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My name is Cassandra. I love writing as much as I love romance and sex, so I figured combining the three would be a great deal, even though [at times] I tend to stick to the romance side. Read the stories. Like the stories. Love me through the stories! Just kidding. If you would like to

I've started writing a series of accounts about my life in London; mainly true accounts, with just a little embellishing here and there. They're about my sex life to be precise, but then what other type of life is written about on RateXpics.com? A biography I suppose, but a short one and an unfin

[by Robert 42] Laurie sat in complete silence on the ride home, too stunned to even think about what was beginning to transpire in her husband's head. Something about that look in his eye frightened her beyond belief. About the only thing that she was sure of was that the iron handed control she

[GAY] By glory_first © [Visions from a male paradise.] A certain style of visit is like entering a male paradise on earth. Smoking, promptly arriving at the bathhouse and drinking a beer, easily finding a willing mouth to suck my cock hard, enjoying an extended period of male on male sex, often w

[By Boz] Was it really almost 20 yrs ago? Doesn't seem like it. I can remember... Nineteen years old and still a virgin. Now that's something you don't want to get around to the rest of your shipmates. But hey, I was a little drunk and looking for sympathy when the subject of "last piece" came

[SINGLE/Threesome/FFM] By slapnuts69 © [A birthday party leads to more.] I had started working in a new workplace a few months previously. I had met Kim and Hillary on my first day in the lunch room. They were friendly, cheerful and both of them were very attractive. At first I thought they may h

[ANAL] [By Walterio] © [The first three days of fun and sex while on vacation.] SUNDAY MORNING WITH CRYSTAL Paul woke up first Sunday morning with a piss hard-on that wouldn't quit. He looked at Crystal and she looked so vulnerable in her naked state. Her pussy hair glistened in the soft ligh

[EROTIC COUPLING/Mature] [By Orie] © [Friends see boundaries disappear.] Looking at a flat surface, you often just see the smooth reflection of light. If you take a different angle, you begin to see the scratches and imperfections. Life can make you shift your perspective. When that happens, new

[EROTIC COUPLING/Bisexuality/Anal] [By Walterio] © [Part 3 - A week at Hedonism II in Jamaica has a profound effect on a single guy.] - The Last Day and Night at Hedonism II - Jim caught up with Trudy and Sandy at breakfast and they were both still tired from the exhaustive night before and th

[by Master Baron] Back when I was away at college in northern New Jersey, I had many first times in a wide range of sexual experiences. Coming from a small town, I found out there are some really interesting ways to have safe sex with a woman and it can be very interesting if she has an open min

[By Lilly Tagloff] Annie had long dark hair with hazel eyes and a curvy figure. She had more of the Marilyn Monroe body type, which is exactly what Markus liked. Markus had dark brown hair with light chocolate brown eyes. He was muscular but not to muscular. Annie always enjoyed walking arm

[COUPLE Sexual Story] [By Hairy Highlander] © [Gemma and an old friend go further than before.] Gemma and I had known each other for years. We'd been colleagues together and even after our careers had taken us in different directions we'd kept in touch, sometimes more frequently than others. When

He had just returned from a three week field operation, and being the typical Marine Sergeant he had only three things on his mind. A steak dinner, a pitcher of beer and a pretty, young female companion to share it all with. As he sat at his favorite table in a nearby restaurant eating his steak

[by James Charles Lynn] Debbie and I had been talking on the phone for about half an hour now. Our conversation was not relaxed and comfortable. Finally she got down to the subject that was on both our minds. "John," she said hesitantly, "I'm going to do it." My heart jumped in my chest. Ev

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By Laurie] © [Laurie's sister has fun sitting her apartment.] Kelli Stewart finished pouring the milk over her cereal and carried it to the coffee table in the living room of her sister Laurie's apartment. Laurie had left the evening before to fly to England with her roommate F

[ROMANCE] [By Enamored Writer] © [Pursuing a friend to her dorm room and out of her clothes.] When we got to her dorm room, I stepped forward and opened the door. As Irene walked past me, I took a moment to, again, enjoy the view. Her blue dress with the slightest outline of black floral patterns

[ROMANCE] [By Magmaman] © [There was a mild misunderstanding.] Lovers getting to know one another again after years apart can sure be fun, Ronnie thought to himself as he lay there on his side. Sylvia lay in the huge bed with him, her face soft with sleep as he just watched her. She had insist

[OLDER MAN/Younger Woman/Erotic Coupling] [By Walterio] © [69 year old ski dude hooks up with a 40 year old blonde lady.] - Introduction - I realized my life long dream of living close to Beaver Creek Mountain in Colorado. For over 30years I had vacationed at Beaver Creek usually for two or t

[OLDER MAN/Younger Woman/Erotic Coupling] [By Walterio] © [Part 2 - 69 year old ski dude hooks up with a 40 year old blonde lady.] I stood back up and I lifted Julie's lounge top up and removed it from her body. She had opted not to wear a bra. My erect cock brushed against her thighs. Her nipple

I'd been teaching at this college for one semester and I found the usual interest in grades, and majors with opportunity for career placement. Teaching philosophy was challenging to me; mainly it challenged me to keep the students interested enough not to go to the dean and ask for my removal. I pla

[EROTIC COUPLING Story] [By essexchickuk] © [I went from virgin to escort in three years!] Getting Started – Part one. Chapter 1 I've come to realise at the grand old age of twenty three years and eleven months that I'm a sexual oddity. There's rarely a minute that goes by in any waking hou

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By Author, M_StoryMan_X] © [An encounter dress shopping with my daughter.] "Didn't I see you sitting outside the changing rooms in JC Pennies?" A woman standing in front of one of those three way mirrors asked. "Huh?" I responded, startled from my half stupor of staring at t

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By BrettJ] © [Kim succeeds in setting up Carly and Keith] Kim Prentiss was enjoying her lunch with Carly far more than she had expected she would. It wasn't just the food, she often dined at this restaurant and the co-owner was someone she knew intimately - a close friend of bo

[FETISH/Smoking] [By FantasyBoy] © [Night of Shakespeare leads to smoking sex.] It had been a long time since I had met a woman who shared my smoking fetish. So as I set off to a local theatre to watch an amateur dramatic society's version of A Midsummer Nights Dream that thought was a long way f

[By Nylon_HighHeel_Lover] The man and woman sat at their table in the veranda of the hotel awaiting their food. Both eagerly excited to see what would be concocted from their initial orders from the menu. As she twirled her honey colored Pies porter in her fishbowl-sized glass, bored by her com

[LESBIAN] [By LiveCat] © [An unusual start to a relationship because the ex is a pain.] I scanned the bar area but she was nowhere to be seen. I'd been covertly watching the woman for the last hour without mustering the courage to go and speak to her, now she was gone. I'd only gone out for a qui

Another strange town. Another strange bed. Alone on the road. I check in, tired from a long plane ride, longing only for a hot shower, and a stiff drink. I unpack, then head for the lounge, to endure another boring evening of the same predictable conversation. The lounge is nearly empty, a few g

[By Marsine, The woman next door] I have had it! I am not going to take any more from a cheating husband. I packed my clothes and what stuff I couldn’t leave. I bought a train ticket to somewhere else. I didn’t care where. I gave the guy at the ticket counter 4 hundred and fifty dollars. And said

[by CaSlut] - Another Afternoon as Daddy's Whore... Today is the day! Master is arriving at Hollywood-Burbank on the 10 AM flight. I am waiting for him at the Hilton, hav ing reserved a suite for the entire day. CaSlut knows that Daddy should arrive around 11 AM, and must be completely ready or

[EXHIBITIONIST/Voyeur] [By GeorgieH] © [She finally plucks up the courage to go down to the woods.] Author's Note: This is a tamer tale than many I tell, and that's very deliberate. There's maybe a little more of the autobiographical about this one, but I'm not telling you which bit in particular

[by Fingers] It has been over four years ago now when they first met. She was standing in line at his restaurant with her friends when he walked up, offered to personally seat them and escorted them to a private room when they agreed. He sat down at their table, ordered some wine and proceeded to

[EROTIC COUPLINGS] [By Walterio] © [Carol recalls an unforgettable year of joy and sex.] I first met Walt in a hotel bar in the northern suburbs of Detroit. It was September 1977 and I was at the bar that evening with my best friend Pam. On Wednesday evenings beginning at 8:00PM the bar had live

[ANAL] [By Walterio] © [Enjoying both young single girls and a mature woman.] - Introduction - I completed my first year in night school and I had done very well getting an A (4.0) in all three subjects for both semesters. I had also done well in the management training program and with my job

[MATURE/Romance] [By komrad1156] © [An aging actress finds love in a small town.] "Taylor, do you know how many women your age are no longer acting? Here you are at 42, and you keep getting offered role after role! I'd give my right arm just to have more shot, and you're sitting here telling me y

Lab Worker Sees Assistant Masturbating at the Lab and ... I work as a technician in a health research laboratory. We end up handling some pretty scary stuff. A lot of the work we do has to do with AIDS, and we also have some defense contracts involving research into ways of counteracting biologic

[OLDER WOMAN/Younger Man] [By Bunny3374] © [Older woman & young military hunk have fun in the woods.] Author's Note: This is based on a real experience...names and ages were changed to protect the 2 people. * Barb was a 38 year old single woman, tall but slightly plump with full breasts and

Ron drove his Continental along Route 40 headed towards Hagerstown. He had a date to meet Martha at the bar of the Holiday Inn just entering Hagerstown. He had talked to Martha on "the date line" and it seem like to him they clicked with each other and made this date. Ron drove and thought about

[FIRST TIME SEX] [By Enamored Writer] © [His first time - oddly enough, in a lingerie store.] Looking back, and not all that far back, the summer after I graduated high school should have been one of the best of my life. Why you may ask? I had a job most eighteen-year-old guys would have done jus

[By Elaine] Looking at my e-mails one morning, I received an intriguing message that caught my attention. "BY SPECIAL INVITATION ONLY" was emphasized. "SexGoddess has requested your presence at a special reading of her new story." The particulars were given, time and place. I was to let th

[by She-Devil] Alan looked himself over in the mirror carefully, picking a bit of fluff or lint here and there from his tight, pink, angora sweater dress. The black patent belt around his waist was too wide and tight and the black patent spikes on his feet were too tall for him to ever think of w

[INCEST/Taboo] [By CallMeJack] © [It came as a surprise to both of us.] Chapter 1 The Beginning Author's Note: I am writing this story as close as I can from the material shared by this amazing couple. They trusted me with their story, and I hope I have done them justice. With their consent

[SWINGING] [By JaiSmith] © [Shari and Jack hit the club on 'singles' night.] It turned out that I was 'spot-on' with the thought that Jack would, indeed, like watching the DVD of me fucking Bob and Mindy. After he had returned late Thursday evening, I waited until Friday afternoon to tell him

5/1: Neil and I are going to the woods again. I'll get some out- door bondage. I really like it. It's altogether different. Of course, it can't be as elaborate, but the thrill of being tied, helpless, outdoors, is an added item. Neil said this could be our last outdoors at the cabin because more an

[LESBIAN] [By Author, GeorgieH] © [Allie's best friend helps her...] AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a story about unexpected love, about life lived with a blindfold obscuring a glorious reality... ******** Parties are successful sometimes, aren't they? But does everyone look back and say the same t

"Boy this is the life," Annette mumbled out loud while slathering her naked body with a generous helping of sun screen. After being cooped up in the city for fifty weeks a year, she had just followed her nose until she had discovered Vermilion Lake, inside the Minnesota-Canadian Boundary and just ou

[ANAL] [By Walterio] © [Part 2 - After his girlfriend bails out, this hunk ends up at a singles resort.] At one point she asked Scott to put some lotion on her back and in a sitting position she turned her back to him. Scott covered her back with the suntan lotion and as he did he let his hands

[GROUP SEX] By OkayJack © [My friend takes fantasy to a new level, in Las Vegas, Nevada.] For those who have read previous "Fantasy Fulfilled" stories set in San Francisco and Los Angeles, you know that I made a new friend recently and I have made it a priority to help her fulfill all of her fant

I am living in the Middle Eastern city of Aswan, Egypt. One day I go shopping in the bazaar. I am dressed in a long, concealing dress, in deference to the local mores, but with nothing underneath, in deference to the heat. I enter a small antique shop, which I have never been to before. As I am brow

They saw him come in and sit down, if it wasn’t raining, or snowing. They all greeted him with the greatest respect. His position, Archbishop of the Region, demanded it. He looked up and smiled and waved. They went on about their business. He went back to meditating and waiting for the man he was be

[EXHIBITIONIST/Voyeur] By MollyCactus © [Dick was happy to start repaying his debt.] Sara was excited and intrigued. Excited, because Aunt Matilda was once again coming to visit. Intrigued, because her aunt had said she was planning to give Sara some special training, but wouldn't say anything

[From: SeeShow] - I was so excited that my wife was returning after her long absence in Chicago. Only trouble was that she had induced a promise from me to become her subservient love slave. What else could I say. I knew she had me by the balls; trouble is she knew it too! I picked her up at the

[by Douglas Freese] Nina walked through the carnival, smelling the night breeze which kicked up the sawdust around the area, making it look like a desert with sand blowing across the ground. Flags and tents rustled quietly in the mild wind, almost drowning out the sound of her bare feet on the g

[by Abbey] It was a hot steamy night. The sweat poured off of my naked body as a balmy summer night breeze made the curtain sway. A gust caught the curtain blowing it to the center of the room, making it dangle in mid air as if some invisible spirit was doing a dance under it. As the curtain swi

[by Richard A. White] Richard professed to be straight, but he'd get a throbbing hard-on at least once during every shoot. He'd modeled for drawings, centerfolds, greeting cards, calendars, covers, and ads in all the gay magazines. His fee was never very high, so I knew it wasn't the money that k

[MASTURBATION] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Dru finds excitement with a fan.] Dru smiled excitedly as she settled into her computer chair, her life had become so much more interesting ever since her friend Jane had agreed to feature her in the stories that she wrote for an erotic story site on the intern

[XXX Novel] [By Walterio] © [Author describes his favorite partially clad encounters.] AUTHORS NOTE: As I approach my 500th story submission which may be my final one, I thought back to all the times that I had sex while partially clothed. I decided to write about those experiences as I found tho

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By Deadeye_76] © [Chance meeting turns to sex.] - Chapter 1. Biking with Elaine. - I was on another long mountain bike ride. I love hiking and biking and have done a lot more biking as my knees like running less after all the marathoning I did when I was younger. I had decid

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By Deadeye_76] © [Elaine gets a return engagement.] It was starting to get later in the fall so there was not as much biking on some of my favorite trails. That meant that it was easier to get a good ride in without interruption. It was in September when I received an interesti

[THREESOME/Bi-Males/Nude Beach] By cplbicurious© [A very real story of a couple's fun day at the nude beach.] Hello everyone. We decided to go to our favorite beach this past weekend. It is a public beach but if you walk down far away from the walk-over it is not very crowded at all. Most of the

- Ann Ascends the Mountain - Ann Macafee was one of those girls you dream about but never get. She hung around with the "in" crowd, which was a mixture of athletes, college-preps, and the stars of the drama club. You could see them at every lunch hour, all clustered around the big live-oak in

- Seeing What Develops - No darkroom at home since film was replaced with digital cameras, and the school closed until Monday. I put my precious roll of black and white film in a safe place and tried to make the time pass quickly. I'd taken the photos on Friday night, and Saturday I had a date w

- Modus Vivendi - I sat down in a back booth and ordered a bowl of red chowder. I was a bit nervous - confrontation has never been my strong suit - but something about the quality of this event had brought out my ruthless side. Under normal circumstances I would have been tongue tied around a gir

Chapter 4 - Afternoon delight - I arrived at the Garage apartment at 4:00, expecting to find her there. I checked to make sure I was not seen, then entered through the side door and up the plain wood staircase to the rooms above. The same key that had opened the side door opened the door to the m

- The Pleasures of Ann - It was raining hard outside, the torrential blast pounding on the window over the sink, and she was taking me deeper than she ever had, my cock sliding not only into her throat, but far into it; so far that her chin rested between my balls on each long downstroke. We w

Chapter 7 - Sir Richard and Miss Kitty Hit the Road - Ann owned a nice little red convertible VW Bug, which was, of course, parked conveniently in the garage below our trusting spot. Our deal had been that although within the walls of that garage apartment Ann would treat me like the most intimat

Chapter 9 - Adventuring Outside And that was that. Ann had taken possession, had turned the situation around in her mind. She still treated me like her master, of course, since that was part of the thrill for her, but in the days that followed I could see that she had laid her claim, and that I w

- Mattie Meets Sir Richard - They lay together for a few minutes in silence, Ann rubbing Mattie's breasts gently while Mattie breathed deeply with her eyes closed. Then Ann began to speak. "Was that your first time?" Mattie opened her eyes. "Yes. I've, you know, done things with my hands be

- Educating Mattie - We began slowly, as they had. We laid Mattie on her back, and Ann knelt between her thighs and began to lick her pussy, lightly. I laid next to Mattie, and stroked her big tits while sucking those cute little nipples. I could feel, almost hear her heart pounding through that

Valerie carefully slid her fingers across the bumps that protruded from the pages on her book, occasionally stopping to pick up the micro cassette recorder to make some notes for tomorrow's world history class!!! Every so often she would also reach down and scruff Sparky's ears just to reassure hers

(Female Boxing) - [by Kim and Ginny] The figure glided through the darkened arena with cat-like grace. The clicking sounds from her high heels on the cement floor echoed off the bare walls. She paused briefly in the shadows to look around as if she were expecting someone, then moved into the ligh

[By Glamour_Puss] I spent the early afternoon watching porn while I played with my hairy pussy until I fell asleep. I was awakened by the sound of thunder as I was lying on the sofa during my late-afternoon nap. I could tell the storm was getting closer because the floors shook beneath my feet

The rest of the day was as subdued as the weather. While hot and humid, the sun didn't fully break through high jet stream cloud cover all day. There wasn't even the slightest breeze so all four sweated profusely all day while going about setting up a shipboard routine of cleaning and tidying. As th

[by Dulcinea] She awoke refreshed, feeling rested for the first time in a week. Stretching like a cat, she relished in the lack of tenseness, in the lack of pain in her muscles. He slumbered beside her, undisturbed by her movements. Suddenly, last night came flooding back into her memory. She fel

[LESBIAN/Domination & Submission] [By PygmyCoho] © [Boredom leads to an unexpected BDSM encounter.] Brooke lay back on the bed and her hands drifted across smooth, warm skin. She grazed one of her thick, dark nipples and it stiffened. Goose bumps rose on lush breasts and damp labia began to swell

[COUPLES Story] [By ejls] © [Do you believe in love at first sight?] He heard her voice before he saw anything. "Bubba, you son of a b.... Come back here!" Ron knew that could only mean one thing. He quickly tied his little white poodle to a nearby bench and turned towards the direction of

[by Rick Restless] A couple of weeks ago I received a call from a mate of mine I knew from my time from the University of Miami. His name was Gary and he was the tall athlete type. He always had crowds of girls around him and because he never gave any inkling that he might be gay I suppose I tend

[MATURE] [By komrad1156] © [A trip to the car wash leads a woman to the perfect man.] "I believe that's everything, Dad. Every penny." "Yes, it is. I gotta tell you, I always believed you could do it, but I'm still very impressed." "Are you still mad at me for not going to college?" "I w

Caught between two Mistresses in Pink Panties [by CumEater] - I have been directed by Mistress Joan to document recent events. With a creative and diabolic on-line Mistress, Ms.. Joan, and my real life dominant secretary [at work] I frequently feel like a tennis ball during a championship volley

Cowboys in Dallas [by CumEater] After sending the Email description of Wednesday night's sexual servitude to my secretary at 6:30 in the morning, Joyce and I put on our corporate facades and got ready for another day of intense business meetings marketing our company. It was difficult to focus o

[by CaSlut] A warm evening heading home from working late... The weekend looming ahead, an uncharted expanse of time offering possibilities but no real excitement... the long ride lulling him into a daze... holding onto the subway strap letting the motion of the train rock him... the rhythmic cla

[SINGLE/Erotic Encounter] [By Steve1613] © [Quick story about a chance meeting on a bus.] I saw her one morning on the bus to work. She looked a little lost so I asked her if I could help. "Please, I don't know which stop to get off at. Today is my first day on the job and I thought I knew jus

Gail G. was a dedicated chef. She loved her work, and enjoyed the results. But Gail was not a heavy woman. She carried her weight voluptuously on her shapely frame. Food was not the only pleasure in Gail's life, either. And on this evening her thoughts were diverted to sexual pleasures as she kne

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By RedGryphon] © [Young woman meets a man from her past.] Tina pulled out of the kidney dialysis clinic parking lot mentally checking off a list of errands. She still needed to pick up her dry-cleaning and maybe get a quick trim before picking grandma up from her treatment. At

[CELEBRITY] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Part 2 - GoldeniAngel gets her fantasy fulfilled.] God that hair... she got her hands into it again and moaned with the sensuous pleasure of it. Good hair was such an incredible turn on. If he had any doubts about whether or not she wanted to jump his bones, he ce

[XXX NOVEL/Group Sex] [By FinalStand] © [Part 2 - Working Past Homecoming.] I brushed her hair to the far side of her head then kissed the top of her neck. Willa began to murmur pleasurably as I trailed butterfly kisses down her spine to her tailbone. A single finger stroked farther down to her p

[By Nylo] Too many times tonight guys on separate occasions tried to pick up Christina. But she was not interested, she just wanted to drink alone and be with her thoughts of how unhappy she had been. The past few relationships she had did not last or ended in disaster and the last thing she wanted

Steph was awakened by Hank getting out of bed. There was a barely perceptible lightening of the window. "Already?" she said groggily, as reached her hands above her head to stretch. Momentarily, she was startled to find her wrists cuffed together, but then realization flooded, and she smiled.

[INTERRACIAL] [By CJs_Hubby] © [Coed CJ has sex with her uncle's black friend.] CJ continues telling me her tales of sexual adventures. The latest and one of the most exciting for me so far is the first time she had sex with a black man. She was young and in her first year of college at the Unive

[GAY] [By silkstockingslover] © [At the airport, a straight married man submits to a young stranger.] Note: This is planned to be a multi-chaptered tale of one man's journey from straight as an arrow, to submissive, eager cocksucker and much more. ------------------ I was pissed off. I had

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By Love24X] © [Wanting to be back at home during a long trip away.] I am so desperate for your beautiful body that as I write this for you my cock is swollen and aching for your wonderful tight little cunt, my heavy balls feel full to bursting and almost tingling with anticipat

"Ain't no way on Earth you're gonna get her, Rick." Judging from the kind of women that Connie kept company with, it was quite obvious that Pat was right. Considering that she was wearing a 3-piece suit, it was hard to imagine that this woman would ever come to eat in our restaurant. She always s

Cop Slave Vacation - Part 1 [by CumEater] My vacation as the forced slave to two demanding officers... My wife had always been a strong independent women but within the last year she has actually become somewhat dominate - both in and out of bed. She had always managed her household budget bu

[by Lou O'Brien] I haven't had sex with my my wife for a year and a half, and it had gotten to the point where half the women walking through WalMart would catch my eye, causing me to mumble to myself "I need to get laid". I found a website that offered the chance to meet people to hook up wit

Crossed Wires - "Chris, you're positively leering!" Donna scolded. I tried to hide my guilty blush by turning all my attention to checking the electrode contacts. But it was too late, I'd been caught. "You're planning to grow yourself to 10 inches again! You are! I've told I won't suck that

[by Candy] The process was very thorough. Once a candidate had consented, it was certain that his transformation into a well trained TV would be total and complete. Mistress was very effective at hurrying along the process by using physical and psychological methods of encouragement. By accepting

Not long ago, after a satisfying session in bed, out of the blue my wife asked, "Have you ever tasted cum?" Now, Ellen and I have been married for six years. We both had our share of affairs before we met and discussed them freely. Once Ellen had told me about a brief affair she'd had with a 31 year

[by: Quicksilver] Tom had taken a plane from Columbus, Ohio to Chicago and had changed planes for this leg of the trip to San Francisco. The trip was uneventful and no fantasies had been fulfilled. The plane for this part of the flight was an L1011. Tom worked for a company as a customer suppo

[THREESOME/MFF] [By BenLong] © [Part 2 - Boat jockey gets lucky, with two beautiful girls.] I did everything Linda asked. She wanted me to finger her clit, so I did, rocking slightly onto only one arm so I could free one to finger her clit. A stroke or two and suddenly "Let me" as her hand pushed

[By sizzling sarah] It was just after 7:30. I finished my make-up. I had spent the afternoon pampering myself; Bill, an old friend, had invited me to accompany him to a posh work related event. Bill works in Media he is a senior manager. Bill is 34, a little over 6ft 165lb with brown hair and dee

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By RedHairedandFriendly] © [She's single and wanting to feel beautiful on a cruise.] Author's Note: I love Country Music. I know for many you are hanging your head and saying 'why Red... why?' I really like George Straight's song "She Let Herself Go" and I started a series with

[GROUP SEX Story] [By Mag58] © “Okay guys. It’s time to finish what you’re doing and start tidying up.” I called to the six young guys in my decorating class. “Conner, I’m going to the staff room to get changed, so you’re in charge. No messing around, you lot! I need to be out of here in 30 min

[By Randy L] A holiday sexual encounter John, Mike, Tom, Denny, Randy and Dee. With the holidays so near and the thoughts of a cold season I am reminded of a time a group of us had at an casino in upstate New York. This is an account of a sexual encounter that seemed too good to be true. My

[SINGLES Story] [By DG Hear] © [Country boy moves to the big city; he's finds a new friend.] Let me begin by telling you that I moved to Detroit a year or so ago. I don't know if I really fit in. You see, I have always been more of a country boy. I wasn't really all that used to the larger cities

[NON-HUMAN/Fantasy] [By JasLiz] © [Creature visits two college students.] - University of Arizona Campus - Monday night, September 26, 2011 Dale's experience: First thing I noticed was she... or it wasn't human. It had large breasts under tight shiny plastic type blue clothing. The face

[INTERRACIAL/Love Story] [By JonB1969] © [Dinner with ebony Alisha leads to so much more.] At the end of a long day, I finally put the computer in my cubicle through its night routine, stood up and stretched. I said, "Man. I thought I would never finish with those photos." My next-cubicle n

Late for class, I was running down the hallway, turning the corners and trying not to slip as my sneakers gripped the tile. No sign of the principal, fortunately. I slipped into class just in time to hear the teacher call my name off the roll sheet. "Here!" I said, and he hardly looked up. Not a tar

[DOMINATION & SUBMISSION] By KateSingletary © [She's bathed and treated like a dog on her first date.] I was spraying my perfume onto my neck, getting ready for my date, when my phone vibrates. The doctor at the veterinarian office was down the street. The text read, "I'll be there in five minute

Event 3 "Javelin Throw"... The amplified voice of the Master of Ceremonies announcing the next event recalled Gemma to the present. That bitch Rayna did not appear to be in the audience. Rayna'd be there to gloat, particularly if Gemma lost or was eliminated. After all, that was the goal, Gemma

[EROTIC ENCOUNTER] By weekender43 © [An early morning for Sara.] Sara and I have been spending more and more time together as of lately. Exploring both each other's company as well as each other's desires and kinks. Needing to get an early start, I set out to Sara's house first thing in the mo

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By Magmaman] © [Just an "education"..?] Growing up on a huge farm in the middle of nowhere does not lead to much of a social life. Blessed with a Father that was as honest as it was possible to be instilled things in Cary. His Dad was a tall and lean man, hard as nails. H

When I was a sophomore in college, I was in love with a girl from a neighboring dorm. She was near flat-chested, had a kind of funny body, actually, but I liked her attitude and the way she looked in her denim skirts. We sat together in class and she'd come over and get high, snort coke, whatever, b

When I was a sophomore in college, I was in love with a girl from a neighboring dorm. She was near flat-chested, had a kind of funny body, actually, but I liked her attitude and the way she looked in her denim skirts. We sat together in class and she'd come over and get high, snort coke, whatever, b

[By Midnight] "Hmmm"! What to do for the night, thinking aloud to myself while scrolling through my list of contacts. While shuffling through the list, flashes of tainted memories flowing throughout my head, sending pulses of flavors of all the different pleasures I have tasted. Now needing a fre

[LETTERS/Transcripts] [By GoldeniAngel] © [Girl writes home about her new playmates.] Hey Clara! Whoa man was the Jack the Ripper tour creepy! No way I'd want to go wandering around London by myself after that! Fortunately there was another tour group with us while we were traveling, and me an

[ANAL] [By Walterio] © [Eva is seduced by the company stud and she loves it.] - Prelude - Eva woke up Saturday morning in a strange bed and as she stretched her lovely body the bed sheet slipped off revealing her nakedness. Her pussy still tingled from the incredible sex of that morning and th

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By BenLong] © [A friend, with benefits?] She handed me her wet towel as she began to put her pants back on. For the first time I saw her panties, although in the dark I really couldn't see them, just that as she'd said, they were a thong that left her entire backside naked. I t

[FETISH/Anal] [By HerLittlePiggy] © [Chance encounter with buxom woman opens my 'eyes' to the Feeldoe dildo when she turns the tables.] Her big natural breasts jiggled enticingly in a silk blouse as she walked towards me in the half empty hotel bar. She was a big girl, not fat really but tall and

[by Tigger] Part 2. Sessions and Pampering - Now, I was waiting for a session that I was assured would be very demanding. The day Tory had left, I awoke to find that Mistress Victoria had left me a note on my pillow instructing me to be ready when she returned. She had called me twice over the

[INCEST/Taboo] By m_storyman_x © [Meeting the cousins at Powel Lake.] To say the last two days have blown my mind would be the understatement of the year. I wasn't a virgin by any stretch of the imagination, but I also wasn't what I would call Uber experienced. I'd had sex with my current girlfri

I am Selena and I’m eighteen, I have long brown hair, C cup tits and a tight, shaven pussy. I live with my Dad Robby, Mum Bonnie, brother Matthew and sister Cindi. Mum and Dad are both 33 and had my brother and sister at age 15, Matt and Cindi are both 19 and are twins. We are a sexually open fam

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By BrettJ] © [A lonely writer receives the sexiest of fan letters.] Written with care for one of MY fans ~~BrettJ There it was, in the inbox in his E-Mails. Like clockwork, his daily mail from Kris. He was glad his girlfriend and he were on a break. Lately, the letters Kris

[EROTIC COUPLING Story][By RenRchllus] © [Fantasy becomes reality at a tattoo parlor.] Being a firm believer in fate, destiny and the powers that be, a recent experience of mine came as absolutely no surprise. For weeks my dreams were being invaded by a tall, charismatic stranger with light, wind

[LESBIAN] [By MacSwain612] © [Her beautiful masseuse does full body caress.] I got the most amazing massage the other night. I'm a single woman, and I own a company that does public relations. I make a great deal of money and stay at some of the nicest spots in the world. I have gone through a

[By Karen Albright] Part 2: PSYCHIATRIC NOTES: Still in shock from first surprise. Submissive hypnotic suggestions seem strong. No resistance so far. Hormones should take effect shortly. CLIENT DEBRIEFING TRANSCRIPT (cont.): The room was a large, bright studio apartment, with a living/dinin

Part 3: I walked unsteadily through the door, and saw a large, attractive woman sitting in an arm chair at the far end of the room. She had strikingly long red hair, an unbelievable body with huge breasts that were immediately obvious through a silky robe that she was wearing. "Come here, slav

I'm in Hot Hands, the perfect fantasy jerkoff club. Hot, throbbing music greets you at the door, and you feel your erection start to grow. You straighten your prick in your pants, knowing that everyone knows you're hard and wants you to pull it out for private fun. The locker room crew helps get you

[by Paul Suliin] - My freshman year at college was a time of broadening horizons for me, and not just in the classroom. I'm attending a large University near Los Angeles, but I grew up in a small town up the coast, and I was pretty nervous about going to live in the Big City. That spring, when I

[EROTIC COUPLING Story][By RenRchllus] © [Old flame insists on revisiting the past.] He was to meet me at the airport. It was difficult to believe that the fated day had finally arrived. The wait had seemed endless at times, when in fact, it had only been seven years, seven excruciatingly lonely

[SINGLE] [By Kimbelina] © [Alone in the theater balcony, they succumb to pleasure.] It was truly one of those lust at first sight scenarios. As I read those words, it doesn't do it justice - it sounds sleazy, or cheap - but really, it's the best way to describe what happened. We come from complet

[ROMANCE] [By RedHairedandFriendly] © [Young woman takes a leap before it's too late.] "There he is," I said to myself, and swallowed. I'd been looking for him all day, glancing into his office whenever I walked by, waiting to approach him. Today I've finally decided to do something about these f

[ROMANCE] [By Deadeye_76] © [Jon finds peace.] Part VI - The Finale From Parts I - V: I returned from Afghanistan, having been shot in the shoulder and having two surgeries to repair it. I got out of the Army to help my mother who had bladder cancer and ran into the high school girl on whom I

[SINGLE/Erotic Encounter] By Whatslove © [It was going to be a great night when she took control and sat on his face.] They had been in the same large circle of friends for quite some time. Both knew who the other was but had never really spent time together save for a few polite chats at parties

It is true. Women get prettier at closing time! I have never gone to bed with an ugly woman in my life, but I have woke-up with a few. Rob, a high school friend of mine, was in the US military and home on leave. He wanted to see the lights in our town at night. We drove the main cruising tour as

Having come from a small town, as a girl I do know a little something about brotherly love by the time I arrived at my freedom (oh, I mean freshman) dorm. Everyone knows everyone, and some know others very well, in a little Midwest community. There were a couple of brothers in my area that were so h

Annie and I met when we were dating guys who happened to be best friends. We'd double dated several times and got along with ease. Annie is 27 years old, about 5' 5" with stylish blond hair. She's trim and without doubt her face and ass are her best assets. Her features are smooth and defined, like

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By M_StoryMan_X] © [Teaching someone to fish might not be what it seems.] It was going to be a great weekend, weather wise. It would be a shame to miss getting to go fishing for lack of a fishing partner. My wife hated it when I had to go alone, so I always tried to find a part

That week I was going around to all the company's PCs, updating the network software; at one point i found myself alone in the manager's office with his secretary, Marseya. She has a lovely precise, British accent, which contrasts in an interesting way with her exotic Asian looks; dark brown shoulde

Linda sat at the kitchen table, head in hands, staring at the floor. She was depressed; what was she going to do? Herb was becoming more and more distant, and the children were beginning to notice that their parents were having problems. Herb just couldn't get it up anymore, and their sex life was i

[By eat_static] Suddenly, Abi was thrown to the floor. “You’re quite the cocksucker, huh?” Joe sneered. He knelt down next to her and ran his fingers over her masked cunt. “You’re soaking! I can feel it through your thong. You’re such the dirty bitch.” He moved the material aside and pin

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By Frederick Carol] © [Tess decides she's ready for sex again, but who?] The bar was busy, waitresses moving around with drinks and snacks, the hum of beginning-of-the-weekend chat a constant buzz, a jukebox playing country music just loud enough to hear, not so loud that anyon

It proved to be a perfect ending to a perfect day, but who would have ever thought it would happen at a roadside rest area. Roger and I had spent the rare bright New England fall day transiting from Gloucester to Portsmouth. It was a somewhat brisk day, but the sun was full out, and we chatted am

[DOMINATION & SUBMISSION] By SexNovella © [Hard brutal love!] "I want you to fuck me like a deranged criminal." "What?" They had been friends like, forever. They had both been single forever, her with the occasional one night stand, him with the occasional longing for someone to care for. T

[ANAL SEX Story][By Lost Boy] © [The fun life of a photographer.] I met my future ex-wife in a coffeehouse located in scenic St. Louis County. Okay my future second ex-wife to be is more precise. I had already met and divorced my first one and was not really in the mood for another LTR (long term

[INCEST/Taboo] [By JosephBarnosky] © [For my birthday, daddy takes me to a glory hole.] For my eighteenth birthday my daddy takes me to visit a glory hole. Now, I have never been to one, but he has, though many years ago before he and my mom ever got married, but he knows of a few places to go. S

[LESBIAN/Domination & Submission] By HeyAll © [Spread eagle on a bed, waiting for the girls.] She parked her new BMW on the street of the residential neighborhood. With her purse in hand, Melinda walked across the street to the house she had never been before. She was dressed sharply in office

It was five minutes to nine pm and I thought I might get away without another call before my shift ended in five minutes. But it was not to be. I got a call on my radio to pick up a woman outside the French Cafe at seventh and Concord. "Could you take me to Sky Castle,?"she asked. "Sure, but t

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By Imhapless] © [Will a chance meeting result in ball game fun?] My Friday started off great. My commute to work took 15 minutes less than normal, everyone on the subway was pleasant, the sun was shining, I got complimented about my work on several projects by two different bos

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By CallMeJack] © [Transition form bad to great.] Chapter 1 -- Gwen's Transitions Gwen finally felt pretty good about how things were going in her life. It hadn't been like that in a long time. After the protracted and difficult divorce from her high school sweetheart she

[GAY] [By HerLittlePiggy] © [I was seduced at the gym shower.] I was new to the DC Metro having relocated for a job from New York. My first 6 months in the area were spent as a geographical bachelor as I waited for my house in Long Island to sell in a down market. I was lucky enough to have bou

[GROUP SEX] [By M_StoryMan_X] © [How to turn an old fart into a very happy Santa.] It had been nearly two years since I lost my wife to a drunk driver. Dating at twenty is a bitch, dating at fifty... well, let's not go there. I had a lot of friends, and that helped, but to be honest, porn and han

[by Rebecca Goldstein] - Okay, I admit it. I've got the hots for my Boss in a big way. Ever since I came to work in Harriet's department two years ago, I've fantasized endlessly about her sexually. But I always thought it would always remain just that - a fantasy. Harriet was a beautiful woman

As she opened the door, the Mercedes still had the new car smell. She had wanted one all her life, and now since her Real Estate career was going so well, well it seemed like she deserved this small indulgence. The warm summer day had the soft leather seats almost too hot. Her skirt slid up as she s

[INCEST/Taboo] [By BrettJ] © [Barry takes Michelle & her mom to the prom and to bed.] "Barry! Barry, could you come over here for a minute, please?" A voice called out. Barry Carson turned to see that the voice came from his pretty next-door neighbor, Cynthia Hope. She had inspired more than a fe

It was warm, one of the first really warm days of the summer. The heat made the breeze warm and silky against my skin, brushing over me like a lover's hand. It made for a lazy Saturday afternoon, the kind that makes you want to lay naked against crisp cool sheets while the sun filters gently through

Angie lay quietly on the deserted beach aside the JW Marriott Hotel in Rio de Janeiro, listening to the waves gently lapping at the shore while the sun beat down on her firm young naked body! She kept thinking about this unique Copacabana style hotel with an outrageous view of the main Rio de Janeir

Imagine being in your bedroom, on the bed. You just took a shower, and are getting yourself off with your fingers. You start by being completely naked, and exposed; then, you start stroking your clit with two fingers. After you've stimulated your clitoris, then you insert 2 fingers into your cunt

I was sitting at a table, upstairs at a rock club. The band had been off for about 15 minutes and videos were playing loudly on the big screen. Downstairs people were dancing or at least bumping against one another in the crush. During the show a rather cute young man in his middle twenties, I

[DOMINATION & Submission] [By Steve1613] © [Her lover introduces her to the world of BDSM.] It was after their third date that she succumbed to her desires and let him take her to bed. He proved to be a vigorous, imaginative, and considerate lover. Their first night together they made love for ho

She hires a male escort for her pleasure... At last I had done it! I got the nerve to call an escort service, and ask for a Male escort. Now I waited here in my cheap off-the-strip motel; waited for "Jerry" to arrive. The lady on the end of the line had been nice, and to my relief, non-judgmen

[EROTIC COUPLING Story][By Lost Boy] © [Unrequited lust finally finds an outlet.] There are two things in life I hate more than any other, weddings and funerals. Weddings are a train wreck waiting to happen, and funerals are just plain depressing and rub salt into an already painful wound. My 'si

[MATURE] [By R_U_Romantic] © [Allen & Kay have fun 12 stories above the street.] As I signed the lease and handed the agent, Stephanie Peters a check for two grand to cover the security deposit and first months rent I found it hard to believe I'd actually left my wife and agreed to lease apartmen

[MATURE] [By R_U_Romantic] © [Kay delivers the goods.] The two young delivery boys had hardly finished setting my new living room sectional in place and left when a soft knock on my door announced the arrival of their employer. Kay's red hair was teased exactly as it had been the day before, perf

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By R_U_Romantic] © [Allen meets a couple new neighbors.] Considering how my Saturday started off with Kay coming by to collect the money for my new living room furniture and winding up nearly fucking my brains out, the rest of my Saturday was rather mundane. I showered and s

[ROMANCE] [By R_U_Romantic] © [Kay invites Allen for an afternoon of passion.] I slept in Sunday morning and was still lounging around at noontime, enjoying several cups of coffee and the morning sunshine on the balcony of my apartment. I didn't want to waste the entire day sitting around my apar

[LESBIAN] [By R_U_Romantic] © [Kay & Francine Get to know each other very well.] We arrived at my place safely and I took on the part of chauffeur opening the rear door and offering my hand to assist both from the back seat. Kay's nipples were totally erect and I assumed Francine's were just a

[EROTIC COUPLING] [By Kimbelina] © [His insatiable appetite for head is accommodated.] "Don't worry that you weren't able to finish, Maggie, I'm sure Carmen will be happy to take over where you left off." It was a common line from him. After I'd been on my knees for at least 20, maybe 30 minut

Birthday Surprise by Dulcinea... Arriving home late, he looked around with expectation, knowing she had to have planned something to commemorate his birthday. After all, he'd seen the box from the lingerie shop, and overheard whispers on the telephone about a big night she was planning. A surpri

[From: SeeShow] - Lisa and I had been married for over six years when I got a great opportunity for a combined vacation/business trip for my company here in Tampa, Florida. All I was required to do was pay for her airline ticket and the company was picking up all my expenses, and hers as well. My

[EROTIC COUPLING/Single] [By Walterio] © [Single Guy meets two pretty roommates in same complex.] PRELUDE "Hand me your glass of wine." "Do want your own glass?" "No I'll use yours. I want to dip your cock in it and drink wine as I suck it." "You are a very creative lover, Denise."

The Skier [by Mike Hunt] I was still a senior at Bradford. A bunch of my college buddies and I had skipped school and gone to Great Slopes, a ski area in southern New Hampshire. We cut classes on Friday, and pooled enough money to rent a chalet for one night. We figured we'd have some fun, maybe

[GROUP SEX] [By Hairy Highlander] © [Kath enjoys getting to her overnight destination.] Pulling off the motorway, Kath made her way along the slip-road, eventually coming to a halt in the hotel car-park. Digging her mobile phone from her pocket, she quickly typed out "At hotel" and pressed 'Send'

[ANAL] [By ButtCheeks777] © [Quick and dirty sex with the front desk woman.] Since I travel a lot, I have trouble holding onto anyone, male or female, for any type of long-term relationship. And as usual, I've been single again for a few months now. Each time I'm in a new relationship they seem t

[INTERRACIAL] [By GoldeniAngel] © [She goes for a giant cock and gets what she needs.] When Amy's friend Linda told her about the House of Fantasy it was with a beet red face and came only after a lot of liquor and a fervent promise on Amy's part not to reveal anything that Linda said. For their

[OLDER MAN/Younger Woman] [By Walterio] © [Action at Barb's wedding, then a Caribbean cruise.] - Introduction - In the last chapter you learned about Barb. I knew that our affair wouldn't last very long as I was 66 and she was 38. I was sure that she would tire of me or start dating someone he

[OLDER MAN/Younger Woman] [By Walterio] © [More unexpected encounters on the Cruise Ship.] - Introduction - In the first chapter you learned about Barb. In chapter two you met Barb's sister Michelle and you heard about my first two days on a cruise ship. In this chapter the cruise gets better.

[CUCKOLD] By lovecucks © [And now to enjoy his being a cuckold husband...] Now that you've cuckolded your husband, your job as Mistress is only beginning. From now on you have full control and you'll need to use it. Your husband will need a strong hand to guide him. You'll be telling him what to

[From: SeeShow] - Laura should have been a teenager in the 60's, instead of the late seventies, because she reminds me of one of those, pot-smoking, `let's make love not war', rebellious chicks, that I saw as a youngster while growing up in the city. She married me, in spite of her parents protes

[by Casult] I was 23 when I had the only job I really liked. It was after I graduated from college in Philadelphia, and had just gotten a job in the fashion industry. Actually, it was really just a designer dress shop, but it was a start. At first, I wasn't too excited. After all, a dress shop is

[TRANSVESTITE/Transsexual] It all started several months ago when I posted a true story about my first (and until then, only) encounter with a transsexual beauty. After I posted the story, I got several replies from people who had read the story and liked it. One person who responded was Ann. She

One of my best friends happens to also be my fuck buddy. I can get her to do all kinds of things when she's single, but when she's got a boyfriend, I get nothing... except on special occasions. It was my 19th birthday. Now, on my 18th I was treated by my best friend, we'll call her Megan, by her

[By DeliciaeMeam] “If that’s the only reason you came over here, you can leave. Put out that fucking joint and get out. Now.” Chris looked at me with a doubtful expression on his face, eyebrows raised slightly, and yawned. I tried again. “Get OUT.” He looked down at his fingers, picking at them

[FETISH] [By GeorgieH] © [Maria tried to avoid the rush hour press.. until she gave in.] It's hard to believe it now, but do you realise that when I first started working the occasional day in the centre of London I used to actively avoid the always-crowded underground trains during rush hour? In

WHY A CONDOM? Using a condom prevents disease, simple as that. When you have sex with someone, you can be also having sex with those in their past. The proper use of a condom will make sex FUN and prevent disease at the same time. FUN WITH LATEX! Today, both Men and Women understand the need for

[EROTIC COUPLING/Singles Story] [By Tony Ford] © [When the chemistry is right, the reaction can be stunning!] He had a powerful physique and he was proud of it. In his late thirties, he still had the lean, muscular look of an athlete. He had broad shoulders, thick arms, a rippling stomach and ton

[MATURE] [By Tony Ford] © [Part 2 - Not everything is scripted at the annual amateur play.] Her climaxes assailed her one on top of another, slammed through her relentlessly. She screamed in the agony of her exquisite pleasure, sensing from his ever more frantic pace that he was close to his own

[INCEST/Taboo Story][By Lost Boy] © [Nick's homecoming; seduction by stepsister.] Part 1: Homecoming Today is my graduation day. Today I leave the life I have known for four years behind me. Today I leave the military school my father exiled me to and return to civilian life. Today everything

[INCEST/Taboo Story][By Lost Boy] © Sora did as she was told and soon Kat was licking and teasing the Asian girl's pussy with fingers and lips. Sora's moans were muffled by the pillow she had her face planted in. When she was wet enough Kat had two of her fingers moving in and out of the other gi

Something to warm the night by... When we last chatted, I was licking your manicured pussy, very slowly, up and down your slit, skipping over your clitoris. Finally, as I tongued your clit with the tip of my tongue, you grabbed my head as I held your hips. You placed your curled up hand in your

[SINGLE WOMEN] [By ejls] © [She met him on a singles vacaion and he saved her life, in more ways than one.] This had been a bad idea from the beginning; vacation with her sister, to a resort hosting a singles week. It was her own fault. Jane had always had issues saying no, not wanting to hurt an

Jim's training continues in Detroit Continued from Part 4... Karla and the two young admiring psychology students returned to the suite from dinner. Judging by their behavior, they had been drinking but were not overtly drunk. I was obediently kneeling in my assigned spot, naked when they entered

New working hours I arrived early on Monday morning realizing that my secretary, Juanita, would not be in until 10:00 unless I had been dreaming on Friday morning. I did what I could to get some of my work out of the way before 9:00 when the phones would need to be answered... somehow it worked o

That's what we always say, "We're just friends". Inseparable. For as long as I can remember, we've been that way. We've each fallen in love with others, had lovers, but remained friends, and confidantes. That's why when the feelings began, I became scared. I shouldn't be looking at her this way,

[by Sue] Shimmering bloated masses of yellow, red, and brown sandstone surrounded me as I reclined in the blazing sun. The afternoon sky was as dark blue as I have ever seen it. And far below me, the crystal clear water filling the canyon reflected the color of the sky, barely revealing the shad

[by Sue] Shimmering bloated masses of yellow, red, and brown sandstone surrounded me as I reclined in the blazing sun. The afternoon sky was as dark blue as I have ever seen it. And far below me, the crystal clear water filling the canyon reflected the color of the sky, barely revealing the shad

I awoke in the middle of the night with the urgent need to relieve my bladder. When I returned to my sleeping bag, I sat up and looked out over the bowl-shaped valley laid out in front of me. It was bathed in the silvery light of the full moon, and stars by the billions twinkled in the velvet black

I awoke in the middle of the night with the urgent need to relieve my bladder. When I returned to my sleeping bag, I sat up and looked out over the bowl-shaped valley laid out in front of me. It was bathed in the silvery light of the full moon, and stars by the billions twinkled in the velvet black

[BONDAGE & DISCIPLINE Story] [By BarondeSade] © [She gets her darkest fantasy fulfilled.] Kara twisted the key, turning off her shiny black Mustang GT convertible, letting the three hundred horses sequestered under the hood have a well-deserved rest. Running her fingers over the rich leather sea

The shiny red Integra glided through the late morning weekday traffic on the Balboa Peninsula. The cool sea air blowing through the sunroof and windows left Karen Eliot's flaming red hair trailing in the sportster's slipstream. A rock n'roll CD blasted from her stereo. Tapping the tunes with her fin

[by Jim and Meg Norris] Karen sat at her bar in the small pool of light cast by a desk lamp. She keyed the remote and was immediately jolted by the intense volume in her headphones. She quickly adjusted to the digital rock'n'roll. She extracted one of the two sugar cubes from the small ziploc an

[by Jim and Meg Norris] The autumn rainstorm in Arkham was the chill drizzle in Boston that delayed Karen's connection to Atlanta for hours. In her faded Levis and a light blue tee, Karen Eliot was hardly outstanding among the business women rushing to and fro in the passenger concourse; at l

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