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Cheap Advertising - Ultra-High Quality Traffic.

Are you searching for high quality adult traffic for your website?
RateXpics will deliver traffic at a super low cost!

RateXpics was created in 2001 specifically to provide webmasters with low cost website traffic.  The design of the site consists mainly of one interactive page that displays 13,000+ pictures a day to open-minded adults.  There are also 14,000+ XXX Stories that are read over 25,000 times a day.  RateXpics has photos, videos, and thousands of adult erotic xxx stories by well-known authors.  This consumer traffic is made available to other adult websites in multiple ways, including cost-per-click (CPC) Text Links, and prominent banner displays in various sizes; all at very low cost.  The goal of RateXpics is simple - to provide our clients with quality traffic at low cost.

RateXpics has 18,000 - 32,000 daily page views. That's an average of 780,000 impressions a month.  All ads, including text links and banners, stay in the visitor's face at all times, even when they are reading lengthy stories.  Promoting your adult site on RateXpics ensures that your exposure and branding are of the highest quality at the low cost.

We make it simple for you to get traffic to your website.  We are known for 'quality' traffic, not massive volumes of junk clicks.  You can realistically expect 25 - 90 new quality visitors per day with a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) Sponsored Text Link, and you can pay as low as 2¢ ($0.020) per visitor. The traffic from RateXpics is very different traffic as compared to companies that send ten-thousand plus clicks per day. We make it our business never to spoof, or trick, people into clicking your text link or banner. Your Sponsored Text Link will say exactly what they will find when clicking on your link.  In other words, they know where they are going before you pay the few cents per click. That is what we call 'intentional adult traffic' for as low as 2¢ per visitor. If you are skeptical, we invite you to try us out with a small 1,000 click Sponsored Text Link campaign. You can expect this trial 1,000 click Sponsored Text Link to display for 4-8 weeks, delivering a steady stream of quality consumer traffic.

Banners... Positioned in-the-face of the RateXpics visitor; 468x60, 150x60, and our large 150x600 skyscraper.  Banner displays are sold on a monthly basis at ultra-low rates.  There are no long-term commitments required.   When you display your banner on RateXpics, you can provide up to 3 different banners pointing to the same, or different sites.  When your banner is called for display, one of your 3 banners is randomly selected.  This allows you to have different graphics and messages.  Banner prices range from $49.00 - $79.00 per month, depending on the size you select.

If you're interested, send an email requesting a current Price Sheet and Insertion Agreement for your review.  There are many options available in all price ranges. All options will be presented for your consideration with absolutely no obligation.  Sales@RateXpics.com.


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