight virgin ass. Right now he w
Break-In Bang
Viewed :1866

[GROUP SEX] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Three guys break into her house and fulfill her fantasies.] Author's note: this story was written at the request of a reader; there is a theme of almost non-consent, but mostly just enjoyment of a surprising fantasy fulfilled. I hope you enjoy. ----------------

[GROUP SEX] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Lily doesn't envy the bride - she's got the groomsmen.] Lily was the only unmarried bridesmaid at the wedding... and yet all of the groomsmen were single! So was the sexy best man... she didn't quite know how that had happened. Smiling happily, she flirted with ev
Viewed :1463

[FETISH] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She pushes him into punishing her.] "God, I can't believe he's marrying." "She's not normally this bad." "Yeah, but right now she's being completely bat-shit crazy... I don't care how good an ass she has, no ass is worth that!" The mutters of his friends fol
Cabin Boy
Viewed :1264

[GAY] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The First Mate visits the Cabin Boy in the night.] Author's Note: This is just a quickie story, I couldn't get the characters out of my head. It's a standalone, but I thoroughly enjoyed writing it as the characters have been stuck in my head for the past month or so. I
Camp Kink - Part 1
Viewed :1155

[BONDAGE & DISCIPLINE/Exhibitionism] [By GoldeniAngel] © [A couple looking to reconnect goes to a special nudist camp.] Author's Note: this story has a little bit of everything... hot sex, a little bit of alpha-male, a little bit of BDSM, a little bit of spanking, a fair amount of exhibitionism/v
Camp Kink - Part 2
Viewed :966

[BONDAGE & DISCIPLINE/Exhibitionism] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Part 2 - A couple looking to reconnect goes to a special nudist camp.] "Alright," she whispered finally. "Good girl," he said, and was rewarded with a flush of pleasure to her cheeks and one of her shy little looks that said she was fee

[GAY] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Guy watches video of bisexual roommate & his boyfriend.] James hadn't meant to, he'd just been looking through his roommate's old videos for something to watch when he'd come across an unmarked one. Curiosity consumed him and even though he tried to ignore it, it would

[GAY] [By GoldeniAngel] © [James experiences what he watched on tape.] James' jaw worked soundlessly as his roommate came towards him with a slight smile on his face. Realizing that his hands were still down his pants and that his finger was still pressed against his anus, he hastily pulled his h
Caught Shoplifting
Viewed :2331

[ANAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She was always a pain in his ass - now it's his turn.] Jimmy cursed as he saw a girl slipping something into her purse from the shelves on the security camera. He'd been working as a security guard for months now, but he still hated it when he caught a shop-lifter, it
Chamberboy Cory
Viewed :1346

[GAY] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The King gets a new Chamberboy.] The King was a large man... a firmly fleshed man in his forties... with a lovely Queen and three lovely daughters... he'd seen battle and some of his muscles had now slowly turned to fatty tissue, but he was still a proud figure of a man

[INTERRACIAL/First Time] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Chastity chooses a hot older black man to educate herself.] Chastity giggled as she hurried down to the gardens, thrilled that her father was leaving for the day... whenever he left she would rush down to the extremely attractive 29 year old black man

[INTERRACIAL/First Time] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She loses her virginity to Jeremy's big black cock.] A few days after her first 'lesson' with Jeremy, Chastity was back in the same clearing on her knees, only this time she was completely naked. Her mouth was eager on his long black cock, licking and

[INTERRACIAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jeremy puts Chastity on top.] Chastity had returned to Jeremy the very next day, eager for her next lesson... and her hot little pussy was eager for some more of his black cock. To her delight, he'd had something new to show her immediately, stripping her down a

[INTERRACIAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jeremy gives it to her doggy style.] The next couple times that Charity went to visit Jeremy he would either lay her down and fuck her with her legs spread -- sometimes wrapped around his waist, other times with one or both over his shoulders -- until he got her

[INTERRACIAL/Anal] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jeremy puts his big black cock in her ass.] The next day Chastity was unable to make it out to see Jeremy, which made her sad, but she was a little afraid of him putting his big black cock into her poor little asshole, so she wasn't that sad. In fact, she w
Cheater - Chapter 1
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[CHEATING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Loving husband finds a surprising video of his wife.] Author's Note: In keeping with some of the requests and feedback that I've received for stories, I've tried to write this story with a theme of anger/betrayal rather than the so called "wimp husband". ------
Cheater - Chapter 2
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[CHEATING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Suzie will do "anything" to get Bradley back.] Suzie's heart was pounding, her eyes filled with tears. She'd found the hotel that Bradley had checked in at and she was running towards his door now, knowing inside that it was too late, that she'd messed up too badly
Cheating Surprise
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[CHEATING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Mike's wife is cheating on him, with a twist.] Mike knew that his wife was cheating on him. He couldn't say how he knew because he didn't have proof exactly, but he knew she was. At first he'd thought it was just a string of strange coincidences; a few odd phone ca

[CELEBRITY] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Lucky author gets her fantasy fulfilled.] Author's Note: The beginning of this story came from a dream that I had. I usually don't write about celebrities anymore, but I couldn't get it out of my head. Chris Hemsworth is damn sexy and I had way too much fun writin

[CELEBRITY] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Part 2 - GoldeniAngel gets her fantasy fulfilled.] God that hair... she got her hands into it again and moaned with the sensuous pleasure of it. Good hair was such an incredible turn on. If he had any doubts about whether or not she wanted to jump his bones, he ce

[LOVING WIFE/Anal] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Wife gets dirty when hubby returns early from business trip.] It was a lonely lonely Christmas Eve... Vera sighed as she looked out the window on to the street where snow was softly falling. It was 9pm in the evening, white snow was falling, lights were fli

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jenny has to live with her Uncle Max.] I grew up with my Grandma, because my parents passed away when I was a baby, so you'd think I would have gotten to know my Uncle Max pretty well, but the truth is I didn't see much of him until I was 19 and Grandma was in

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Uncle Max's idea of an appropriate punishment for spying.] The next morning when I came down for breakfast, part of my usual routine now, Uncle Max was in the kitchen but the woman was nowhere to be seen. "Good morning, Jenny," he said, flipping pancakes. Fo

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Shopping leads to another embarrassing scene with her Uncle.] I had never been so relieved in my life to get out of the house and meet up with my friend Dana. I was utterly shaken, not just by my Uncle punishing me for spying on his interaction with his date la

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Drunken party loosens niece's inhibitions once she's home.] When we came home from visiting Grandma I was fuming. I had no idea that my Grandmother was so old school when it came to a young, single woman living alone; apparently the bad seed of the family is be

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Uncle Max shows Jenny the difference between a boy and a man.] After the shared masturbating session and my drunken, blatant indiscretion, I avoided Uncle Max as much as I could for the rest of the week. I did my homework on my bed, stayed out of the house as m

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jenny gets jealous when Uncle Max brings home a date.] Author's Note: This is the first time I've done something like this; this particular chapter is actually a double request story, from the original reader who requested this series and a reader who requested

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Uncle Max finds Jenny masturbating in his bed.] It was becoming almost a routine now, having some kind of intense sexual interlude with my Uncle Max and then avoiding him afterwards. I can't really be blamed for avoiding him this time though. I was much more as

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jenny's plan to pop her cherry backfires.] Author's Note: This is a reader request story. Also, I have received several requests for a chapter where Jenny tries to separate herself from her Uncle either by moving out, getting a boyfriend or just doing something

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jenny gets taken over and over again.] Uncle Max was torturing me. After taking my virginity he'd told me exactly how he'd known I had Kristopher over - apparently he had security cameras installed in the main rooms of the house as well as his room after he'd f

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Uncle Max takes his niece's anal cherry.] The next week of my life surprised me over and over again. After Uncle Max made it evident that his sexual prowess far outweighed any of my half-baked theories, he gave me a couple of days for my overworked, deflowered

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Uncle Max & Jenny ride out their conclusion.] My life, since I began living with Uncle Max, had taken such a startling turn. I had gone from being the good girl with good grades who wanted a career, a husband who would take my virginity and give me two babies a

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Uncle Max teaches Jenny a lesson about respecting privacy.] Author's Note - For anyone hoping for a continuation of the story, sorry but you're going to be disappointed! This is going to be a re-tread of events, but from Max's point of view. I had a reader requ

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Uncle Max gets a stand-in, Jenny, but finds it's not the same.] Life went pretty much back to normal after Jenny's drunken masturbation in front of me. I couldn't decide whether or not I was relieved. Yeah, we were treading close to some lines that I never t

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Max uses another woman to show his niece his needs.] As she usually did following one of our encounters, Jenny went back to her normal, prudish, avoiding-me self. I followed suit, because what the fuck else am I supposed to do? But it was driving me up the wall

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Max takes his niece's virginity and makes her his.] I was wrong about my niece. For more than two weeks, I thought she'd reverted back to being a good girl, the good little daughter that my brother had expected her to be. I thought that seeing me with Lily,
Contest - Chapter 01
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[EXHIBITIONIST/Voyeur] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Friends compete to be more sexually open.] Violet and Danielle were arguing. As best friends, they usually got along pretty well, but both of them considered themselves to be a lot more daring than the other when it came to sex. It didn't help that they
Contest - Chapter 02
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[FETISH] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Danielle's first task: have her massive tits tortured.] At the same time as Violet was reading over her list of tasks, the extremely buxom blonde Danielle was sitting in front of her computer reading over her own list of tasks - most of which were as distasteful to h
Contest - Chapter 03
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[FETISH] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Violet gets spanked and whipped.] Violet was tied over a kind of horse, just wide enough that her body was supported, but each of her tits hung down either side of it. It was just long enough for her to rest her cheek on it, and her pussy was at the other end, at the
Contest - Chapter 04
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[FETISH] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Danielle serves dinner and becomes dessert.] After completing her first task of having her massive tits tortured and abused by Jared's friend, Danielle took a day off, avoiding her tasks for a bit. After all, she needed a bit of rest after the brutal treatment to her
Contest - Chapter 05
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[FETISH/Anal] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Danielle loses her ass cherry.] Danielle was rather perturbed when she couldn't get in touch with Violet, after the party or the next morning… she wondered just what her friend was up to and worried that maybe her day off from a task had set her back further tha
Contest - Chapter 06
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[FETISH/Anal] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Violet takes on 4 guys in an anal train.] Violet was on her way to getting a head start on Danielle… she knew that her friend had taken a brutal beating on her massive tits - and quite frankly that thought turned her on quite a lot - and the pretty half-Asian wa
Contest - Chapter 07
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[LESBIAN] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Danielle has her first female experience.] After Danielle lost her anal virginity, she took another day of rest. She finally got to talk to Violet and they compared stories of what had happened to each of them. Telling Violet about having her ass taken by such a lon
Contest - Chapter 08
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[GROUP SEX] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Violet takes on three guys in all her holes.] After her day of rest Violet was feeling much better and quite ready to tackle another task. She had no idea what Danielle would be up to, and she wondered what else Jared had put on her friends list. It had rather sho
Contest - Chapter 09
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[FETISH] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The conclusion to the contest.] After both of the horny and oversexed girls returned home, Danielle glowing but shy when she told a shocked and aghast (not to mention jealous) Violet where she had been the night before, and listening as Violet related her own experie
Contest Bonus
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[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jared & Violet's week together is rough for Violet.] After Danielle left Violet and Jared immediately went upstairs and fell asleep, very tired from their heavy exertions the night before - and the pretty half-Asian knew that she'd need plenty of sle

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [A little oral goes a long way... with a spanking.] Author's Note: After I published the alternate chapter, a reader requested that I re-write Chapter 9. Chapter 9's quality def did suffer and so I'd like to make up for that now. I didn't want to dele

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Danielle gets tied up, clamped, stretched and Double Penetrated (DP).] Danielle wrists hung from a hook that was suspended from the ceiling in the middle of Jared's Dungeon. The cuffs were soft leather and absolutely inescapable without help. While J

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Violet and Jared finish up their night with Danielle.] Once Jared had cum in Violet's pussy and the two of them realized that Danielle was awake again, their focus shifted back to her immediately. After she'd passed out while they'd been fucking her

[FETISH] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Danielle spends three hours with her perverted ex.] Author's Note: This was written at a reader's request because in the original series Danielle didn't complete this task. It's a lot longer and rougher than it would have been had I written it along with the original

[FETISH] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Part 2 - Danielle spends three hours with her perverted ex.] When the other woman was completely naked, she sat on the other side of Danielle and leaned back, stroking her own pussy as she watched Doug squeezing Danielle's massive mounds. The pain in her nipples was
Convent Girls
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[LESBIAN] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Girl with a reputation seduces innocent roommate.] Two nights after Celeste got her first roommate in the Convent, a sweet-faced girl named Teresa who had a bad reputation, she awoke from a disturbing dream with the most incredibly sensations sweeping over her body.
Crusader Found
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[INTERRACIAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Wounded knight on Crusade is rescued in the desert.] Michael was hazy in the dessert heat; the blow to his head during the battle had done its damage. He stumbled towards the spot of green, hoping that he wasn't imagining it... If he hadn't been so dry in his th

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [On the First Day of Christmas...] Author's Note: I really wanted to do something with the Twelve Days of Christmas... But I didn't like the idea of having a series exactly. Each of the stories will be completely separate, but will have the theme of t

[EXHIBITIONIST/Voyeur] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The second day of Christmas.] Author's Note: This is part of the series based on the song, none of the stories actually intertwine so it can be read on its own. I was in a bind about which category to place this in... this seemed the best fit. I hope yo

[LETTERS/Transcripts] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The writings of an innocent, looking for a sexual education.] Author's Note: I always thought it might be fun to write a story in diary form... so here goes. This chapter is more of an introduction, although there is some masturbation and toy play. We'll

[LETTERS/Transcripts] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She watches as her drunk roommate having sex.] Author's Note: This story involves the main character watching her roommate have drunken oral and regular sex in the bed next to her. Enjoy! ---------------------------------- Dear Diary, Well, the

[LETTERS/Transcripts] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She meets a guy she REALLY likes.] Author's Note: This story does not have any actual sex yet, although there is mutual masturbation as well as cunnilingus. Enjoy! ------------------------------------- Dear Diary, I met this guy named Luke last

[LETTERS/Transcripts] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Kristen gives her first blow job.] Dear Diary, WOW! The past few days have been a trip! It's crazy, now that I've got Luke and really like him, suddenly it seems like there are all these other guys who are interested! It's a little weird how that work

[LETTERS/Transcripts] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She finally loses her virginity.] Dear Diary, I'm no longer a virgin!!! It was so much better than I ever expected it to be. The night started out like any other, going to dinner and bowling! But... I don't know. I was feeling giddy or something, a

[LETTERS/Transcripts] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Things get more complicated.] Dear Diary, Wow... it's been almost a week since I've lost my virginity and yet it's like I can't get enough! I just want Luke, ALL the time... it's so sad for me when he can't be around. Dru's still telling me not to get

[LETTERS/Transcripts] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Things work themselves out.] Dear Diary, So Dru finally dragged me out of my slump... and I'm still an idiot but I might as well do what Luke is and not be retarded. So I'm going on a date tonight with a very nice guy named Chris, he asked me out a co

[LETTERS/Transcripts] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Luke delivers something kinky; himself in handcuffs.] Dear Diary, Luke really did have something kinky for me! He said he'd really liked the handcuffs that Dru had me keeping out on my desk and that he'd always wanted to try them... I was too nervous

[LETTERS/Transcripts] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The last entry in her hot Diary.] Dear Diary, Well, ever since I handcuffed Luke he's been HEAVILY hinting that he'd like to do the same to me... to tell the truth I'm really curious, but I don't want to just give in either. It's kind of fun teasing a
Delivery Guy
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[FIRST TIME] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Pizza guy makes the delivery of his life.] The three college girls giggled as the doorbell rang, stuffing the bowl with its paper bits in the corner. Getting up, Cassie looked at her two friends - Rachel and Mary - they were lounging against the couch completely
Deranged Minds
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[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She chooses to drive down the wrong deserted road.] Peter smiled as he read off the contents of the license, "Casey Smith, 19 years old, 150 pounds, 5 feet 7 inches tall.." Laughing he tossed it down next to the struggling girl's head, and admired the

[FIRST TIME] [By GoldeniAngel] © [He gets the chance of a lifetime.] Doug stared at the sweet little thing that had just been dropped off at his house... her name was Mary and although the guy had said she was 22, she looked more like 16 with her big innocent eyes. Her body was definitely that of

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [It's a day of delights and sexual romps.] Doug awoke with the morning sun, feeling the strange sensation of a smooth, feminine body in his arms... and the pleasant sensation of his dick nudging against her. Mary was lying with her back to him, still asleep.

[MASTURBATION/Toys] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Mary discovers the joys of mixing food with sex.] Doug awoke the next morning, feeling very satisfied indeed... with such a luscious body as Mary's next to him he was hard as usual, but he had the feeling that he didn't really NEED the sex. After all, he'd

[MASTURBATION/Toys] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Doug brings home more toys to play with.] Doug was very pleased with himself when he returned to the house... his bag was full of goodies for him to play with. And all of them would be a surprise to the sweet innocent in his care... his cock ached as he th

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Doug can't resist the sleeping Mary.] Mary was completely exhausted, dead asleep... and yet Doug couldn't keep his hands off of her. Although he'd never thought that a sleeping woman would be sexy - it seemed too much like rape - having her innocent y
Drugged Lust
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[MIND CONTROL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [His drug makes lab assistant uncontrollably horny.] Brendan was excited to finally be trying out his experiment, smiling he handed his pretty lab assistant the drink that he'd offered her. Little did she know that inside it was a drug, one that he was pretty su
Drunk Samantha
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[ANAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Drunk Samantha is way naughtier than sober Samantha.] "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey baaaaaaaaaaaaaaay-beeeeeeee!" Nicholas burst out laughing as his wife, Samantha, waved frantically at him from the dance floor where she was currently bumping and grinding with her best girlfrie
Drunken Antics
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[GAY] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Straight guy gets an introduction to gay sex.] I'd done it. I'd finally managed to get gorgeous Greg, my incredibly sexy classmate, drunk enough to admit that he'd always thought about having sex with a man. Absolutely wonderful, mostly because I immediately began worki
During Class
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[MASTURBATION/Toys] [By GoldeniAngel] © [They play around under the desk during class.] Back row of science class in high school, two seniors (both just turned 18) were looking as innocent as possible sitting next to each other. Fortunately their teacher was the very blind and rather scattered Mr
Emmie Does Anal
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[ANAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Sorority girl wants to keep her virginity & gives up her ass.] Emmie paced around the small room rather fretfully, wondering what on earth she was going to do. She desperately wanted into the sorority that she'd applied to, even though she'd known from the get-go that

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Escaped cons get the officer who put them away.] Author's Note: This story is completely fiction. Any kind of rape/non-consensual sex is WRONG. This is also not meant in any kind of disrespect towards anyone who works on a police force. I hope you
EuroLetters - Part 1
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[LETTERS/Transcripts] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She writes to her friend about her sexual adventures.] Dear Clara, You are missing out on SUCH a great trip!!!! London is INCREDIBLE!!! Absolutely gorgeous, I'm loving every minute of it! Buckingham Palace is stunning, yesterday we went to the reconst
EuroLetters - Part 2
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[LETTERS/Transcripts] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She writes home about her continued sexual adventures.] Hey Clara! Ok, so, I think I was telling you about Paul and Patrick when I got interrupted??? By the way, "Mousetrap" was pretty cool, I guessed some of it before the end but not all of it! I can
EuroLetters - Part 3
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[LETTERS/Transcripts] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Girl writes home about her new playmates.] Hey Clara! Whoa man was the Jack the Ripper tour creepy! No way I'd want to go wandering around London by myself after that! Fortunately there was another tour group with us while we were traveling, and me an
EuroLetters - Part 4
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[LETTERS/Transcripts] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She writes more about her lesbian group sex experience.] Hey Clara! So I left off when Francine was climbing on top of me right? So, she gets on top of me in a 69 position and starts licking my pussy, cleaning all of Vincent's cum out of my little
EuroLetters - Part 5
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[LETTERS/Transcripts] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Gina's moved on to another city and another adventure.] Dear Clara, Oh darling, you should be so sorry that you're missing out on this trip! I'm having the most fantastic time... We're in Amsterdam now and we went to the Red Light district today, i
EuroLetters - Part 6
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[LETTERS/Transcripts] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Gina gets busy on the trip.] Oh Clara, Today I did one of the dirtiest things ever!! It was so hot... but so wrong! You remember Lauren Lay, the girl with the really young Dad and how we all joked about hooking up with him after he got divorced fro
EuroLetters - Part 7
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[LETTERS/Transcripts] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Gina continues her affair with her classmate's father.] Dear Clara, OK, so I think I was going to tell you more about me and Mr. Lay!!! Well after we fucked he had to go back to his room and I had to take another shower. That night at dinner I made
EuroLetters - Part 8
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[LETTERS/Transcripts] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Gina finally gets sandwiched - between twins.] Hey Clara! Well, I finally got my goal from my last letter! I had two guys at once!!! God, was it crazy, I'll have to tell you how it happened! I was just out walking around on my own, doing some shopp
EuroLetters - Part 9
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[LETTERS/Transcripts] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Gina ends her trip with a gangbang.] Dear Clara, Oh my god... thank god I have a full night's sleep ahead of me before I have to go home - I can barely walk!!! My whole body is sooooo sore, but especially my pussy, ass and tits!!! Well, Skyler and
Ex to Sex
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[GAY] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Rich tries a drunken seduction on his ex.] Rich eyed Keith as they sat on the couch, he was definitely getting closer and closer to seriously drunk. They'd broken up a month ago, because Keith had said that Rich was too possessive but that he still wanted to be friends
Exchanging Fluids
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[FIRST TIME] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Sexy exchange student takes the cherry of her host's son.] To say that Jamie was frustrated was to put it mildly. An 18 year old high school senior on spring break, both his parents were at work all day, leaving him alone with Tatiana, the incredibly gorgeous Rus

[FANTASY/Celebrity] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Kristen falls into a fairy tale and meets Goldilocks.] Author's Note: This story contains some elements of reluctance (turned into willingness), as well as lesbian sex. I hope you enjoy =) ------ Kristen awoke to find herself in the yard of a house..

[FANTASY/Celebrity] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Kristen finds herself with Jack of the giant beanstalk.] Author's Note: This story involves male/female oral, vaginal and anal sex. Enjoy! --- Kristen hurried down the road, hoping that once she got to the village someone could give her directions ho

[FANTASY/Celebrity] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Kristen finds Snow White's seven horny dwarves.] Author's Note: This story involves sex with Non-humans (dwarves as in the traditional fairy-tale sense) and group-sex. Enjoy! ------------------------------- Kristen awoke in the middle of the forest c

[FANTASY/Celebrity] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She finds that Little Red Riding Hood is not so little.] Author's Note: This story contains FF sex and fisting. Enjoy! --- Kristen followed the path until nightfall when she fell asleep. Hesitant about sleeping in a path, in case a carriage or someth

[FANTASY/Celebrity] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Kristen becomes the Big Bad Wolf's bitch.] Author's Note: This story involves Non-human sex with the Big Bad Wolf. --- Red smiled at Kristen as the Wolf advanced on her, "Good afternoon darling... I have to get to Grandma's house you know, but the Bi

[FANTASY/Celebrity] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Kristen gets a welcome from a candlestick.] Author's Note: This story involves Non-human sex between a female and a candlestick, idea taken from "Beauty and the Beast". However, I have not named the candlestick as they did in the Disney version. Enjoy!

[FANTASY/Celebrity] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The Beauty (Kristen) meets the Beast.] Author's Note: This story involves Non-Human sex with a Female; regular and anal sex. As well as some cropping and bondage. Enjoy! ---- Kristen awoke, her arms aching from being tied above her head. She was in s

[FANTASY/Celebrity] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Kristen's final story with Prince Charming.] Author's Note: I've truly enjoyed writing this series, I hope that you have enjoyed reading it =) This particular chapter contains MF sex, regular and anal. Enjoy! --- Kristen awoke as the sun was coming t

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Avery asks Cole to fulfill her fantasies - and his own.] "I want to be tied up... I want you to do to me all those things that you tried to do with other girls... I want you to be in total control." "Do you want a safe word?" "No." Cole's di

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Cole punishes and pleasures Avery.] Avery obediently kept her mouth shut as Cole attached the leather cuffs on her wrists to a chain hanging from the ceiling. Once attached, he pulled on the other side of the chain until her wrists were above her hea
Farm Fun
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[INTERRACIAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Country guy gets with Korean girlfriend in hayloft.] Peter laughed as he watched his girlfriend Kim running through the cornfield away from him, it just looked so much like something you'd see in a porno film. Not only was she a total hottie, but she was full-bl
Father's Friend
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[OLDER MAN/Younger Woman] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Girl seduces her father's divorced friend.] Ramona got out of the shower and dried herself off, wrapping the towel securely around her curves... just yesterday she'd run into her father's friend Victor after her shower and she'd been so startled that
Viewed :985

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [This time he's not asking what she likes or wants.] Becky left the party slightly drunk, a little angry and a lot confused. Two weeks ago she'd broken up with her boyfriend Harrison. Last week, at a different party, she'd been drunkenly talking - admi
Finders Keepers
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[INTERRACIAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Black guy gets lucky with roommates horny chick.] Clayton shook his head as his roommate Zack and the girl he was dating - Christina - stumbled into the room, drunk. Not that he was upset that they were drunk, it was just that they were always drunk on the weeke
First Date
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[INTERRACIAL/Single] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Their first official date is a hot one.] Angelica was nervous... standing in front of her mirror she inspected herself critically. What was reflected was not exactly what she saw. Anyone else looking at her would see a very attractive 5'7" young lady of 2

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Amanda worries she's frigid, but her new gynecologist has a treatment.] Author's Note: Thank you to the reader who requested this story and gave me the idea! It was a lot of fun to writer a doctor story... kind of surprise I haven't before! Enjoy!!!
Flexible Booty
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[ANAL/First Time] [By GoldeniAngel] © [18 year old gives up her virgin ass.] 18 year olds, Phillip mused, were much easier to talk into sexual experimentation than any other legal age. Perhaps once they turned 19 they'd had enough perverse encounters with dirty old men (by which he meant 35, whic
Frat House
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[GROUP SEX] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Horny girl gets gang-banged by frat brothers.] Sylvia had come to this particular frat party to get fucked - and getting fucked she was! Fed up with bad dates that went nowhere and relationships where her heart got broken, she'd decided that right now all she need

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Greg kidnaps Mandy for the weekend.] - Friday Afternoon - Greg whistled happily as he pulled the bound and struggling woman from his car, loading her over his shoulder and giving her a firm smack on the ass as he walked towards the cabin. Her name

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Mandy enjoys herself, then resists out of shame.] - Friday Evening - Greg had tied Mandy back up and left her on the bed, the low buzzing vibrator back in her needy pussy. It was absolute exquisite torture as her ass clenched around the butt plug i
Gang Bangs
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[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Two gang members pick up hotties.] Author's Note: Written at the request of a fan who provided me with the main storyline =) Thank you! --- "What about them?" the younger guy, Curtis nodded at the two petit girls giggling at the half-naked manne

[OLDER MAN/Younger Woman] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Older gentleman takes advantage of a young maid. ] Sir Edward frowned as he followed the sounds of gasps and moans... he was very strict with his household and didn't allow any sort of dalliances in it between his workers. And right now whoever was "

[OLDER MAN/Younger Woman] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She learns some more from the older Sir Edward.] Sir Edward reflected on his delightful dalliance the night before with Cecilia... he'd never been the type to use his position in order to get young women into bed, but there was just something about h

[Threesome/FMM] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Cecilia pleasures Sir Edward and a friend.] Sir Edward was having the most delightful time with Cecilia, introducing her to new perversions every day. One memorable morning he spent the entire time putting various fruits and vegetables into her holes while she

[ANAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [David finally gets in his girlfriend's ass.] Author's Note: This story contains MF oral, regular and anal sex with some elements of NonConsent/Reluctance. Enjoy! --- David grinned as his girlfriend Christy moaned, sliding his fingers in and out of her tight pussy

[LESBIAN] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Continuation of Gina's adventures after "EuroLetters".] Gina stood at her friend's door, tossing her long brown hair impatiently. She hadn't seen Clara in almost a month now after her trip to Europe! Even though she had written her friend many letters about all the

[OLDER MAN/Younger Woman] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Gina visits Mr. Lay's house for the first time.] Gina giggled as she watched Mr. Lay hug his daughter, Lauren, goodbye. She didn't feel particularly bad about screwing her classmates father, for one he was a great lay even though he was at least 40 (

[OLDER MAN/Younger Woman] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Gina and Mr. Lay's night continues.] When Mr. Lay got upstairs, he laid Gina out on his own bed. She could tell it was his room because there was absolutely nothing feminine about it, and they'd passed by Lauren's room on to his. Smiling at her, he b

[EXHIBITIONIST/Voyeur] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Gina spies on Lauren having sex with her stepfather.] Gina and Mr. Lay had spent the entire weekend fucking, now she was at home, her pussy was raw and sore. He hadn't touched her ass once, something which rather disappointed her in some ways. She sighe

[LESBIAN] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Lauren comes over to get the pictures.] Gina opened the door at the first knock to find Lauren standing there with an indignant and angry look on her face. "Where did you get those pictures?" she demanded, "I want all of them, right now, and I want them erased fr

[FIRST TIME SEX] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Gina gives Lauren to a virgin for his first time.] Lauren sobbed as she looked at her ex-boyfriend's younger brother. His eyes were big and round, taking in the sight of her naked body. "Wow!" he said, "Danny sure was lucky!" "You have no idea," Gina to

[MASTURBATION/Toys] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Self-bondage - until she gets a visitor.] Olivia watched the time tick by, the gag in her mouth was making her drool. She couldn't wait until the ice finally melted and she would be able to get at the key, unlock herself and masturbate to orgasm. After her

[MASTURBATION/Toys] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Doug comes over to play with her again.] Olivia waited, again she watched the time tick by. Face down on her bed she had some pillows piled up under her hips, and one under her head for comfort. The ball-gag in her mouth was making her drool a little... he

[MASTURBATION/Toys] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Doug goes grocery shopping and brings home goodies.] Olivia squirmed with excitement... this time Doug had tied her up doggie style over an Ottoman in her living room and left, telling her that he was going shopping. There was a gag and a blindfold on too,

[EXHIBITIONIST/Voyeur] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jimmy has a hot and horny neighbor for the summer.] Jimmy watched with some shock as his next-door neighbor Miranda jumped into her pool, stark naked. He was house-sitting for some of his parent's friends and he'd just met Miranda yesterday when she'd b

[EXHIBITIONIST/Voyeur] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Watching Miranda again, Jimmy gets a surprise.] Jimmy kept a watch on Miranda's backyard for the next couple of days, hoping that she would repeat her performance in the pool; but she didn't. The few times that he saw her she was on her way out somewher

[EXHIBITIONIST/Voyeur] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Miranda makes sure that Jimmy watches her again.] For the next week Jimmy was hesitant to even peek outside to see if Miranda was there. If he had, he would have seen her coming out and peering up at the window he'd been watching her from, shrugging whe

[FEMALE CROSSDRESSING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Randy likes to fuck like a man.] Author's Note: This story is intended to be a fun and erotic read about a young woman who is experimenting with sexuality in somewhat unusual way, I hope you enjoy. =) --- Randy walked around the party, she didn't

[FEMALE CROSSDRESSING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Randy gets revenge on a cheating ex-boyfriend.] Author's Note: This story is intended in good fun, about a girl who dresses as a guy, and fucks other girls like a guy. It's pure fantasy and not meant to be very realistic. --- Randy was making her

[FEMALE CROSSDRESSING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She's a woman and then a man.] Randy was intrigued to see a teacher from campus, Carole Dunning, at a bar one evening... she'd always admired the beautiful professor from afar. Carole was stunning, beautiful and smart, and very young for a professor...

[FEMALE CROSSDRESSING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Randy ends up doing her best friend.] Randy moved quickly through the costume party, her black cape swishing behind her. The black cloth mask over her face helped to hide her identity even more... she was dressed as Zorro, and she looked damn good. Girl

[FIRST TIME SEX] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She sells her virginity on the internet, to a surprising buyer.] Author's Note: This story could arguably belong in several categories, including First Time. It's got a sexy alpha male who is much older than the young woman whose virginity he takes, so it cou
His Brother's Wife
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[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance/Fetish/Loving Wife] [By GoldeniAngel] © [He gets to punish her.] Walter walked around his new bondage table, looking at the bound woman there. Beautiful... her huge breasts were hanging down in the cuts that he had made for them. He'd estimated her measurements almost perf
His Mistress
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[OLDER MAN/Younger Woman] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Older man gets himself a young Mistress.] Rose was feeling especially nervous as the older gentleman came in with Madame Lily... Rose was new to the Flower House, having just been purchased from her family by the Madame. Of course, she'd had the choi

[FIRST TIME/Older Man/Younger Woman] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Mr. Troy gives Becky a biology lesson.] It would have never happened if not for her tutor. Or, better to say, it would have never happened if her parents had not hired the particular tutor that they did. Becky Herson had been schooled by t

[FIRST TIME/Older Man/Younger Woman] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Becky learns a lesson in giving.] On Wednesday Becky didn't know what to expect. She nervously changed her clothes about 14 times before her lesson, finally settling on a button down shirt and a skirt that wasn't too short. Just above her

[FIRST TIME/Older Man/Younger Woman] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Becky receives her first oral pleasure.] Becky's body was hot and flushed as Mr. Troy had her lay down on the table, sliding the text books and papers to the other side. With her shirt open and bra pulled down under her breasts, the creamy

[FIRST TIME] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Becky gets a lesson on how to 69.] Becky's parents were impressed with her enthusiasm for her continued education. Although they hoped to be able to find her a husband who would be able to take care of her, they knew that having two working adults could make a bi

[FIRST TIME] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Becky loses her virginity to Mr. Troy.] Weekends sucked. Becky sighed, tossing restlessly in her bed. It was Sunday night, her second day without Mr. Troy or an orgasm, and she was having the worst time falling asleep. She'd tried touching herself, but it just

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Becky loses her virginity to Mr. Troy.] The day after Becky lost her virginity to her tutor, Mr. Troy, her parents had a surprise for her at dinner. "Becky, this is Mr. and Mrs. Drake and their son Benjamin," her mother said, beaming at the other family a

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [In the movie theater with Ben, and doggy-style with Mr. Troy.] In the dark movie theater, Becky glanced over her shoulder. Her cousin Margaret and Ben's younger brother Derrick were sitting four rows back and to the left. Other than that, the theater was nea

[FIRST TIME] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Becky gives Ben his first lesson on pleasuring her.] The next few weeks flew by. Mr. Troy's lessons continued to be a bright spot, but so were her dates with Ben. Even if Margaret and Danny came along on every single one. They went out for ice cream, saw some bet

[ANAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Mr. Troy takes Becky's last virginity on their final meeting.] Becky and Ben's parents stood off to the side, proudly watching as Ben knelt down on one knee. A flutter went through Becky's chest. They'd only met a little over a month ago, but she'd known this was coming.

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Becky & Ben's wedding night.] The white dress draped around Becky's body was modest and simple, with a scoop neckline that didn't go too low and pretty lace cap-sleeves. Despite how simple it was, she loved it. It made her skin glow and her cheeks pink; with
Horny Experimentation
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[LESBIAN] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Drunken roommates are horny & feeling open-minded.] Rosanna and Mia giggled drunkenly as they stumbled into their dorm room... the two pretty twenty year olds were trashed after a night of drinking and partying. "Ah... it's so unfair..." moaned Rosanna, "I'm so h

[INTERRACIAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She goes for a giant cock and gets what she needs.] When Amy's friend Linda told her about the House of Fantasy it was with a beet red face and came only after a lot of liquor and a fervent promise on Amy's part not to reveal anything that Linda said. For their

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She wants to be forced and gets more than she bargained for.] "You're sure you want to do this?" "Yes." "Read this form and then sign on the bottom." The paper slid across the desk, pushed by perfectly manicured dragon lady red nails. Elena t

[LOVING WIFE] [By GoldeniAngel] © [He was her first and he wants to give her a new experience.] Harold Tripp loved his wife Linda dearly. They had been together for five years, from the time when she was 18 and he was 23 before being married and now they had been married for five years. For their

[MIND CONTROL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Guy sees lots of opportunities in new aroma drug.] Henry put the nose plug on, it pinched his nostrils shut a little uncomfortably and made him breathe heavily, but if this "perfume" worked like it should then he wasn't going to want to breathe any of it in. Th

[MIND CONTROL/Gay] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Henry takes the opportunity for revenge on an old bully.] Henry was flushed with triumph from his experiment. Although he'd spent the rest of the day in the lab with Miranda, she didn't appear to have any clue that anything strange or untoward had happened

[MIND CONTROL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Henry has more fun with Miranda in the lab.] When Henry got to the lab the next day, his satisfied thoughts were on the events the day before. Not only had he had his way with Miranda - and given her multiple orgasms - but he'd had a most satisfactory revenge o

[MIND CONTROL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Henry brings home a girl with whom to play and control.] Henry was quite the satisfied man lately... he had gotten revenge on a tormenter and on a girl that had scorned him, he had a sex partner whenever he wanted one, and he was feeling the steady rush of powe

[MIND CONTROL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Henry comes to a surprising conclusion.] Henry had decided that life was very very good to him... absolutely everything was going his way, ever since he'd invented that wonderful perfume. It was amazing how different his life was now; he didn't need to be afrai
Hypnotized Confession
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[MIND CONTROL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Confession leads to controlled sex.] Patty opened her eyes, they were slightly glazed and unfocused as she looked at Doctor Marks, the drug had taken effect. "How do you feel, Patty?" he asked the pretty twenty-six year old, and she blinked long lashes at hi
In Public - Chapter 1
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[GAY] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Boyfriends get it on in an empty movie theater.] Bruce and Jeff grinned as they looked around the empty movie theater... it was unlikely that anyone else was going to come anyway since it was just before the movie started. They'd already missed most of the previews...
In Public - Chapter 2
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[GAY] [By GoldeniAngel] © [They stop at a photo booth in an amusement park.] Jeff and Bruce were thrilled with their adventure at the movie theater. Even though it hadn't been possible to do more than have Jeff suck Bruce off, since that usher had then camped out on the side of the theater for th
In Public - Chapter 3
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[GAY] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Things get more risky when Jeff visits Bruce's office.] Jeff sat waiting patiently in the waiting room of Bruce's office, his boyfriend was dealing with a client at the moment. He smiled and waved as Ginny, Bruce's secretary, went off to lunch, telling her that he just
In Public - Chapter 4
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[GAY] [By GoldeniAngel] © [They experiment at a fancy restaurant.] Although Bruce was left blushing for a week every time he went to work, both of the men felt that their escapade there was well spent. Even if they were pretty sure Bruce's secretary knew exactly what they'd been doing... it had s
In Public - Chapter 5
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[GAY] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jeff and Bruce try it out at a party.] Jeff and Bruce were pretty content with their latest adventures, between the amusement park, the restaurant, Bruce's work... there had just been a lot going on that made them very excited and happy. Their love life had really picke

[INCEST/Lesbian] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Older female cousin begins her slow seduction.] Becky was shocked, absolutely shocked when she found out that her younger cousin Erica - just turned 18 last week so she wasn't that young! - was a complete innocent. Absolutely completely innocent about anythin

[INCEST/Lesbian] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Erica lets Becky get to second base.] In the morning Becky kept things casual, they ate breakfast and went out to the beach. When they came back that afternoon she did insist that they take another bath together, although this time Erica seemed more amenable

[INCEST/Lesbian] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Erica learns how to masturbate while Becky watches.] A few more days passed with as the cousin's caressed and sucked on each other's boobs, fondling each other at every chance. It gave Erica quite a thrill when Becky slid her hand under her suit as they stood

[INCEST/Lesbian] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Becky finally gets between Erica's legs.] Not wanting to move TOO quickly with her cousin, Becky just spent a couple days where she and Erica sucked on each other's breasts as they masturbated themselves. They continued to take showers together, and she used
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[GROUP SEX] [By GoldeniAngel] © [A chance encounter leads to a wild night.] Author's Note: Thank you to the reader who requested this story; it definitely took me outside my comfort zone and I had a fun time writing it. I hope everyone enjoys! This story contains one man and multiple women and
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[MASTURBATION/Toys] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Mechanically-minded man has a new toy for his wife.] Russ helped his wife straddle his newest invention, making sure that the lubricated dildos in the saddle were pushed slightly into each of her holes. It really was a saddle, with some new features... pro

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Paula visits her prison guard dad on the wrong day.] It was just bad luck and timing that Chuck, the meanest prison guard working at the maximum security prison, had brought his 19 year old daughter to work with him on the day of the prison break. He'

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The abuse of Paula continues.] "Hold her down for him," Reed told Zack, who scooted behind Paula so that she was partly propped up against him, giving him complete access to both her breasts. Devin spread her legs and immediately pushed into her wet,

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The inmates satiate themselves with Paula.] Reed noticed that Paula was actually sucking on his dick, but he still wanted back at her pussy... he could have a mouth anytime that he wanted. As Zack pulled out of her deflowered ass with a sigh of conten
Just Friends...?
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[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [What seems like a bad idea... sometimes turns out very well.] Karen giggled wildly as she and her friend Nick stumbled into bed. The sounds of the party going on behind them were muted... mostly because the vast majority of people had already left. Fortunate
Justified Revenge
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[REVENGE/Mind Control] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Drug allows him to get revenge on shallow girl.] Author's Note: Hypospadias is a real condition. A reader emailed me and requested that I write a story about it and I decided to make it into a story about people's differences and getting some of your o
Karla Returns
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[FETISH] [By GoldeniAngel] © [A sequel to "Spanking Karla".] Author's Note: It's amazing how I didn't plan for this one to even have a second part... but thanks to a great idea sent to me (unfortunately anonymously so I don't know who to thank), we now have a third as well. So thank you to my ano
Karla's Final Visit
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[FETISH] [By GoldeniAngel] © [A sequel to "Karla Returns" - the finale.] Karla didn't seem to be avoiding Professor Daren exactly, it was just that the pretty redhead wasn't dressing as slutty as usual. Maybe he'd finally beaten the last of her teasing ways out of her the last time she'd come to

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Roy sees his chance with Amy - & takes it.] Author's Note: This first chapter was partly inspired by a request from a reader. The rest of the series is just because I wanted to keep writing it =) I hope you enjoy! --- Roy watched his little sister undres

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Roy gives Amy a hands-on experience.] Roy was thrilled with the way he manipulated his sister, although he really didn't approve of her doing drugs, he couldn't help but be happy for the chance to indulge in his desires. No matter how perverse he thought they r

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Roy and Amy take it a little further.] Roy kept watch for the next few days on his sister, she was masturbating much more than usual, something that he found very intriguing. Was it possible that his caresses and making her give him that hand job had really tur

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Roy gives his sister a reward for good behavior.] For her reward, Roy had Amy completely undress and lay down on the carpet. Her face got more and more fearful with every order, he could see that she was sure that her reward would include the taking of her prec

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Roy makes his sister beg for it.] Roy was surprised to wake up one night feeling as though someone was standing outside his door. Opening his eyes, he looked up to see a silhouette in his doorway. "Yes?" he asked softly as he turned on the light beside his b

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Roy catches Amy and they play with bondage.] Roy was very excited, his sister Amy was becoming more and more of a slut as she got desperate for orgasms... although she occasionally crawled into his bed at night to suck him off, he didn't always return the favor

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Amy loses her virginity to her brother.] After dinner, Roy knew that he was done with waiting. He'd been teasing both himself and Amy all day, and having her walking around the house naked, cooking naked, eating naked... it was all very teasing for him and his

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Roy and Amy finish out a sex-filled weekend.] Amy squealed as Roy pounded away at her very sore pussy from behind. It was Saturday afternoon and this was the third time that he'd fucked her that day; she'd woken up to find him spreading her legs, and although s

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Daddy knew more than Roy suspected.] Amy heard her door open, half awake she wriggled sensuously under the sheets as a warm, hard body slid into the bed beside her. Roy came on most nights to her bedroom, ready to fuck her hard and long while their parents were

[INCEST/Threesome/FMM] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Her father and brother double-team Amy.] "How long have you known?" asked Roy as his father pulled away, his dick falling out of Amy with a soft plop. Amy just lay there looking rather dazed. Dad shrugged, "It wasn't too hard to figure out, you guys

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Dad introduces Amy to anal.] Breakfast the next morning was an uncomfortable affair for Amy. She knew that as soon as her mother left that her father and her brother were going to fuck her again. And now, with her father involved, sex had become dangerous again

[INCEST/Threesome/FMM/Anal] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Amy's double-teamed by her Dad & brother. ] The shower was still a bit uncomfortable for Amy, although by the time that they got out she was very aroused too. Both her father and her brother had insisted on washing her, which mostly seemed to invol

[INCEST/Threesome/FMM/Anal] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Amy's family visits her Uncle Bob and cousins Tom & Carly.] Over the next few weeks Amy became more and more hungry for sex... she was even starting to really enjoy anal sex, the way it was so different... she felt so full and stuffed and the slick

[INCEST/Lesbian] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Men watch as Amy & Carly have sex after breakfast.] Amy spent the night sandwiched between her uncle and cousin, knowing that her cousin Carly was spending the night in a similar way in the next room. Her poor pussy and ass, after having been beaten by her un

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Uncle Bob punishes his niece and daughter.] Author's Note: This story not only contains incest/taboo, but also takes on a slight fetish/bdsm swing here. It includes titty torture, figging (thank you to the reader who informed me about this practice), and lots o

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Halloween brings a final incestuous orgy.] After the weekend at Uncle Bob's, both Amy and her brother Roy were exhausted - although of course Amy was even more exhausted than Roy. Their father seemed content, humming under his breath as he drove them all home w

[ROMANCE] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Young noble lady dresses as peasant for an afternoon.] Lady Gwendolyn sighed as she looked out her window. The fair girl was a lovely brunette 18 years old and still unwed, with hair that hung past her waist in silky ripples when she wore it down. Every morning her

[ROMANCE] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Al and Gwendolyn get a little closer.] The next day seemed to go by achingly slow as Lady Gwendolyn waited impatiently for the afternoon when she could go to the meadow and meet Al again. Not only was he charming and handsome... but he was exciting... something new

[ROMANCE] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Al saves Gwendolyn from certain harm.] Agony was certainly waiting for the evening... all day Lady Gwendolyn had been distracted, unable to pay close attention to any of her embroidery or the chattering of her maid. During dinner she was barely able to eat, her stom

[ROMANCE] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Gwedolyn allows Al to get more daring.] It was a bright sunny day when Gwendolyn went out to meet Al again, filled with excitement and anticipation. Blue skirt rippling around her creamy legs she hurried through the village, occasionally one hand drifting up to pat

[ROMANCE] [By GoldeniAngel] © [They continue what they started, and end with something new.] When Lady Gwendolyn snuck out, it was with her maid Brandy snoring under the influence of sleeping powder again. Excitement fluttered in her chest as she made her way through the streets of the village, b

[ROMANCE] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Gwendolyn spies on her maid.] The second day of being away from Al was a little easier than the first because she knew that the next day they'd be together again. Throughout the loneliness of the day and night before, she cherished his final words to her... the firs

[ROMANCE] [By GoldeniAngel] © [They spend a romantic & fulfilling evening together.] The next evening it was much easier to get out of the keep now that she no longer had to hide her activities from her maid. Instead, her maid helped dress her in blue peasant top and navy skirt, braids pinned nea

[ROMANCE] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Gwendolyn gives herself to Al - before her goodbye.] "CONGRATULATIONS!" roared her father as she descended into the dining room, startling poor tired Gwendolyn, "Your marriage is arranged at last!" the room erupted into cheers as the staff celebrated, no one noticed

[ROMANCE] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She leaves Al and home far behind, along with her heart.] In the morning Gwendolyn was loaded into a carriage with her father and Brandy, sad brown face gazing wistfully at the meadow where she and Al had spent so much time together. As her amber eyes glinted sorrow

[ROMANCE] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The conclusion to the story of Lady Gwendolyn.] Lady Gwendolyn descended the staircase, bedecked in gems and silks with her maidservant a few steps behind in. Before her was the court, spread out in brilliant colors and sparkling jewels, a long pathway to the throne
Lily's First Time
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[FIRST TIME] [By GoldeniAngel] © [An unusual deflowering experience.] Lily was a petite, dark haired, little, Korean girl, barely looked 15 even though she was 22. Short and slim, she barely had breasts or an ass, and at only 5'1" it was no wonder that she was still a virgin. Tonight that was goi

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She thought she didn't want it.] Bridget was one of those very little girls who would always look much younger than she was. Only 5'2" tall with a very small frame and tiny but perfect breasts and ass, she looked like she was 14. And she hated it beca

[FIRST TIME/Erotic Coupling] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Her first blow-job with a side of hot sex.] Josh had his head laying back on his hands as he looked down the length of his body as Bridget struggled to fit his entire dick into her mouth. Her cheeks were puffed out and chubby as she struggled for

[MASTURBATION/Toys] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Bridget has her first experience with the Rabbit Vibrator.] "Ever seen one of these before?" Josh asked as he slid the batteries into the vibrator that he'd bought Bridget as a present. It was a Rabbit Pearl, one of the best vibrators out on the market.

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [They play with bondage and spanking.] "Well..." Bridget blushed, squirming a little in Josh's lap as he fondled her breasts. He'd asked her what her fantasies were, what really turned her on in her head, "I really liked it, that first time we had sex

[FIRST TIME/Anal] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Bridget gives up her anal virginity.] Bridget was leaning over the bed, face down, her ass high in the air as she writhed erotically. Josh grinned as he twisted the rubber probe that was deep in her tight asshole, slim but long he'd been using it to tease he

[GROUP SEX] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She reveals a fantasy of being with another woman.] Josh watched as Bridget finished out her extended orgasm on top of him, her pussy still rubbing against his groin. It kept him half-hard inside of her to watch her like this... he loved having her on top. And it

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Bridget is introduced to figging and gets a spanking. Author's Note: This experience is split into two chapters, this is the first part and is meant more to tantalize. I've been wanting to experiment with stories that have erotic content, but also le

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She's tied, whipped, spanked and sodomized.] Author's Note: The second part of their BDSM exploration... make sure you read Chapter 7 first! I hope you enjoy! --- Bridget groaned as Josh pulled her to her feet, untying her hands. Stretching, sh

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Josh wants Bridget to himself for once.] Josh had something special planned for Bridget today, and this time he wasn't going to tape it. The BDSM themed posting had satisfied many of the guys for awhile, and Josh wanted to have a little adventure with Bridge

[GROUP SEX/Gang Bang] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Josh lets go of jealousy for Minx's gang-bang.] "So, you think you can do it?" Josh asked, he was a little in turmoil about whether or not he really wanted Bridget to get gang-banged. On one hand... great for the site. On the other hand... he wasn't so s

[EXHIBITIONIST/Voyeur] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Little Minx's discovery and conclusion.] Josh was completely ready, the bulletin had been up on the site for a week, "Little Minx's Discovery... A LIVE Show". No taping it and editing it later, the site was getting hundreds of hits a day, signing up to

[FANTASY] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Little Red with the Big Bad Wolf & the Woodcutter.] Author's Note: This story involves MF, Non-Human sex, regular and anal sex, and a double penetration. Enjoy! --- Little Red Riding Hood was called so because of her slight stature, rather than her youth. Alth

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Uncle John convinces his niece to play strip-poker.] "Now you do everything you Uncle tells you to, you hear me?" asked her mother. "Yes Mother," Brenda replied obediently. Her Uncle John could barely believe his good fortune... his sister April was leaving

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Uncle John finds an excuse to carry things a little further.] For days after the poker game Brenda still wasn't sure what had happened, she knew that she'd woken up in just her panties, and that her nipples were a little sore... her head hurt. But she couldn't qu

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Uncle John joins Brenda in the shower.] Uncle John left Brenda alone for a few days after spanking her sweet bottom and getting a hand job from her... at first she was very wary of him, but as he didn't do anything strange she relaxed again. Now her pussy clamo

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Another spanking and some oral pleasure.] Author's Note: This story contains MF spanking and oral sex with elements of Non-Consent/Reluctance. Enjoy! --- Brenda didn't know how to deal with Uncle John lately... she felt so awkward around him after he'd go

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Uncle John gets carried away.] A very nice idea, that would allow him to enjoy himself to some extent every night. *** The very next night, Brenda climbed into bed, feeling much more relaxed since nothing untoward had happened the day before or at all tha

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Uncle John has breakfast helping of sex with his niece.] Uncle John smiled widely as his niece's warm wet mouth pressed down over his cock... she was underneath the breakfast table, busily trying to earn her food. He moaned, pushing upwards with his hips as her

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Uncle John begins playing with his niece's ass.] Brenda felt as though her days were melting together as her Uncle used her body, constantly fucking her mouth and her pussy. Occasionally he would still run his finger around the edge of her ass which made her in

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Uncle John keeps having fun with his niece.] "So you're having a good summer?" Brenda's mother asked her, sounding quite chipper. "Oh yes, very good," Brenda said. Her hand was on the phone, but her fearful eyes were between her legs where Uncle John's head

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Uncle John takes his niece's ass.] Brenda knew what was coming the moment that her Uncle pushed her over the side arm of his couch. For the past two weeks he'd been playing with her butt, plugging her, putting toys into her, and manipulating it while he fucked

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The Conclusion: Mom returns home.] Author's Note: I'm trying to write conclusions for all of the series that I started and hadn't already finished... For this conclusion I took into consideration many readers' comments. I tried to keep the writing style of the

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [He thought she was an ice queen, but he was so very wrong.] Brianne stands glowering in front of the priest, her curvy body decently covered by the layers and layers of fabric that goes into a noblewoman's wedding gown, her long fall of brown hair covered by
Losing It
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[FIRST TIME] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Girl gives her cherry to ex-boyfriend's best friend.] Kyle was stuck in the bedroom of his apartment, because out in the main room his roommate Matt was arguing loudly with his girlfriend Renee. It was their usual argument, Matt wanted to have sex and Renee wante

[DOMINATION & SUBMISSION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Clumsy maid gets more than one spanking.] Shite! Harriet bit her lip, her shoulders hunching, her entire body freezing into position as she waited with bated breath to hear if anyone was close enough to the library to hear the shattering of the va

[DOMINATION & SUBMISSION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Harriet gets into trouble with her Master's heir.] For the next few days, Harriet was as careful as could be. Her bottom was very tender after Mrs. Figgs' paddling, followed by the spanking that George had blackmailed her into. However, she was still

[DOMINATION & SUBMISSION/Lesbian] [By GoldeniAngel] © [This time both Harriet and her friend Mary are in trouble!] "Harriet, pssst, Harriet!" Looking around for the source of the whisper, Harriet saw her friend Mary in the darkened shadows of the servants' staircase, beckoning to her. Hurrying
Making The Grade
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[OLDER MAN/Younger Woman] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Who's taking advantage of who in the classroom?] It was late after school when Wendy came into Mr. Peterson's office, smiling her usual seductive smile. The older man smiled. Pushing fifty, out of shape, balding... it was always a pleasure when a you

[XXX NOVEL - Domination & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Welcome to Mrs. Cunningham's Finishing School.] Author's Note: There is no sex in this first chapter. This series is not meant to be read out of order, if you haven't read the previous chapters it is suggested that you do so before this o

[DOMINATION & SUBMISSION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Dr. Monroe begins his examination of Vivian.] The day after her birthday started out like any other day. Vivian woke, dressed, did her hair and went to sit for breakfast. Mrs. Banks had warned her to eat sparingly for breakfast because of the examina

[DOMINATION & SUBMISSION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Vivian's pre-training examination continues.] Author's Note: I highly suggest reading the previous two chapters; these chapters are not really meant to be stand alone. As with the previous two chapters, there is no actual intercourse in this chapter.

[DOMINATION & SUBMISSION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Her 1st training day starts innocently, and ends with a spanking.] Author's note: Make sure to read the first 3 chapters of this series; it's rather plot heavy and the chapters are not meant to be read as standalone pieces. This chapter is heavier on

[DOMINATION & SUBMISSION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Vivian learns about hairbrushes, and using her mouth.] Author's Note: It is suggested that you read the previous chapters of this series as they are not meant to be read on their own. Enjoy! * "You'd best get up Miss, you don't want to be late!

[DOMINATION & SUBMISSION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Vivian begins her second week of training.] Author's Note: I highly recommend starting with the previous chapters, this story is meant to be read in order. ******* On Sunday evening Mrs. Cunningham summoned Mrs. Banks to her office. When Mrs. B

[DOMINATION & SUBMISSION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Lord Cranborne watches Vivian's second examination.] Leaning back in his chair, Lord Cranborne frowned at the report his estate manager had given him. Ever since his father had begun to hand over some of the estates to Gabriel to run, giving him expe

[DOMINATION & SUBMISSION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Vivian's nightly discipline includes a finger in her bottom.] From the peephole that Mrs. Cunningham brought him to, Gabriel was able to see where his wife slept every night. The punishment chair in the center of the room obviously dominated his view

[DOMINATION & SUBMISSION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Vivian earns herself a birching over the weekend.] Sunlight, rather than the maid, woke Vivian. For a moment she felt panicked and sat bolt upright, thinking that she was late for the Practicum and that Mrs. Banks would be using the dreaded hairbrush

[DOMINATION & SUBMISSION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Vivian experiences a new kind of evening punishment.] Monday morning Vivian woke with a whimper as she accidentally rolled onto her back, immediately shifting her position back to her side as the maid gently shook her shoulder. She groaned as the ach

[DOMINATION & SUBMISSION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Vivian is introduced to a tawse... for no reason.] On Wednesday Vivian did everything almost perfectly. Her sore breasts pressed against the front of her dress, her bottom still stung when she sat down too quickly, but somehow none of it mattered. Th

[DOMINATION & SUBMISSION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Vivian pleasures herself and experiences the cane.] Ensconced with Mrs. Cunningham and Dr. Monroe in Mrs. Cunningham's, Mrs. Banks described her failure to incite something other than Vivian's submissiveness. Despite the fact that her submissiveness

[DOMINATION & SUBMISSION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Vivian's last week before she meets Lord Cranborne.] Author's Note: This series is not meant to be read out of order, if you haven't read the previous chapters it is suggested that you do so before this one. ****** When Vivian awoke, she was fe

[DOMINATION & SUBMISSION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The Earl and Vivian finally meet again and share a moment.] To Vivian's surprise she was not allowed to choose her own dress on Friday. The maid came in with a new one that had been made especially for her and sent by Mrs. Banks. It was a gorgeous cr

[DOMINATION & SUBMISSION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [For the first time, Gabriel is included in Vivian's training.] Gabriel prowled around his father's house the entire weekend. He'd gone there rather than staying in his own London home in order to distract himself from the emptiness of his house. Soon

[DOMINATION & SUBMISSION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Gabriel and Vivian spend a few more evenings together.] Vivian was a bundle of jumbled nerves when she heard the Earl of Cranborne being announced at the at-home she was attending the next day. Immediately her face flushed a bright red, as it had bee

[DOMINATION & SUBMISSION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Vivian earns herself a reward.] Vivian was beginning to wonder how often she would find herself in exactly this position, straining to see what her bottom looked like in the mirror. Sunlight trickled in through her window; she'd awoken before the

[DOMINATION & SUBMISSION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Vivian earns a strapping at her engagement ball.] Friday was the final day of the Practicum for the students of Mrs. Cunningham's Finishing School. In the morning they were informed that a celebratory dinner would be held that evening at the house, w

[DOMINATION & SUBMISSION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Gabriel & Vivian's wedding... and after.] Vivian awoke with a whimper, after she rolled onto her back and the ache in her bottom flared to life with a sharpness that almost felt like a blow. Immediately she turned back onto her side, but the damage w

[XXX NOVEL - DOMINATION & SUBMISSION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Part 2 - Gabriel & Vivian's wedding... and after.] "Look at me, sweet." His voice deepened, roughened, and her eyes flew open to meet his silver gaze, the green flecks in his eyes blazing. Fingers trailed over her cheek, gently, almost re

[EXHIBITIONISM/Voyeur] [By GoldeniAngel] © [He's the master of hypnosis.] Author's Note: This story contains elements of "loving wives", "exhibitionism/voyeurism" and even elements of "non/consent". --- Mervin the Magnificent smiled as he peeked through the curtain, seeing the throngs of e

[ANAL/Revenge] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Taking cheating ex-girlfriend's butt cherry, he gets a surprise.] Ray silently entered the unlocked back door of his ex-girlfriend Karen's house... Karen, the bitch who had cheated on him with his best friend - supposed best friend - Ted. Karen who had told him

[ANAL/Revenge] [By GoldeniAngel] © [This time Charlotte helps him get the right butt-cherry.] Ray couldn't believe his good fortune. Not only had he not gotten in trouble for accidentally ass-raping his cheating ex-girlfriend's younger sister, but Charlotte was going to help him get back at Karen

[INCEST/Revenge] [By GoldeniAngel] © [They make Karen eat Charlotte out before they leave.] Charlotte looked at Ray, "Are you suggesting what I think you're suggesting." He grinned at her, "Well, I've always wanted to see two girls go at it, and you seem to be angry at her for something... bes

[INTERRACIAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She's kidnapped and sold as a slave.] Author's Note: This series is being done at the request of a reader who asked for a story about white slavery, specifically with a Mediterranean/Golden-skinned man. I hope you enjoy! --- Fiona woke up slowly, hazily, t

[INTERRACIAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Fiona's training is changing her.] Fiona's pert lips were wrapped around her owner's dick, sucking fervently in order to escape from having a bruised bum. She'd only been there a week, but she'd quickly learned that disobedience was punished swiftly and harshly.

[INTERRACIAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Fiona is almost ready to be his son's present.] Fiona panted heavily as she finished the dance, her breasts heaving. Her master smiled happily at her, from where he watched between his two body guards, well pleased that his son's present was performing so well.

[INTERRACIAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Fiona is presented to a new Master.] Fiona was ushered into the grand ballroom, shaking and nervous. She'd never liked being in front of people, and right now everyone was staring at her. Everyone was an awful lot of people, most of them some kind of golden or d
Nicole's Revenge
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[CELEBRITY] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Nicole has the perfect revenge on her "friend" Paris.] Nicole was so tired of Paris' stupid mouthings and her idiotic stunts. After all, Nicole had become much more classy and mature, thanks to the influence of her fiancé. It had become increasingly obvious just h

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Attracted to her boss, Diane gets a surprise.] It's a small office. Three people really. Diana was hired a couple months ago, and she had started noticing that there was something rather odd about her new job. First there was the fact that there was o

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [In which it really starts going.] "I believe, this is about what you want." His eyes never left hers as he pulled back the right side of her jacket, and ran his fingers completely over the top of her breast revealed by the demi cup of her bra. Shudder

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She started reluctant, but the scene changes.] Surprisingly, to Diane at least, the rest of the week at work went on pretty much as usual. The new outfits she had purchased were the only ones she wore, Juan checked her out every day that she was ther

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Michael takes Diane home for the weekend.] Friday went by so slowly, all of Diane's thoughts were on the upcoming weekend. Distracted and horny was how she spent the entire day. Michael continued with his occasional touches, making her wince a few ti

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Diane has to get work done to avoid punishment.] Monday morning, Michael's greeting included a caress of Diane's very sore breast, he smiled at her when she winced but didn't voice a complaint. "Come see me in my office in a few minutes." she nodded,

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The first part of Diane's weekend punishment.] Diane was tied over a horse in Michael's basement, sweating. Completely naked, the horse was wide enough to support her whole weight, and long enough that she could rest her head on it; just at Michael's

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The rest of Diane's weekend.] Diane and Michael ate lunch, chatting amiably. She felt almost as though she was living in some kind of twilight zone; they were both naked in a gorgeous kitchen, her with a sore ass, and there was nothing in either deme

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The final chapter.] Monday at work Diane was doing her best to be productive, and it seemed as though Michael wasn't going to be distracting her too much. She was wearing a buttplug as usual, but he'd pretty much left her alone for the morning. Most

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Laurie's new Step-mother is a former lover.] Laurie almost choked when she met her new step-mother for the first time. Of course, her father had already told her that his new wife was much younger than him - only about 10 years older than Laurie's twenty-five -

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Things get a little more intense at home.] The next morning Laurie felt slightly guilty as she sat at the breakfast table with her Dad and Stacey. Neither woman could look at the other without blushing... on the other hand she also felt slightly angry at Stacy'

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [More action happens before Stacy pulls away.] Stacy avoided Laurie completely for a few days, running out to do errands and just generally trying to stay away from the house. She didn't mind at all, it meant that she got some time alone to sort out her own feel

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance/Group Sex] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Cassie didn't know she'd be the party favor.] "Take off your shirt!" one of the guys called out as Cassie walked into the room. "Fuck you guys," Cassie responded huffily. She really wanted to leave the little gathering, the number of peop

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Cassie spends some time with Mike.] Cassie rested her full weight on Mike as he washed her off in the shower, her body to overcome from the drug Brad had slipped in her drink and being the sex toy for 3 other guys to protest as Mike's fingers touched
Party Time
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[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [They sneak outside for fun under the stars.] Wayne and Nancy snuck away from the party giggling, slipping out the back door and into the expansive yard of their host's house. Chad's parents were filthy rich and right now they were out of town, so of course a
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[EXHIBITIONIST/Voyeur] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Guy peeks in on step-bro and his girlfriend having hot sex.] Eighteen year old high school senior Blair Madison was home sick, although he wasn't actually all that sick. It just seemed to be a slight cold, but like all high school seniors he had a heavy

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Allison's lost an important game of poker.] Shit shit shit, Allison thought... how could she have been so stupid?! She was sitting, in nothing but her g-string, across from Todd, and there was nothing in her poker hand. Absolutely nothing. What made i

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Allison hears from Todd again.] "OH GOD!" "OH GOD! OH GOD I'M CUMMING! YOU'RE IN MY ASS AND I'M CUMMING! OH GOD TODD! OH FUCK, FUCK ME! FUCK MY ASS!" Allison gasped as her voice came through her answering machine, loud and clear, her very words

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Allison's first payment is her virginity.] Hey Princess, Our date is going to be Friday, I'll pick you up after I get off of work at 5pm. Wear your hair down, I like the curls, and wear a button up shirt and a skirt. The skirt shouldn't be a tight

[EXHIBITIONIST/Voyeur/Interracial] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Allison visits Todd's office for their 2nd Date.] Hey Princess, Friday again, I think I'll just make that our night together. For the next five Friday's you're mine, beautiful. You certainly seemed to enjoy yourself on our last date, so I

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Allison gets an unpleasant surprise from Todd.] Athor's Note: this story started out as a non-consent/reluctance, and the main character still tends to be reluctant although she also enjoys herself very very much, she doesn't want to admit it... just as a warni

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Todd punishes Allison for last week's bad behavior.] Princess, You were very bad on our last date. It's time you learned who's in charge while we're together. This Friday I will have a friend drop off a package after your parents leave for work. I

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Chad finds Allison at her parent's pool party.] When Allison woke up Saturday morning, she realized that the had to hide her coat and get in the shower before her parents came in and found her on her bed, naked underneath the black coat and with dried cum on he

[GROUP SEX] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Todd shares Allison with many others.] Princess, We'll be staying at my place this Friday. Coat with nothing under it again, put your hair in a ponytail this time. I heard you had a good time this weekend, pool party sounds like it must have been a ball. I'll p

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Todd and Allison's final date.] Princess, I'm glad you seemed to enjoy yourself so much on our last date, you're awfully hot when you're being fucked every which way and enjoying it so much. This Friday you're going to be all mine though. We're going out
Pool's Closed
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[EROTIC COUPLING/Anal] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Lifeguard & his girlfriend sneak in after hours.] Mark reflected on the joys of being a lifeguard as he let himself and his girlfriend Kristy into the pool, this year he was at Brighton Village Pool which was probably the most secluded and least-used po
Popping Cherries
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[FIRST TIME] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Student asks former teacher to pop ALL her cherries.] Friday at lunchtime in Chad David's classroom, he was looking over his lesson plan for the last three periods of the day. "Mr. David?" a shy voice in his doorway made him look up, standing there looking ver
Porn Star
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[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She signed the contract without reading it.] The girl in front of Karl was stretched out with her ass turned up in the air... blonde, pretty, but really stupid. He couldn't even remember her name... he had her on the frame that he'd built, like the o
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[INTERRACIAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Asian girl films an adult movie with white guy.] "So today you're doing a white 25 year old male, name's Chad." Trixie waved the director past, concentrating on her hair and make-up instead. She didn't really care who she was doing, as long as this was her last
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[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [He loves the earth and the earth loves him back.] "Earthday," Alex muttered as he forcefully jammed dirt around the tree he was planting. "What's the point anymore?" He felt saddened and frustrated, as this was the first year that he was doing the spring

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Ricky's daughter gets raped for revenge.] "Fucking bastard..." Greg took another swig of his beer. His eye was still blackened, although the swelling had gone down a lot. While his friends looked on he finished the beer and tossed it out the back of t

[MASTURBATION/Toys] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Horny, she tries creative ways to get herself off.] Jackie had taken a long time to heal after her gang-rape at the hands of those older men... on the other hand, she also hadn't stopped having erotic dreams about it since it happened. Her father had kept

[INTERRACIAL/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Horny, she gets laid - by her gorgeous black teacher.] Although Jackie was masturbating almost daily using the washing machine, she found herself just getting more and more horny. Sometimes, as she ground her clit against the chugging machine, she would re

[FIRST TIME] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She takes her study partner's virginity.] Jackie was quite put out when she arrived at school the next morning and Mr. _____ wasn't there. She'd been counting on him to give her the fix she needed... it didn't occur to her that the poor man was wracked with guilt

[ANAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She comes face to face with her rapist.] Jackie was very bored and horny over the weekend... there were no guys around - thanks to her overprotective father - and since he was home all weekend there wasn't even any joy in doing the laundry. Her pussy itched with need,

[GROUP SEX/Gangbang] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jackie gets gang-banged, voluntarily this time.] Jackie called Greg and they set up a time for her to come over on Tuesday... he said it would be a whole different group of guys than before. Maybe one or two familiar faces, but she shouldn't expect to rec

[INTERRACIAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She gets it on with her gorgeous black teacher.] It took Jackie awhile to recover from her gang-bang, her pussy and ass were so sore afterwards. She faked sick for a couple of days just so that she could stay home and recover, but by her third day in bed she was

[LESBIAN] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Gloria listens to Jackie's story and they get turned on.] Jackie was loving the way Gloria reacted to her stories... "So, they made me take turns sucking their dicks, and by the time I was done the first ones were getting hard again. So then Greg laid me on my ba

[EXHIBITIONIST/Voyeur] [By GoldeniAngel] © [They garner an audience at the beach.] Greg put his arm around Jackie as they walked down to the beach, caressing the top of her ass lightly and making her shiver with wanton need. When he'd first suggested she skip school to spend the day with him, Jac

[OLDER MAN/Younger Woman] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Greg's father gets a piece of the action.] When Greg asked Jackie to come over for the afternoon, she was there instantly. Not only did she know that her father was going to be working late, but she was VERY horny. Their session at the beach had made

[EXHIBITIONIST/Voyeur] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jackie spies on her dad fucking a woman from work.] Jackie came home from being royally fucked by Greg's father, tired and much earlier than she'd thought. Fortunately she knew that her father was going to be home late - although he thought she was at G

[LESBIAN] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jackie and Gloria experiment with each other some more.] Jackie and Gloria already knew that Jackie's stories were going to get both of them excited. Before she even started to talk, they kissed tenderly and began to undress each other, playing with each other's bod
River Walkers
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[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Hiking leads to skinny dipping which leads to more.] Doug and Leigh were hiking through the woods, he was in front of her and she admired him from behind. The boy had a nice butt, she thought, and she enjoyed looking at him even more than she did at the scen
Rodeo Riders
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[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Cowboy Dan meets one heck of a Rodeo fan.] He was walking through the stalls of the cattle for the rodeo when he saw her... and he was definitely not the only one to see her! That girl was turning heads as she walked along, and she didn't even seem to notice
Roomies - Chapter 1
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[LESBIAN] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Innocent girl gets a lesbian roommate in college.] Erin tried not to feel too nervous as she undressed for the night... she was a pretty eighteen year old, rather innocent in the ways of life, who just happened to have a lesbian for a roommate. Sure, Shannon was nic
Roomies - Chapter 2
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[LESBIAN] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Erin finds out more about her roommate's preferences.] Erin still wondered about Shannon, but she and Robin seemed to have something going on. According to Shannon it wasn't a serious relationship - neither of them wanted to do that this early in the semester, but t
Roomies - Chapter 3
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[LESBIAN] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Erin sees some things she never saw before.] Shannon never knew that Erin had heard her that night, having sex with the other girl - whose name turned out to be Christie. The two of them woke up drunk the next morning, and Shannon remembered have sex with Christie b
Roomies - Chapter 4
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[LESBIAN] [By GoldeniAngel] © [It's Erin's turn to get caught at something.] For the next few weeks Shannon and Erin could barely talk to each other... not because either of them were angry about Erin walking in on Shannon and Christie, but because they were both so embarrassed. All the conversat
Roomies - Chapter 5
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[LESBIAN] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The conclusion for Erin and Shannon.] The week after Erin's blunder was worse than she could ever imagine. Now it was quite obvious that Shannon wasn't exactly angry, but that she was very hurt by Erin's rejection. There were no new girls brought back to the room th
Santa Claus is Coming
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[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She's been on the naughty list for too long.] Maggie Williams was not a nice person. In fact, she was probably one of the least nice people one could probably meet. She hadn't started out life that way, no she'd been a rather sweet person. Perhaps it

[INTERRACIAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Sarah needs a private investigator.] Author's Note: This story began as a reader's request, and I'm grateful for the detail that they asked for which has allowed me to begin creating a truly interesting story (to me at least). However, this is going to be an ong

[INTERRACIAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Sarah meets with her private investigator.] Author's Note: This chapter, like the one before it, doesn't have any sex in it... although things do get a little bit steamier ;) I hope you enjoy! ****** Derrick walked up to Mrs. Brown's small, two story singl

[INTERRACIAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [They find themselves on an unofficial lunch date.] Author's Note: There is no sex in this chapter, just sexy-tension-building plot ;) I hope you enjoy! ********** The more Derrick found out about Vincent Holme, the less he liked the guy. There had been a f

[INTERRACIAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [A shocking discovery changes their dynamic.] Derrick beat Sarah to her house by about five minutes. It was possible that he'd been going a little faster than normal, feeling a little too excited to be there. Staring at the garden in front, which was just as imma

[INTERRACIAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Derrick and Sarah continue to pleasure each other.] Sarah sank into her cherry blossom scented bubble bath with the strangest mix of emotions. Satisfaction: she'd just had the most arousing and fulfilling sexual experience of her life. Guilt: Martin had ba

[INTERRACIAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The day after.] Author's Note: There is no sex in this chapter. If you'd like the sexy time check out chapters 4 & 5; if you're following the story - enjoy!!! This is a reader request story, thank you so much for the idea! ******** Sarah woke up the next

[INTERRACIAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Sarah and Derrick go on a date.] Derrick couldn't believe how good Sarah looked when she opened the door. Being so much taller than her was definitely a bonus when she wore a low cut dress like that, he had the most incredible view of her creamy cleavage. That w

[INTERRACIAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Derrick, Sarah, Patricia & Lloyd become business partners.] The breakfast that Derrick cooked Sarah that morning was fantastic. A bacon and egg omelet seasoned with onions and herbs, with a side of fresh sliced melon. Despite his reassurance she'd still taken th

[INTERRACIAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Sarah & Derrick's happy ending.] When Derrick woke up the next morning he was curled around Sarah, her small body tucked into his and his face buried in her sweet smelling hair. It was the best night's rest he'd ever gotten, including the nights that he'd spent
School Project
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[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance/Threesome/FMM] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Two nerds get their revenge on a bitchy classmate.] Author's Note: This is pure fantasy, in the broadest sense. There's some "science" that's almost like mind control but is more like body control, no regard for the limits of the human b
Secret Anal Sex
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[ANAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [He's an ass man, but his girl wouldn't give it up.] John was obsessed with anal sex... unfortunately his girlfriend of the past year refused to have anything to do with anal sex. She wouldn't let him anywhere near her beautiful ass, not with his hands, tongue and defin

[FEMALE TRANSFORMATION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Secretary wishes that her female boss was a man.] Brenda looked up as Ms. Vivian Schaffer walked by, "Good morning Ms. Schaffer," she chirped prettily, tossing her brown hair over one shoulder as she smiled warmly at her boss. "Good morning Brenda,"

[FEMALE TRANSFORMATION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Vivian noticed something strange about herself.] Vivian slammed down the phone angrily after having gotten into a furious debate with her colleague that turned into an out and out verbal brawl. Shaking a little, she sat down at the desk, wondering what

[FEMALE TRANSFORMATION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Vivian tries to cope with her changing body.] Vivian was getting more agitated than ever now. She was quite sure that her breasts were shrinking and that her clit was bigger... what was more than that was that her secretary was literally driving her up

[FEMALE TRANSFORMATION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Vivian's change is complete.] Vivian gritted her teeth as she walked through the office door, once again having to face her ever sexier secretary. Now, whenever she walked in she found herself the recipient of a sultry gaze from the brunette, a glimpse

[FEMALE TRANSFORMATION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Brenda's masturbating to the fantasy of a REAL male Vivian.] Victor/Vivian... dammit she had to get it straight in her mind. Fuck what her body looked like, she still couldn't help thinking of herself as a woman. The only time she really thought of her

[FEMALE TRANSFORMATION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Brenda's fantasy becomes real.] Brenda screamed as someone grabbed her suddenly from behind, pressing her down onto the copier, squashing her breasts flat against the smooth glass surface. Her fingers were still caught in her pussy and her pulse raced

[FEMALE TRANSFORMATION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Brenda gets her just desserts.] "Vi-... Vivian??" Stuttered Brenda, completely in shock and her pussy still aching with desire, unfulfilled by the brutal fucking that she'd just been given. Victor glared down at the little tramp, filled with rage. N
She Wants It
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[INTERRACIAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Drunk white girl on his lawn wants a big black cock..] Jerry grumbled when he got home, some stupid bitch was passed out on his front lawn. The big black man got out of his car, angrily stalking to the drunken slut and turning her over. Even before he saw her fa

[NON-CONSENT/Anal/Fetish] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Priscilla is punished with an anal reaming.] Author's note: the title of this series says it all, this is a sick series, it's going to have non-consent, lots of anal, fetishes, spankings, revenges, cheating... it's a girl gone wrong and she's taking

[NON-CONSENT/Rape] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Priscilla rapes and sexually tortures a classmate.] Author's Note: This is a story with female on female rape, breast torture and some spanking. All of them do end up enjoying themselves immensely =) I hope you enjoy as well. --- Having gotten her fix

[FETISH] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She wants Justin to spank, whip and torture her.] Author's Note: This is another installment of a rather extreme series, not for anyone looking for a loving relationship or vanilla sex. This particular chapter includes spanking, pussy whipping, some breast torture, s

[OLDER MAN/Younger Woman] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Priscilla gets it on with her married Professor.] Author's Note: This is a man cheating on his wife with Priscilla, that's about the most kinky thing going on in this story; but it's the lead in to the next chapter which is going to live up to the ti

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Professor Dandon, Priscilla, and his wife.] Author's Note: This is the point where I'd like to get the series into more extremes... warning for this one - Non-Consensual marital sex as well as a kind of lesbian rape. --- Professor Dandon gasped

[LESBIAN] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Priscilla and Barbara upstairs... the Professor downstairs.] Priscilla was excited as she got Barbara into the bedroom, she'd bought a new strap-on dildo just the other day and hadn't had a chance to use it yet. So she'd hidden it away in her purse for the evening,

[THREESOME/MFM] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Andrea fulfills a fantasy with two guys.] Andrea giggled drunkenly as Brett pulled her on top of him, Walter rubbing her jean-covered ass from behind. She knew that she was drunk, but she didn't care... her long time boyfriend, John, had just broken up with he

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Winning a pool game means she's his.] Will whooped with excitement as the 8 ball bounced off the side of the table, just missing the side pocket... his insides had been twisting with anxiety, sure that Jessica had won. The stakes were high between them... sl

[DOMINATION & Submission/Anal] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Will takes Jessica's anal virginity on the second day.] Will watched happily from his seat at the kitchen table as Jessica made him breakfast clothed in nothing more than an apron. Her cute butt was sticking out from in between the clothe, and w

[DOMINATION & Submission/Lesbian] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Will wants Jessica to have sex with another girl.] Jessica was cooking breakfast naked again as Will walked in, he was on the phone with someone and sounded very happy this morning. She winced as he slapped her ass on the way by... her poor l

[DOMINATION & Submission/Threesome/MFM] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Now he orders a threesome with Will's friend Greg.] That night Will watched as Jessica made up her face and put on stockings and heels. She looked damn sexy and he could feel himself getting hard just from looking at her. A part of him

[DOMINATION & Submission/Exhibitionist] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Another couple watches them have sex on the beach.] The next morning Will let Jessica sleep in, knowing that she would be incredibly tired after last night's activities. Smiling, he decided that he didn't want to share her with anyone e

[DOMINATION & Submission/Masturbation] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Will wants to watch Jessica play with herself.] Jessica had been very excited by their trip to the beach and also by having someone watching them... the night before when it had been possible that someone could be seeing them through the

[DOMINATION & Submission/Toys] [By GoldeniAngel] © [They spend a day playing with various toys.] Will spent the next day playing with Jessica and toys. He liked the way that she'd played with herself the day before, and so he'd gone out in the morning and bought a bunch of fun things at the sex s

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [As final payment for loosing at Pool, it time for bondage and pain.] Will had been very intrigued by some of Jessica's reactions to the previous day's toys... especially the whip and the paddle. A little pain seemed to turn her on a lot, and he was k
Slave Owner
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[INTERRACIAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Dad's plantation slave catches her masturbating in the woods.] Christine knew that she was a bad girl, but she couldn't help it. It was wrong... she knew it was wrong... but every night she snuck down to the river to watch her father's plantation slaves bathe. T

[FANTASY] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The real story behind the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty.] Author's Note: In the original story of Sleeping Beauty she's raped by the Prince... I wanted to make it more romantic but still keep the sensuality and the idea of sex before consciousness... I hope you enjo

[LOVING WIFE] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Horny and stuck in one room for over 2 weeks already...] They'd been snowed into the cabin for two weeks now... it was a good thing that they'd prepared by bringing up lots of food. Of course, Esther thought sarcastically, that was more due to the fact that the

[LOVING WIFE/Exhibitionist/Voyeur] [By GoldeniAngel] © [They get totally into being watched and watching.] It wasn't more than a couple days after Esther and Mark had first made love in front of David that Mark brought it up again. Feeling more than willing, her body aching to be touched again, E

[LOVING WIFE/Threesome/MFM] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Mark wants David to find real satisfaction.] Mark felt bad. Even though David wasn't complaining about watching him and Esther make love, and was obviously enjoying it, Mark knew very well that jerking off just wasn't the same. And it didn't help t

[LOVING WIFE/Anal] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Esther wants her husband to take her anal virginity.] The morning after David had slept with Esther, while her husband Mark watched, David went out for a walk to leave the two of them alone. The couple got the feeling that their friend wanted to make sure e

[LOVING WIFE/Voyeur] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Mark watches Esther with David from the beginning.] David was obviously relieved when he returned to the cabin and Mark and Esther were happily cuddling on the couch, waiting for him. The three of them smiled and laughed, and fell into the routine of the

[LOVING WIFE/Threesome/MFM] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The men double team her from each side.] Esther pushed her husband Mark down on the bed, smiling... it was another evening up at the cabin, they were no longer snowed in but they and their friend David had decided to stay a few more days in this re
Spank Me
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[FETISH/Spanking/Anal] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Schoolgirl craves a spanking from her Headmaster.] Author's Note: This is a rough spanking story involving anal sex. Enjoy! --- Hannah shivered as she walked down the hallway to the Headmaster's office. She was a horny little slut and she often go
Spanking Karla
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[FETISH/Spanking/Anal] [By GoldeniAngel] © [A sequel to "To Spank a Schoolgirl".] byGoldeniangel© Author's Note: By request, a sequel... I hadn't actually planned for a sequel to this one, but under popular demand (and hopefully having taken into account suggestions and criticisms), I offer
Spring Break
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[OLDER WOMAN/Younger Man] [By GoldeniAngel] © [His hospitable roommate has a MILF.] I was hanging out at my friend Victor's house, we were two 20 year old guys on spring break from college and life was good. His mom was a real sweetheart, divorced but very cheerful about everything still… she was

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Captive is bought by her new Master.] Author's Note: This is a BDSM story, however there is also a Sci-Fi / Fantasy element because of where I've set the story that readers should be aware of. Enjoy! *** Alanna stumbled as she was pulled into t

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [David takes Alanna home and begins her awakening.] Alanna stared around the large house that the car stopped at. Despite herself she'd enjoyed the ride to it, being able to see a new place, new things. Back home she'd never seen anything other than h

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Alanna must leave the clothing of her past behind.] Alanna was thrilled to be back out and around the city again, although David warned her that once they were done with this trip he probably wouldn't take her out again for awhile. There was training

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Alanna's awakening begins.] Alanna quivered as David started peeling away her clothes. She was wearing so many more items than before, and to have his hands on her as he bared her body to him, made the entire process more exciting and frightening. Th

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Alanna loses her virginity to her Master.] David gently massaged the wet folds of Alanna's pussy, smiling as he watched her come down from her orgasm, the confusion and satisfaction on her face apparent. She was so easy to read, her expressions were

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Alanna and her Master take a bath together.] David woke the next morning and looked down at the sleeping Alanna. God, he'd only known her a day, but from the very first minute he'd seen her at the auction, being looked over by Curtis, he'd had a surg

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Master and auctioned slave continue to explore each other.] David came home that evening and had a quick word with his staff. He was relieved to hear that Alanna had ventured out of his room and was practicing walking on her high heels like he'd inst

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [David introduces Alanna to giving head.] "Present yourself," ordered David. Alanna immediately got into the position that her Master had taught her, kneeling on the bed with her legs spread and her arms behind her backs. His eyes ran appreciativel

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [David teases and then puts Alanna on top.] The next day David had to work a full day. He got up early, strapped the butterfly vibrator onto Alanna, and aroused her while she gave him head. Then he deliberately took it off of her and left for work wit

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Alanna's punishment fits the crime.] Master woke Alanna by running his fingers up and down her body, stroking her soft skin with his light touch and making her nipples tighten. She awoke aroused and needy. Then he strapped the vibrator over her clit

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Master takes Alanna to the locked room for pleasure.] The day after Master punished Alanna for playing with herself, her life took on a new schedule. In the mornings and early afternoons she had a tutor named Ms. Bliss who came and taught her about D

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Master takes her anal virginity.] Alanna didn't have much time to ponder ways to be bad. The very next day, first thing in the morning, her Master tested her boundaries in a way she had never expected. Putting her on her hands and knees on the bed, h

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Alanna's impulses get her into serious trouble.] Alanna awoke feeling flush and sore. Master's dominance over her body had been proven in every way possible... and even though she had fought it beforehand, in some ways she welcomed it. That didn't

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Neither David or Alanna wants to lose the other.] "Hello Alanna," Ms. Bliss said, sitting down gracefully next to the cage. Alanna nodded at her, smiling, but she didn't speak. Ms. Bliss smiled back understandingly. "I know we already had a talk befo

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Alanna earns back some privileges, but is tested and teased.] The next morning found Alanna back in the cage in the library. Ungagged. There was enough room for her to stretch out, but it was boring being there. She heaved a lot of sighs, which she t

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Alanna and her Master attend a party.] Alanna shook with nervousness as Master led her into the mansion by the leash he had affixed to her collar. It was Saturday night and he was taking her to a party, but she had to follow strict orders about ev

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Curtis comes to test Alanna.] Alanna had pleased David greatly over the weekend. She had been nervous and scared at the party, but had still been able to lower her inhibitions and let loose. The rest of the weekend had been extremely pleasurable for

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [David & Alanna's Conclusion.] Despite her disappointment that she hadn't yet made her way back into her Master's bed, Alanna truly enjoyed their next week together. She loved the morning ritual of having her Master fill her with the butt plug, then g
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[MIND CONTROL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Nerdy guy's drug puts people at his every mercy.] At 4am, Rodney finally had it, his finished prototype. Considered a nerdy guy by most of the people that knew him, he was a rather gawky 5'10" college student with tousled brown hair and dark brown eyes. Obsesse
Summer Fling
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[OLDER WOMAN/Younger Man] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Boarder gets it on with his widow landlady.] Mrs. Pandra had been trying to seduce him all summer, Jim knew that. But for the most part he'd rebuffed her not so subtle offers... after all, she was about 25 years older than his 22 years; to him that w
Summer of Young Lust
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[OLDER WOMAN/Younger Man] [By GoldeniAngel] © [A much younger man is house-sitting next door.] Tess watched as her neighbor's nephew waved them goodbye, he was very good-looking, the single 39 year old woman thought. Still, no reason to get excited, at age 22 he certainly wasn't going to be inter
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[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Janet surprises her man.] I was laying - inclining rather - on my bed, waiting for my fiancé to get home. Everything was perfect. The room was clean (for once), dimly lit candles flickering soft light (all encased in holders so that I didn't have to worry ab
Surprising His Sitter
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[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [When his date ends early, he gets a surprise at home.] She was going to say it. Rick gritted his teeth into an approximation of a smile as Laney fluttered her eyelashes at him and then their waiter, the very picture of a helpless female. It'd be a lot mor

[SWINGING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Best friends decide to swap wives to heat up their sex lives.] "So we're agreed?" asked Carl, "You girls are ok with this too?" Carl and Kevin's wives, Paula and Miriam looked at each other and giggled, nodding. The men were relieved, they'd actually talked abou

[SWINGING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Paula & Kevin begin uncertainly, but end hot.] Paula was nervous as she pulled away from the house, she could see Carl closing the door. It wasn't that she was afraid that he didn't love her or that he'd want to leave her after this... but she had only been with on

[SWINGING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [They decide to try a second trade off.] Carl anxiously awaited Miriam's return. Things had gone a little differently than the two couples had originally thought... for one, swapping wives had brought their marital sex lives to incredible new highs. Just watching th

[SWINGING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Kevin ties up Carl's wife Paula.] This time, going to Kevin's, Paula was a lot less nervous. She'd even decided to go completely naked under the coat she was wearing, rather than wearing any lingerie... and her belly curled with excitement. The past week with Carl

[SWINGING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [All four of them get together for a night.] Carl and Paula had found themselves very excited by each other's adventures with Kevin and Miriam. Both couples seemed pretty mutually satisfied by the experiences, Kevin reported to Carl that his and Miriam's sex life ha
Take What You Want
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[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [He gets tired of his wife being an ice queen.] Author's Note: This story borders on Non-Consent, but because of the bondage and the relationship between the characters as well as the enjoyment by both parties, I decided it belonged in BDSM. I hope yo

[NONCONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Trish is captured by the Wolf's men & one of them wants her.] Authors Note: Okay Taken by the Wolf fans... you've been asking for, and I have wanted for a long time to write, the story of Jordan and Trish. I decided to go with a parallel timeline from

[NONCONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Trish gets an exam and Jordan gets her mouth.] Chapter 2 The room Jordan took her to looked just like the doctor's offices she'd visited on the Moon and once she'd come to school down on Earth. White tiled, steel cabinets and sink, and a big table i

[NONCONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Trish is struggling with her new reality.] The walk back to the main room was strange, from Trish's point of view. The short skirt she was wearing fluttered around her legs, and she quickly became aware that she was the only woman she saw wearing a ski

[NONCONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [A surprising way to wake up, and Trish's new routine.] A hitch of her breath. Wetness. Hot pleasure snaking up her body. Too much. Trish tried to press her legs close and cried out when something tugged at her ankles, inhibiting her movemen

[NONCONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Bella and Trish are forced to put on a show.] In front of Trish and Jordan, Alex wrapped his arms around Bella protectively. It wasn't fair, because it wasn't as if Alex could reach Trish, but the jealous spikes that she'd been feeling all day were

[NONCONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Trish learns a little and is reluctantly pleasured a lot.] When Trish woke up, she was alone. Thankfully. A few more tears fell and then she saw the glass sitting at the bedside table, full of water, and reached out to grab it. Her throat was so dry

[NONCONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Trish finds herself struggling against her own body.] Sweet. Like peaches. Jordan grinned as his tongue lapped at the hot, wet pussy of his sleeping beauty. He'd always liked that fairy tale as a kid. A curse, a dragon, and a sleeping woman awakening t

[NONCONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Trish loses her anal virginity at the same time as Bella.] Apparently Trish was becoming used to waking up to pleasure. Jordan's mouth on her pussy as she slowly came awake didn't faze her at all. It felt expected. Almost natural. And far too easy to j

[NONCONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jordan and Trish spend some extra time with Marek and Laura.] After Trish woke up and found herself alone, she started watching the vidscreen again, although she avoided the internal channel. As she watched, laying on her side, she couldn't help but re

[NONCONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Laura and Trish become more intimate.] Swirling his tongue around her clit, Jordan smiled in triumph as Trish let out a gasping moan and shuddered, her pussy squeezing his fingers as she came. He'd indulged in his own needs enough the night before,

[NONCONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Trish & Bella get into trouble and Trish is punished.] Trish followed her morning routine like the good girl that she was, her expression thoughtful and compliant. He wondered if she realized how automatic it had become for her. She never fought him an

[NONCONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Trish begins to realize how fucked her head is.] Trish's body was throbbing. After being punished, Jordan hadn't applied any of the healing cream, although he had rubbed a different cream into her welts. It didn't have the same effect as the one he nor

[NONCONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Trish earns a pleasurable reward for good behavior.] "You are not to talk to Bella or Alex," Jordan warned, his grey eyes serious, as he led Trish into the outdoor area. "If I catch you even within speaking distance of them, I will spank you for a full

[NONCONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Trish & Jordan witness Laura's punishment for gossiping.] Throughout the day, Jordan kept Trish close by his side, as he often did, but now she found the meetings he was attending much more interesting than she had before. Previously, she would try to

[NONCONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The day captives arrive; Jordan spends time with Trish & Bella.] Several days after watching Marek punish Laura, and one dinner with them which began awkwardly (at least on Trish's part) but ended with a strange sense of normalcy (well, as normal as th

[NONCONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jordan and Marek have a little competition with Trish & Laura.] Warmth surrounded Trish, curving around her back, weighing down her side. Hot hands cupped her breasts. Not in a sexual way. Just holding her. Comforting her. She wriggled slightly, her br

[NONCONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Trish is getting in deeper as Jordan takes her on a mission.] Trish didn't know what to think. Glancing at the big man seated next to her, his hand wrapped firmly around hers, she felt almost frightened. She hadn't been told anything, she had no idea w

[NONCONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Trish makes a decision... but is it the right one?] Seeing the conflicting emotions flickering across Alex and Bella's expressions, when they saw Lisa and Ken being brought to the Wolf, made Trish feel a little better about her own reactions. She wasn'

[NONCONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Trish reacts to the presence of Lisa & Ken.] As usual, Jordan woke up before Trish. He stroked his hands down her body, almost unbelieving that she was still there. That he wasn't going to have to hunt her down and cart her back to him. She murmured in

[XXX NOVEL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [An infamous criminal takes Alex & Bella as his prisoners.] When the Wolf first emerged from the criminal underworld on Earth, clawing his way to the top of the heap, the wealthy families who had relocated to the Moon and the first class livi

[XXX NOVEL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Bella makes a devil's choice between Alex & the Wolf.] Oh God... Bella's head whirled with the Wolf's choice - which was really no choice at all. Have sex with him or have sex with Alex. "Toy. I mean, Alex," she said, using the Wolf's new

[XXX NOVEL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The Wolf takes both Pet and Toy at the same time.] The Wolf's words pinged through Alex's brain, but he couldn't make sense of them. His brain felt fuzzy, hazy, as if all of his ability to think had been sucked right out of his cock along wi

[XXX NOVEL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Bella suffers an ordeal at the hands of Dr. Margolis.] Dr. Margolis led her to a large room, all the walls were tiled and white as was the floor. Steel cabinets lined one wall, their gleaming surfaces giving no hint as to what horrors might

[XXX NOVEL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Nurse Roche does her own examination of Alex.] After being dragged away from Bella, the gag still firmly in his mouth and his asshole burning from the Wolf's anal rape, Alex allowed himself to slump in his guard's hands, forcing them to actu

[XXX NOVEL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The captives have some time alone before the Wolf's summons.] As Alex and Bella compared notes, it quickly became apparent to him why Bella was so frightened. Laying on her side on the bed, watching him eat, the tears had dried on her face b

[XXX NOVEL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Bella earns her dinner & Alex tries to protect her.] Seeing the way Bella's cheeks paled at the Wolf's pronouncement that she still had yet to earn her dinner, Alex had to squelch down the urge to leap across the table at the man. For one, A

[XXX NOVEL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Bella & Alex are alone with the Wolf for the first time.] To Alex and Bella's surprise, after they ate they were both escorted back out of the room, this time by new soldier. Alex supposed they must be the night guard. One of them caught him

[XXX NOVEL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Bella earns a meal and Alex does not.] When Bella woke the next morning, she and Alex were alone in the room and he was still asleep. She'd spent a rather troubled night, trying to fall asleep with the Wolf's big body around her. Whereas bei

[XXX NOVEL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Bella is used as a reward, while Alex still refuses the Wolf.] After being returned to what Bella was starting to think of as "their" room, they were in for a surprise. One of the walls had a screen on it that was playing what she recognized

[XXX NOVEL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Bella and Alex spend night with Wolf.] "Did you enjoy your afternoon entertainment?" The Wolf asked Bella as he fed another tidbit into her mouth. Unlike the previous meal, he had her sitting next to him, in a chair. Alex was on his other

[XXX NOVEL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Alex earns a meal from the Wolf.] "Trish..." Bella whispered. "Trish..." The petite blonde looked over at her with a worried expression. For once she wasn't glued to Jordan's side and Bella had decided to take the opportunity. Alex was st

[XXX NOVEL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Bella is played with, drugged and returned to Alex.] Bella approached the Wolf, who was sitting down at his table. He didn't even look at her, just snapped his fingers and pointed at a spot on the floor next to his chair. There was already a

[XXX NOVEL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Bella loses her anal virginity.] Everything was back to normal in the morning. Including Alex's cock. Whatever was in the cream the soldier had rubbed onto him had worked miracles. He noticed that Bella was moving easier too, as if she was b

[XXX NOVEL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Some hands, some oral, and some discoveries.] That night they were served dinner in the room, during which time they talked about what might be going on that had the Wolf and his men so busy. Not that either of them were upset about being ig

[XXX NOVEL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The Wolf lets his guests play with Alex and Bella.] They had another night completely to themselves, which was actually more nerve-wracking than it was reassuring. Bella wasn't able to fall asleep for long after the lights had gone out. Thou

[XXX NOVEL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Secrets are revealed and a moment is stolen...] The morning started like every morning had since she'd been taken. She was dreaming when she felt the first trickle of awareness; a touch skimming along her body, bringing with it feelings of b

[XXX NOVEL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Bella walks into trouble, and Trish is punished. ] Bella wriggled her way out from underneath Alex's arm. He groaned and made a sleepy, protesting noise, but allowed her to go. Since he'd pretty much exhausted himself in the pool, and then i

[XXX NOVEL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Bella is punished by Doctor Margolis while Alex waits.] The main hall was filled with celebrating soldiers, chattering and drinking. For once they all ignored Bella as she was taken up to where the Wolf was. Cora and Trace were nowhere to be

[XXX NOVEL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Alex keeps Bella safe and ends up with the Wolf & Cora.] They were left alone for the entire evening, and the next morning Alex woke up to find Bella still wrapped around him. He wasn't surprised. The few times during the night that they'd r

[XXX NOVEL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Bella gets a nighttime visitor while Alex is passed out.] When Alex was brought back to the room, he was unconscious. Bella jumped up from the bed, shoving her fist in her mouth and biting down on it to keep from crying out. There were two s

[XXX NOVEL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Alex acts out of instinct and his punishment is revealing.] The day after Cora and the Wolf shared Alex, Cora was called away for some reason that remained unknown to Alex and Bella. Both of them were relieved. Bella didn't tell Alex about t

[XXX NOVEL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [For the first time, the Wolf brings in Day Captives to play.] When Bella woke up, she was cradled in Alex's arms in their bed. Everything was sore. Alex's body was hot against hers, his fingers idly stroking her hair. Shifting slightly she t

[XXX NOVEL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Bella and Alex learn about the Wolf and the Moon.] There was... something about that sigil. Bella stared at it. Beside her, Alex was still asleep, looking incredibly worn out. His brow was creased, even in slumber. She wanted to reach out an

[XXX NOVEL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Cora and Trace return, and events are moving.] They stared at the opening in the wall, and Bella backed away, remembering what had happened the last time she'd gone into the tunnels. Memories cascaded through her, like pictures slamming down

[XXX NOVEL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Bella and Alex's replacements are taken.] Trish didn't know what to think. Glancing at the big man seated next to her, his hand wrapped firmly around hers, she felt almost frightened. She hadn't been told anything, she had no idea what was g

[XXX NOVEL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The last chapter.] The Wolf's hands caressed Bella almost idly as she stared at the man she'd once thought she was in love with. Part of her wanted to laugh at the look of outrage on his face, distorted by the ball gag that had been forced i

[XXX NOVEL/Non-Consent/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Part 2 of the last chapter.] "You aren't going to watch the broadcast, are you? I don't want you to be all alone, when you see it. At least wait for Alex if you won't watch it with us," her mother pleaded. "Of course, mom, I'll wait for A
Taking Advantage
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[ANAL/Bondage] [By GoldeniAngel] © [A couple plays with bondage and he decides to take advantage.] "Oooo... don't you feel like the big strong man, tying me up," Vicky laughed a little as her boyfriend tightened the scarves around her wrists. She'd been looking forward to this, as one of her fant
Tammy's Ass
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[ANAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Gary's been wishing for entry - and now it's his!] Gary badly wanted to fuck his girlfriend's, Tammy's, ass... but she was always against that. He had a feeling that she thought "good girls" didn't do that, and while Tammy was willing to be a little adventurous in bed,

[GAY] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Mr. Peterson is introducing Cory to sex.] Cory was hiding in the closet again, hiding from the older meaner boys who bullied him. Home-schooled for all his life, now at age 18 and going to a private college he'd had a bit of a shock to his tender up-bringing. For the fi

[GAY] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Cory gives his first blow job.] Cory found himself often confused by the feelings that he was starting to feel whenever he was around other boys... not just Mr. Peterson. In the locker room before gym he couldn't help but peek at other dick's, wondering what they looked

[GAY] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Cory gets his first blowjob - from a bully!] Cory received quite a surprise the afternoon that Mr. Peterson asked him to come to his office after school. He was anxious, a little excited, hoping that this time Mr. Peterson would suck his dick and he'd get to suck his te

[GAY] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Mr. Peterson takes Cory's virginity.] Cory waddled to the desk, the uncomfortable feeling of Mr. Peterson's fingers up his ass making it a strange walk. He felt very unsure of himself, this whole afternoon had been one of surprises. Although he'd really enjoyed his firs

[GAY] [By GoldeniAngel] © [This time it's three at once in the classroom.] When Cory came back the next afternoon, he wasn't as surprised this time to find Sam there too... it did surprise him a little that both Sam and Mr. Peterson were both just sitting there waiting for him. But he was welcome

[GAY] [By GoldeniAngel] © [With Mr. Peterson away, Cory finds other activities.] Cory found that he was rather disappointed the next day after school when Mr. Peterson wasn't there... he'd gotten used to finding pleasure in his teacher's office. He saw Sam, but it wasn't the same, and Sam seemed

[GAY] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Cory gets an ass for the first time.] The next day when Mr. Peterson was back, Cory was relieved. Although he'd enjoyed sucking off Buck in the showers, and then being fucked by Coach Hamilton, he also wanted to get back into his regular routine. And Mr. Peterson was mu

[GAY] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Cory spends some time with the Headmaster.] Cory followed behind the Headmaster, frightened and anxious about his fate. And Mr. Peterson's fate for that matter... he didn't quite understand what was wrong or why Coach Hamilton should be able to take charge of Mr. Peters

[GAY] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Cory finds out what goes on in the room.] Mr. Peterson wasn't in class the next day, so Cory couldn't ask him about the room that he was supposed to go to after school. When he mentioned it to Sam, the young man just shrugged his shoulders and kept walking. So, at the e

[GAY] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Cory's conclusion.] Author's Note: I enjoyed writing this series... I hope that you enjoyed reading it =) --- Sighing happily the Headmaster pulled his limp dick from Mr. Peterson's ass and slapped the firm cheek. Looking up he asked, "Would you like a try Cory?"

[LOVING WIFE] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The only way to resist temptation is to give in.] This is a two-part story. I like to play around in this category with story lines and scenarios, the outspoken responses from readers always interest me. Thank you to the reader who provided me with this scenario

[LOVING WIFE] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She was tempted, now she'll be punished.] Author's Note: I debated putting this second part of the story into the BDSM category, but I decided that it had started as a Loving Wives story and the characters wouldn't be doing what they're doing without the adulter

[ANAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She wants pictures of losing her anal cherry.] Becca got her studio ready for her first customer after checking to make sure that Dean was also getting prepared. This was the first time she'd be trying something so new and different... and although she wasn't totall

[GAY/Gangbang/Anal/Interracial] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Henry wants to get it in both ends.] True to her word Chelsea had managed to find not one, but three people who wanted Becca to take pictures of their sexual exploits - and that was just for starters. It had taken her less than a day. Chelsea k

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Her studio becomes a dungeon.] Becca looked around her studio... it looked like some kind of medieval torture chamber. The backdrop was a bright blood red and in front of it was a large frame, almost like a door frame except much bigger. There were a

[DOMINATION & Submission/Cuckold] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Husband is dominated while another man fucks wife.] After her last experience Becca wasn't sure if she wanted to do another scene with domination... but when Chelsea told her the next client's desires she thought it might be ok. Basically, it

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Becca's pulled into her client's gang-rape.] Becca was a little nervous about today's shoot… it wasn't as though it was real… but… well, this woman - Margaret - want to be raped. Not only that, but she wanted it to be a multiple rape. Now, despite the

[VOYEURISM/Gangbang] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Husband watches gorgeous wife get gangbanged.] After Becca's last session, with the gangrape and her own forced (if pleasurable) involvement, she wasn't sure if she wanted to take any more clients. But Chelsea kept pressuring her to at least finish the on

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [He shares his step-daughter with his brother.] Although Becca was almost never comfortable with the desires and fantasies that people came to her studio with, this one really made her stomach turn. She yelled at Chelsea, but her friend insisted that it was enti
The Return
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[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [A soldier comes home to his wife.] Author's Note: This is for RedShftAway who wrote to me in January from Iraq, requesting my return. I was touched and I wanted to write something for the soldiers that I now know are reading my work. Since I have never been

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Man forces himself onto unwilling victim's huge tits.] Author's Note: This story is of course completely fictional. I do not condone abuse or rape. *** He was ready... after waiting for weeks he was finally ready... and so was she. She wasn't

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [He finds a new girl - and a new toy.] The second time the Titty Torturer chose a girl, he decided to do even less preparation than he had for Bree. It'd be a lot more fun just to see what she had laying around the house for him to use on her... the pa

FETISH/Breast Torture] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Interesting uses for a hanger.] She was beautiful, 18 years old (her birthday had been the first time he'd seen her) and ripe for plucking. It had to be fate... blonde hair that fell straight to her shoulders, short at 5'1", and with curves to give guys

FETISH/Breast Torture] [By GoldeniAngel] © [What clothespins are really meant for.] The first time he saw the pretty redhead he knew that this was going to be a good one. Not because she was stunning - although she was with long wavy dark auburn hair, green eyes and sweet pink lips that curved in

FETISH/Breast Torture] [By GoldeniAngel] © [He gets a surprise and a conclusion.] The Titty Torturer's dick was rock hard even when he was breaking in. Just the thought of this girl made his balls tighten and his dick stand at eager attention... she was perfect, the best specimen he'd ever seen.
Thieving Maid
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[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Charles gets his wish when he catches Lydia stealing.] Charles grinned as the plump little armful hurried down the hall, a greedy expression on her face as she carried the silver candlesticks that had formerly resided in his china cabinet. At first he
Three To Tango
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[VOYEURISM/Threesome/MFM] [By GoldeniAngel] © [He watches his wife with another man and joins in.] Author's Note: This story involves a husband who enjoys watching his wife with other men. It involves MMF sex, oral sex, regular sex, and anal sex. Enjoy! ----------------------------------------

[THREESOME] [By GoldeniAngel] © [A thunderstorm leads to a fantasy fulfilled threesome.] I just about keeled over when I walked into the pool on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and saw who this year's lifeguards were. I knew them of course, heck, just last year I'd graduated high school with
Tied Up Wifey
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[LOVING WIFE] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jack comes over to find his friend's wife tied to the bed.] "Hello???? Anyone here???" Jack called into the apparently empty house, frowning. Taking a step inside he wondered what on earth was going on... his friend's wife Carol had called him up and asked him i
To Get a Man
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[MIND CONTROL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Martha uses the help of a drug she created.] Martha shivered with excitement... pushing her glasses up onto her nose she walked quickly towards the dorm where she was going to meet Jared for their study date. Not that it was really a date, she just liked to thi
To Spank a Schoolgirl
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[FETISH/Spanking] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Flirty redhead coed practically asks for it.] Professor Daren was sweating. Karla had come to class dressed completely inappropriately again, and he was having the worst time trying to hide the tent in his pants. Second row back, the flirty redhead was le

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She didn't realize it's dangerous to tease friends.] "Suckers!" Tina laughed at Sean and Dominic as the ball swished through the net, she'd won yet again. Both of them groaned and shook their heads, looking at each other miserably. They'd lost to her

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Tina continues to be used by her friends.] Tina moaned as Dominic climbed on the bed with her again, lowering his mouth to the nipple that Sean had previously attended too, giving it the same rough treatment that had made her other nipple ache. Then Sea
Toy Time
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[MASTURBATION/Toys] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Man uses many foreign objects on his wife.] I was very excited, for my birthday this year my wife agreed to let me tie her to our bed, gag and blindfold her, and then play freely with her body. We usually don't get too kinky, but I have a bit of a thing fo
Trick or Treat Tease
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[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Mandy's teasing leads to an abusive trick... or treat?] When Mandy walked into Drake's yearly Halloween Scream party, most of the male heads turned. Which really wasn't surprising, she was gorgeous. Petite, only about 5 feet tall and with a killer bod

[ROMANCE] [By GoldeniAngel] © [A Halloween Masquerade party is the opportunity she needs!] Lily pulled another costume off of the rack and held it up to herself. "What do you think about this one?" "Geezus!" exclaimed Veronica, her best friend. "I thought you were going for sexy, not out and o

[ROMANCE] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Part 2 - A Halloween Masquerade party is the opportunity she needs!] Quick as a whip, Paul had both of her wrists in his and was holding them above her head, his body hard and hot against hers. She moaned as she realized that he now had her in the same position she'

[INFORMATION - How to Deep Throat] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Anyone can deep-throat - here's how.] Deep throating is something that is often mentioned in erotic stories, and often seen in pornos and on the internet, but most girls (and guys) find it rather difficult to do. Part of it is a sensitive ga
Truth or Dare
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[FIRST TIME] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Game leads to the fulfillment of a girl's crush.] After graduation a group of friends got together, celebrating the end of high school and the beginning of the rest of their lives. Dana was part of this group, and was having a great time with her friends, especia

[MIND CONTROL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [He wanted the truth and ended up getting so much more.] Sam Hearne was after one thing: The Truth. When his girlfriend Kristy left him she knew that she had cheated on him, he just couldn't prove it. In some ways he wondered why it mattered - after all, no m

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Nathan ties up his step-sister to have his way with her.] Nathan had been watching his younger stepsister for a long time... peeking through her door to see her undressing, watching as the little tease would prance around the house in her flimsy pajamas... N

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Nathan goes for her ass.] As Nathan lay on top of his step-sister, he could feel his dick starting to slip from her used pussy. Sighing happily he kissed her shoulder and neck, the only two places he could reach without really having to move. Nuzzling her skin,

[GAY/Incest] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Nathan's step-dad sodomizes him in retribution.] Nathan gasped in horror, his mind racing to try and think of something to say... But what could he say to his step-father to mitigate the fact that his dick was still lodged up the man's unconscious and bound daugh

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [John can't resist his bound daughter.] John realized that he was still standing staring at his naked daughter, her upturned ass and the cum of his step-son dripping from her pussy and asshole. Shaking himself, still somewhat in shock at his own behavior of sodo

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [John visits his daughter in the night.] It felt like a dream as John found himself back beside his daughter's bed... his wife, Alexis, had spurned him yet again. Just trying to fondle her breast had resulted in her kicking him out of the bed to sleep on the cou

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Uncle Peter takes a turn with Susan.] Three drinks in at the bar and John was spilling his story out to his brother Peter, who listened with slight disbelief... and if John hadn't been so drunk, he also might've noticed his brother's arousal. "Both of them?"

[INCEST/Taboo] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Susan gets pleasure from her Uncle Peter.] Peter enjoyed scrubbing off his niece in the shower, he wouldn't let her soap herself at all, using the opportunity to explore every inch of her body. She was incredibly beautiful, and he enjoyed her youthful flesh...
Under the Blanket
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[MASTURBATION/Toys] [By GoldeniAngel] © [It's amazing what you can get away with under a blanket.] John and Nicola curled around each other, sitting on the couch, as they huddled under the blanket... Marc's basement was freezing. Their friends sat around the room, either watching "Die Hard" along
Unspecial Night
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[ROMANCE] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She didn't know the night was going to be anything different.] Janie cursed as she swerved, the car veering around the idiot who decided to suddenly stop for no reason. Ok, well probably reason in his eyes... about 50 yards ahead there was a red light. Apparently th

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Janet only thinks she's alone on V-Day.] Valentine's Day. Janet sighed. This had to be the worst holiday of the entire year, not just for singles, but for couples that couldn't be together. She and Mark had been together for 2 years now, last year on

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Classes in everything a girl could wish for.] Author's Note: This first chapter includes a lot of different kinds of sex and I think all of them are erotic. However this chapter also includes some exhibitionism and voyeurism (as is necessary for a classroom

[MASTURBATION/Toys] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jessica takes her first class: Self-Pleasure.] "Asshole," Justin threw the epithet at Chris as soon as he walked into their shared room. "I can't believe you did that." Chris grinned, slightly abashed but not at all regretful. "You would've done the sam

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jessica has her first class in Basic Intercourse.] Author's Note: I realize that while it takes away from the realism of the story to not use condoms, I made the executive decision to ignore realism and not utilize condoms in this story because I don't find

[ANAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jessica's first class in Anal Play.] "So what did you think of your first real day of school?" Charity asked her when they finally got back to their room that night. After her shower Jessica had joined her friends for dinner and then they'd chosen (from a long list of

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jessica and Nick become study buddies.] Jessica kept the plug in not only through lunch period, sitting down had been quite an experience at first and show now understood why Charity had eased herself into the seat yesterday, but through her yoga class as we

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Chris finally gets to instruct Jessica in Basic Intercourse.] Jessica woke the next morning to find herself slightly overheated because Nick's arms were wrapped around her, his body cuddled up behind her. There was also something insistently poking into the

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jessica's first class in light BDSM.] Jessica felt like she was glowing as she left her class and took the time to go back to her room and neaten up a little. It was amazing how different her outlook on sex was becoming after just a few days at this

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jessica gets on top in Basic Intercourse.] Jessica started her Friday morning feeling absolutely wonderful. Charity had spent another night with Paul and so Jessica had spent another night with Nick. Despite all the oral and manual orgasms she'd had, it had

[ANAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jessica loses her anal virginity.] Even with only fifteen minutes between classes, Justin and Chris were able to meet up so that Chris could give his buddy a play-by-play of Jessica's Basic Intercourse class. Just listening to his friend talk about her sexual prowess h

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Verbal commands get Jessica hot and bothered.] Jessica was glad that she had taken Fellatio for her 3rd period class. After her morning of Basic Intercourse with Mr. Fire and then losing her anal virginity to Mr. Flood, she'd needed a little bit of a

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Saturday morning hike leads to berry picking and hot sex.] Author's Note: This story involves the use of freshly picked berries in the woods used in ways that some people might consider unrealistic, but I thought the fantasy was hot so I went with it. I hope

[ANAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jessica finds Mr. Fire in the art studio.] On the hike back from the clearing, Jessica continued talking easily with Mr. Flood. Lunch had been fun - they'd come back to find Mr. Winter and Bridgit going at it in the middle of the meadow. It was a beautiful day and appa

[GROUP SEX] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jessica is overwhelmed by Flood and Fire.] Jessica couldn't believe the day she was having. By the time she got back to her room to take a shower around 4pm, she was feeling completely overwhelmed by all the surprises of the day. Who knew she would have so much in

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Lazy Sunday, a little get-to-know-you and a lot of thinking.] Sunday morning Jessica woke up in bed with Mr. Fire. Not the bed that she'd had amazing, relentless amounts of sex in last night with him and Mr. Flood. After they'd each taken three turns with he

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Second week: Monday afternoon Light BDSM.] Jessica's Monday seemed almost mundane after her weekend, and she was grateful for it. There was no sign of Mr. Fire or Mr. Flood at breakfast. She ate with Nick, Paul, Charity, Vanessa and Trina and started

[LESBIAN] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Charity needs to practice for her Cunnilingus Class.] Author's Note: This was kind of a surprise Chapter for me... Charity and Jessica were supposed to have a brief interlude before Jessica's next day of classes. But the horny girls got away from me and next thing I

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Mr. Fire turns up the heat on Jessica and she floods] One of the things that Jessica liked best about her roommate was that Charity had no problem being very casual and it always kept things from getting awkward. They had fallen asleep in bed togethe

[THREESOME] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jessica's first menage class.] Jessica was disappointed when she got to her Basic Intercourse class, first thing Wednesday morning, and didn't see Mr. Fire or Mr. Flood. Instead, Mr. Winter stepped up, his eyes glinting with appreciation at seeing her again. She s

[THREESOME] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jessica gets between Fire and Flood.] Jessica lay on her back after dinner, thinking about her day. God... she was so fucked. In a fantastic way and a really crappy way. Her body felt... drained. Satiated. Fulfilled. She'd actually wanted Mr. Fire to cum on her br

[GROUP SEX] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Jessica's last day of school.] Jessica roused to her roommate's voice. "Come on Jess, time to get up and eat something... dinner time. Wake up Jess," said Charity, shaking the other girl gently. Jessica groaned and stretched, wincing a little at her sore muscle

[ROMANTIC] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The Conclusion: Who does Jessica choose in the end?] Author's Note: There's a lot of story here, partly because I wanted to give everyone a little bit of something. For those of you who have been cheering for certain characters if you think you don't like where the

[ROMANCE] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Chapter 21, Part 2 - The Conclusion: Who does Jessica choose in the end?] As soon as Justin tossed her on the bed clothes were flying off of her, leaving her naked for them. "Well this isn't fair," she said, wrinkling her nose in a teasing manner. "On your kne
Visiting Her Neighbor
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[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Riana's blackmailed into sex with a gross neighbor.] Riana was disgusted with herself. She was standing in front of Mr. Barnaby's door and she was already wet. It had been more than a year that he'd been blackmailing her with the pictures of her snort
Waitress Gangbang
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[GROUP SEX/Gang Bang] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Waitress is blackmailed into group sex by co-workers.] Sylvia moaned ecstatically as Nick, her manager, fucked her hard. She was on the floor in their break room, getting royally plugged by his dick... they'd been at this for three months now, taking eve

[FIRST TIME] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Guy gets his first blow job as girl gives her first.] Kerry and Derrick had been friends for a very long time, both of them were very competitive and a long time ago they'd gotten into the habit of making bets. Over the years the bets had become more and more sex

[EXHIBITIONIST/Voyeur] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Kerry gets to watch Derrick masturbate for her.] "Ok," Kerry said, "So if any of the horses on my list win, you have to give me head." Derrick grinned, "And if any of the horses on my list win, I want to watch you masturbate." Kerry's eyes got wid

[FIRST TIME] [By GoldeniAngel] © [His first time eating pussy & her first time receiving.] Kerry laughed at the end of Jeopardy when her chosen person won, Derrick was smiling too. This time she'd bet him that if she won he'd have to eat her out. Sure, he wasn't going to get his own sexual satisf

[MASTURBATION/Toys] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She masturbates with a vibrating dildo that he controls.] This time Derrick had a little bit of a surprise for Kerry, "If I win, I want to watch you masturbate with this," he said, grinning at her startled expression as he put the large dildo on the table.

[FIRST TIME] [By GoldeniAngel] © [He wins her cherry.] "If I win... I want to pop your cherry," Derrick looked anxiously at Kerry, waiting for her reaction. He was being awfully bold, but it was true. It was halfway through the summer before they left for college, they were both virgins... and sh

[ANAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Derrick's ass is served up when he loses the bet.] Kerry put the dreaded strap-on onto the table again, grinning, "Same as last week," she told him, "I win, I get your cherry." Derrick gulped, but countered valiantly, "Fine... but if I win, I get yours." The obvi

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [He loses bet & gets sex - but also a creampie.] This week Derrick was feeling much more prepared, after all, last week he'd been through what he'd thought would be his biggest boundary pusher ever. He'd let Kerry take his anal cherry with a strap-on, this we

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Derrick returns favor by taking Kerry's ass-cherry.] "So, if I win today, I want to tie you up and play with you." said Kerry, her eyes twinkling as she winked at Derrick. The idea of being totally at her mercy was both frightening and breath-taking... bu

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The conclusion to the betting.] Kerry and Derrick began their bet as usual... although they were getting much less creative. Either way they were going to have some kind of sex - Derrick wanted to spank her and then take her in the pussy AND ass, Kerry wante

[MASTURBATION/Toys/Bondage] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Derrick asks Kerry to tie him up and play.] Author's Note: this story was written at the request of a fan who was disappointed that Derrick never lost this bet; I hope this is everything you wanted! --------------------------------------- Ker
White Slave
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[INTERRACIAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Joyce is kidnapped & sold on the white slave market.] Author's Note: I hope it's obvious but just in case I'm putting this at the beginning; I don't mean to insult or anger anyone with this story. It's purely out of my imagination and is not based on anyone rea
Widow's Comfort
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[OLDER WOMAN/Younger Man] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Mature widow comforts herself with younger men.] Lady Jane Claremore was traveling in her carriage when she saw him; he was young, in his early twenties perhaps and obviously from a poor family. Begging on the street corner, his head was still held h

[LETTERS/Transcripts] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Dear Diary: I'm attracted to my boss - and it's mutual!] Author's Note: Just as a forewarning, this chapter doesn't have actual intercourse in it. I hope you enjoy the tease! ******************** Dear Diary, My boss has always been kind of flirt

[LETTERS/Transcripts] [By GoldeniAngel] © [The teasing turns to more.] Dear Diary, Boss definitely liked the skirt! He was eying me all day, and then he called me into his office to get me to clean out some of the files in there. I spent the entire time bending over and pointing my ass at him.

[EXHIBITIONIST/Voyeur] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Rob the cook catches Wendy the waitress playing with herself.] Rob worked as a cook at a family restaurant, he was the only cook on late in the evenings because there just weren't that many people going in and out. At thirty-five years old this wasn't r
Work: In the Backroom
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[ANAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Rob the cook fulfills waitress Wendy's anal fantasy.] Wendy jumped up as Rob walked in, her fingers still buried in her ass, an expression of pleased surprise on her face that gave him immediate confidence... yeah she wanted to be walked in on. His dick was already ach

[THREESOME/MFM] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Boss' son joins Rob & Wendy for more fun.] Wendy and Rob were shocked and horrified to see John Miller - Pop Miller's son who would one day take over the store - in the doorway clapping at their performance. "John!" Rob said hoarsely, frozen and unable to m

[ANAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Rob brings Wendy home at the end of the night.] When Rob got the poor exhausted waitress Wendy to his house, he helped her out of the car, carrying her up to his house and to the upstairs bathroom. Cum was leaking down her thighs in thick globs, and her poor abused ass

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