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The Lottery - Chapter 19

Story Sponsored by: Adult Toys - AdultToyStore.com

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Chapter 19 - Thuy -

The next three days were very busy ones. Sherry had forgiven me for hitting her, which was fortunate, because the two of us were together most of those three days, arranging for her to return to school.

As I'd suspected, once the principal heard our story he was more than willing to waive a lot of the formalities. Sherry's story made the rounds of the teachers, all of whom were very sympathetic.

Even so, getting her started was difficult, especially in late March. Oh, well, it would keep her from getting underfoot.

Both Thuy Li Min and Alima Jahrain called to be picked up. Thuy was due on the twenty-third, Alima the day after. Mei and Rachel handled the logistics as I had my hands full with Sherry.

Rachel got a prescription for the pill, although it would take a month for that to become effective. I used a condom the night I made love to her. Combined with the bondage I was able to make her come hard twice, once with my tongue, and once with my fingers. She didn't want me to fuck her, resisting until I forcibly restrained her spread-eagle in the chains. She struggled wildly when I first pushed into her, tears spilling down her face for a while, then she gave up. After a long time she started to enjoy it. Unfortunately, it was only a couple of minutes later I lost control. She kissed me tenderly when I withdrew, and apologized.

I had Mei the next night, in the ass the way she liked it, using only her copious vaginal lubricant. She had two orgasms, from my tongue on her clit. She didn't come from my ass fucking, although she enjoyed the feel of my hard cock reaming her. I never even fucked her cunt. When we were finished she begged me to leave her in bondage overnight. Reluctantly I agreed, making sure I set my alarm for fifteen till six so I could free her on time.

The twenty-second was stormy. I decided to go to bed alone that night, to save my strength for Thuy. Rachel was content to just sleep, she loved to listen to the rain as she snuggled under the covers. I smiled when I found that out, I liked to do that too.

Mei was another matter. She'd been prowling around the dungeon and discovered a bondage bed. She asked to be restrained in it overnight.

I obliged her-with a twist. As she lay panting in excitement I inserted a special sex toy into her cunt. It was called a cucumber-a very expensive, very exotic vibrator that plugged into the wall.

It was nine inches long, covered in warty green rubber, with the thick cable designed to look like a stem. But the cable did more than just power the toy!

Between the wall and the dildo was a control box, loaded with a powerful micro-processor and a large built in program to control the cucumber. The vibrator could turn itself on and off, twist, expand and contract, get hot and even supply a mild electric shock.

I put a leather harness around Mei's hips to hold the massive toy in her so she couldn't expel it. Then I programmed the toy to activate at random times throughout the night, with random effects.

Then I kissed Mei good night and went to bed.

The twenty-third dawned sunny and perfect. I freed Mei, who was groggy from her extended bout with the cucumber.

"Thank you, Master." She said as I helped her stand. She swayed drunkenly and would have fallen except for my support.

"Too much for you?" I asked, grinning. She kissed me, then knelt, lifting her ass high and pressing her breasts against the cold stone floor. She stretched her arms out along the floor above her head.

Astonished, I gaped down at her. "What the hell are you doing, Mei?"

"Please, Master, your humble servant begs that you make her a slave twenty-four hours a day. I want to belong to you utterly, totally! Possess me, I beg you!" She was weeping and shivering, from cold or need I couldn't tell.

"Mei, get up!" She sprang to her feet instantly, keeping her eyes downcast. "What's gotten into you?"

"Desire to be your property, Master." She whispered. I shook my head, disbelieving.

"Tell me you're kidding." I said.

"Last night that thing kept turning on just as I would get to sleep. It gave me wonderful, frightening dreams. Make me your slave, Master. Around the clock. Brand me, mark me as yours!"

"You're serious, aren't you?" I asked, leaning against a bondage frame. "You're really serious."

"Yes, Master." She looked at me, then snapped her eyes downward.

"What you're asking is impossible." I said. "In the first place, I'd never injure you. Branding you would scar your perfect body, and I wouldn't dream of something so horrible. In the second place, it's illegal, and even if it weren't I don't want to own anybody. Not even such a spellbinding lady as you.

"But I want to be owned by you. Can't we work something out?" Mei pleaded. Too confused to think I said finally.

"Let me think about it. And you better think about it too. Now go shower and dress. Breakfast will be waiting."

"Yes, Master!" And she sprang up the stairs. I shook my head again. Things were definitely looking crazy.

Thuy was due in at eight o'clock, so after breakfast I briefed Mei on the special scene I wanted with Thuy. She clapped her hands in glee, a feral light in her eyes. Rachel found out and pitched in with a will.

I left for town at 7:30 to pick up Thuy at the airport. I cautioned Sherry that I would be playing tonight, and she might want to stay in her room after lights out. She just grinned and made an obscene gesture. It was getting hard to remember that the schoolgirl was actually a professional hooker. Nothing I could do would shock her.

There was almost no traffic, I was ten minutes early. The charter plane was on time, a small two engine with a high tail. Standing at the gate I watched as Thuy stepped from the plane.

She was Vietnamese, a hair taller than Mei, but lighter built, almost skinny. Where Mei was curvaceous, and Rachel was solid, Thuy was almost frail in her slenderness. She looked much younger than eighteen, more like the fifteen that Sherry really was.

She was dressed in white loose shorts and a floppy white blouse that made her look even younger. I began to wonder if she really was eighteen.

The pilot helped carry her baggage, two suitcases and an overnight case, to the gate where I was standing.

"Hello!" Thuy waved, and ran to meet me. She skidded to a stop with a big smile. I noticed she was wearing tennis shoes.

"Hi." I said, grinning. Despite her frail appearance Thuy seemed to vibrate with energy. The pilot handed me her suitcases and with a wave headed back to his plane.

"Before we go any further, show me your driver's license." I demanded, holding out my hand. Looking at me strangely she took a wallet from her purse and extracted the card.

It said she was born on March 8, 1972. She was just barely eighteen, but she was legal. I gave her back her license.

"Sorry, but you look about thirteen." I said. "No offense."

"None taken. A lot of people say that."

"Well, let's get your luggage in the car and get started." I said. "How was your trip?"

"Exciting." Thuy said. "I've never flown before. It was neat." The airport was small, just for private craft and small business jets. That was lucky because I didn't have to carry her luggage a long way.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" I said as we walked toward the car. "It's still not too late to change your mind."

"I'm positive." The petite oriental said. "I'm thrilled beyond words. This is the most exciting thing I've ever had happen to me."

"Here we are." I said cheerfully, sitting down her bags and fishing out my keys.

"Oh, wow! A Porsche!" Thuy exclaimed. "A 911! I've always wanted a Porsche! A white 944." She was grinning. "You know, one with red leather, a really wicked stereo, and a five speed. Vaaroooom!"

"Are you familiar with Porsches then?" I asked casually. I opened the door and put her luggage in what was charitably called a back seat.

"Just pictures. My parents are the practical sort. The fastest thing I've ever driven was a friend's CRX."

"Are you sure this is a 911?" I asked, straightening up." "Sure it's a 911. Look at the headlights. Although it's tricked up prettier, I must admit."

"Go look at the back end." I suggested, closing the passenger door. We'd approached the car from the front. Thuy indulged me. I watched her carefully as she went around to the back.

"Oh, my god! It can't be!" Thuy's eyes opened wide. "It's impossible!" She reached out and touched the car reverently.

"It's called a 959." I said cheerfully. "Heard of it?"

"Where did you get it? Oh my god, it must have cost a fortune!" Thuy stroked the spoiler as though she didn't want to frighten the car.

"Half a million." I said. Thuy's hand jerked away reflexively. I laughed. "You can't hurt it, Thuy. The body's made of Kevlar. It's even bullet-proof."

"Just how rich are you?" Thuy asked, looking from me to the car and back. "I knew you were rich, but god! A 959, Jesus!"

"Rich enough, my lady." I said, moving to her. I took her hand and looked deep in her eyes. Thuy caught her breath. "Rich enough to keep a dozen beautiful women in decadent luxury. Rich enough that the money won't ever run out. Rich enough to grant your every fantasy." Leaning down I kissed her. She threw her arms around my neck and responded wildly. Reluctantly I came up for air.

"But there is a price." I said solemnly, gently detaching myself. "For half of each day you must yield your body and soul to me. Whatever I desire, for twelve hours a day I will own you. No matter what I ask, for that twelve hours I can make you do anything. I'll never injure you. But there might be rape, or pain, or humiliation. There will also be ecstasy."

"Oh, yes! Take me, I'm yours!" Thuy almost fainted in her eagerness. I stared at her gravely.

"From 6 P.M. to 6 A.M. you belong to me. Do you agree? Do you yearn to be my slave, Thuy Li Min?"

"Yes." She sighed. "More than anything!" I took her hand and lead her around to the passenger door. I opened it for her and handed her inside. She ooohed in appreciation as she sank into the fine leather. Slamming the door I went around and got in.

"Fasten your seat belt." I warned her. "We're going for the wildest ride of your life!" She obeyed me and I followed suit. The car rumbled to life and whined impatiently.

Once I got out of town I gave the beast it's head. Thuy whooped in delight as I powered out of curves and stamped on the brakes seconds later to dive into another. When we reached the straightaway just before the house I made sure no traffic was on the road and then floored it.

When I braked to turn in the drive Thuy was very quiet. She didn't say a word as I helped her out. I noticed she was pale.

"Are you ok?" I asked, concerned. "Did I frighten you?"

"No. No. Not at all." She said, drawing a shuddering breath. "I always faint when I go over a hundred and fifty." She shivered.

"It was only a hundred and ten." I soothed her. "And we didn't hold it for more than a few seconds."

"That makes me feel so much better." She laughed. "So what now?"

"I thought I'd let you get settled in, then a light dinner at ten to let you meet the other girls. Tonight you're my guest. Tomorrow night will be the big event, ok?"

"God." She breathed. "It just hit me. I'm going to lose my virginity! As a sex slave."

"Getting cold feet?" I asked sympathetically.

"No. But promise me." She said gravely. "Promise me that when it happens I'll be gagged and blindfolded. Please? That's my most cherished fantasy, to be totally helpless, bound, blindfolded, and gagged when my cherry's pierced. Promise me?"

"I promise." I said, touching her cheek. "You'll be bound, blindfolded, and gagged."

"Thank you." She said softly. Little did she know how soon that fantasy would be fulfilled! We moved into the house. Mei, Rachel, and even Sherry met us in the living room. Thuy suddenly got shy.

"Hello, Thuy." Mei said. "I'm Mei. Welcome home." She smiled warmly at the other oriental. Peering through her long hair Thuy bobbed her head.

"Hi, I'm Rachel." The Indian girl said. "It's great to have you here, Thuy."

"Thank you." Thuy said softly.

"I'm Sherry." The teenage girl spoke up. "Glad to meet you." "Nice to meet you too, Sherry." Thuy answered. "I guess I'm number

four, right?"

Sherry made a face, and the Mei and Rachel laughed.

"It's a long story, Thuy, but you're actually number three. Sherry's my ward. A natural mistake though."

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" Thuy was flustered. "I didn't mean-"

"Forget it." Sherry waved it off. "Like he says, it's a long story. We've got your room ready, would you like to freshen up before supper?"

"That would be wonderful, thank you." Thuy said. Sherry grabbed her bags and led her away.

"She's beautiful." Rachel sighed, enviously. "Looks like I'm bottom on the totem pole. Oh, well."

"You're very pretty, Rachel." Mei said. "Isn't she, Master?"

"Yes, she is." I agreed. "And wise. And brave. And very precious to me." Rachel blushed at the compliment. But she didn't argue.

Supper that night was a rousing success. We had a large pizza delivered, along with a boat-load of garlic bread. After supper we went for a late night swim.

Even Sherry joined in, wearing a hot-pink bikini that could have doubled for landing lights at the airport. Mei's string bikini was a bright metallic green, even skimpier than Sherry's.

Both Rachel and Thuy wore one-piece suits, Thuy's a white silky number, thin and high cut, Rachel's a much more conservative yellow of a thick lycra.

After we tired of swimming we rested in the dimness around the pool. I decided it was time to begin Thuy's education. Fighting a comfortable disinclination to move I eased over to Sherry.

"Isn't it past your bedtime?" I asked softly. Sherry gazed at me haughtily.

"I'm a big girl now. Besides, it's Friday night. I don't have to go to school tomorrow." She smiled wickedly, glancing over at Thuy, who was talking quietly to Rachel. Mei lay on a lounger, unmoving, apparently dozing.

"You just want to get rid of me so you can rape her, don't you?"

I winced. "That's something you aren't supposed to know about, Sherry.

I can't have you playing our games. It's illegal."

She sighed. "All right, I'll scram. Can I watch TV?"

"Sure." I said. "Just keep it down, and don't stay up too late." "Yes, father." She said wickedly. With a pert twitch of her backside
she sauntered off. The other girls noticed, even Mei opened her eyes.

"What was that all about?" She asked sleepily, yawning. Her teeth flashed in the dimness.

"Just clearing the decks." I said. "Thuy, it's time we had a serious talk.

Feeling alert?"

"I suppose so." Thuy sat up, tense. The energy she'd used up swimming came back. She almost thrummed as she leaned forward. Rachel looked interested. Mei curled up and went to sleep.

"You realize by coming here you've agreed to become a sex slave?"


"Do you really understand what that means?"

"I guess it means you-uh-that is you can do anything you want to me."

I grinned. "A bit prudish are we?"

"No." Thuy blushed.
"It means, from six o'clock in the evening, till six o'clock in the morning, every single day you remain here, I own you. If I want to tie you up, I can. If I want to rape you I can. If I want Rachel to make love to you she will. If you displease me I can cause you as much pain as I care to. I can whip you, paddle you, put clamps on your nipples, or make you take my cock up your asshole."

I leaned forward. "It means, lovely Thuy, at this very instant, I could order Mei and Rachel to hold you down while I strip that thin white swimsuit off you and take your cherry."

Thuy blinked. I sat back, waiting for her to speak.

"I know that." She said finally. "I'm wondering what's taking you so long."

Mei burst into a fit of ineptly stifled giggles. She hadn't been asleep after all. Rachel laughed, long and hard. I smiled and began to laugh too. Thuy grinned at me.

"That's the kind of thing I want to hear!" I exclaimed. "Mei, bring the bondage gear I laid out. Rachel, go help her. Thuy, come here." The two slave girls jumped to obey me while Thuy walked up, trying not to show how nervous she really was.

"Do you remember my promise?" I asked her. "The one I made you by the car?"

"To gag and blindfold me?" Thuy's voice actually squeaked in her excitement. I nodded. "And you remember the fantasy you gave me on the tape?"

"Which one?"

"The wild one. Tied between two trees, being tortured and raped." "You wouldn't." Thuy asked, alarmed. I smiled and nodded. "I'm going to do it, Thuy. And there's not a thing you can do about it.

You're helpless to resist me-slave girl." Thuy shivered. Her swimsuit clearly showed the outlines of her breasts, the nipples erect. I could also see her mound. Her slender body was almost child-like. Suddenly I had an idea.

I had planned to let Thuy go to sleep then abduct her when she wasn't expecting it. Now I had a better idea.

"Thuy, I'm going to add one small detail to your fantasy. A little fantasy of my own. I want you to pretend you're twelve years old."

"Twelve?" She asked blankly.

"Your body is very child-like. I'm going to safely indulge a pedophilia fantasy with you. I'm going to rape you-a twelve year old girl. Will you do that for me?"

"I-I guess. It seems awfully kinky though. I feel funny, talking about it."

"Kink's the name of the game. I'll make you enjoy it." I promised. Just then Mei and Rachel came back.

"What about Sherry?" Thuy asked suddenly. "Does she know about this?"

"Unofficially." I said. "But we keep her out of it. She's only fifteen."

"But you want me to pretend I'm twelve, right?" Thuy asked. "I don't get it."

"You are a fantasy, Thuy. Sherry's reality. It's the difference between games and life."

"So you wouldn't really-" Thuy started to ask.

"Thuy!" I cut her off. "I'd never rape a child! Or anyone for that matter.

What I'm about to do to you isn't rape, you've agreed to let me. Just as Mei and Rachel did in their turn."

"What's up?" Rachel asked, interested. "Have we stumbled across something nasty?"

"Very." I said. "Thuy, I'm going to ask you one more time. Are you willing to become my slave, starting right now? This is your choice. If you say no, you'll be safe and I'll send you home tomorrow. If you say yes, then you agree to let me do whatever I want. You'll be my property until six A.M."

"I understand."

"No, Thuy. Say it."
"I want to be your slave, Master." "Knowing I can force you to do any perverted thing I please?" "Yes."

"And you don't want to leave?"

"Mei, Rachel, gather round. Thuy, go lay down on the chaise lounge,

we'll get to you in a moment."

"Ok, ladies." I said in a whisper. "Here's the scoop. Thuy's pretending to be a twelve year-old. I kidnapped her and you're going to hold her while I strip and bind her. After that I'll take her into the woods for her defloration. The two of you can go to bed. All right?"

They nodded. I stopped Mei and removed her bikini. She stared at me, surprized. Rachel actually blushed when I stripped her.

"What's on your mind, a foursome?" Rachel asked in a low voice. I shook my head and had the two naked girls gather up the bondage gear.

Thuy's eyes got very wide when she saw Mei and Rachel were naked. She looked at me.

"I see you're finally awake. It's about time. The drug I gave you should have worn off hours ago." I winked at Thuy. She caught on suddenly. Her fantasy had begun.

"Who are you? Where am I? What are you going to do with me? And why don't they have any clothes on?" Thuy spoke quickly, her nervousness unforced.

"So many questions for such a little girl! Tell me, little girl, what's your name?"

"Thuy." She answered. "Where am I? Who are you?" "How old are you, Thuy?" I asked, ignoring her questions. "Ei-I mean twelve." Thuy answered, stumbling a bit. "Well, Thuy, you're somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, thousands of miles from home. I brought you here to become my slave. I'm your Master. And they don't have any clothes on because they're slaves. Slaves don't wear clothes here."

"Don't they get cold?" Thuy asked innocently. I laughed, making it as evil sounding as I could. All three girls gave me a withering look.

"Sorry." I murmured apologetically. Then, resuming my role I said.

"No. It never gets cold here. They don't even have blankets for their beds."

"I want to go home!" Thuy said suddenly. "I want my mommy and daddy!"

"You'll never see them again." I said cruelly, and laughed. "You're here only to serve me, little girl. You don't have any choice. If you're a good girl I'll make you feel nice things-wonderful things you've never dreamed of. Be a bad girl and I'll punish you." I leaned over Thuy, who shrank back, whimpering in terror. She really was a pretty good actress.

"And when I punish a bad girl, it's a very, very long time before she's bad again. Do you understand?"

"No." She said finally. "What do you want? I don't understand anything! How can I be good or bad if I don't know how?" She actually hugged herself in fright.

I hoped she was acting. A little nervousness or fear was good for excitement. Too much though...

"Good slaves do what they're told. They don't talk back, they don't fight or complain, and they're very grateful for what their Master gives them. Now do you understand?"

"I guess so. You want me to do what I'm told."

"Very good. Are you going to try to be a good slave, Thuy?" "I'll try." She said, shivering. "Don't hurt me, please?" "I never hurt little girls unless they're bad. And then I hurt them a lot.

Hear me?"

"I'm your Master, slave. You say 'yes Master' to me, got that?" I barked.

"Yes, Master!" She said, flinching.

"Mei, Rachel, hold her down." The two girls moved to obey, one on each side of Thuy's lounger. Mei grabbed Thuy's wrist with one hand and put her other on Thuy's shoulder. Rachel followed Mei's example.

"Very good. Hold her firmly, slaves, she may struggle." I commanded. Thuy's eyes screwed shut.

"Look at me, Thuy!" I barked again. Her eyes sprang open.

"What are you going to do?" She asked fearfully, her body tense and trembling.

"You're a slave now, Thuy. Slaves don't wear clothes. I want you to feel that swimsuit you're wearing. In just a few seconds I'm going to undress you. And you'll never wear anything again for as long as you live." I put menace in my tone. Rachel looked uncertain but Mei caught her eye and shook her head slightly. She tightened her grip. Thuy looked at me imploringly.

"Oh, please, please don't take off my swimsuit! I'll scream! I really and truly will!"

"Go ahead. There's nobody around to hear you." I said. "But only a bad girl screams. Are you going to be bad, Thuy? Are you going to give me a reason to punish you?"

"No!" She said hastily. "But I can't let you take off my clothes, it's not right!"

"Slaves don't wear clothes." I said reasonably. Look at Rachel and Mei. They aren't complaining, why should you?" Thuy started to say something, then stopped, confused.

"You want to be a good slave, don't you?" I asked. She nodded, then looked even more confused.

"Slave girls don't wear clothes." I said. "Right?"

"They do on TV." Thuy said desperately. "I saw Beast Master three times! Tanya Roberts wore a white robe!"

"That was just the movies, Thuy." I said. "I'm trying to be patient with you, since you're just a little girl. Mei and Rachel are slaves. Right?"

"I guess so." Thuy admitted warily..

"Are you a slave, Mei?"
"Yes, Master." Mei said instantly. "You see?" I said. Thuy nodded reluctantly. "They're naked, right?" Again the reluctant nod. "So slaves don't wear clothes." I finished triumphantly. "Logic can't be argued with. And my dear Thuy, you are also a slave."

"I don't feel like one." Thuy argued faintly, obviously scared to contradict me directly.

"That's because you aren't naked. As soon as I've pulled off your swimsuit you'll understand. And I'm going to do that now. Hold her!" I commanded harshly. Thuy stiffened as the girls pressed her firmly down.

"No, please!" She pleaded, struggling as much as the two stronger girls holding her would permit. Mei shifted her upper hand so I could pull the strap over Thuy's twitching shoulders. The Vietnamese girl moaned as I slowly dragged the silky material down over her breasts, baring them to full sight. They weren't very evident, and could have almost been the budding breasts of an adolescent girl. It didn't take much imagination to believe she really was twelve.

There was a slight struggle when the girls had to release her wrists so I could pull the straps off. But they captured her again, holding her firmly as I tugged the flimsy suit off her hips and down to her knees. Then I got another surprize.

Thuy's mound was as bare as Rachel's, she had no pubic hair!

"I see you're still too young to grow hair down there." I chuckled, pulling the suit completely off her. "Now, you're properly naked. Girls, I want you to spread eagle the child. Hold her ankles, pull her legs apart. I want to see what a young crotch looks like." Thuy whimpered as her arms were forced above her head, and her legs pulled apart. Rachel and Mei were both much stronger than their delicate victim, but still had trouble holding the wildly struggling teen. Rachel solved the problem by hooking one leg around Thuy's and holding her wrist with both hands. Mei saw the practicality of it and did likewise. After a few seconds Thuy saw her struggle was useless, and stopped, panting.

"Maybe if I showed you the rewards for being a good girl you'll cooperate." I said. "I'm going to do something that will make you feel good, Thuy. It's going to be wonderful. I want you to relax, and not be frightened, all right?"

"I'm scared. Please let me go. I want to go home." Thuy sobbed. Rachel stiffened, looking at me in alarm. I shook my head, and winked. She didn't look reassured.

"You're my slave, Thuy. I'm never going to let you go. You belong to me forever. Now I'm not going to hurt you. I'm going to make you feel good. You like to feel good, don't you?"

"Yes." She sniffled. "What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to make you feel good. Just by touching you. Ok?" "You're going to touch me there aren't you?"

"When you're ready." I said, nodding. "But that won't be for a while. First, I'm going to tickle you."

"Ti-tickle me?" Thuy said. I nodded.

"But don't worry." I smiled. "You're going to like this. A lot." I caressed her sides, letting my fingers stroke her, not tickling yet.

She gasped, jerking. I slid my hands down her sides to her hips and suddenly tickled the inside of her thighs. She gasped again and giggled.

Then I set on her with a vengeance, tickling every square inch of her flesh I could reach. She shrieked with laughter, fighting to free herself even as she writhed helplessly. I gave her no rest, forcing her on until she couldn't breath.

Then I lightly ran one finger along her slit, wet from excitement. She cried out, lifting her hips. I watched as her virgin pussy clench on nothing. She collapsed, drawing great whooping breaths, as though she'd run for miles.

When she'd recovered I began to caress her breasts, lightly, then her pussy until she was moaning again. I worked her clitoris mercilessly, making her come hard. I didn't stop, even though she sobbed, begging and pleading for me to stop. Finally I did, letting her rest. She slumped against the lounger, and slowly gained control of her weeping.

"That was wonderful." She finally said. I kissed her, and she responded, forgetting her role. Her lips were hot and salty from the tears she had trailing over her face.

I began kissing her all over, working my way over her tiny breasts, stopping to suck on each nipple. She crooned her appreciation. Mei and Rachel were excited, breathing hard. I finally reached her cunt and began to give her head. She seemed to explode, crying out as my tongue rasped against sensitized flesh. It was only a matter of minutes before I brought her to a screaming, threshing orgasm.

She fell back, panting. I let her rest, signalling Rachel and Mei to release her. The two girls staggered a bit, excited but stiff from holding one position too long.

"That was lovely, Master." Mei said, her eyes shining. "I'm so hot!" She touched her bush, letting her fingers trail through the thick fur.

"Me too. God, when she came that last time I nearly came too!" Rachel exclaimed. I looked at Thuy, who hadn't moved, sprawled obscenely open, still exhausted.

"When she's rested I'll hold her arms. Mei I want you to go down on her. Make her come as much as you can. Rachel, you'll be next. Then we'll bind her and the two of you can go to bed."

Thuy heard me clearly. She looked shocked, abruptly trying to cover herself. She blushed and curled up. I sighed.

"I guess she's going to be bad. I've had enough. Thuy, Mei and Rachel have been very good. You're going to be their reward. And because you've been bad I'm going to punish you."

"No, please!" She cowered, shivering. Going to the lounger's head I grabbed her arms and forced them above her head, pinning her arms completely with mine, forcing her flat on her back. Mei squatted by her side.

"It's ok, Thuy. It's ok. I'll be gentle with you, I promise. You'll like it, you'll see."

"Are you a sesian?" Thuy asked timidly. Mei blinked. "A what?"
"A sesian. You know, a girl that likes other girls instead of boys."

Thuy's voice quivered.

"No." Mei laughed. She ran her hands over Thuy's captive body. "I'm not a sesian. I like boys just fine, Thuy. But you're so beautiful, I just want to make you feel good. Now be a good little girl and let me spread your legs. There, that isn't so bad is it?" Mei moved between Thuy's parted thighs, and began to lick her. Thuy moaned, her face partly fright and partly desire. And a smaller part disgust, but that faded rapidly.

Mei had an inborn skill in lesbian sex and soon Thuy was moaning and writhing from Mei's fingers and tongue. It took a while, but Thuy finally surrendered to a massive orgasm, shaking and shuddering. When it was over she was almost unconscious. She didn't even respond to Mei's intimate caresses.

Ruefully Mei got to her feet. "I'm sorry, Master. I was only able to give her one. Maybe Rachel will have more luck."

"Let's give her a few minutes to recover." I said. "Then Rachel can give it a try. I'm pleased with you Mei. You're a very good slave."

"Thank you, Master." Mei said, pleased.

It was ten minutes before Thuy said she was ready to continue, dropping out of character to do so. Rachel didn't have any trouble getting between Thuy's legs, and began to tease the tired girl, trying to bring her off again.

It was obvious she wasn't having much luck. Thuy was enjoying it, but it wasn't exciting her to a frenzy. Maybe Thuy was too tired, or maybe Rachel wasn't as skilled as Mei, but for whatever reason Thuy wasn't coming.

After fifteen minutes she stopped.

"I'm sorry, Master. I can't make her come." Rachel looked miserable. "That's all right, Rachel. She's probably too tired. Mei, take Rachel to her room. Chain her on her back and then put the Cucumber in her. Just press the start button, it's programmed just like it was for you. Then come back here. I want you to help me bind Thuy for her punishment.

"Yes, Master." Mei said. She and Rachel disappeared into the house.

"Thuy, let's stop pretending till Mei gets back. How do you feel? Are you enjoying your defloration so far?"

"Very much, Master." She smiled. "But I'm awfully thirsty. Could I have something to drink? My throat's raw."

"Sure. Work the kinks out of your muscles. I'll go get you something. What would you like?"

"Just some water."

"Oh, by the way!" I turned and grinned at her. "No peeking at that stuff while I'm gone, all right?"

"I promise." Thuy said, smiling. I went to the house. The clock said midnight. The TV was still playing. I went to the living room.

"Hi." I said. Sherry looked around.

"Hi. Finished raping her yet?" She asked cheerfully. I winced. "It's going well." I said vaguely. "What are you watching?" "Godzilla vs the Salamander that Ate New York." She said. "Listen, I heard screams. You aren't hurting her, are you?"

"No." I said. "I shouldn't be discussing this with you."

"Then why did she scream?" Sherry insisted. She had changed into a baby-doll gown that didn't hide very much. I sat down facing her.

"Because she came four times." I said, taking the bull by the horns. Sherry looked at me blankly. Godzilla was doing his thing on TV unnoticed.

"You're kidding! Nobody can come four times a night!" Sherry said in disbelief. I chuckled, thinking of Mei and Rachel.

"Don't tell Mei that. She came more than that. And Thuy's night is just getting started." I chuckled. "Now let me get out of here before I forget you're only fifteen. Thuy's waiting for a drink of water. Don't stay up too late."

I got Thuy her water and took it to her. She was sitting on the lounger, still naked. The night was unseasonably warm, almost eighty, so she was comfortable enough.

She drank gratefully, watching me over the rim of her glass.

"I'm having a wonderful time. Even though I should be shocked." She said, lowering the glass.

"Do you have any birth control?" I asked. She nodded.

"I've been on the pill for six months. I'm safe." "When Mei get's back you'll be bound and taken to your deflowering."

I said. "I'm going to punish you, then take all three of your cherries."

"Three?" Thuy asked, startled.

"Your pussy, your mouth." I paused, "and your asshole." "Yes, Master." Mei came walking out then.

"Any problems?" I asked.

"No Master. I strapped her into the harness and she was whimpering when I left."

"Good. Now we have to bind this bad little girl so I can punish her. Help me."

"Please, I'll be good! I'll be good!" Thuy begged as Mei grabbed her. I took a bondage belt and strapped it around Thuy's tiny waist. It almost didn't fit, I had to buckle the buckle in the smallest notch. Thuy began to whimper as I made her put her wrists in the cuffs at the back of the belt.

Helpless, defeated, crying real tears she let Mei pull her waist-long hair into a pony-tail and fasten it. I picked up a nasty looking clear plastic thing with straps.

"Do you know what this is?" I asked Thuy, showing it to her. Eyes wide she shook her head.

"It's called an oral rape harness." I said. "It goes in your mouth. If you resist my putting it there, I'll double your punishment, do you understand?" Slowly, reluctantly, she nodded.

The oral rape harness is a bizarre bondage device, half-gag and half nightmare. It consists of something like a fat scuba mouthpiece that holds the jaws wide open. The teeth are held sheathed in a rubber ring. A wide flange covers the lips and a rubber strap buckles around the head to hold the thing in place.

When in place a girl can't close her mouth, she's forced to keep it wide open. The reinforced rubber ring between her teeth sees to that.

Of course the clear rubbery plastic the whole thing's made of doesn't hide anything. And the short tube's inner diameter is wide enough to give entrance even to the thickest cock. In short, a man can rape a woman in the mouth, then make her swallow his come.

Thuy didn't fight, submissively opening her mouth for me to insert the tube. It was a tight fit, she had a very small mouth. But in the end it was buckled.

Next came the bondage hood. It was designed to cover the head completely. Mei helped me thread Thuy's ponytail through the hole in back of the hood designed for it.

This hood was particularly cruel. The nose was covered completely, with two short stainless steel tubes that were inserted about a quarter of an inch into Thuy's nostrils. She hissed in pain as the large diameter tubes stretched her. The hood went all the way down to the throat, where a thick collar buckled to prevent the hood's removal. I closed a small padlock in the hasp.

The mouth, eyes, and ears were open. Thuy looked at me reproachfully as I pushed a ball gag into the rape harness and buckled it. Then I carefully inserted ear plugs to deprive Thuy of sound. Thick cushioned pads then buckled over both ear and eye holes.

The hood rendered Thuy deaf, dumb, and blind. Satisfied she was helpless I buckled a strap around her ankles and another just below her knees, totally hobbling her.

I put a strap around her elbows, drawing her arms cruelly together. Sitting now she was unable to see, hear, make a sound, or move. I had Mei help me place her on her belly and I folded her ankles against her butt, running a strap between ankles and elbows to hold her in a hogtie.

Then I told Mei to go to bed.

"Bind me to it, Master." She begged. "I don't want to leave Thuy unattended." I said. "It will only take a couple of minutes." She wheedled. "You'll be back before she knows you're gone." I checked Thuy's breathing, which was fine. Then I hurried with Mei to her room, fastening her spread-eagled with all five straps. That done I checked on Rachel, who was moaning and writhing with the Cucumber securely planted in her vagina.

I hurried back to Thuy, who was rocking a little. Her breathing was still fine. I picked up the gear I still needed and ran to the garden shed, throwing it in the back of the truck. Then I went back and freed the strap holding her in a hogtie.

Picking up the light teenager I carried her to the truck and put her naked body on the passenger seat, holding her in place with the seat belt.

Then I drove around the two roads through my miniature forest for about fifteen minutes, until I was sure Thuy didn't know where she was. I then went to the special place we'd prepared for her.

It was in a stand of trees. Two had grown close enough together to spread-eagle a girl between them, even a small one like Thuy.

She stood quietly as I freed her legs and spread them, putting them in the cuffs at the base of the trees. She didn't fight me as I freed first one arm, fastening it to the leather cuff in the branches, then the other.

I removed her belt, leaving her naked and spread between the trees, wearing only a sensory deprivation hood, wrist, and ankle leather manacles. She was very small, and in the dim light looked just like a twelve year-old girl.

I tossed the bondage gear in the truck and pulled out her punishment items. There were several. The first was a bra-like affair to bind her breasts. Thuy jumped when the leather was buckled. She was so tiny I didn't think the shoulder straps would adjust tight enough.

In place the breast binder looked very much like a cupless leather bra. Pulling them by the nipples I pulled Thuy's tiny breasts through the cups. She whimpered in pain. Carefully I began tightening the cups, making Thuy fight her bondage as the straps began to squeeze her sensitive boobs, making them swell from the pressure. She whimpered.

Then she squealed. I had closed a nipple clamp on her erect and pulsing nubbin. She hissed through the nose plugs as I closed the other clamp. The two clamps were connected with a chain, which I pulled lightly. Thuy cried out, quietly since the gag muffled her. She began to tremble.

I took a delicate looking clamp and knelt between her legs. She groaned when I clamped one labia and ran the clamp's slender chain to her nipple clamp, pulling the swollen lip of her cunt even further apart. The second clamp on the other lip made her squirm.

She was breathing rapidly now, and her pussy was glistening with her arousal. Running one finger over her clit made her groan with pleasure.

Going behind her I picked up something that looked like a cross between a turkey baster and a hot water bottle. It was called a Dipstick. The long tube had a series of holes in it and a tapered tip for easier insertions. There was an inner sleeve that turned, acting as a shutoff valve. The material was slippery plastic. I turned the inner sleeve, watching the bag's contents ooze out. Hastily I closed the sleeve, turning the Dipstick point down to let the contents coat the entire shaft.

Thuy's asshole was built like the rest of her, small and tight. The Dipstick's tip, tapering to a rounded point, was still larger than her clenching rosebud. Thuy shifted uncertainly when I pressed the Dipstick against her. She arched her back as I pushed, trying to escape the pressure. The tip penetrated her, making her moan in pain and humiliation. The relentless pressure continued, jamming the thing deeper into her ass.

A total of six inches of coated plastic shaft needed to disappear into her. I had less than two inches in and she was sobbing and groaning. The next time I shoved something seemed to give way and it sank up to the nozzle's base. Thuy sobbed and collapsed, hanging in her bonds.

I turned the inner sleeve and squeezed the bag hard. Nearly a quart of baby oil rushed into her rectum. She shuddered, moaning long and loud. The tube came out much more easily than it went in, coating the inner ring with slippery oil.

Not pausing I pushed a medium butt plug into her asshole. She shrieked as it went in, especially when her anus closed around the tapered base, shoving the black rubber invader firmly home.

Now her punishment began. I took a slender birch rod imported from England where it was still used, and struck Thuy across the ass with it. She surged in her bonds, then cried out.

I hit her a dozen times, leaving welts on her bottom. She screamed and fought her bondage all through it, especially toward the end. When I finished there I switched to a ping pong paddle and gave her a score of swats on each ass cheek. She came at least once, I could see the tense way she held herself, and the sagging afterward.

Satisfied that I'd done enough I left her and carefully put away the punishment gear. Then I stood in front of her, and with the nipple and labia clamps still in place, guided the head of my prick against her hymen.

I had to crouch because of her position. She screamed as I thrust upward, grabbing her hips as my cock tore open her maidenhead.

She tossed her head from side to side the pony tail lashing about behind her. Thuy was small and delicate, my large cock must have felt like a telephone pole as it went in.

Her cunt was liquid fire, coating my cock with hot love juices. The extended lesbian play from Mei and Rachel had her cunt swollen with blood and really lubricated. I savaged her, feeling the pleasure build toward flash point.

Then I had another idea. Withdrawal made her moan in complaint as she frantically tried to hold me inside her. I was behind her instantly, pulling out the plug, making Thuy grunt. Then I pressed hard and fast into her second virgin opening.

I groaned in pleasure as her tightness fought my penetration. Thuy was shrieking into her gag, fighting the ropes, trying to escape. Then I sank into her, grabbing her hard around the hips, pressing upward into her even as I pulled her body downward onto me. She convulsed in a strong hard orgasm as I plunged hard and deep into her most private opening.

I couldn't stand the throbbing tightness of her ass during her orgasm and shocked myself by losing all control, spurting sweet ecstasy into her bowels.

I kept stabbing at her after our mutual orgasm, until my cock softened too much to penetrate her. Thuy slumped, held up only by the leather cuffs. She was a sight, leaking oil and sperm from her ass, virgin blood from her cunt, bound cruelly in leather and steel. Welts were clearly visible on her ass where the cane had bitten deep.

It was the first time I'd ever marked a girl. I felt remorse for doing it.

Thuy would have welts for the next month probably. I undid the labia and nipple clamps, making her groan as the blood circulation resumed.

Gently I pressed the butt plug back into place, feeling her arch as the slick rubber cone spread her unresisting anus. Then I freed her, still hooded I led her back to the truck. She was stumbling with weariness and the unaccustomed feel of the butt plug's base between her asscheeks.

Back at the truck I put the bondage belt back on her, this time binding her arms in front. She was silent as I drove her back to the house. I carried her up to her room and bound her face up with the four corner straps on the bed. Then I went for a G-spot vibrator and came back.

Carefully I removed the hood. Her tear-stained face shocked me. Her wide open mouth was an accusation, even though she refused to look at me. Tears leaked down her cheeks but she wasn't sobbing.

Too tired, I guessed. The oral rape harness beckoned me. In spite of myself, I felt my cock stir. Thuy watched unmoving as I stripped, looked at my cock expressionlessly. As I moved to her I noticed the black rubber base still firmly embedded in her ass. I decided to leave it there.

Her tongue was just a bit dry, as I fed hard hot meat into her mouth. Her head was turned sideways, she couldn't close her mouth, she had to take it.

As the oral rape continued Thuy began to wriggle in her bonds. Her tears stopped and she eagerly began to tongue me. I reached between her legs, caressing her clitoris, making sure she was wet. Carefully I probed with the vibrator, the large sharply curved probe making her whimper.

When I turned it on her sucking got wild, making my cock throb. I probed gently, carefully, looking for that special place.

I found it. She groaned deep in her throat and shuddered, I heard the vibrator's note change as her cunt squeezed convulsively. I was able to bring her off before my own orgasm, hearing her muffled moans of pleasure. I spurted what felt like a gallon into her mouth. She coughed once but started swallowing, not letting anything escape.

When it was over I pulled the vibrator free and unbuckled the rape harness. Silently I freed her abused body. With great tenderness I kissed her.

She responded, tired but happy even after the roughness. I carried her to the bathroom where I bathed her. Then I took her to my bed and sleep for the both of us.

Continued in "The Lottery" Chapter 20 - Alima

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