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A Forbidden Love - Chapter 2/2

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[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By BarondeSade] © [Mother is brought into the twisted tangle of incest.]

"Don't, Jim, stop this madness—" mother groaned as she gawked down at my wayward peter which was once again defiantly jutting out through the opening in the front of my pajama bottoms.

"I can't, Mom," I groaned, reaching down and grabbing hold of her wrists. "You must join us, Mother. We need you," I groaned, feeling the resistance in her arms as she tried to pull free.

Then using my strength, I forced my mother's arms around behind her.

"Hold her, Cheryl, so she can't get away," I huffed.

I felt Cheryl's hands brush against mine as she took hold of Mother's wrists.

"Jim, please, don't do this. Cheryl, please," Mom begged, her voice quavering and threatening to break.

"We have to, Mom. We have to," I told her reaching up to the ends of the velvet cord dangling down from the knot on the collar of mom's gown.

Giving the ends a tug, I felt the knot resist, so I tugged harder. Then I felt it finally unravel in my fingers as the edges of Mom's gown parted to reveal more of the red satin cloth covering mother's mountainous, heaving breasts.

"Please—" she begged as I eased my fingers under the filmy robe and began to push it down off the rounded slopes of her shoulders. As I spread the robe open, I could easily see that mother's nipples were swollen as they tented the shimmering red satin.

As the gown cleared the tips of her shoulders, gravity took over and pulled the gown down her arms only to be stopped at the juncture where Cheryl's hands prevented any further downward travel.

Looking over Mom's shoulder, I saw Cheryl's questioning look. Sensing that most of the fight had gone out of Mother, I slowly nodded my head up and down then looked down. I watched Cheryl's hands slowly uncurl from around mom's wrists and then the gown quietly whispered down Mother's long legs, falling to the floor, puddling around and covering Mom's bare feet.

"Please don't," Mom whimpered, but I didn't detect any substance behind the protest as Mom stood plaintively looking at me with her arms limply dangling down at her sides.

"I have to," I mumbled, reaching up to the little row of six shiny, red buttons leading down from point where the edges of her night gown joined at the base of her throat.

As mother stood looking down at my fingers while I slowly unbuttoned her gown, I saw Cheryl's small, dainty hands ease around under mother's arms. Then as I pushed the second button through its buttonhole, I saw Cheryl gently cup mother's breasts, lift them and give them a gentle squeeze.

"Cheryl, please don't—" Mom groaned, but made no effort to stop her.

Working on the third button, I looked back up and saw that Cheryl was slowly kissing and nibbling her way up the slender, exposed length of Mother's neck making her way up to her ear.

As Cheryl caressed Mother's neck with her lips, Mom's eyes were closed, her head bent back and slightly to the side to further expose her neck to Cheryl's nibbling lips.

This was even easier than I had hoped for, I giddily thought as I pushed the last button through its hole while Cheryl nibbled on the dangling lobe of mother's ear.

Reaching down, I gently brushed Cheryl's hands off Mother's breasts, then eased my fingers under the edges of the opening running down the bodice of her night gown.

"Jim, Honey, please don't . . ." mother softly begged, her eyes fluttering open as she looked down and watched me slowly spread her shimmering, red gown open. Just as it had been with her robe, as the neckline of her gown slipped down over the points of her shoulders, it suddenly went slithering down her arms. But this time, unimpeded by Cheryl's hands, the gown dropped all the way to the floor, leaving mom naked as she stood between us.

"Oh, God—" I gasped as I stared down at the quivering mountains of bronzed tit-flesh dangling down from my mother's chest. "So beautiful!" I groaned.

"Oh, God, please, anything but this . . ." Mother groaned as I saw Cheryl's little hands slowly snake around Mom's waist just above the points of her hips. Then Cheryl spread out her fingers and moved them down toward the wet, glistening folds of flesh peeking out below Mom's smooth, bald mons. Mom shaved hers, too, I giddily told myself as I reached up and pinched Mom's big swollen nipples between my fingers and thumbs.

"Please, don't—" Mom groaned as I began to tweak and pull on the rubbery nubs. But even while she was begging me to stop, I saw her eyes flutter shut as she leaned toward me and thrust her tits against my pawing hands.

"Oh, God, Cheryl . . ." I heard mother groan as Cheryl's fingers found the wet, slippery folds of flesh between mom's trembling legs. Then to my amazement, I saw mother's knees spread apart as she opened herself to Cheryl's probing fingers. This was almost too easy, I told myself. Were mom's protests just a ruse to make us think she didn't want us to do what we were doing? But in reality, it was exactly what she wanted?

I could only marvel at the smooth softness of mother's breasts as she pressed them against my kneading fingers. There was a perfect little triangle of pale white skin tipping each breast contrasting with the sun-tanned perfection surrounding the little triangles that barely covered the areolas and nipples of her beautiful breasts.

I couldn't resist the urge and leaned down. Brushing my lips across my mother's soft, full lips, I felt them open ever so slightly. As I gently probed the little opening between her lips, I felt the head of my steel-hard cock nudge up against mom's belly. Then my tongue grazed across the smooth surface of mother's perfect, white teeth. Probing against them, I felt the hard, sharpness scrape against my tongue as I pushed into her mouth. My mother could end it all right here, I told myself. All she had to do was bite my tongue and I would immediately pull back. But she didn't as I probed and explored the moist warmth until our tongues finally touched.

Then as our tongues touched, intertwining, I could taste her spit. But then I felt a hand brush against my shoulder. Leaning back, breaking the kiss, I saw that Cheryl had stepped out from behind mother and was standing beside us.

I saw that mother and Cheryl were staring deep into each other's eyes. Stepping aside, I watched Cheryl move in front of mother, reach up to her shoulders and gently grasp them. Then she began to push mother down onto the edge of the bed.

As Cheryl continued to push, I reached down and unsnapped the snap on the waistband of my pajamas.

As I slowly pushed my pajamas down off my hips, I saw mother reach down and grab hold of the edge of the bed to support herself as Cheryl pushed her down onto her back. Stepping out of my pajamas, I saw that Mom was now lying on her back with her butt resting on the edge of the bed, her legs sticking out in front of her, bent at the knees while her bare feet rested on the floor.

I couldn't decipher the look on mother's face while she lay looking up at her daughter as their knees brushed together. Then Cheryl reached down and clutched hold of mother's legs just above her knees. Pushing them apart, she quickly moved up between them. Staring, I saw mother's legs part to reveal the succulent, dew-covered rose between them. Unlike Cheryl's dainty, pink, almost pre-pubescent pussy lips, the lips of mother's pussy were thick, fleshy and a dusky, dark pink, almost purple as they slowly parted to reveal the mystifying secrecy of her femininity. It was beautiful. I couldn't explain the rush of excitement I felt as I gazed upon it.

Then my view was blocked as Cheryl eased down onto her knees between mom's splayed-out legs. As she did, Cheryl bent down and blew a breath across the beautiful, dew-dappled rose. When she did, I heard mother softly gasp as her breasts wobbled from the sharp intake of breath.

Cheryl bent lower and I saw Mom push up onto her elbows to watch as she stared down at her daughter.

Then I heard another gasping, "Oh, God . . ." spill out of mother's mouth, her head dropping back between her shoulder blades as Cheryl's lips brushed across the weeping succulence between her mother's legs.

The sight of a woman making love to another woman with her mouth was in and of itself stirring, but the fact that the two women were my mother and sister made it all that much more exhilarating.

Reaching down, I wrapped my hand around my rock-hard cock and slowly stroked it as I moved around to get a better view of what was going on down between my mother's outstretched legs. As I did, I could see Cheryl's little, upturned nose was resting on mom's smooth, hairless mons as Cheryl's sinuous, pink tongue was swirling all over around the weeping wetness below Mom's bald pubes.

Then I saw Mom's hips shudder as Cheryl's tongue lashed across the little, pink nub jutting out at the top of Mom's pussy.

"Oh, God, Cheryl, Babbbbieeeeee—" I heard mother gasp as Cheryl began to swirl and twist around mom's exposed, jutting clit. As she licked and lapped mom's clit, I saw Cheryl's hand lift up below her chin. Extending two fingers out, Cheryl probed the juice-slathered wetness for a moment or two before I saw her fingers disappear down inside Mom's pussy.

"Cheryyyyll . . ." Mom choked out as her hips began to wiggle and bob up and down on the bed. Mom's hairless pussy and the insides of her thighs were glistening wetly in the harsh glare of the lamp as Cheryl continued to lash Mom's clit and work her fingers in and out of her pussy.

Still resting the weight of her upper torso on her elbows, Mom now had her head thrown back and her hands were grasping two handfuls of bed sheet as she moaned and gurgled. Her breasts were floundering up and down in rhythm with her rushed breathing and I could see the muscles in her belly beginning to tighten and strain. She was going to come! Mom was going to come! And soon, I feverishly thought as I watched my sister's licking, lapping tongue swirling all over and around mom's clit. By now Cheryl's hand and wrist were dripping wet with the thick, creamy juice flowing out of mom's pussy.

"Oh—God, oh—God, oh—God—" mother gasped out, her back bowing thrusting down against the bed for leverage as she forced her clit against Cheryl's fluttering tongue.

My hand was jerking up and down my cock as I felt the molten cum down inside my balls begin to bubble and boil.

Suddenly mother's arms flew out to the side and her back dropped down onto the bed.

"Fuuuccckkkkk—" she choked out as her fisted hands clawed and scratched at the sheets while her whole body began to twitch and buck. Then her head began to jerk from side to side as her body squirmed and writhed while she pushed up off the balls of her feet to thrust herself against her daughter's slurping, lapping tongue.

She was coming, I giddily thought, jerking my hand away from my primed cock to keep from sending my seed spewing out onto her belly. My mother was having an orgasm. She was now totally ensnared in our trap. There was no escape for her. She was one of us now. She was buried up to her sweet, bald cunt in our incestuous corruption. She was now just as guilty as we were. But, there was the one last thing that would make it complete. The one final thing that would make the circle whole. From daughter to mother to son. One thing that would complete the trilogy of love and lust and make it whole.

As I waited, I watched Cheryl finally lean back up and ease her juice-drenched fingers out of mother's cunt. As she did, I could see that mother's pussy was still contracting and dilating, squeezing out more creamy juice that oozed out to form a long, stringy strand of love-syrup that stretched from her pussy all the way down to the puddle on the floor below Mom's ass.

Looking over at me and smiling, Cheryl clutched hold of mom's legs just above her knees and pushed up onto her feet. Mother's legs which had been bent at the knees before were now stretched straight out angling down from her butt resting on the bed to her heels resting on the floor.

Smiling at me, Cheryl leaned over mother's leg and planted a hard, juice-smeared kiss right on my lips. Breaking the kiss, Cheryl stepped out from between mother's legs and moved up beside the bed.

"Help me," she said, leaning down and grasping hold of one of mother's legs and lifting it.

Following her lead, I leaned down and lifted mother's other leg up in the air. Then, together we lifted and pushed until mom lay in the middle of the bed looking up at us with a dazed, faraway look in her smoky, blue eyes.

Lying on the bed, her arms resting on the bed beside her, she had one leg stretched straight out while the other one was cocked to the side, bent at the knee exposing the oozing, wet gash of pink between them. She had a lost, confused look on her pretty face as she turned her head from side to side looking first at Cheryl and then back to me, then back to Cheryl.

"How long?" mother whispered, her eyes boring into mine as only a mother's eyes can.

"Since Hawaii," I mumbled, assuming that she wanted to know how long Cheryl and I had been intimate.

"I thought so," she murmured, her eyes slowly traveling down over my chest and belly to my big, eight-inch peter as it impatiently jutted out at her.

"You knew?" I groaned, easing down on the bed beside her crooked leg while Cheryl sat down beside her straightened leg.

"I could see the way you looked at each other," she murmured, reaching over and resting her hand on my leg just below where it joined my belly, only a couple of inches from my stiff, jutting penis.

"Why didn't you say something?" I asked her, slowly running my hand up the soft, vulnerable flesh of her inner thigh toward the oozing slit between her legs.

"I hoped that I was wrong," she softly said as her fingers moved closer to my cock.

"What about now?" I mumbled, stopping my fingers just below her seeping pussy.

"What do you think?" she asked me as I felt her fingers softly brush against my cock. Even though I had been expecting the touch, I couldn't stop myself from jumping as sparks seemed to fly from where she touched me.

"Can I? Can I, uh, can I make love to you?" I asked, my voice quavering with emotion.

"Do you think that is right?" she softly asked as she gently curled her fingers around my cock. "Do you think it's fair to ask me to cheat on your own father?"

"I don't know, Mother. I'm all mixed up inside," I whined. "I love Cheryl," I whimpered, looking over at Cheryl for confirmation, for approval, for consent as I brushed my fingers over the dew-covered lips of my mother's pussy. "But I love you, too, Mother."

Then I felt my mother's hand clutch tighter around my cock as she looked over at Cheryl.

"Cheryl? Cheryl, what do you think?" Mom asked Cheryl, reaching over and resting her hand on Cheryl's leg just inches below Cheryl's pussy.

"We can share, Mother . . ." Cheryl whispered as I felt her fingers brush against mine while I softly probed the weeping wetness between mother's legs. "I love Jim . . . but this is something bigger than the two of us. I love you, too, Mother. I love you, both in ways I never imagined I could love someone else. So if you were asking me if it was okay to fuck, uh, to make love to Jim, Mother, I say yes! Yes, you should let Jim make love to you."

As Cheryl finished speaking, I felt mother's hand tighten around my achingly-sensitive penis as she slowly turned and looked back at me.

I felt her eyes boring down into my very soul, as if she were looking for something to allow this evil thing to happen.

"You are my son, Jim," she softly said. "No fit mother should ever let anything like this happen. But . . . I want you too. I've wanted you for a long time, Jim. I just couldn't let myself allow it to happen. But now, now, how can I stop it? Will this make our family whole? Or will it destroy us?"

"Mother, please—" I groaned. "Please stop torturing me. Yes . . . or no?" I moaned, finding the weeping opening to her sex and easing two fingers into it.

"Let me, Mother! Let me have you here," I groaned, slowly working my fingers in and out of her pussy. "Please—please—please—"

"Yes, Jim, yes, take me—make love to me, my Son—" I heard my mother whimper as she spread her other leg out to open herself to me. "Take your mother—"

Rolling over between my mother's outstretched legs, I pushed up onto my hands and knees. As I did, I felt Cheryl's hand grab hold of my jutting cock and bend it down toward the weeping hole between mother's legs. Then I felt the head of my prick brush against the soft moistness as Cheryl seated the tapered tip of my cockhead in the slippery opening.

"Now!" Cheryl urgently whispered as she let go of my cock and dug her long, sharp fingernails down into my ass. That was all the encouragement I needed as I curled my hips forward, arched my back and slammed my cock down into the tight, clutching heat of my mother's cunt.

"Oh, God—" I gasped as our groins wetly slapped together and we were once again one. My Mother! I was fucking my mother! The electric excitement sparking through my fevered brain was threatening to shut it down from the overload of emotions flowing through it. I'd never felt anything like it. My mother! My mother was letting me fuck her. NO! WE were fucking. It was no one-sided assault. We were both eager and willing participants.

I was completely out of control as I began to fuck her with a passion I never knew existed anywhere, much less inside me. I was a mad man, my hips working back and forth like a pile-driver as I pounded into my mother like there was no tomorrow and this would be the first and last time we would ever make love.

But as wild and brutal as my attack was, mother accepted it, seemingly craving it, and begging for more by her actions as her arms and legs flailed about urging me on. Now, not caring how much noise we made, I could hear Cheryl's headboard loudly banging against the wall as I fucked my mother with mindless abandon.

Then, all at once, I felt Cheryl's hands pressing down, slowing me as her fingers dug down into the clenched muscles of my bounding ass. As I did slow, I could feel the clutching muscles of mother's vagina caressing the entire length of my cock while I slowly pumped into the clinging warmth.

Crouched over her, I could feel my chest pressing against her soft, giving breasts as they gently sloshed up and down below me. Her big, blue eyes were open wide and she was still staring up at me with that lost, far-away look in them. I'd never felt such power and dominance in my whole life. This was my Mother!

Then I felt the cheeks of my ass being spread apart as a soft, warm breath brushed across the clench of my puckered asshole. What was Cheryl doing? I feverishly wondered as I slowed the back and forth rock of my ass even more.

"Jimmmm—" my mother moaned in protest, her hands and fingers clawing, scratching, trying to make me fuck her faster. But I couldn't. Cheryl wasn't letting me as I felt her lips brush across my cringing butt hole. This was the height, or the very depths of depravity I told myself as I felt the tip of Cheryl's sinuous tongue digging into my anus, probing, pushing trying to breach the tight stricture. Son atop his mother fucking her while his sister gave him a rim job. What could be more depraved?

I wanted to give mother what she wanted but I was reveling in the feel of Cheryl's rose-petal soft lips and her tongue licking, probing and kissing all over my asshole and balls. As she lavished her attention on my ass and gonads, I could feel the layer of spit she left behind being cooled as her rushed breath chilled it.

As crazy as it was, I knew that couldn't hold back much longer as the bubbling cum down inside my balls had already passed the boiling point.

"Sorry—" I grunted, jerking my ass back and smacking it against Cheryl's face as I drew back for the final impalement.

"Motherrrrrrrrr—" I roared, ripping my hips forward as hard as I could, driving my primed cock down as deep inside her as I could to eject my loathsome load of semen into her womb.

The force of the explosion felt like someone had shoved a hand grenade up my ass and pulled the pin. I felt my cock lurch as a spume of blistering-hot cum shot up through it and gushed out into the clinging depths of my mother's vagina. As the first gush of cum spewed out into her, I heard mother gasp. Then her cunt collapsed down around my spewing, spurting penis, sucking it and milking it while her body stiffened and strained up against me. She was coming again, my fevered brain screamed at me. I'd done it! I was bringing her pleasure in repayment for the pleasure she was bringing me. I was ecstatic!

I'd never felt such an intense rush of pleasure as my peter continued to buck and jerk down inside the convulsing core of mother's womanhood. Mother and son, man and woman, we were locked together in an incestuous bond that could never be breached. It wasn't bodily fluids being exchanged between us, it was Love! Pure, sweet, all consuming love—

At last the inferno had burned itself out and I lay atop my mother being warmed by the dying embers of the conflagration. I was finally able to breathe again. Able to once again feel Cheryl's warm, moist tongue bathing my empty, cum-splattered balls as I basked in the comforting afterglow of my monumental eruption. I had put Krakatoa's eruption to shame. I barely had enough strength left to breathe, much less move as I stared down into my mother's teary, love-glazed eyes.

Something had passed between us in that fiery moment when we had shared the culmination of our lovemaking. Nothing would be the same between us ever again. We had shared too much and now the love we had spawned had been forged into a fiery love, forged and tempered with the strength of our passion.

But even as great as the love I felt for my mother was, my love for Cheryl hadn't diminished in the least. I was doomed. I now loved two women with the same strong, possessive love that a man can only feel for his one true love. What was I to do, I worried?

But as I laying worrying about what to do, finally, Mother Nature ruled and I felt my limp, lifeless cock slither out of mother's cum-filled pussy and flop down onto the bed between her legs.

"Oh, no, don't take it out . . ." I heard her murmur as she hugged her legs against mine, trying to keep me from leaving the sanctuary between them.

"Sorry, Mom," I groaned, leaning down and giving her a soft, lingering kiss right on the point where her neck joined her shoulder. "Can't help it."

"Pooh—" she fussed. Somehow I was finally able to find the strength to push up onto my hands and roll off over her leg. When I did, I saw that I left a thick, gooey trail of cum across her leg as my limp peter dragged across it.

Rolling over onto my back, I felt mother snuggle up against me, rubbing her big, soft tits against my arm as Cheryl crawled up on the other side. Then Cheryl dropped down on the bed and cuddled up next to me, pressing her tits against my other arm.

I was in a fantasy land. My naked mother lying on one side of me, her head resting on my shoulder as her fingers slowly crawled down to my shriveled, depleted penis while my naked sister lay on the other side, her head resting on my other shoulder. But I was torn by the decision I felt I had to make. Which one? Which one would I devote myself to?

Cheryl? My first real, true love? My Mother? The love a boy craved, but should never be allowed to experience.

"What's wrong?" I heard mother ask me.

Mothers always knew! And my mother was no exception. They all had that sixth sense that told them when something was amiss. Something was bothering her offspring.

"Nothing," I lied, looking over at her and smiling as she lifted her hand and slowly ran it down my cheek.

"Don't lie—" she admonished me, kissing the tips of her fingers and brushing them across mine. "What's bothering you?"

"You'd better tell her," Cheryl whispered, nibbling on my neck. "Mom will get it out of you one way . . . or the other," she softly laughed.

"I love you both, so much," I said looking into mom's eyes and then turning to look into Cheryl's eyes. "But I can't choose—"

"Choose?" they both sputtered almost in the same breath. "Choose what?" mom asked. "Yeah, choose what?" Cheryl asked with a puzzled look on her pretty face.

"Which one?" I mumbled, wishing that I hadn't even brought up the subject, because there was no answer.

"Which one?" Mom laughed. "You, you mean which one of us?"

"Uh, yeah. I can't decide," I muttered, feeling an uneasy awkwardness.

"Why do you have to decide?" Mom asked, scooting back a little, bending her arm and resting her head in her hand as she lay looking at me.

"I don't know . . . I just thought . . ." I stameredstammered, feeling a warm flush spread out across my cheeks.

"There's no need for jealousy," she said, her other hand slowly trailing back down to my cock as it lay on my belly. "We're not in competition."

"Uh, uh, yeah, I guess . . ." I mumbled, looking over at Cheryl and seeing that she was smiling her confirmation.

"No, there isn't," she whispered, mimicking mother, kissing the tips of her fingers and brushing them across my lips.

I felt an overwhelming sense of love for the two beautiful, loving women, who lay beside me. Mother was right. There was no need for competition. It wasn't like they were competing to see who could have me. They both already had me. Either of them could have me anytime they wanted, and they knew it. And I could have either of them whenever I wanted, too. It was crazy, but it made sense. It was the perfect trilogy. The three of us. Mother, son, and daughter. There was only one piece of the puzzle missing, I sickly thought. But was there room in our perfect world for one more?

"This is perfect," I smiled, looking from one of them to the other as I saw Cheryl's hand crawling down over my belly to join my mother's hand that was already teasing and toying with my fallen warrior trying to bring some life back into it.

"Almost . . ." mother whispered, rolling over to the edge of the bed and standing up.

I could see the muscles rippling and quivering in my mother's perfect, round ass as she stepped across to the room. Watching her, I saw her reach down into her purse that lay on top of the chest of drawers and pull out a little bottle of pills. Then she twisted the cap off the bottle and shook out a small, yellowish-tan pill into her palm. Looking back over at me, she smiled, twisted the cap back onto the bottle and dropped it back into her purse.

Then she disappeared out through the door way and as Cheryl and I lay waiting, we heard the water being turned on out in the kitchenette. Suddenly, mom reappeared through the door way, bobbling and jiggling toward the bed with one hand fisted and one carrying a glass of water.

Stopping by the bed, she smiled, held out her hand and opened it.

"Take this," she told my, holding out the glass of water, too. Picking up the pill out of her hand, I studied it and saw that it had a C 20 inscribed into it.

"What is it?" I dumbly asked, guessing that it might have something to with the prevention of erectile dysfunction, although I had no problem in that area whatsoever. In fact, if anything, my problem was the opposite. But at the moment, I was in no shape to complain as mother had drained my cock and left it impotently empty for the moment.

"Cialis—" she smiled as I lifted the pill up to my mouth and washed it down with a drink of water.

"You think that I have ED?" I mumbled, handing her the empty glass.

"Heavens, no," mom laughed, reaching over and setting the glass on the nightstand. "But now you have two women to keep happy, Honey," she smiled, trailing the backs of her fingers along the underside of my flaccid penis.

"Oh," I grinned, watching her spectacular tits swing and bang against one another as she crawled back up on the bed.

"Does it really work?" Cheryl giggled as she watched mother slowly spin on her butt and melt down onto her back with her head even with my hips and her butt resting on the bed by my shoulders.

"I'll let you judge that for yourself," mother grinned, rolling over on her side facing me as she reached for my lolling cock.

Turning my head to the side, I found my face was only inches from Mom's smooth, cum-lathered mons. Strangely, with Mom lying on her side, the tip of her tummy looked like a > instead of a Y. Then, just as I felt fingers touch my cock, the bed jiggled and Mom's pussy moved even closer to my face. Lying on the bed enjoying the feel of Mom's fingers toying with my cock, I watched her lift her leg, bend it at the knee and rest her foot on her other knee. When she did this, it spread her legs apart to bare the oozing, weeping gash of dark pink between them. Staring at her cunt, I saw that the thick, fleshy lips were mottled with gobs of creamy, white cum that still leaked out of the slit between the lips.

Even covered in my cum, it looked invitingly edible, as I scooted toward her. As my shoulder bumped against her belly, she curled her hips slightly and I found that I could reach the tasty morsel with my tongue. Almost swooning in the rich musk of her sex, I slowly licked around the soft, slippery lips licking away the evidence of our incestuous adultery. As I did, I felt soft, warm lips and a tongue replace my mother's fingers down on my ever-so-slowly responding penis.

Then, the bed lurched again and I felt something brush against my other shoulder. Leaning back away from mother, I turned my head to the other side and found myself face to face with another bare, bald pussy. Just as mother had done, Cheryl had her leg bent at the knee with her tiny foot resting on the other knee and her smaller, almost juvenile pussy lay temptingly close. Looking down over my belly, I saw that both women were lying with their head even with my hips as they looked across over my cock at each other.

Then both of them scooted closer to me and I watched them lean across me and kiss. As they did, I felt both of their pussies brush against my cheeks. I was literally trapped between them as they ground themselves against me. All I had to do was turn one way to find mom's lush, mature cunt with my mouth and then turn the other way to gorge myself on my sister's dainty, thin-lipped pussy.

This was a page right out of the best part of my fantasy book. Two sweet, succulent pussies rubbing against my cheeks and all I had to do was turn my head to either side to eat one.

The air around my head reeked of woman, of sex, of arousal as I licked and lapped on one pussy then the other trying to be sure to give them both the same amount of loving care they deserved and needed. And as I did, I could feel their lips and tongues busily transforming the limp lump of flesh down between my legs into eight inches of steel-hard cock.

My lips, my chin, and my cheeks were drenched in warm, sticky juice as Mom and Cheryl's lips and tongues were all over my cock and balls. While one pair of lips were sucking and milking my cock, the others would be kissing and lapping at my balls, then a tongue would curl around the base of my cock and the lips would trade places. They were everywhere, touching, kissing, licking, probing, and sucking.

It only took a few minutes of this to bring my Cialis-aided penis up to full fighting strength as the spit-covered ogre lay on my belly twitching and pulsating with the increased beat of my heart.

"It's yours this time, Cheryl," I heard Mom whisper as she scooted her pussy back away from my face and sat up. As she did, Cheryl followed suit and pushed up on her hands and knees beside me. Then as I lay watching on in a euphoric daze, Cheryl lifted a long, shapely leg and straddled me with her sweet, spit-slickened pussy hovering in the air directly above my slobber-drenched cock. Smiling up at me, she reached back between her legs and lifted my peter up off my belly.

Holding my stiff, primed penis up, she slowly sank down onto it, letting the evil, barbed head pierce the drooling opening of her sex.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh—" she softly sighed as she relaxed the muscles in her legs and let her pussy slowly, inch by inch, consume my peter. It was like slipping a silk glove down over my cock as the warm, clinging flesh enveloped me. Goose-bumps popped up all over me as more and more of my hardened steel disappeared up inside my sister's gluttonous cunt. It was the same every time, only more intense. I would never get used to it.

Then, suddenly, I found myself staring up at my mother's pink, thick-lipped cunt as it slowly descended down on my mouth. A wave of musk welled up into my nostrils as I inhaled and reveled in the heady scent of her overheated sex. Then the warm, softness of her womanhood touched down on my lips as I probed and sought out the jut of her clit.

"Ummmm . . ." came her confirmation as I found the hard, little nub with my tongue.

Then I felt the opening of Cheryl's sex settle down around the thick, hairy base of my cock as mom rolled her hips and painted my lips and chin with her sweet, sticky essence. There was nothing more to live for I told myself. I had it all. All that any boy or man could ever wish for as my lovers embraced me with their love. My Mother! My Sister! The two most important women in my life and they were mine to do with as I pleased. I was King! I was God!

Then I heard Cheryl let out a little grunt as she pushed back up my peter. As she did, my mother spread her legs wider apart and ground her clit against my licking, lapping tongue. Looking up, I saw that Mom's spectacular tits were hanging down under her floundering every which way as she held onto the headboard and rubbed herself against me.

The bed began to lurch all around as Cheryl pushed up and down on my cock. All I could see was mom's bald mons, her quivering belly, the tips of Cheryl' fingers holding onto Mom's waist while Mom's giant tits hung down, rolling and undulating in rhythm with the jerking motion of her hips as she raped my mouth with her cunt. I could hear Cheryl panting and softly grunting as the silken sheath of her pussy slid up and down the shaft of my peter leaving it drenched in her creamy overflow.

I lost track of time as I wallowed in self-indulgence, luxuriating in the pleasure welling up from my happy cock.

Suddenly, I was awoken from my reverie when my mother's hips began to jerk and twitch and I heard her gasp. That was almost immediately followed by a flood of hot, sticky juice flowing down over my mouth, chin and throat. She was coming again, I giddily thought as more and more of the gooey cream gushed out of her pussy. There was so much of the sweet nectar, I was almost drowning in it as I swallowed as fast to try and to keep up with the fountain-like flow.

Then, almost as if on cue, I heard Cheryl give out a long, straining groan as she slammed herself down on my cock. As her tight, little cunt began to spasm and clutch at my buried peter, a gush of warmth spread out around the base of my cock as her juices spilled out. They were both coming! At the same time! It was crazier than crazy. It was insane. Now I didn't want to come. I wanted to just lay there and bask in their joy.

At last, it was over for them. They were done. Finished! They had nothing left.

Continued: A Forbidden Love - Chapter 3/1

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