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[From: SeeShow] - This is a letter from a very real husband, who gets the business, thanks to his wife... I own a small construction firm. We specialize in re-modeling and lately business has not been very good. As a matter of fact I was on the verge of giving up and having to declare bankrupt

Owned by the Boss - Linda & Jim's Story Part 1 - My husband Jim had a mediocre middle management job in a large retail organization when we were introduced to Bud at a cocktail party we were attending. I was impressed with Bud's style and confidence. Thus, when he called Jim the next day and want

The Consultant - Linda and Jim's Story Part 2 - After that fateful evening six months ago, Linda and Jim moved in with Bud. Jim has become a totally dominated docile servant. He stays at home all the time in the nude only allowed to wear clothes when he does the grocery shopping. His body hair ha

Doctor's Exam - Linda and Jim's Story Part 3 - As described in Part 2, Bud hired Brad as a consultant to help improve the company's performance. Brad has continued with his somewhat unorthodox approach to this problem, using me in many different humiliating ways depending on the specific circumst

Students and the Research Project - Linda and Jim's Story - Part 4 - At my follow-up visit to Dr. Cunt and Dr. John, there was no one in the waiting room. Instead, the nurse escorted me right into the examining room, ordered me to strip. My nipples are hard from the cold...I try to keep from cove

Jamie Develops - Linda and Jim's Story - Part 5 As you may recall from the previous chapter, Linda has an appointment with Dr. Cunt's research student at 3:00 PM to continue the nipple enlargement research project and she has been ordered to bring her wimp of a husband, Jim, along with her. Jim h

Linda's Stardom - Linda and Jim's Story - Part 6 As described at the beginning of the last chapter, I continue to receive the experimental nipple treatment sessions as part of the research project of Dr. Cunt's student. I have now been having these treatment sessions roughly twice a week for f

[From: SeeShow] - ...as told by the `stripper wife' - My husband is 6'2" and built of solid muscle. On the other hand I am only 5' 4" and definitely on the soft and curvy side. Naturally he can physically dominate me, but just as importantly, he is able to dominate me in every other way as wel

[From: SeeShow] - I don't want to get ahead of my story so, I'll start by telling you a little about my wife and I, and our relationship. My wife, is 5' 5" tall and weighs about 130 pounds. She has beautiful long auburn hair, large breasts and a well trimmed pussy. She is 36 years old. I am a few

[From: SeeShow] - Part 2 - The Adult Book Store - As I indicated in Part 1 of this story, I am submissive to my wife, but she enjoys being dominated by men while I am forced to watch. She really gets off on public humiliation, such as being forced to expose herself or perform sex acts in semi

[From: SeeShow] - PART 3 - The X-rated Movie House - One of the most humiliating incidents involving my wife and her boss occurred at a movie house. This took place just a few weeks ago just off Federal Highway in Pompano. Lisa had come home from work and was treating me better than she normal

[by Robert 42] A story of sexual Domination and submission - John walked into the front door at 6:30 pm after working all day at the office. As always, his beautiful wife Laurie was waiting for him in the living room... all smiles and purrs.. "Hi Honey!... Wait till you see what I bought to

[by Robert 42] Laurie sat in complete silence on the ride home, too stunned to even think about what was beginning to transpire in her husband's head. Something about that look in his eye frightened her beyond belief. About the only thing that she was sure of was that the iron handed control she

[by Robert 42] Laurie stood in the kitchen making dinner, still clad in the Maid's outfit John had her dress in. Underneath the frilly panties, the half moons of her sexy ass still encased the plug he had inserted in her asshole. Dinner was not going to be anything spectacular, as it was custom f

[by Robert 42] Laurie awoke on this Sunday morning feeling more refreshed than she could remember in recent times. The fact that she was still handcuffed to the bed only slightly irritated her as she recalled the explosiveness of the orgasms her husband had caused in her the past two nights. A we

[by Robert 42] Jennifer didn't feel she wanted to spank Laurie again.. not that she wouldn't enjoy it.. she knew she would. It was just that for some reason Laurie wasn't being herself this morning..The night before was a lot of fun for her but not something she really wanted to do as a steady di

[by Robert 42] Laurie was on her knees... her legs were held apart by a bar.. each end of the bar ended in a cuff that attached to her ankles... she could not close her legs if she wanted to... She had a butt plug inserted into her asshole.... her hands were bound behind her back with handcuffs..

[by Robert 42] Jennifer asked Laurie several times before, during, and after her severe spanking with the thick paddle if she was sorry that she had chosen that particular paddle when told to choose something. Laurie was not sorry she had done so, but Jennifer was... Laurie slept with her head

[GAY] By glory_first © [Steamy kissing.] Some things provide such a reliable sensation that in essence, I have been addicted since experiencing them the first time. Particularly in the cases of poppers with my first girlfriend decades ago, or discovering the pleasures of the baths in one glorious

[By Jodi, with help from Lynn] I wanted to take some golf lessons to surprise my husband for his birthday. I called around to some of the local public golf courses to get prices. I was grocery shopping on Saturday and standing in the checkout line when the checker, and a good-looking woman, were ta

[By Boz] Was it really almost 20 yrs ago? Doesn't seem like it. I can remember... Nineteen years old and still a virgin. Now that's something you don't want to get around to the rest of your shipmates. But hey, I was a little drunk and looking for sympathy when the subject of "last piece" came

[By DrHuge] © Heather poured another glass of wine for Tim, then held the bottle up for their neighbors. Ben Washington smiled and nodded. He pushed his glass forward with a large black hand. "Luckily, we don't have to drive home," Olivia said, and her glass joined Ben's. Heather filled

The Story of My Awakening [by Karen] I had a perfectly "normal" life as a young woman. I discovered boys at age 13 and toyed with them throughout my teen years. It was exciting to experience my first kiss with a boy. A year later, I endured a 16 year old male's awkward attempts to feel my breast

[By Jonathan T] During my many exploits on the African continent, I witnessed a number of interracial occurrences. Those I can verify but I also heard many stories of pure black lust prior to my setting foot on that continent. Many were inconsequential but others were more intriguing. There is

A couple of hours had passed and Janet’s daughter had still not arrived at the falls. Janet became concerned and questioned the two Africans with her. “Not to worry, miss Janet. Sometimes the elephants do not come into view right away. I’m sure they are okay.” “Well, since I’m paying for this

[by MMadaMM] There was Melody, alone in a new town, dressed and madeup to look like and real lady and a handsome gentleman staring deeply into her blue eyes. When Matt asked to take her home, she thought about her car in the lot. Then she laughed inside and said why did she think of that. The pra

[CUCKOLD] [By Paul Pines] © [What a Cuckold Needs] November 2010 Introduction: Putting aside all the cliches and porn visions of cuckolding, my wife Sally and I have found it to be a wonderful part of our marriage for the past nearly-13 years of our 27 years together. She does not hate me, she

[CUCKOLD] [By Richard P] © Journal Extracts 29. MONDAY, JULY 19, 2010. Arrived home to find the car I've come to know and dread parked on the drive. Alan came out as I approached and said in a loud voice, "Five minutes earlier and you'd have seen me fucking your wife on the dining room tab

[INCEST] [By A horny Mom] Well I have been reading different stories on this site and thought I would summit my own experience that I had with my son. I was 39 at the time and my son was 18. I was and still am married to this day and my husband knows nothing of what went on for a couple of years

[ROMANCE] [By Magmaman] © "Hey, want yer job back?" He asked. "Yes, I would like that." "OK, I am gonna tell the kid to hit the road come Monday." The next week Sec spent back working the yard. Saturday came, about 10 in the morning he looked out and saw Alice and a tall young man climb

I knew I was just there to watch, but couldn't help thinking about the endless possibilities... I was so turned on that I no longer cared about the restrictions I had set for myself. We were to meet at their house along with 3 other men we had never met. We had met the couple and chatted over coffee

Well, this is it! I finally convinced Sue that a threesome would be fun & exciting! We decided to go out of town and find a good night spot, close to a hotel, with a young crowd. We found a hotel with a great sounding night club about 100 miles from home and checked in. After we got into our room

Introduction - This is the story of Frankie a young man whose lack of initiative led to the ultimate lesson! He lives with his aunt Sinthia in Santa Cruz California, a town that is quite well to do and which is well developed. Its beaches are famous as are its many inhabitants with "eclectic" taste

[INTERRACIAL/Cuckold] [By Karenkay] © [Joe becomes the ultimate cuckold.] Diana asked Joe to just wear a robe tonight without anything on underneath because he would be staying home while she went out to dinner with Tony. She emerged from the bedroom wearing the black dress and heels and thought

A Somewhat Reluctant Confession [y M. Bee] When it comes to sex, I've always perceived myself as very open, sophisticated, adventurous, erotic and fairly aggressive, in a lady-like way. I have a very healthy sexual appetite and usually find a way of getting what I want when I want it. And what I

[LOVING WIFE] [By GoldeniAngel] © [He asks his best friend to replace him in the bedroom.] When Paul was struck with a mysterious virus, it was pretty much the end of his world. Sadly for him, he did not live in a time where there was good medical knowledge, the doctor's had no idea what to do fo

[by Charisse van der Lyn] I am a nanny. I'm twenty-eight and quite English, I moved to the States a few years ago. I am tall, big boned, with a good, full figure; I'm freckled and have have long, wavy auburn hair. The traditional English Fergie look. I went to work with a new family this last

[COUPLES Story] [By DG Hear] © [Does his wife want to have an affair?] Where do I begin? I guess when I was just a young buck of nineteen freshly out of high school on his way to college. Like a lot of kids at that time I guess I thought I was hot stuff. I dated a lot and tried to see how many pa

[by James Charles Lynn] Debbie and I had been talking on the phone for about half an hour now. Our conversation was not relaxed and comfortable. Finally she got down to the subject that was on both our minds. "John," she said hesitantly, "I'm going to do it." My heart jumped in my chest. Ev

[From: SeeShow] - "A Neglected Wife/Mother Shares her Milk Jugs"... I had a golden opportunity to become a foreign exchange student in Germany last year and spent my entire senior year in Stuttgart, Germany. I had taken German in school and became adept enough at the language to obtain a job a

Even though I was a good wife to my husband until his passing a year ago, and a good mother to my daughter, I've always harbored a secret desire to have sex with a beautiful woman. Several times I tried to enter a local lezzie bar, but I always chickened out. I didn't want to risk losing my family,

[LESBIAN Story] [By silkstockingslover] © [Fantasy of being a submissive slut comes true for 1 night.] "Yes," she whispered, slightly embarrassed to be asking. "He may make me suck his cock in the second act in front of you two, for example," I said rather casually. "Oh my God!" "And I w

[By Stethoros] Our Introductory Adventure Into Group Sex - My name is Steven. My wife Jennifer and I have been together for several years. Jen is 5 years younger than me, and at age 29 is even more beautiful to me than when I first met her when she was about 19. As for descriptions, I am about

[LESBIAN/Interracial Story] [By silkstockingslover] © [A white housewife is seduced by her black female neighbor.] Jessica had been fucked for three straight hours by over a dozen black men. Cum dripped out of her pussy and ass and her raven black hair was coated with love juice. As another cock

[by shooter3704 ©] CHAPTER ONE - I’m not going to deny it. I was having the time of my life. In one week I had more pussy than I had enjoyed in the past year. Maybe the past two years. I had met with all the working girls on Hammer’s list and most were overjoyed that they were making money

[EXHIBITIONIST/Voyeur] [By Showife] © [We go out for a very special evening with a friend.] I've been asked to post this story, a fantasy somewhat based in reality, by some of my previous readers. I hope you enjoy it. * Tonight was the night we'd all been waiting for. Certainly some of us h

[By Nylon_HighHeel_Lover] The man and woman sat at their table in the veranda of the hotel awaiting their food. Both eagerly excited to see what would be concocted from their initial orders from the menu. As she twirled her honey colored Pies porter in her fishbowl-sized glass, bored by her com

On a recent trip to Florida, I had been planning to try to get together with a couple from NJ for a hot threesome. the best laid plans often fail to come together. The couple I had hoped to get together with had a change of plans. well that's the way it goes, but what happened while I was in Florida

[by Rene LaRue] - It was a quiet night with nothing much to do but watch television. Your wife had gone out for the evening, she said that she had to visit a friend, but other than that she had been pretty vague. You sat in your chair, half watching some sitcom on TV, wondering if you should take

[by Rene LaRue] The night had gone on into the wee hours. Your wife was really getting into to her dominant role. After Rene had left, your wife had decided that she would go to work on your looks. She went to work feminizing your body. First she decided that you had much to much hair on your

DAY ONE: Well, here I am, at a weekend swinger's party. And this one included WORKSHOPS! WOW! I had gotten up early this morning, since I had lots of work to do. After checking in, I got off to the workshops! The first of the workshops dealt with the new craze in making video connections. And I m

Ted had fucked my wife on several occasions and told me how terrific it was. The sheer animal lust of Lyn mixed with her soft and beautiful sexuality was a turn on to any man. Ted, like me, was a watcher. He liked to see Lyn fucked, so it was only a matter of time before he talked his wife Teri

[COUPLES Story] [By DG Hear] © [Jen and I get together. The conclusion.] Everyone was checking into the motel for Bill and Shauna's wedding. So far everything was going good. Bill and his younger brother went to check in a few of the relatives. Jen told me later that Bill's brother was something

[By Marsine, The woman next door] I have had it! I am not going to take any more from a cheating husband. I packed my clothes and what stuff I couldn’t leave. I bought a train ticket to somewhere else. I didn’t care where. I gave the guy at the ticket counter 4 hundred and fifty dollars. And said

[LOVING WIFE] [By Imhapless] © [Brad's best friend's death opens his eyes.] When you go to a play, the playbill typically gives a cast of characters. I'm plagiarizing that approach here. I'm Bradley Braddock Brady (apparently my mother loved alliteration), known only as "Brad" to all my frien

This story is about a wife who discovers her husband's fascination with women's clothes. With her professional training as a psychiatrist, she soon discovers that it is not just a desire for him, but a need. Or is it? The husband and wife take turns telling the story, so some parts are repeated b

Chapter 4 Janice - I must start out by saying that I admit to being very unfair and out of line the first night I made Chris wear The red vinyl leotard, but I will talk more about that later. Chris has left out a lot of details that I will try to fill in. When He first told me about what the girl

Chapter 4 Janice - I must start out by saying that I admit to being very unfair and out of line the first night I made Chris wear The red vinyl leotard, but I will talk more about that later. Chris has left out a lot of details that I will try to fill in. When He first told me about what the girl

Chapter 6 Janice- All during the day I had feelings ranging from fear that somebody would confront Chris and give him a bad time to exhilaration that I had made him go out wearing female attire that was obvious to anyone that looked at him. After Chris got off the phone he told me that Miss Summ

Chapter 7 Chris At this point I wasn't wearing my own underwear very often and whenever I wore Janice's, I wore her panties, bra, camisole, and pantyhose. Because I was keeping not only my legs shaved, but my face and sometimes even my underarms, shaving became a real hassle and I complained to J

Chapter 7 Chris At this point I wasn't wearing my own underwear very often and whenever I wore Janice's, I wore her panties, bra, camisole, and pantyhose. Because I was keeping not only my legs shaved, but my face and sometimes even my underarms, shaving became a real hassle and I complained to J

Chapter 9 Chris At that point I decided that I was not going to wear any more of Janice's clothes and to stop taking the hormone pills. Although Janice didn't like the idea, she agreed to go along with my desires and not try to entice me into wearing her clothes anymore. I had been wearing my hai

Chapter 12 Janice When I got up in the morning I called my office and cancelled my appointments until further notice. Any of the more urgent ones I referred to Dr. Shullman then I went up to talk to Chris. I told him how things were going to change (which he explained to you). Things went so poor

Chapter 12 Janice When I got up in the morning I called my office and cancelled my appointments until further notice. Any of the more urgent ones I referred to Dr. Shullman then I went up to talk to Chris. I told him how things were going to change (which he explained to you). Things went so poor

(Chapter 12 continued) That was nothing compared to the surprise I got when I got home and looked inside and saw the prices of some of the outfits. But with all of that, there was one pleasant surprise. They did have the most adorable, ultra sissified outfits that you could imagine and they had a

(Chapter 12 continued) That was nothing compared to the surprise I got when I got home and looked inside and saw the prices of some of the outfits. But with all of that, there was one pleasant surprise. They did have the most adorable, ultra sissified outfits that you could imagine and they had a

Chapter 13 Chris Something happened to me that afternoon. I guess that my attitude had been changing slowly ever since Janice had tied me to the bed that day, but it seems at that point I realized that all I wanted to do was to put my trust in her. She had been right about so many things and as

[From: SeeShow] - I want to tell you about my first experience as a result of Swinger's website... I scanned the questionnaires and left messages with like minded people in my general area. I received a response from a husband in a neighboring city that wanted to watch his wife with another man.

[From: SeeShow] - This was like a dream come true. I was squeezing his sexy wife's firm dancer legs as my tool explored her now juicy pussy. I watched as my shaft worked its way into and out of her pleasure palace. I looked down at his sexy wife through her feet as I pulled her bucking legs up ag

[CUCKOLD/Domination & submission] [By KeptSissy] © [The reality of cuckold slave status hits home, literally.] "I take it she's spoken with you about me, about me and her?" He sits behind his desk and stares at me. He's aloof. He's never said more than two words to me before, passing in the ha

1. AT THE BEACH - I went to the beach this past weekend for the first time since last summer. I I wore a turquoise two piece swimsuit, with a strapless bra and high cut briefs. Over the suit, I had a white blouse, faded blue jeans, and my favorite sandals. I spread my blanket beyond the most c

[by StoneyPoint] “And here are the best scholars here in the league for cheerleading” announced the city’s Director of Academics. One by one, the first five walked out to receive their award. My eyes opened wide. Jesus, I thought. Jesus, I said to myself again. I don’t know what my buddy was t

[INTERRACIAL Sex Story] [By Maya Amritpal Kaur] [She is held captive, degraded; the works!] Thirsty Cunt Productions in conjunction with The University of Erotica I

[INTERRACIAL Sex Story] [By Maya Amritpal Kaur] [She is held captive, degraded; the works!] Thirsty Cunt Productions in conjunction with The University of Erotica I

[INTERRACIAL Sex Story] [By Maya Amritpal Kaur] [She is held captive, degraded; the works!] Thirsty Cunt Productions in conjunction with The University of Erotica I

[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [Adopted guy seeks his birth mother.] Chapter One - IT WAS UP TO HER... - Twenty-two years... Twenty-two years since his mother, Christine had given him up for adoption. But now, in a matter a few minutes, he would see her... She had put him up for ad

About 5-6 years ago, I walked into my first "Adult Book Store". To say that I was apprehensive would have been an understatement. I was anxious to see what these "Book Stores" were all about though; so I went along with my husband. Wearing my low cut, wrap around dress with no bra and underwear a

ABSTRACT: Five white couples from Ohio go on a long awaited cruise, only to be kidnapped and captured by rebel forces in the tiny African country of Gyeria. The ordeal they endure is told by Philip, who was one of the husbands. This is his story of how his and the other wives are forced into prov

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By MsTwistedAngel] © [Intimate encounter after husband's shower.] I lay back on the bed, wearing just my panties and a tank top. The laptop sitting on my lap as he comes back into the room wearing only a towel after his shower. I try to pretend I don't notice him, but he can te

[A TS Fantasy] As the face took shape Alan found himself without the will to resist. Then, in front of him, a pair of green eyes peered at him through the thick smoke. Alan felt a sense of fear come over him, but had no will to fight it. "He who holds the lamp has released me into service", sa

[A TS Fantasy] "I'm OK, my whole body seems to be shrinking, my hands, my feet. It did hurt a little, but I'm feeling better now." "What do you want me do to?" She started to cry out. "I'll call for help, I'll dial 911" "NO, that's not going to do any good, don't do that, they can't help me

[A TS Fantasy] Laying in bed was all Alan could do. He, or should I say she, was so tired that even rolling over was a strain. After a few minutes Nadine's & Alan's heads stopped spinning, and reality came once again into focus. "Nadine", Alan said with a feminine voice, " What just happened? I f

[by Steven Clark] "Honey, can you pull out my blue suit while you're up?" Frozen in her tracks, her eyes closed she couldn't understand what she was hearing, or even if it was real. "Blue suit?" she muttered. "Yes please, the blue one will be best for today's meeting." Said the deep voice in the

[by Steven Clark] - Wilma turned the key to start the engine. The car backed out of the driveway onto the street. Pulling the lever into drive they sped off to the salon. "What am I doing!" Alina thought to herself. "I can't go out like this, I don't know what to do and how to act. I never wanted

[By Monica Marshal] Queen Sapporo: Sex: Female Age: 39 years Figure: Skinny, mannish, muscular, poorly curved and mostly flat Complexion: White Voice: A little deep pitched Face: Somewhat attractive and clever in looks Eyes: Slightly slanted, small and greenish Hair: Short

[From: SeeShow] - Do you like to see your wives Dominated? My Catholic background had taught me that sex was bad and that if I ever indulged myself in it, then I should feel guilty. Whenever I felt myself getting close to a man and developing a relationship, I pushed him away, afraid that I'd

[GAY] [By Walterio] © [First, single stud shows his bi-side to pretty gay teenagers.] As the plane approached the landing at the Caribbean Island airport, I quickly dismissed my disappointment with my former girlfriend Andrea. At the last minute she had bailed on me and I was headed to an all-inc

[by Sue] The Introduction - David Novak, age 38, height 5'7", weight 171 pounds, brown eyes, sandy grey blond hair. He lives in house in a suburb, is married, and has three children. He is currently a general manager of a division with a Fortune 200 company. On the outside, a typical Yuppie wh

After many months of preparation, the time had finally arrived when Alyson would simply enjoy, endure, suffer her system of self bondage and discipline. The time for programming her computer, the time for carefully calculating distances, the time for constructing devices, the time for manufacturing

[By Tommo] Amy and I have been married for a number of years and the thought of her being with another man has always turned me on. When we first started dating we were both in college. Amy and her friends would periodically drive to another university to spend the weekend with friends. As our re

[By Tommo] Amy and I have been married for a number of years and the thought of her being with another man has always turned me on. When we first started dating we were both in college. Amy and her friends would periodically drive to another university to spend the weekend with friends. As our re

My company is sending me to Dallas to train a new girl in the office. I am an administrative assistant and have been with my company for 14 years and occasionally, when a new girl is hired elsewhere in the country, I am sent to teach her "the ropes". This is only my third trip out of town in the las

[GROUP SEX] [By Curvy Cougar] © [Horny firemen get taken care of by sexy BBW.] From the views of two firefighters, Billy and Paul: We are two firefighters in the area. Even though we don't make much money at it, Billy and I enjoy what we do. The only real problem in our lives is the domestic k

[By Connie, Bert, Susie and my husband Brandon] My husband & I have two kids and 10 years later. I was finding sex really getting dull and uneventful. Kind of bored with it all. Brandon, my husband thought that he was the reason for my lack of wanting to have sex. I could reach the uphill side of

[EROTIC COUPLING/Anal] By Walterio © [Secretary has a special thank you for her boss.] Author's Note:: I have written about my Admin Assistant Cathleen in other stories. However I never wrote about the day she thanked for her promotion and the days following. I thought to share that weekend with

[From: SeeShow] - True story of a STUD with a willing housewife, while husband watches! Let me relay the details of my sexual adventures with a conservative wife, and her indulgent husband. I'll start off by saying that I met them thru a swingers magazine that also has a website. We talked on

[By Robbie] Kate and I had been married for 4 months but had been together for three years, so were used to all the normal sexual activities. We had just had another session where I had tried to do something different and have anal sex with her. She had refused at the time, but laying there after

This is a story about my first marriage in 1985. Andrea, my wife and I were both students at North Dakota State when we met. I was a junior, and she was a freshman. While I was a city boy (Fargo) she came from a tiny farming community in the western end of the state. At 21, Andrea was 5' 3", natural

[By L Michaels] They moved in a year ago, and ever since then, I've wanted to fuck her, she has this body that just wants you to lust after her, she wears these little half tops around the house and panties, that's all, she will wave at me in this outfit, she will bend over to allow me to see her

[by Rani] ...Rani was a beautiful young Asian Indian woman who lived in the New York suburb of Commack, Long Island. She and her husband had bought their house only recently and were still busy furnishing it. That afternoon some furniture they had purchased was due to be delivered at the house a

(A Rape Fantasy Story)[Rape, Latino, Blowjob] I had an experience last month that I thought your readers might like to read about. It began while my husband, Hal, and I were returning home from watching a movie at an adult theater. Hal was really horny and so was I. On the drive home, I had my husb

[From: SeeShow] - My wife has encouraged me to pass this along to you in the hopes that it will get read by a lot of people. My wife doesn't want any of the names or places changed. She is hoping that some people will actually recognize who we are from the story! She has told me to write it with

[From: SeeShow] - I was so excited that my wife was returning after her long absence in Chicago. Only trouble was that she had induced a promise from me to become her subservient love slave. What else could I say. I knew she had me by the balls; trouble is she knew it too! I picked her up at the

My wife and I moved into a new house with a pool, and it wasn't long before we decided that we needed a spa to go with it. We opted for one of the above ground types, with a redwood gazebo around it. Gina and I loved the new spa; I planted jasmine vines around it, hoping that soon, they would gro

Chapter I - I was aghast to think my young fiancee had just signed me up for a course in cosmetology. I really don't remember expressing any interest in that subject. Of course I always admired the way Janice was beautifully groomed. Her make up and clothing were always perfect. And of course wit

I would like to add my two-cents to the debate on whether men with big cocks are better lovers than ones with small cocks. Those who choose one over the other are, in my opinion, being narrow minded. Both types of men have a role to play in creating a great sex life. The trick is in knowing when and

[From: SeeShow] - This is a story from a very naughty lady... Jim, it's good to have a friend like you on this website. I feel that I can almost use you as a "father confessor" and tell you of all my recent naughty behavior. I need to tell someone all the "bad" things I have done. Certainly my

[From: SeeShow] - This is a continuing story from a very naughty lady who just admitted her affair to her husband... Jim, I know it's been a while since I last communicated with you about my sexual adventures with my black lover Nate. But it's been a busy time for me with the holidays and all.

Bi Husband wants wife to enjoy other men! - I too have come to know the joy and the excitement which comes from watching my own beautiful wife suck and fuck other men. Mary is twenty-seven, five foot three, with a 35-24-35 figure. I'm thirty-one, six foot, one hundred ninety pounds, and I'm in

Bi Husband wants wife to enjoy other men! - Part 2 - When I had it standing up straight and hard as a rock, John announced that it was now time for him to teach my lonely wife what fucking was all about. John told Mary that she would be like a virgin to him, since after fucking my little boy's pe

[By Bob, Rebecca & Tammi] I was late early getting home from work and for some reason I didn't pull in the garage. I went in my house through the back door. Rebecca was on the phone with someone she knew. I didn't know who it was, but it was someone she worked with by the conversation talking sho

[EROTIC COUPLING] By m_storyman_x © [A trip to a nude beach is his birthday present.] It's my birthday again. After sixty-one years you'd think that birthdays wouldn't be a big deal any more, but they still are to me. One reason for that is that my ten-year younger wife always pulls out all the s

[By Scott & Linda] Hi I’m Anita. You know, most of the stories submitted here seem to be embellished about women with 40 DDD sized breases, and nipples to match. And of men with 16” of the hardest, fattest cock you’ve ever seen with balls the size of Dallas / Ft. Worth. , B_ _ _ S _ _ _! This

[INTERRACIAL] [By silkstockingslover] © [Husband and wife are shared by female black teen and grandpa.] Summary: Although this story is mostly a GAY interracial story, it is really a much deeper story about one man's lengthy journey of sexual self-discovery. Besides being about a man becoming a c

[By Master & Johnston] Stripper (male) Your birthday party was in full swing, nobody was feeling any pain, and you were as horny as hell. Your husband came up behind you, rubbing his cock against your ass. “Having fun?” “Oh, yeah. But where’s my birthday surprise? You said I’d have a big pres

[MATURE] [By komrad1156] © [Desperate times force a woman to take desperate measures.] In spite of the warning bells going off inside his head, Josh decided to stop. He knew a woman, even one with a young girl with her, who was hitchhiking, could have a man somewhere near her; a man with a gun or

(Female Boxing) - [by Kim and Ginny] The figure glided through the darkened arena with cat-like grace. The clicking sounds from her high heels on the cement floor echoed off the bare walls. She paused briefly in the shadows to look around as if she were expecting someone, then moved into the ligh

(Female Boxing) - [by Kim and Ginny] As the ref counted Sunny out, Heather walked to her corner and stood watching calmly as Jeanna took off the gloves. She came back, put her foot on Sunny's ass and mugged for the camera as Sunny cried. "What's the matter blondie, this tough little Black chick t

[LOVING WIFE] [By Imhapless] © [What do you do when your fun wife becomes boring?] I guess "typical" defines at least the first twenty one years of my (Kevin Alston's) life. I was about average in everything including smarts, athleticism, size, personality, and experiences. I had really good day

I would like to share an experience with your readers. I'm a 24 year old woman who recently had to go back to work because my husband was injured on his job. Having secretarial skills I applied for a job in a very large advertising firm. My boss is a tall, solidly built man 44 years of age. He keeps

Boy to Girl -or- Dan to Danielle - Part 5 [by SweetDarlin] [In Part 1, Jennifer comes up with a brilliant plan for slowly making her husband Dan more feminine in appearance and manner and begins to implement it] [In Part 2, Jennifer gives Dan a pair of her panties to wear to work when his sup

Jenny had called a bridge game for all the girls while the men were getting pissed at some unknown hotel nearby. I was quite good at bridge, but found I was even better at a sport I knew little about, until that day. There were four of us playing that night and even though we had played bridge be

[by Dulcinea] She awoke refreshed, feeling rested for the first time in a week. Stretching like a cat, she relished in the lack of tenseness, in the lack of pain in her muscles. He slumbered beside her, undisturbed by her movements. Suddenly, last night came flooding back into her memory. She fel

[By Jay Greenlees] The day started off like any other day for Shannan. She was awakened by the soft kiss of the sunrise and the sound of the waves rolling up to her Malibu Beach Home. Her husband, like always, had already left for work early and hadn't bothered to make love to her, or even kiss h

[From: SeeShow] - Steve sat astride her waist and held her arms over her head, clamping both her wrists together with one big powerful hand. He used his other hand to prevent her head from turning away as he showered her face with kisses and alternately licked and sucked her lips. He was taking h

I want to tell you a story about the wildest night of my life. It was the only time that I ever had sex with anyone other than my husband. But first, let me tell you a little about me. My name is Zarina. I am a beautiful blonde with a shapely figure. Im about 53 tall. My tits are ample and I h

[By Qwyit1] I was 28, recently divorced, home alone on a Friday evening, when the phone rang. It was my 24 year old, younger sister. She wanted to know if I was doing anything special that evening. When I said no, she informed me her husband had gone on a week long hunting trip in Wyoming, and she

[LOVING WIFE] By loving_hubby © [Wife takes the initiative to revive a stale marriage.] The rest of that Sunday turned out to be a celebration of rekindled romance. Tina and I seemed to find any excuse to be together and to touch each other. After lunch we sat cuddling each other on the sofa, wat

[By Randy & Carol Lynn] We didn’t know it then, but this event changed our very lives. My husband & I had taken a vacation for two weeks. We love to hike and fish in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Hiking into a remote lake completely secluded that is so relaxing for us both. We could fish in

[FETISH/Corsets] [By LearningFast] © [Another tightlaced lady explains her pleasure.] Pauline from Canterbury, Kent, UK Interviewed in Charing Cross Hotel, London 22 February 1994 Tape transcribed in Sept 2000 [Name changed] Interviewer Hello. Thanks for coming. I think it's been a li

[A true Story by Candy Michaels] Several years ago, I finally came to grips with my own alter-ego. Achieving the realization that I did enjoy the feminine side of me as well as the male side, allowed me to finally admit my secret desires to myself, as well as to others. Because of this realizatio

Recently I had to attend a trade show in New York. Several weeks before I attended, I started corresponding on a BBS with a Lady who lived in Manhattan with her roommate. Jennifer was a professional person, worked on wall street and her roommate, Holly, worked in advertising. Both girls had recently

About a year ago a young woman began working in our customer service department. She was very pretty, with long blond hair and a lithe body. I entertained some heated fantasies about her, but any relationship presented more than the usual difficulties: she was 23, she was my employee, we were both m

[By Jake] I was sure, at that moment, I was alone. We were traveling, my wife and I. Staying with my mother-in-law, for the Christmas holidays. They had all gone shopping while I stayed behind to unpack and take a shower. Now, I should explain. I'm a guy. And it's rare that I take a show

[By Simon] Hi, I'm Simon, and my wife is Julia. She is 42, nice body large firm breasts, and she is my second wife. I am her second husband. She has a son and a daughter by her first marriage Harry and Rosie. Harry is 16, and Rosie 14. I have suspected for some time that she was overly at

Caught, Captured, and Transformed [by Rebecca] It has been well over a year now and I think the worst part has been the loneliness. Oh, I've had television to watch and there have been newspapers and books to read but the lack of human companionship was at times almost unbearable. Peggy has been

Cowboys in Dallas [by CumEater] After sending the Email description of Wednesday night's sexual servitude to my secretary at 6:30 in the morning, Joyce and I put on our corporate facades and got ready for another day of intense business meetings marketing our company. It was difficult to focus o

Turnabout in Dallas [by CumEater] Awakening to the bright sunny Dallas day on Saturday morning after Friday evening's torment in the stable and non-stop sexual marathon in the ranch bunk house, both Joyce and I were quite sore. Once we started moving around, one of our guardian cowboys came in t

Macho Husband Changed into a TV... My Dear Friend, you asked me to write to you to tell you how I developed the present relationship with my husband. Well it was a struggle at first, believe me. The first three years that I was married my husband had a tendency to put me down and often humiliat

[by Le Carnard] I am writing to describe how I transformed my husband into the docile, well behaving servant I've always dreamed of having. We had the typical husband-wife relationship for the first two years of our marriage. I grew increasingly tired of his chauvinistic ways and his clumsy a

[by Le Carnard] I am writing to describe how I transformed my husband into the docile, well behaving servant I've always dreamed of having. We had the typical husband-wife relationship for the first two years of our marriage. I grew increasingly tired of his chauvinistic ways and his clumsy a

[By Stoneypoint] She didn’t care any longer. She had to do it. Screw him. He already messed it up, at least once, she thought. I am going to get him back, and I’m gong to get him back good. She found his phone while he was showering and cleaning up, and found the phone number. She forwarded it to

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By FinalStand] © [Rochelle Wellington and University depravity – sort of.] AUTHOR'S NOTE: *Being dead is wonderful; you never get tired and you have all the time in the world to regret how you ended up this way* Thank you Frontma for inspiring me to keep writing so she can p

[From: SeeShow] - My wife and I live Appleton, MN and had been married for several years before I got up the nerve to tell her my voyeuristic fantasy, and then it was another month before I convinced her to act on it. Our sex life, which was always good, as gotten even better. For those of you wh

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By Love24X] © [Wanting to be back at home during a long trip away.] I am so desperate for your beautiful body that as I write this for you my cock is swollen and aching for your wonderful tight little cunt, my heavy balls feel full to bursting and almost tingling with anticipat

Cop Slave Vacation - Part 1 [by CumEater] My vacation as the forced slave to two demanding officers... My wife had always been a strong independent women but within the last year she has actually become somewhat dominate - both in and out of bed. She had always managed her household budget bu

[By Stoneypoint] Up on the eleventh floor she sat pouring over paperwork late Monday night. It was the ninth consecutive evening outside of the weekends that she spent her time in the office. Her kids were grown and off to college; her husband had taken to traveling much more then usual. Gl

[by Lou O'Brien] I haven't had sex with my my wife for a year and a half, and it had gotten to the point where half the women walking through WalMart would catch my eye, causing me to mumble to myself "I need to get laid". I found a website that offered the chance to meet people to hook up wit

[FETISH/Cum/Anal] By wellrestedunfullfilled © [One call from Mistress, means following sexual clean-up orders.] How it started I am not even sure. All I know is I found my way over to the married couple I was serving as a cleanup boy. I would get the call once a week, my part of the deal was to g

Crossing The Line from Fantasy to Reality Provided to RateXpics.com by CUMEATER This is the almost true story of a fantasy player on Collarme.com, who one day actually crossed the fine line between fantasy and reality. She is one of the more active fantasy players, a married woman who needs t

[CUCKOLD Story] [By DG Hear] © [Truth about cuckolding from Dan's point of view.] I read story after story about cuckolding, and can't get over it. What is the matter with these guys? Their wives are using them just to gain sexual satisfaction and they for some reason can't see it. They think the

[by Wantsum] [Customer, Blowjob, Ass Fucked, Anal] Life in retail was pretty dull, except for one day when it was quite different. The most exciting part of the day was usually when we locked the door to go home. But not this day! Ma'am, can I help you with anything today? "I'm looking for

[by: Quicksilver] Tom had taken a plane from Columbus, Ohio to Chicago and had changed planes for this leg of the trip to San Francisco. The trip was uneventful and no fantasies had been fulfilled. The plane for this part of the flight was an L1011. Tom worked for a company as a customer suppo

[By Tailspinner] I am a keen road racer (bicycles). I am a member of local club and we go training every weekend. This particular Sunday there was a meet and I was not able to go, but I woke early and decided to go for a training ride, only forty miles, sixty-five kilometres. I have a Merida Road

[From: SeeShow] - "Dave's Wife, Carol Becomes a Complete Slut to Her Boss"... My husband and I were married at a very early age against the advice of our parents. I was only 18 and Dave was 19. We had been dating while attending Francis Lewis High School in Queens, NY, and now that we were bot

[From: SeeShow] - In the next year, I indeed did become Jack's slut-slave. He had me wear extremely sexy cloths to work. That was OK though, because the only female in our office was myself, Jack and five other guys that worked for Jack and obviously all of them were glad to see me in my sexy dre

[From: SeeShow] - My name is Carol and I'm married to a real wimp of a man called Dave. I hope you have had a chance to read Part 1 & 2 that as posted to the RateXpics.com library, so I don't need to repeat any of the details. I'll just explain that my husband was a real disappointment to me in t

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By TE999] © [Three lives are changed on Earth Day.] "Can I help you with that?" Dawn wiped the sweat from her eyes with a gloved hand and looked up from the tree she was struggling to plant. Her green eyes met the deep blue of a pretty, blonde-haired woman wearing a Forest W

Wayne headed back toward his hotel room, juggling two cans of soda and the ice bucket he had just filled. As he rounded the corner he noticed an attractive girl just down the hall, apparently having trouble with her room key. "Excuse me," she began, looking up. "Could you help me with this?" W

All denial finally fled away as his mind embraced its new programming and its new body. "Women..." he quietly repeated in his baby girl voice. The word grew more wonderful as he spoke it. "I'm a woman...a real woman..." "Yes!" his friend happily said. He slowly walked over to the vanity and to

[by Robert 42] Donna was extremely happy to hear that Laurie had hired someone to help them out. She loved the work, but working the amount of hours they had been working were beginning to wear them both thin. Laurie did seem to be in better spirits today. They only had about 14 hours left to com

[by Robert 42] Laurie was beginning to grow farther and farther apart from Jennifer since they had returned from Rio. It wasn't anything that either of them had done. It's just that she had a lot of work to catch up on when she got back, and Jennifer's new friendship with Cheryl had them going in

[by Robert 42] Ron picked up the phone and listen for a few seconds. Donna couldn't hear what he was saying, but from the way he looked up at her once or twice during the call, she was positive it was about her. It didn't take her more than a few seconds to know that Ron was now finding out about

[by Robert 42] Jennifer was facing for the first time she could remember, the possibility that she might fail in turning someone on. Jack trembled in fright when Jennifer made him rub her nipples. They hardened under his touch and Jennifer spoke softly to him, but poor Jack could not curb his fea

[From: SeeShow] - I love to masturbate. I've never admitted that to anyone before. I'm writing this E-mail and sending it off to you, Jim, only on the basis that I can remain anonymous. I guess that tells you how embarrassed I am about being a masturbator. The truth is that our society is not ver

[From: SeeShow] - I know that my husband loves to masturbate. He has been doing it behind my back for years, the little sneak. I guess he's always been to embarrassed to tell me about it. He still makes love to me several times a week, but I know that he sneaks off to his basement workshop to pla

My wife and I liked to play, and I often assume different character rolls as part of our lovemaking. It was an effort to spice up, what was getting to be, the same old routine week after week. We felt we needed more spice and lots of excitement to keep the sexual juices flowing. Some years ago, w

I love to be sexually dominated, and I am married to a very beautiful young woman who abuses my obedience to the maximum. She knows that when I am sexually aroused there is nothing I won't do for her. She often makes me go a few days without coming, knowing that I will be that much more aroused and

[From: SeeShow] - Sometimes it's tough for an older man to keep up with a younger woman.- I'm twenty-two years old and a little more than one-half my husband's age. James swept me off my feet when I was only eighteen years old. I went for his mature looks and smooth lines. Our courtship was f

Martha was in her early thirties. She had been married for 12 years and had been faithful to her husband, Don, until she met me. I don't know what it was about me. I think nothing special, just that she was ready to experiment and learn about life. Many women about that age are ready to try new thin

[by Hadley V. Baxendale] When Eloise Ann Spencer was sixteen, she had her first sexual experience. The year was 1884 and the world was in the midst of the Victorian era. A woman's place in society was to be pure and wholesome. Even to mention the word 'sex' in public was a social taboo. Such a

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By BenLong] © [Moving on from teasing.] I overslept in the morning, it was after seven when I finally awoke. For some reason, I didn't mind. There was no sound from her room, so I quietly left a sticky note on the wall across from her saying I'd be back by 9 and went out on my

[From: SeeShow] - My wife and I have known one another now for about eight years and our life together is getting more exciting all the time, especially in the sex department. Both of us have interesting well paying professional careers that provide us all the money we need to pursue the good thi

Puerto Rico is a special place and it was great to have our son's wedding there. He's a very mature 22 and I know that he and his sweet wife will have many years of wedded bliss. My first wife had flown in for the wedding and the fact that she and I had to engage in a "candle lighting" ceremony as p

[FANTASY] [By RedHairedandFriendly] © [Hetta's mucked up her own fairy tale for love] Author's Note: For those new to the series and find this confusing, it helps to read the stories behind Hetta and her Mucked up Tale please read The Fairy Tale Series. Either way, I hope you enjoy the story and

[by Tigger] Part 1. Memories - The only good thing about lengthy separations is reunions. My Mistress had been out of town on business for over two weeks. She is the principal assistant to the vice president for production at a major industrial concern in our area. She had been traveling to re

I'm in Hot Hands, the perfect fantasy jerkoff club. Hot, throbbing music greets you at the door, and you feel your erection start to grow. You straighten your prick in your pants, knowing that everyone knows you're hard and wants you to pull it out for private fun. The locker room crew helps get you

The Flight... We had been happily anticipating the journey together, for several reasons. It was a time for the two of us to be together, alone, after nearly sixteen years of marriage. We had not always gotten those much needed moments together in the previous few years, especially with two young

[by Tigger] How do you say "Good Bye" to a loved one? Like another story that I posted, this story is derived from the book above. Unlike that tale, most of this story is of my own invention. It is a very well written love story about a very strong man (Ned) who meets a beautiful and strong wo

Bids were coming from all sides of the room. $20,000, $25,000 $30,000, figures flying back and forth; girls being examined, taken away, humiliated, their spirits broken. There was on the side of the room a well dressed, middle aged couple. Earlier, they had been looking over Kelly and another gir

[by Rachel Varga] Part 2 - Paul felt so naked and vulnerable as as he followed Nurse Thompson down the open corridors. He felt ridiculous wearing only the wispy petticoat. The lace hem of the pretty garment tickled slightly as it swished against his thighs with each step. Was it his imaginatio

This is about our first swinging experience! Several years ago my wife and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in an unusual manner. Very unusual, because Margo, my wife, is a very straight-laced, church-going type who was introduced to the swinging scene on that night. We checked into a n

[By Gloria's Husband] I have a decent sized cock, nothing excessive, about seven and a half inches and reasonably thick, Gloria loved it and loved plenty of sex. She was a brunette with a slim firm body, her breasts a good handful with smallish nipples and a lovely shape, she had a flat stomach w

In the eleventh year of our marriage, Ellie and I were living in rural farmland in the Southwest. I was employed as an Arizona pilot flying crop spraying aircraft and had finished the work season for the year. There was a two to three month period during the winter with very little work, so we had a

A fishing trip postponed for a sexual emergency! ...I was Going Fishing! I had looked forward to this week-end and the chance of getting out to the lake and doing some serious bass fishing. Christine, my wife and Cindy, her best friend were downtown shopping and said they would be back at 3pm. I

[by Danielle] [From time to time my wife writes me about her adventures, the exciting thing about her stories is to figure which ones are real and which ones are fantasy.] We brought my sewing machine to the local repair shop. It was so much more convenient than sending it 40 miles out of town

My wife knows well about my active fantasy life, but up until recently has never shown much interest in fulfilling it. I have a burning foot fetish that she has never had a problem with and has always been generous with her sexy peds. She has perfect feet with sexy little suckable toes and the most

[LOVING WIFE/Swinging] By SexNovella © [The swingers club] It was Friday night and the balcony had a relaxed atmosphere. The food we just ate had tasted wonderful and the wine in our glasses made us relaxed. Maybe it was the wine that made our bodies horny. I was curled up in the corner with my g

[THREESOME/MFM] [by LynnGKS] © [Fred and Don and Tina made the perfect ménage a trois] I was surprised when Don and Tina walked into the hotel lobby that night. I was in Vegas for a little fun and they were the last people I expected to meet there. Don was a college classmate of mine – we had gra

[NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By Voluptuary_Manque] © [She thought she didn't want it.] Juliette slowly emerged from sleep. The room was warm, the bed firm beneath her back—and she was naked! That was wrong and so was the pillow under her butt. She tried to sit up only to discover that her hands were

[LOVING WIFE] [By StoryTeller07] © [Wife and friend compete for the husband] "Another?" Dorothy said. "Do you need to ask?" Elizabeth answered, holding out the wine glass. "It's been too long. We should have kept in touch." "You know how it is. A day goes nowhere. That's how I lost Harry

[LOVING WIFE] [By StoryTeller07] © [An unexpected gift for wife and friend.] Dorothy gulped at a glass of orange juice. Her head was throbbing even after standing for half an hour under a steaming hot shower. In the kitchen she fumbled with coffee, managing to spill grounds on the counter but eno

[by Vickie Tern] It seemed to be the darkest day of my life, though now there's no doubt I'm better off for it. Janice, she's my wife, she thinks so, and her friend Melissa thinks so, and they both tell me so often enough. Even my friend Ray thinks so, Melissa's husband, though he always says wha

[by Vickie Tern] I looked ahead of me and there were Ray's knees and pants legs. His hands were nowhere in sight, maybe to keep things uncomplicated for me. I crept over to him, swallowed, and rested my chin on his knees. He didn't budge. Well, what was I here for? I unzipped his fly, reached in

[by Vickie Tern] "I told Melissa one day that I wanted to leave you for good and live with her. The same sort of thing I put into my letter to you. But she said no, it wasn't possible. For one thing, she'd put so much work into training Ray, that now he's a perfect housekeeper and cook, and her s

I'm married, I'm happy, and I thought I was totally content. Being thirty-eight years of age with two lovely, almost grown children, I maintain a very sexy body and I love to dress sexy as well. Last night my friend, Arlene, called me and asked me if I wanted to go out with her for a drink. I ask

[NONCONSENT/Reluctance Story] [by abroadsword] © She strolled once again down the wide thoroughfare heading for town, once again her captors evaded, her friend, her rock, once again providing an escape from her Husband, and his family and their outdated Victorian ideas; her soft soled trainers p

[From: SeeShow] - For the past four years, I've been married to a beautiful woman, who is ten years younger than myself. Jo has the kind of face and figure men dream about. She is now twenty-three years old, stands five feet five inches and weighs about a hundred fifteen pounds. Her measurements

It was just about a year ago that my wife and I got into swinging in a big way. While we had always thought we'd like to try it we never followed through until our new neighbors Jill and Dave peaked our interest. Jill is a petite blond with a nice figure and her husband Dave is short also but carrie

For the last couple of years I'd badgered my young wife to give herself to a black man. The thought really of watching my wife being fucked by a big black man really turned me on. She was very resistant to the idea of being with another man, especially a black man. But the other morning she becam

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